It’s City – Oh My Goodness.

Good morning all.

Tonight we play the Manchester City Globetrotters in the Carabao Cup quarter-final at The Home of Football.

Under normal circumstance this would be a mouth-watering encounter, but these are anything but normal times. We are in the midst of a run of form that is the worst in living memory for most of the Arsenal fanbase. I know City would visit us expecting to win no matter what form we were in, but they must expect to brush us aside tonight. I don’t joke when I say I can’t remember when we last played well enough that we might have a chance. They are unlikely to play their best eleven, but their 2nd best 11 is so much better than our best that it’s not even a comparison.

However, all is not lost, stranger things have happened, freak result regularly pop up, but make no mistake, for us to go through we would need the freakiest of freak results. Look, it’s not impossible, we did get a freak result in the FA cup semi just a few months ago. We can hope, so let’s do that? Hope! Hope for the best. Hope for a Christmas miracle.

Normally team selection and set up is difficult, but today it’s impossible for me to even hazard a guess, so I won’t bother.

It would be a good night to throw Ozil into the mix, Arteta could blame him instesd of the maths.

Personally I would play all the youngsters that are on the fringes of the first 11 and the likes of Saliba. However, even then it would mean allowing them to play something other than the PLAY BY NUMBERS rubbish that Arteta churns out week after week. And that won’t happen either.

Try to enjoy the game , IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pedantic George.

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53 comments on “It’s City – Oh My Goodness.

  1. Ornstein and others in the media reporting that Arteta wants to sign at least 2 players in January, one a right sided CB, another being an attacking midfielder. So if we say he wants 3 new starters, and will play his preferred 4-3-3 who are his other 8 first choice players

    Bellerin, New Signing, Gabriel, Tierney,
    Partey, New Signing, Saka
    Willian, PEA, New Signing

    maybe Martinelli is in his 8, if so is it Saka that misses out, has AMN overtaken Bellerin for the right back slot, I would not be surprised to see Hector leave to help raise funds, or maybe it will be AMN that goes for that. I feel Xhaka might be the surprise departure, maybe there is something in the Xhaka/Eriksen swap rumors, fucking hell imagine a front 3 of Willian, Aubameyang and Eriksen, don’t scoff, look at the 7 signings made so far under Arteta, if he makes 3 more in January, we will be very lucky if one of the 3 is top quality to make it that new signing, Gabriel and Partey as the only guys some fans will admit as Arteta signings, if we get Eriksen he would join the Willian, Cedric, Mari, Runarsson and Ceballos group who somehow Arteta has not one iota to do with their signings, in fact Wenger would have more to do with them than Arteta as far as some will be concerned.


  2. Just a quick Happy Christmas to you all. Thanks for all the entertainment and wisdom over the last year which has not been an easy one. Good luck to The Arsenal in the coming months and may your God go with you in times of joy and times of trouble.

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  3. Happy Christmas everyone !!!


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