High Hopes But Low Expectations For Arsenal

#CHEARS match preview by Shard aka @shardgooner on Twitter

Time can be such a weird thing. I was away from Arsenal and Twitter for about a week and it feels like everything has passed me by, and yet nothing has really changed. We lost again. The same arguments are raging. The same outrage, counter outrage, and outrageous opinions, all mixed with some hope (denial) that things will work themselves out.

A week may not be much time, but what of 3 years? In that time frame we have gone from complaining about top 4 not being enough and why Wenger is wrong to somehow it still being Wenger’s fault.

Well, if plus ca change is to be the theme, that might work out well for Arsenal. 5 months ago Arteta was celebrating winning the FA Cup against Lampard’s Chelsea. After all that has happened since, could things be the same again?


Shoelaces tied and lead weight in our socks

Unfortunately, we go into boxing day with our shoelaces tied together, some serious lead weight in our socks, and with our gloves filled with hot air. Our mouth piece though. PRsenal is gritting its teeth, and showing that it is alive and kicking itself in the shin. All good there, then.

Meanwhile our opponents’ pockets and gloves are loaded, and pack quite a punch. They average over 2 goals a game. Tammy Abraham and Timo Werner lead the charge and the likes of Mount and Chilwell provide the ammunition. Kante is their leading tackler, while Zouma is a rock at the back who has also scored 4 goals. Arsenal have to stay sharp for the whole 90+ mins in this game or it could very easily lead to another goal fest against us.

Not that goal fests are bad if you can attack. Chelsea can be got at, but I have no faith in us doing it. I’m not sure anyone really knows what the plan is. The best I can figure is that we hope to repeat by sitting deep and hoping to catch them on the counter. Do a Mourinho. I mean why not. Arteta has been doing that more and more off the field, so maybe this is just the best we can hope for.

Gallows humor to open contempt

Here’s all I care about really. Arsenal are not only no fun to watch, they give me no sense of pride to follow. Pride which has nothing to do with results. By now my gallows humor has turned into open contempt. I never thought such a day would come. Well, at least it’s something new.

Not new is Granit Xhaka being a figure of hate for Arsenal fans and we can look forward to tweets blaming any and all failures on him as he’s back from suspension. Gabriel is back as well, but the Christmas Partey is cancelled. Auba and Martinelli are both being assessed, while Lacazette is only going to be judged. Oh well, we need martyrs for the cause, don’t we? What cause? Can I say MAGA?

Oh, and just to add some good cheer, take a look at where Ivan Gazidis’ new club sit in Serie A. (Anyone who quotes Emery and Villareal at me is getting banned)

I’m not even daring to wish for a Miracle on Hornsey Street. If one is due I hope it goes towards something more important and more deserving than Arsenal FC. I recently got called the Grinch. I hope I’m not ruining anyone’s festive celebrations, but Arsenal doesn’t bring me any good cheer any more. Enjoy your eggnog to go with the likely goose egg coming our way in terms of points.

Merry Christmas, folks…… If the guy(s) in red and white let you down, you know you can only blame yourselves for having been naughty and flying those planes with banners…… And a Happy New Year to all.

Written by Shard aka shardgooner on Twitter.

You can also read this and comment over on https://uncensoredarsenal.com

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57 comments on “High Hopes But Low Expectations For Arsenal

  1. former Arsenal player Semi Ajayi has scored late to make it LFC 1-1 WBA


  2. game ended 1-1, a big point for WBA, and a poor result for LFC


  3. Excellent win! however we need to remain cautious. I also don’t think this should be used as a stick to beat the players who did not play yesterday. The team played a different style yesterday and were not throwing aimless crosses into the box. We need to stick to this style of play regardless of the opponent. That was the type of football Arsenal players know how to play. Arteta has gotten it wrong and the players have paid the price for his blunders. For example Xhaka, Bellerin and Elneny was “deadwood” just a week ago.


  4. Those players were only considered deadwood to drunks fans reading the result and not watching the game. Xhaka and Bellerin have played well and Elneny has been our most consistent player this season. In fact Granit and Mo have been our best midfield pairing post Arsene.
    The win yesterday was indeed fantastic and it was the first game I have been nervous watching it since the cup final.
    The trouble is it was indeed a bit of a Jonny Nash it set more Questions than Answers.
    First problem is we all know these are not his players of choice, when he has a fully fit squad Mikel will not pick these players.
    This was born out by his insistence on putting Pepe on and nearly throwing the game. I hope all those critics of Hector could see once Pepe came on the left that Keiran got no protection and chelski created a hat full of chances down that side. We now have six young players who can play wide who should be included before Pepe and I really hope he is sold but unfortunately I think Mikel likes him.
    Partey and Ceballos will come in as well I believe.
    The penalty save was fantastic especially at a critical time but Leno was still seen flapping at crosses, worrying.
    Apart from putting Pepe on the third sub came far to late in a game where several of our players were flagging. Substitutions have always been a problem under Mikel and it is still is normally it’s a straight one for one swap.
    We were really positive in this game for the first game in ages so another question is will he keep this style.
    I really enjoyed this game and we should be looking forward with confidence to the next six games but I really worried Mikel will slide back into his old ways and that is not considering all the politics of the club which is another hurdle we have to overcome.


  5. I saw Pepe getting back and defending actually. He made an excellent tackle when Chelsea were in a dangerous position just before the whistle.


  6. Spurs tactics backfired again and Harry Kane dived again! That is all I am saying.


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