How Can Arsenal Upset Man City After Just Edging West Ham?

In this podcast,  yours truly and Blackburn George explain how Mikel Arteta has done a brilliant job improving Arsenal but it is still a work-in-progress. After just edging West Ham over last weekend the question is “how can Arsenal upset Manchester City” in their upcoming  Premier League game on Wednesday.

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72 comments on “How Can Arsenal Upset Man City After Just Edging West Ham?

  1. If the season is made void with no awards, that means the PGMOL will have to spend another season making fools of themselves to aid Liverpool with every VAR decision going

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  2. 61 confirmed COVID 19 cases and our govt is locking things down. As a third world country we needed this before things get out of control.

    Stay safe guys and check up on older loved ones..

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  3. Labogoon

    Good luck to you in this strange time. Hope you and loved ones will be fine and your country not hit too hard by this.

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  4. if the euro 2020 is postponed. can the EPL not be able to meet and deliberately set a date further for resumption?

    Really wonder what they are up to with this COVID stuff…
    Hmm… Many thoughts as to what the Ruling Elites may be up to or something didnt work out as they planeed?.. hmm…

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  5. TS Boris just said latest restrictions will be for at least 12 weeks, day by day its getting more obvious that trivial things such as the football will not be back this side of june at the earliest, and when you take into account that clubs should not be training in that time, then a prep period would be needed too. It really don’t make any sense to even try and finish this season. Best plan has to be to close it all down and start next season when possible.
    As I stated earlier, there are about 90 to 100 players out of contract end of June, across the EPL, many on loan, some of which are from other European clubs, and some will have signed pre contract agreements to join other clubs on a Bosman come 1st July. There are far too many problems with finishing this season if it cant be completed by end of June, which is looking increasingly unlikely.

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  6. Sam Dean
    Back to work after two weeks away. Very good news for Arsenal that club doctor Gary O’Driscoll has changed his mind about joining Liverpool. He’s a popular figure behind the scenes & his decision to stay is further evidence of the improved mood at #AFC since Arteta’s appointment.

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  7. Great news on the Doc staying.
    And let’s face it, with the treatment our players are handed out, they need a good doctor

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  8. The title of this post is quite ironic, having all of us struggling to find a way to upset city it turned out to be a pandemic. None of guessed at that one.

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  9. @ Ian, yeah… lol Imagine that… Quite ironic that a pandemic no less came in to upset city… alas to upset literally the WORLD!

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  10. Hearing rumours of a royal demise

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  11. Bit awkward having a state funeral at the moment

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  12. Hope all OK with everyone. I’ve been put on 12 week’s working from home isolation but virtually impossible to do that with a family. However, seems as if UK will go into partial lockdown soon so guess that will help. Still with bit more time on my hands no excuse for not writing a few pieces for the site!

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  13. English football will be suspended until at least 30 April because of the continued spread of coronavirus.
    The FA has also agreed that the current season can be “extended indefinitely” beyond the original end date of 1 June.

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  14. Dear Arsenal fans everywhere,

    First and foremost, everyone at Arsenal Football Club hopes that you and your families are keeping safe and well.  This is a worrying time, and while we all miss the excitement of the game we love, our priority at the moment has to be health and wellbeing as we face one of the most significant global public health emergencies in recent times.

    Do stay safe and follow official advice to protect yourself and those around you.

    You will have seen Thursday’s announcement that the 2019/20 season will be extended indefinitely, and that the professional game is further postponed in England until at least April 30, 2020. We are fully supportive of this decision which was endorsed at Thursday morning’s Premier League shareholder meeting.

    Of course, we all want to be back playing football as soon as we possibly can, but only when it is safe to be doing so.


    You can imagine that as this fast-moving situation has developed, we have been taking extensive steps to ensure we keep operating efficiently while protecting our players and staff.

    Our training centres in London Colney and Hale End were closed for deep cleaning after Mikel’s diagnosis with the virus but have now re-opened with a small workforce to maintain the facilities and training pitches. 

    A number of staff, including Mikel and the men’s first team squad, are currently isolating at home.  We’re pleased to say that Mikel is feeling much better. He’s in good spirits, doing detailed planning with the coaches and speaking to the players regularly. The women’s and academy teams are also currently staying at home. All our players are looking forward to getting back out on the training pitches as soon as the situation allows.

    The players have been given specific training and dietary regimes to follow at home and are in daily contact with our coaches and support staff. As you will have seen from social media some of them are certainly embracing this changed new world.

    Our Highbury House office is now closed, and all our staff from that building, as well as other staff who can work remotely, are operating from home. Thanks to the detailed contingency plans we had in place, we are able to operate effectively in this way.

    You will not be surprised to hear that our retail stores and Emirates Stadium Tours are closed with all meetings and events at Emirates Stadium postponed until further notice. The Hub, home of Arsenal in the Community at Emirates Stadium, has also closed until further notice.

    We continue to support our local Islington community in these difficult times and we are in discussions with local groups to find new ways to support our most vulnerable groups as the situation develops. We are liaising with the local authority and the areas being explored range from providing online coaching and teaching, and staff volunteering to have regular phone contact with elderly local people feeling isolated. We are also looking into how we can support our casual workers.


    We will update as soon as we know what’s happening with the fixture schedule.

    Understandably, we have received many questions from fans regarding ticketing for forthcoming matches.

    Please be assured that all match tickets and purchased hospitality will be valid for rearranged fixtures once they are confirmed.

    Information about renewals for next season will be updated as soon as there is more clarity on when the current 2019/20 season will end.

    All updates will appear on Arsenal.com and across our social media.

    If you have any queries, please make contact with us in the usual ways:

    · For General Admission ticketing queries, please email ask@arsenal.co.uk
    · For Platinum Membership (Club Level) queries, please email platinum@arsenal.co.uk
    · For Matchday Hospitality queries, please email hospitality@arsenal.co.uk

    We will get back to you as soon as possible. We are here to listen and help as best we can.


    Finally, and most importantly, keep well and follow the guidance of the World Health Organisation on the prevention of the spread of the virus.

    We look forward to being back on the pitch soon as it is possible.  We wish you and your loved ones good health.

    Take care everyone,

    The directors, players and staff at Arsenal Football Club

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  15. Onwards and upwards all – Football will return and the energy we all put in and derive from it. Not sure, when – but it will.

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  16. Hope everyone well. Ridiculous that it was only a week ago the football stopped. Think Liverpool game was on the Wednesday!

    I’m in danger of discovering I might be able to use my time a bit better without the football watching and talking, but know full well I’ll ditch all this reading and exercising crap as soon as it starts up again.

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  17. Took plunge and cancelled sports today. Quite amusing that although you can add things to package via internet, try as you might there’s no way to take them off there.

    30 mins of bad music and I got to tell a human I was off though. Told me package I have is no longer an option so if I want them back it’ll be an extra 20 quid or so on what I’ve been paying.

    Also amused that when downgrading they wipe anything you’ve recorded from channels you’ll no longer have. The rats. 1 month left then to rewatch my Arsene games on there.

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  18. LOL… A danger eh… its nice danger to have to be able to discover that you can use your time differently; yet more useful…

    well didn’t have a lot of access to watch live games except streamed … I used to watch more of highlights and read the reports so my moving away from footy is not as large scale but still there

    Trust everyone is keeping safe and practicing social distancing which seems to be the thing now!

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  19. Hi folks, I hope all of you are keeping safe and staying in your homes. We’re in lockdown here in Montreal, all stores except groceries, pharmacies and hardware store are closed. It is all a bit surreal. Very strange to have no sports going at all. My guitar playing has picked up! Stay safe !

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  20. First up, hope everyone ok.

    Touch wood, I’m fine. Shopping for three sets of people trickiest bit, posing weird questions all the time about risks everywhere you go. If it’s worth trying to search for something. Where will be quietest etc.

    Second, how’s everyone doing in the new world? Had my first massive pang for live sport/football yesterday. Had been busy all day and just came over me momentarily before moving on.

    Could be a really long time I think. But small fry next to health and livelihoods. All the best. Maybe everyone will appreciate things more when back to normality. Maybe Dean will give us five pens on the bounce!

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  21. Not thought about football details much but one big complication occurred to me with contract issues.

    If not safe till Summer at least, will, as well as fecking things up with Mari/Soares decisions, put us in situation where Aubameyang and Saka are in last year of deals. Saka bothers me even more than Aubameyang on that front.

    Also, feck knows how it’ll impact on various youngsters with deals running out/ to be signed etc. Maybe strangest of all is Saliba situation.

    Like said, small stuff in bigger picture, but could cause havoc within football.

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