Prague, Fulham and Super League- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Today we discuss recent games and the Super League, I don’t get the outrage and immediate condemnation, but @shotta_gooner does.

Pedantic George.

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107 comments on “Prague, Fulham and Super League- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

  1. Fins, yeah, according to wikipedia anyway. They reckon there was a game in Baku but might be a mistake as have no memory of that myself.


  2. Ed. Yeah, brought forth a volcano of nonsense this last week, with a lot of it relating to ownership issue and sugar daddy stuff.

    Must admit, though, I’ve been taking my anger and contempt from one thing- e.g Sky; City/Chelsea; Neville- and carrying it over into other things- e.g hypocrisy of many fans- all over the shop. Just brought it all to surface and kept it there for me.

    Going to be very strange trying to refocus on a football match tomorrow. Mute button will be my friend, for sure, and then just cross fingers Everton and pgmol don’t end up manifesting the will of a confused, compromised football nation; with us, naturally, standing in for the six as baddies, and the good guys showing us what the football family thinks about our nefarious ways.


  3. Firstly we know ARSENAL or people around ARSENAL have been looking into creating a ESL for twenty years or more and we know the American Franchise’s were major drivers in this breakaway. From what I can gather city and chelski were the two English clubs who joined last minute so I think we are very much at fault and at the heart of this.
    While I understand the sugar daddy thing your saying I also understand fans wanting a owner who will put money in because they want the club to succeed and not because they will get something back.
    Roman fell in love with football first, if the story is correct because of watching Real v manure and then Barca. That is also why the first club he looked at was ARSENAL but we were A, very expensive and B, difficult to acquire.
    Once he brought chelski for a pound ( and clearing several million debts because they were close to going into administration even after the millions Harding had pumped into the club) I generally think he grew to love the club and is now a chelski supporter.
    The Kronkes, Glaziers and Henry will never seem to have that feeling and like the recognition association with the club brings and the money it can make them.
    Many will think this will cramp their style because of the bad PR but I don’t think any of them will be distressed as in the business world they won’t have appeared to have done anything wrong.
    JK basically turned up tonight and said we couldn’t give a shit what you think we’re not going anywhere unless we no longer need ARSENAL in our portfolio.
    The PL made things worse for the average fan and certainly the influx of dodgy owners killed or nearly killed lots of clubs and the lack of money filtering down the leagues also made some clubs go to the wall.
    The ESL when it eventually happens, and it will, is the next step to that and will excentuate and accelerate that process.
    In the business world businesses get eaten up by bigger businesses and the money goes more and more to the biggest business in any field, it is the natural way with Capitalism and is a race to bottom and one football has started on some time ago.
    Which clubs survive remains to be seen but the PL was the beginning of the end and we have just seen what the next stage will look like.
    Winter is coming.

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  4. This place is still far superior to twitter in terms of football knowledge and discussion.


  5. Conflicted on ownership stuff myself. Every last claim to class or whatever gone if we are owned by a full on doper, who- world being what it, pool of people with that wealth being what they are- is sure to be guilty of ropey or miles past ropey behaviour.

    But, yeah, huge part of me simply wants to see Arsenal prosper and even stronger is the motivation to deliver a fuck off to all the people who didn’t protect the game, who knocked us, savaged a man like Wenger, judged us all this time like we are on an equal footing to Chelsea/City and even Utd. And yeah, if they were only rich enough, good chance we would change all the narrative, even change PGMOL or be too strong for them to fuck us as they have last 15 years.


  6. So, yep, I’m conflicted allright. Like Ed, though, it’s the bullshit of wanting a sugar daddy but not being willing to say so , and instead claiming the primary thing is someone who cares, who gets it, respects traditions, etc, which aggravates.

    I think you’re right in that Abramovich has become a fan, is engaged, etc, but no one would say or believe it if he hadn’t pumped gargantuan amounts of his own dough in.


  7. It’s a fashionable opinion that the PL as a manifestation of greed and the commercialisation of football is a bad thing but ultimately it has brought better football, better players, better stadiums and facilities and a far more professional approach to sports science and club management with its greater revenues. The nostalgic tendency to yearn for the times when football was run by ‘football men’ ignores a culture of brown envelopes being passed in motorway stops, binge drinking players, muddy pitches and terrace fights.


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