Arsenal Improvement Analysed

Hello again.

In this podcast we try to understand the reasons behind Arsenal’s improvement and the prospects of it lasting that we can qualify for The Champions League.

If you can be bothered listening please let us know your opinions in the comments section.

Pedantic George.

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  1. Another good podcast lads even if Shotta can’t tell the time.
    Firstly though you are making the mistake lots of fans used to make with Arsene, you are judging Mikel against Mikel.
    In other words you are measuring our improvement from a really low base, it’s like the Russian Mr Johnson saying we have the fastest growing economy in the G7 after it fell through the floor after Brexit and we were rock bottom.
    We all know Arsene was severely hampered in his last two seasons and he came 5th and 6th, Uni came 5th in his first season before struggling in his second and being replaced by Mikel who took us to 8th. Measuring Mikel against Mikel is not a good yardstick.
    The next thing people are ignoring is fixtures, in those last 13 PL games there were only 5 away games and they included a weekend Leeds side, a really poor Norwich and not much better Watford.
    Since the league cup defeat to Liverpool we have only beaten Leicester by more than one goal and in that time we drew 0-0 at home to a relegation placed Burnley (probably the worst Burnley side since they were promoted)
    Although we played well against city and Liverpool we showed in both games we are not clinical enough in big games.
    I have been saying for months the run in starts with ten games to go so all this one, two or five hands on fourth place is unfortunately just the optimistic fans folly especially when you look at our run in compared to the spuds.
    We have definitely improved against Mikels early shower of shit but surely we had to.
    Most of the improvement has come from Aaron calming a very unsure defence and therefore allowing the midfield to concentrate on providing a base for the forwards.
    I think Auba was poor for a long time before people we shouting about it but he was managing to score a few goals to hide behind his general performance for a while. Pepe was the same he would curl a beauty in the top corner but his 90 minutes were average.
    ESR introduction to the side was through injury to other players and I still don’t think Mikel likes him even now. Martinelli wasn’t introduced when he came back from injury and again that was almost forced upon Mikel because of the Auba situation.
    So I do think we have improved from our low base but I still have that nagging feeling most of the decisions that got of there were more luck than design.
    Oh and George Cedric is not good.

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  2. Balogun scores for England U21s


  3. Balogun scores last night for England U21S


  4. Test


  5. Balogun scores again for the England U 21s


  6. an arsenal selection beat brentford b team 4-1, holding and lacazette x3 scored our goals

    Jeorge Bird
    · 7h
    Arsenal team that faced Brentford: Leno; Swanson, Holding, Ogungbo, Tavares; Azeez, Patino; Sagoe Jr, Ibrahim, Nketiah; Lacazette.

    Subs: A. Okonkwo, Sousa, Dinzeyi, Bandeira, Butler-Oyedeji, Ideho, Biereth.


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  8. For those of you sick of Hollywood hypocrisy, virtual signalling and faux outrage, shallow debate that avoids that money is mostly at the root of the old problemo with this weeks shenanigans and those not, the Arsenal women are on at 17.45 GMT, in the 2nd leggy of the CL(1-1) v Wolfsburg.
    91,000 were at the game at the Camp Nou last night watching the womens qf between Barca and Real.


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  9. James Benge
    Premier League clubs paid over a quarter of a billion pounds to agents between February 2 2021 and January 31 2022.

    Man City £35m
    Man Utd £29m
    Chelsea £28.2m
    Liverpool £22.1m
    Arsenal £18.7m
    Spurs £13.9m

    Watford next of the rest on £12.6m


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