Pretending To Be Happy After Arsenal Struggle To Defeat West Ham

Podcast: Blackburn George, the Arseblagger and yours truly, Shotta fail in our attempt at being sincerely happy after Arsenal struggle to defeat a very poor West Ham in our recent EPL game. Arsenal demonstrated a striking lack of creativity; while having far superior possession were out-shot 14:7 by a technically inferior team.

While happy for the 3 points and the performance of Saka and Xhaka in particular, we are alarmed at the lack of creativity on the pitch. Yet the club gives absolutely no explanation for the non-selection of Ozil unlike the complete satisfaction Arteta had in his performance prior to the COVID-19 suspension last season. Furthermore we are disgusted at the continuing spin and machination by the club as it disregards the interests of current and former players showing ultimately they have no care for us as fans.

No apology; we currently find very few things at the club to be happy about.

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38 comments on “Pretending To Be Happy After Arsenal Struggle To Defeat West Ham

  1. George apologetic? Never thought I’d live to see the day.

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  2. I lied Shotta, playing to the gallery.

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  3. It is better to be stupid and happy – Let people think for you (MSM, Pundits, Arseblog).

    Smart and be miserable – Form you views from facts and figures – (those that have taken the Red Pill and can sense the bullshit from reality).

    Anyways have decided a while ago not to invest too much time, money, and love to my beloved Arsenal, it hurts but hurts more to see and agree to the way things are panning out due to politics.

    I mean we have not played our strongest team (giving us any chance to do anything meaningful in competitions) for at least 2 yrs!!! selling up good youths with potential, replacing them with ageing players past their sell by dates, as well as gutting out what was known as Arsenals traditional strength over the past 20 or so years, the Midfield and not even making an attempt to replace it in my eyes. (who made the decision to not renew CArzola’s contract!)

    Then you have Raul, EMery, Super aAgents, Ornstien and all the traditional haters of the Gunners and i am afraid to say it is not worth it.

    So, I watch from a far while my childhood sweetheart thinks they are grown and gets taken advantage of by all the predators out there looking for an easy meal.

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  4. With so much off-field drama at Arsenal in recent years I took it one game at a time. Try my best not to look back and certainly not get ahead of myself.

    So yes, I was happy with the win and I certainly wasn’t pretending. Tomorrow we live to fight another day.

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  5. there is a mystery rumor doing the rounds – Arsenal and Chelsea in talks over a swap deal, so far no more info that that, no AFC player nor CFC player mentioned yet,

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  6. An agreement has been reached between Arsenal & Brazilian medic Bruno Mazziotti. Mazziotti will join once the terms of his exit from PSG have been finalised. He will work alongside head of medical Gary O’Driscoll. [@David_Ornstein
    , @TheAthleticUK
    ] #afc

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  7. reports now suggest that the swap deal being discussed is Matteo Guendouzi for Callum Hudson-Odoi

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  8. Looks like Ramsey had superb game at weekend. Great stuff. Looked like he was given role to be main support man for Ronaldo and supplied him with lot of good passes. Then you see they are supposedly on verge of signing Suarez. Bah.

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  9. Nope. Got that wrong. Morata who is supposedly off to Juve. Hopefully mainly as backup for Ronaldo so Ramsey can get good run in whatever his position was yesterday

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  10. They way the club treat Santi? They extended his contract when he was injured to give him security. Then Kos went on strike because he was getting played too much despite being paid to do just that.


  11. Goalkeeper Alex Runarsson has joined us on a four-year contract from French club Dijon.

    The 25-year-old Iceland international (full name Runar Alex Runarsson) joined the Ligue 1 club in July 2018 and made 13 appearances for them in all competitions last season.

    Alex started his career with KR Reykjavik in his home country. He went on to join FC Nordsjaelland in Denmark, where he made 62 appearances during a three-year spell, before moving to Dijon.

    Technical director Edu said: “We’re very pleased to welcome Alex to our squad. We have been monitoring him for some time and from the analysis, he has strong attributes that we look for in a goalkeeper and as a person.”

    Mikel Arteta added: “We want to create healthy competition for places and we look forward to seeing Alex bring further depth to the goalkeeping position.”

    Alex will wear the number 13 shirt which is available here from Arsenal Direct.

    The transfer is subject to the completion of regulatory processes.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  12. L’Equipe reporting Guendouzi has handed in a transfer request,


  13. What’s up folks!

    Well, that was a very boring win but a win none the less. It is obvious that we have no superb players in the center of the park. Well we have one but…

    Was Martinez even given a chance to win the starting goalie job? He looked the best goalie at the club. Leno is good but Martinez looked next level to me.

    Something is smells a bit rancid to me. It seems there is quite a bit of politics going on.

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  14. Abramovich revelde to have been behind some dodgy Virgin/Cayman/one of them island funds, to tune of 160 mill of his money, who dealt in 3rd party ownership.

    Only players report named are pretty small fry, though it does detail some of the ugly reality of 3rd party stuff, which goes well beyond owning a stake and getting your percentage if player goes. Stuff that should very obviously be banned if game was halfway clean.


  15. My issue is, why would Abramovich bother? Seen nothing to suggest there aren’t much more reliable things to invest your money in for billionaires. The one reasonably recognisable player of 3 named in report- Carillo of Sporting Lisbon- could only make him a couple of mill if all went very well.

    Course, no doubt, it would be very good for strengthening agent bonds, ensuring none of ‘your’ players went to rivals you didn’t want them to, plus first dibs, favourable prices and who knows what else.

    Someone fucked up badly if Carrillo is really the headline act of a 160 mill, at least operation. I’m also almost certain that in the previous stories about Abramovich and 3rd party vehicles they were different operations- one with Kenyon I think, another based in Ireland. Dirty stuff. Good to know I suppose you can still end up paying 72 mill for Kepa even while breaking rules and spirit of them so mightily


  16. Well just to add insult to the injury of Leno’s dodgy performance, Martinez saves a pen and was MOTM on his debut.
    Early days at the moment so hopefully as the season goes on Leno proves to be a class keeper.

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  17. Is Tierney the Celtic Maldini? Heh

    Willian. Sigh. Decent player, clever signing, but if Ozil showed so many heavy first touches as he did early on first half, we can all guess on the reaction. Even I’d be shocked hah!

    Arteta’s said enough to show his hand for me, but that doesn’t lessen the extreme disappointment at recent comments from Edu on Ozil being out the team coinciding with Kia pontificating on behalf of the Arsenal on Ozil’s agent (Note: Not Ozil but Ozil’s, part-time, agent.).

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  18. well fins from the comments I seen from Kia about the Ozil situation I did not think he said anything out of place, as the comments I seen he suggested that Ozil is a quality player, and what ever reasons he is out of the side, he thinks either his agent should be able to sort them out, or at worst strike a deal with the club to get Mesut a move so he can be a starter. What is wrong with that. He laid no blame at ozil’s feet, nor at the clubs, just basically said it should not have come to this.

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  19. Yep Martinez is a class act I have a bad feeling that it will come back and bite us on the bum! Not for the first time however.

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  20. “When we have a situation where the player has a problem, we have to try to resolve it. I don’t think let’s sit back and wait for the club and say ‘it’s your problem, not mine’. I think that’s just a bad agent.” Kia Joorchiban or whateva his name is.

    Its not even his client to be commenting like that and what is he now, a spokes person for the club? I can’t remember Darren Dein who had as much inside knowledge of the club blurting our in-house club business to the press unless it was his client.

    Personally I am not a fan of super agents discussing other clients players at the club.
    Who knows what the situation is to be sorted between Mesut his agent and the club, for all we know Mesut could be having a mental break down, being stubborn or the club are being arseholes. We dont know and he should not be speculating.
    And if the strategy from Mesut and his agent is what it is then what business is it of Kia to be talking publicly about it?

    And then to call Mesut agent a bad agent….. as Jayz says, what i eat dont make you shit… Why is he so concerned? for Mesut? for the club? or that he cant get another of his clients on the dinner table so he can eat more.

    The suspicious leaks to Ornstien and Kia talking about our transfer strategy and in house club business does not sit right with me not to mention some of the questionable transfer business that has been occurring over the last 2 years (Cedric, Suarez,Pepe(price), Luiz, Willian) the gutting of our Midfield. not comfortable at all.

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  21. I suspect something to do with China comments concerning Ozil…
    I am imagining something like refusing to wear BLM or kneel if they dont include the Urghur muslims in the protests…
    Its the only thing i can think of – cos i read something about arsenal being off air in China as a result of his remarks about also protesting the Chinese government
    Cynical? but…


  22. gee not a thing wrong with what Kia said in that quote you post, of course if a player has a problem his agent should try and sort it out with the club, after all that is what his agent gets paid for. as for fucking Darren Dein, yes he never spoke out of turn, no all he done was get all his players transferred out of the club, which of course is much better for any club than sorting out what ever problem the player is having with the club.

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  23. Mark McGuinness has gone on a season long loan to Ipswich Town, this after he had an outstanding game against them in the EFL Trophy a couple of weeks ago.

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  24. Here is the latest team news update from our medical team ahead of Wednesday’s Carabao Cup third-round match at Leicester City.

    Updates from the weekend:

    Emile Smith Rowe
    Sustained an injury to his right shoulder in training. Now out of protective sling and aiming to return to full training within the next 10 days.

    Right calf. Aiming to be back in full training this week.

    Kieran Tierney
    Tight left groin on Saturday. Settling well and aiming to resume full training later this week.

    Cedric Soares
    Right calf. Not available for selection for Leicester City (a) on Wednesday, left out as a precaution with tight calf.

    No other issues from Saturday’s match against West Ham United.

    Continued status on longer-term injuries:

    Calum Chambers
    Left knee. Ruptured anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee during Chelsea (h) on December 29.

    Latest update on Calum:
    • Continues to run outside with team mates and taking part in light ball work.
    • Aiming to be back in full training in October.

    Pablo Mari
    Left ankle. Sustained significant sprain to ankle ligaments during Manchester City (a) on June 17.

    Latest update on Pablo:
    • Continuing outside running and strengthening programme, together with light ball work.
    • Aiming to return to full training by the end of September.

    Gabriel Martinelli
    Left knee. Sustained injury during training on June 21.

    Latest update on Gabi:
    • Successful arthroscopic procedure undertaken to repair a lesion in the cartilage of the left knee.
    • Continuing daily strengthening and recovery programme at London Colney.
    • Aiming to return to full training by the end of the calendar year.

    Shkodran Mustafi
    Right hamstring sustained during FA Cup semi-final on July 18.

    Latest update on Musti:
    • Successful small procedure completed soon after injury.
    • Continuing outside running and strengthening programme, together with light ball work.
    • Aiming to return to full training in October.

    As part of Premier League protocol, all members of our first team squad and support staff continue to be regularly tested for COVID-19.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  25. the photos from training session today looks like we might be sending a very strong squad to LCFC tomorrow in the league cup

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  26. Jeorge Bird
    There are now five Arsenal loanees in League One (Coyle, Medley, John-Jules, Smith and McGuinness) so should be a few games when they face each other. Also think it’s better for them to play regularly in League One than maybe be on the bench in the Championship.

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  27. David Ornstein reporting that Reiss Nelson is available to go on loan this season


  28. on this day in 1996 Arsene Wenger was appointed manager of Arsenal FC

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  29. .Though we got better since Emery left and won the FA cup as well.But still there are big question marks on the club actions on and off the pitch. Sale of Martiez, Ozil saga the style of play on the pitch all are questionable. As I said a number of times the club has regressed since Arsene Wenger left.


  30. Leno was runner up in our Player of the Year Award for last season, yet to hear some people you would think we had Almunia or Mannone in goal, there is angst and anger due to us selling Martinez, a guy with 15 EPL games for us in 8 seasons, 38 games in total. He only got to play in our end of season games due to an injury to Leno, our Manager who claims to take a lot of advice on our goalkeepers from Inaki Cana our keeper coach, did not rate Martinez good enough to play in our knockout games in the EL, and once Leno was back fit this summer he was once again deemed our first choice keeper. But for Leno’s injury many of those whinging about his sale would likely be talking about how we did well to get a couple of million for him from some Championship club.
    We might very well end up regretting the sale of Martinez, if he continues his very best form over the course of a season or two, but we are just as likely to view the £20M transfer fee as an over the top fee, if Emi fails to progress and hits the problems he had on nearly all his loan moves. And even if Emi plays his best and does really well, we will have little to complain about if Leno maintains the form that seen him 2nd in last season’s Arsenal Player of the Year Award.

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  31. Emi only playing 15 PL games is a bit of a red herring he has been a very good keeper for a long while.
    Player of the season is a popularity contest and one of the reasons Leno done so well was because as a team we were playing so badly and he was facing more shots than any other keeper in the league. Busy keepers always look good, they are forgiven goals conceded and people remember the amount of saves they make.
    World class keepers are not busy but are focused to make important saves when needed.
    All that said I do think Leno is a good keeper however we had to make a choice and I think we would of got more money for Leno because he is more established. Secondly Emi is homegrown and that is something we need right now and thirdly and more importantly although both keepers seem very close in ability Emi is clearly superior in the air a facet we really need. As showed against West Ham no amount of large CB’s will protect you like a confident, strong, keeper.
    We now have three very good ex keepers plying their trade elsewhere and doing very well so maybe our decision making in that area is brilliant.

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  32. Well, 63 today and like many of us no doubt anxious about the coming year, let alone the season. I’m still having to teach, and both kids now back at school, so my wife is needing to shield in rented accommodation quite nearby but no prospect of properly seeing her until heaven knows well. Sick to death with the illness and although I’m not sure what could have been done differently not convinced that the current UK govenment has got it right. Writing back in the early 70s Philip Larkin referred to the parliament of that time as ‘this cast of crooks and tarts’ and I think he would recognise today. To be honest I find it hard to look forward to anyrthing with any sense of hope just now. The country I thought I loved seems very quiet just now so muchahave the alt rigtht silenced the media.
    So all in all I’m finding it hard to be too critical of the Arsenal because that is just about all that’s left to me. Yes, if I apply the logcial part of my thinking I’m with George and Shotta – but in so many ways I just don’t want to do that. For sure we won’t win too many games, and no doubt we’ll be dull as fuck too – but I really want to have Arteta and his team as heroes worth following from now til the spring. and whatever position we end up in, and however the season pans out, I feel confident that Arsenal will emerge from this current crisis in a much healthier place than many. Ridiculously I think we will be third in
    the Pl. We would have won the Europa but I sense they will struggle to complete that and it will be sacraficed on an International Football altar.

    And as a final note thank you all who write and comment here who brighten my days far more than you can possibly imagine.

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  33. My close companion Johnnie Walker apologises for any misspellings or typos.

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  34. Foreverheady

    Didn’t notice any typos just saw a good, moving post.

    My own circumstances mean I’m reasonably fortunate in terms of impact on life so far from this, but it’s always changing and am in a tricky spot now for a while at least.

    I hope Johnnie didn’t leave too much a headache for today, and things get a little easier soon. Until then (platitude time!) keep on going, teaching the youth and all (reckon you must be a good teacher) and keep that Arsenal optimism going.

    On that front, not sure how I feel…not bad, I think: like Arteta; fairly hopeful. Still all seems a bit strange and provisional the new season, but I’m certainly glad there are games at the minute, though not so much international ones.

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  35. Happy birthday FH!
    As for Arsenal, pretty sure their performances will improve under Arteta, but he needs time and his players. We already look better in most games playing out the back, way better than under Emery who had many faults, chiefly, cowardice, and seemed to lack player buy in.
    We might struggle for a while with some duller organised teams For a while until Arteta does what he wants with mf, or until Dani is truly up and running.
    But in reality, what Arteta has done in the time he has had with what he has inherited then faced has been nothing short of spectacular.
    As for Emi, good luck to him. Class human being by the sounds of it. And you could see what that cup triumph meant to him.
    he took his chance when offered and left a hero with a couple metal things that the much vaunted Harry Kane doesn’t have.
    Leno has done nothing wrong, and emi too good to continue as a number two after so many years, hope he does great things at Villa, and for his country, which as we know, will mean a lot to him
    I fear more painful departures than Emi could still await.

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  36. if we win tonight we play Liverpool away on Monday in the EPL, and very likely play them away again on Wednesday in the CC, as the winners of our tie play the winners of Lincoln v Liverpool away next week. We play Sheffield Utd on Saturday 3rd Oct, then there is an international break for 2 weeks

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