Prague, Fulham and Super League- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Today we discuss recent games and the Super League, I don’t get the outrage and immediate condemnation, but @shotta_gooner does.

Pedantic George.

107 comments on “Prague, Fulham and Super League- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

  1. Who will benefit from the rumoured cash injection by UEFA in all comps now?

    Probably the clubs\owners that instigated the breakaway in the first place.

    Fans have been played but also looks like coaching staff and players also.

    No one comes out of this looking any better.


  2. I woke this morning with the warm glow of satisfaction from the Fans Victory last night, football has been saved by Fan Power, I know this cos Murdoch Media says so, UEFA says so, FIFA says so, even Boris says so, in fact everyone with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo has said so(Although I have not heard Francis Rossi’s view yet) .

    A Fans victory that has made sure that

    all football success has to be on merit, not from a financial leg up

    sky, bt, etc will all slash their prices for watching football

    no more games on Monday’s or at times that see fans having difficulty getting transport home

    games at Christmas and Easter will once again only be against teams that are closest to each other geographically, such as NLD, and other London teams for AFC.

    Player Wages will be slashed

    Agent fees will be decimated

    No more sugar daddy owners

    Fair and open refereeing with them miked up as will VAR, and both will have to explain their decisions to the media after games

    Proper penalties for racist abuse and all other abuses

    Ticket Prices slashed

    90% of all Cup Final tickets to go to the two clubs in the final

    Only the Champions in the Champions League, the Cup winners in the European Cup Winners, and the others in the Europa Cup, all competitions two legged knock out, no ore of this group stages nonsense.

    No more mid season Internationals

    Anyone who does not feel immense pride in this massive victory by the fans that has seen them reclaim the working mans game, must surely be made of stone, we have our Arsenal back, we have our football back and above all else we now know that

    all football success has to be on merit, not from a financial leg up

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  3. How much planning and commitment was there in the 1st place for this new league?

    less than a day of scrutiny collapsed the conviction of the 12 when earlier they were speaking adamantly like no one else had a choice.

    How are you not going to consult the players and coaching staff of your plans?

    They are more less the main product.

    Does not look like they were serious in the first place.


  4. Details about the main changes in the new #UCL

    -36 teams instead of 32.
    -One league instead of group stages.
    -Top 8 sides of this league go straight to the RO16.
    -Teams ranked 9th to 24th have to go through two legged playoff games to get to the RO16.

    also rumours that prem 6 got compensated for pulling out of SL


  5. Thank you George!


  6. just had a guy on twitter take offense cos I suggested he wanted a Sugar Daddy owner to replace Kroenke at Arsenal, so I asked him what it was he actually wanted in any new owner, and one of the things he said was

    “An owner willing to invest his own money in the club”.

    this is what I find so damn funny about the Arsenal fan base, so many clearly want a sugar daddy owner, but point blank refuse to admit it, in fact take offense if you suggest they do want one.


  7. We will see if the fans want to exercise some power and get back some control over their owners and club direction or see if they are happy with status quo.

    See how many different supporter groups push for the 50 + 1 rule they use in German league and how much pressure they put on the Clubs\ Fa \ Prem \Gov \Media\ Fifa \ Uefa


  8. ok on further research 50+1 might not be practical.


  9. was just about to ask you gee, how can they make owners sell their shares, how can they set the share price, for me current owners would take it to court and be fully entitled to do so.


  10. Totally agree and will be on hand. Of course they could go down the conscience route and bail out? Alas no! they do as Levy has done, turn up at the ground and carry on regardless.


  11. Missed off and top lawyers will be on hand!


  12. @eduardo792, your (tongue-in-cheek) post from 1:13pm is a work of genius! Building on your thoughts, I posted on Untold about how the mainstream media showed their power in all of this, as @gee would attest!

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  13. We’ve checked-in with our medical team ahead of Friday’s Premier League match against Everton.

    This is the latest update:

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
    Auba continues to recover after contracting malaria on international duty. Auba will be unavailable for Friday’s match against Everton, but is hoping to resume light training by the end of this week.

    Alex Lacazette
    Left hamstring. Alex has sustained a strain to his left hamstring and will be unavailable for Friday’s match against Everton. He will continue to work with the medical team and will be assessed ahead of next week’s matches.

    David Luiz
    Right knee. David is making very good progress and is hoping to integrate back into light training with the squad next week.

    Martin Odegaard
    Right ankle. Martin is now back in light training and will be assessed ahead of the Everton match regarding his availability.

    Kieran Tierney
    Left knee. Kieran sustained ligament damage to his left knee during the match against Liverpool on April 3. Kieran continues to make positive progress and is hoping to be back in training within two to three weeks.

    There were no further health or injury issues from Thursday’s match against Slavia Prague. All other players in the men’s first-team squad are currently available for selection.

    As part of Premier League protocol, all members of our first-team squad and support staff continue to be regularly tested for COVID-19.

    Copyright 2021 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  14. Vikrant Dogra I seen BBC this morning interview John Barnes about it and oh boy you should have seen their faces when he basically pointed out that they fans had won nothing other than showing those with the power over the game that they fully back being ripped off, they have won nothing, no cheaper ticket, no cheaper tv coverage, no change in kick off times, no salary cap, all they have done is back the status quo, but they are rockin all over the world


  15. so for our game v Everton our options for the strikers roles are Nketiah, Martinelli and Balogun


  16. spurs win with an injury time penalty to go within 2pts of top 4 place


  17. PSG’s Nasser Al-Khelaifi has been appointed as the chairman of the European Club Association


  18. the biggest mistake the Kroenke’s have made at Arsenal is listening to the loud bloggers and twitter accounts and making decisions to appease them

    anyone can do better than Wenger
    spend some fucking money
    sack emery
    spend some fucking money
    don raul
    spend some fucking money
    trust the edu/arteta process
    spend some fucking money

    and that is just some of them


  19. It would be really nice if some real football would break out somewhere


  20. anyone know what John Stones got sent off for tonight, and does this mean he misses the cup final on Sunday


  21. I am sure PSGs chairman is an all round good chap, from an upstanding family, and PSG are a model of how a proper club should be run. Football is the winner with his ECA appointment , just as football is the winner with Chelsea and City panicking and stopping others in this league going onto a near level playing field with their doping. And football is the winner because we have Gary Neville, Sky, UEFA , Leicester and Wolves can take a moral high ground, and there is Talksport, even Boris Johnson seems a convert. Just need Nicola Sturgeon to chip in about the English game, or even Megan Markle.
    Never seen football win so much as over the last 48 hours, and a great time to be fans , guessing it was a bit like this if you were an England supporter in 1966


  22. mandy a few lucky fans are going to be big winners on Friday, when they get their mugs on SKY for slagging off Kroenke, all they need is a catchy slogan on a poster or banner,


  23. man city win 2-1 away to aston villa

    i see in the championship that two of last season’s epl relegation teams are coming back up and the third one is in the play offs.

    of the 4 teams that will be in the play offs only Brentford have never been in the EPL


  24. Ed, don’t know if you remember this one from the 90’s. Came back to me today and amused me how well it fits. Oh man I’d like to barricade myself in the broadcaster booth at the Etihad and crank this one up when they’re presenting trophy. Or maybe even better- because they’ve got theirs- blast it out at the upcoming Kroenke protest.


  25. Still furious that these fat cats wanted to trash the fairness at the soul elite football. It needs to be cherished. On an unrelated note, Arsenal Women are going pretty well at the moment. Third in the table, and just the double-digit gap to Chelsea and Man City.


  26. Sadly, think the soul of elite football was trashed on a sunny end of season spring day at the Emirates, in 2018.
    I don’t doubt there are still good things and good people in the game, and who follow it, but it is infected by corrupt governing bodies, bent/ under orders referees, agents, illegal betting syndicates, Sky, racism, online abuse, meaningless internationals, fat cats, agenda driven media ,tyrants, slavery, Qatari health and safety, people trafficking, organised crime, populist opportunist politicians, bungs and perhaps worst of all, Gary Neville
    Anyone who wants to move away from that, whatever their ultimate motives should at least get some consideration.
    But, at least we know football and it’s fans are the winners this week, although from what I am seeing on the media, I do find some of the fist pumping , virtue signalling, unbritish expressing of pent up and perhaps destructive inner emotion, along with the witchhunts, worryingly reminiscent of some of the reaction to events surrounding the tragic death of a young woman back in 1997


  27. No doubt Perez has talked some nonsense in recent days but this from him stood out

    “It cannot be that in England, the six lose money, and 14 make money. In Spain the top three lose money, and the others make money. It cannot continue – at the moment the rich are those who are losing money.”

    I think it contains a gigantic error, but also might get to the heart of it all.

    The six aren’t all losing money- Chelsea and City are outside of the losing and making business, really- but the rest are constantly threatened with it, as things stand, no matter how big tv deals and commercial are, if they try to match the other, budget free two. Big European clubs, bar PSG, follow suit, only without the riches of prem tv deal. Every clubs’s position and behaviour can be explained by it.


  28. I don’t have any sympathy for Perez. Both Real and Barca been financial doping for decades. Now someone else is doing it bigger and better they wanna cry.

    Football needs reform but people like Perez , JP Morgan and what ever Billionaires and hedge-funds should not be driving it exclusively with out consulting key stakeholders in the game including Fans, Players, Local communities etc.

    Try to make football better for all rather than for 1%.


  29. Course I’m not expressing sympathy for Perez. Thinking only of the situation we/football are in.

    Nothing has happened this week, nor is likely to happen far as I can see, to make football better for all.

    The dopers have exerted immense inflationary pressures on game, doing us great damage in process, is the point for me.

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  30. The amazing healing abilities of playing ARSENAL are showing itself once again.
    No fewer than five Everton players are magically available now they are playing us.
    I fully expect Lazarus, lord Lucan and Shergar would all turn up if they were put on a team sheet to play ARSENAL.


  31. Josh Kroenke did a fans forum today, made it clear that KSE are not selling up, that the decision to join the SL was a fear of being left behind financially by those in it.

    The usual emotional whingebags don’t like it at all

    it was a real “thanks for your interests in our affairs” moment, well done Josh


  32. the full transcript of the discussion will be up on Arsenal.com within the next 24 hours


  33. Kroenke said they have big plans to invest but that a long term policy does not lend itself to long term high investment.
    sounds like we will get some big money spent this summer, maybe next too, but in the long term the club has to be able to finance itself, and rightly so


  34. Josh Kroenke confirmed KSE will cover any fees incurred from Arsenal’s ESL withdrawal


  35. this is upsetting a few this evening



  36. Still not buying the whole saga as it unfolds.

    “Arsenal were not the authors of this proposal, despite what many think. With this project the train was leaving the station and we made the decision to join. We made a bad decision, a terrible one.” – Arsenal Chief Executive Vinai Venkatesham,

    the clubs are all saying this like it was a hastily thought out idea that they just rolled with.


    Multiple billion pound business with experts in all sectors all acted with the same haste only for the train to break down at the station within 24 hrs. Not buying it.


  37. Don’t know if it’s lockdown, social media, or just humanity, but some people out there have some very tenuous reasons for such anger.
    I would advise them not to listen to anything from any Murdoch outlet or Gary Neville, who has connections to Murdoch outlets
    But if people want to be angry about nothing very much, guess it is their choice, but not a healthy one.
    Sounds like JK spoke well
    The Kroenkes have certainly made some mistakes as have we all, Wengers sacking and some of their hires for starters, I personally don’t really consider this ESL hot air prime amongst these mistakes, though others do as is their right, but will take them over journalist murderers, killers of slave stadia workers , corrupt money launderers any day

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  38. Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT
    You have the rare chance to ask questions to the club owner – really understand the why, the rationale, the future plans – and instead many of the questions (if you can call them that) are angry ramblings. Does nothing tangible except make yourself feel better.


  39. Ed, you trine say Baron Billionaros Von Remember Whoyouare, world’s richest man, double Nobel winner, fortune made by highest levels of ethics imaginable, should forget about spending any- not too much, just show ambition to match City- facking money on us, because the kroenke’s won’t go?



  40. The highlight of the whole strangely predicted (by others!) saga for me was the Bamford interview.

    I’ve tried to not like this footballer due to the Chelsea connection* but he is a good footballer who speaks well. Good luck to him!

    *Luiz has had some good moments and I don’t mean to dig out the former Chelsea player for being a former Chelsea player it’s not like I am a biased football fan but how many coaches would’ve chosen Luiz over Evans two seasons ago? Both on a free I think? One home grown?


  41. rich I know the kroenke’s are not going to sell up, my #kroenkeoutsugardaddyin is a piss take off al those who clearly want a sugar daddy owner but totally refuse to admit it, in fact they are insulted if you point it out to them. They really love to dress up their wish for a sugar daddy owner with phrases like an owner who cares, an owner with ambition, an owner who will invest when needed (yeah even they actually use the word invest they still deny they want a sugar daddy owner),

    any of these attention seeking tools who think them ranting and raging and insulting the kroenkes will make KSE sell up and run for cover haven’t a clue who they are dealing with, he moved the Rams from St Louis to LA, do they think there was no protests, do they think he will be afraid of a few bed sheet or a4 wielding loudmouths when the protesters in the USA are allowed to carry AK47’s and more. Stan rightly couldn’t give two fucks about Tim Payton and his ilk.


  42. Fins. Evans left West Brom summer 2018- 3.5 mill- after Leicester activated relegation clause. Apparently we tried to sign him in the Jan of that year, deadline day, but were no-where near West Brom’s valuation.

    Who knows what’s true with these things- linked with Evans other times I think- but that one prob true as it seems Weng said, after ‘Basically it comes down to availability. He was not available at what we could afford.’

    Luiz to us was- lemme check- year later, summer 2019- couple months after he’d had stormer against us in Baku, alas.


  43. Ed

    Yeah, get where you’re going with hashtag. I’m on same page and like thought of you pulling people up on it. No easy task for them to come back with anything sensible so I guess they don’t like it!


  44. well rich I tried my hardest to get any of them to explain to me why they refuse to admit they want a sugar daddy owner and not a one of them would admit they did want a sugar daddy owner. Even when they stated the owner needed to spend his own money to make AFC successful.
    I have no problem at all with anyone wanting a sugar daddy owner, I just can’t stand anyone who refuses to actually own their views on anything. For me if you can not stand up for what you believe or back then you know its wrong and so should not have those views. Hypocrites.


  45. rich on johnny evens it was reported in a N Ireland newspaper in the summer of 2018 that he turned us down as his wife works for Man Utd TV, and she could not move to London and keep her job, so Johnny turned us down. No idea how true but usually some truth to these stories in the regional papers


  46. LCFC beat WBA, which means Fat Sam’s lot are now 9pts from safety with just 18pts to play for


  47. Thank you Rich.
    A near miss. Interesting.

    There was a game against Chelsea in Baku??!
    Who needs the ESL. Heh.


  48. ha ha ha seen it all now, one of the big attention seeking twitter accounts, AST guy, a wecare guy too, stated that it was correct that the questions to Josh Kroenke were not more intelligent as JK needed to understand fans frustration. La la la, I don’t need to be intelligent all I need to do is throw a tantrum. That is the level of twats that are heading this nonsense and they have the gall to say Stan doesn’t know what he is doing.



  49. Ed, vaguely recall hearing something about his choice not to join, thought it was because of his own Utd connection-/not wanting to move South, though, but rings a bell what you wrote so prob heard that at time.

    Good player. I thought he’d have made a solid addition at time, but did wonder if he’d get away with the Utd-style stuff he does elsewhere in our shirt. Luiz’s dramatic change in disciplinary record, on reds and pens, suggests not.


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