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Pretending To Be Happy After Arsenal Struggle To Defeat West Ham

Podcast: Blackburn George, the Arseblagger and yours truly, Shotta fail in our attempt at being sincerely happy after Arsenal struggle to defeat a very poor West Ham in our recent EPL game. Arsenal demonstrated a striking lack of creativity; while having far superior possession were out-shot 14:7 by a technically inferior team. While happy for […]

How Can Arsenal Upset Man City After Just Edging West Ham?

How Can Arsenal Upset Man City After Just Edging West Ham?

In this podcast,  yours truly and Blackburn George explain how Mikel Arteta has done a brilliant job improving Arsenal but it is still a work-in-progress. After just edging West Ham over last weekend the question is “how can Arsenal upset Manchester City” in their upcoming  Premier League game on Wednesday. Remember to  Like and Subscribe to […]

Arsenal Versus West Ham: The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times

Honestly, you wait weeks for a football match and then two show up at once. We’ve barely finished digesting Adrian Clarke’s Breakdown of the draw with Man City and already we need to contemplate the visit of West Ham. A London derby, but perhaps not the most spicy of them, West Ham has nonetheless provided […]

Arsenal Versus West Ham: Esprit De Corps

I was lying in my bath last night reading a yellowing, dog eared paperback when something unexpected popped up. The tome in question, I should add, is the rather excellent To Sea In A Sieve by Peter Bull. First published in 1956 it is an unvarnished account of the author’s experience in the Royal Navy […]

Arsenal Versus West Ham: Arsène’s Beautiful Ballet

I began my first draft of this little missive by suggesting that today’s game was a case of back down to earth with a bump. I scratched it out and started again for two reasons. Primarily because we don’t deal in tedious clichés here at the home of positivity but also because, as exciting as […]