The Greatest Transfer Window Ever !

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At 5 P.M. yesterday I was quite pleased with our transfer window, Despite the upsetting news that Iwobi had been sold to Everton, I thought we had mad a decent fist of slightly improving the squad. Then the more twitter posts and blogs I read, the more confused I became. People were celebrating like we had won the Champions League. Claiming it was a 10/10 window ,the best window ever, Raul “the Don Raul” (ffs) had done madness.

I wondered what I had missed. As far as I could see, the only real improvement over last years squad would be if Pepe proves to be greater than the sum of Danny and Iwobi. We have lost Ramsey, the best box to box midfielder in the league, and lost our captain,the best center back we’ve had since Sol.

Let me stress, I think it was a decent window, I think it gives us enough to get top 4, but great window? The best ever? Madness? Have a word with yourselves.

Then I saw a post from Eddy and I realised that people were looking at the window with no balance whatsoever.


“Nicolas Pépé from LOSC Lille, Outstanding Winger with goals and assists or is it the guy who flopped at the ACON

William Saliba from AS Saint-Étienne, best young CB in Europe or is it the guy who is not yet ready for the BPL as he hasn’t 20 games in France under his belt

Kieran Tierney from Celtic FC, the rightful heir to Cole, Winterburn and Sansom, or is it an injury plagued guy from a one horse league that is about the level of League 1.

David Luiz from Chelsea FC, the experienced ball playing central defender we’ve needed for a decade, or is it sideshow bob, the cheating, diving disruption that CFC were only too glad to get rid of despite being under a transfer ban

Gabriel Martinelli from Ituano Futebol Clube the hottest young property in Brazil, or is it an untried callow youth from the 4th tier of Brazilian football

Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid, the star of the wonderful Spain U21 team, or is it the 23 year old who has failed totally to hold down a place in the worst Real Madrid side for a decade.”

God help these new players if they are not the world beaters they have been built up to be by fans desperate to justify their fascination with winning the transfer window.

We love a new player, right up until the gloss wears off and he becomes deadwood.

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  1. Sorry if I have burst anyone’s bubble.

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  2. Not mine. Youre right. There was also a post that Ed put up that showed how much had been spent in previous years:

    a little stat – from transfer market –

    Arsenal outlay this summer £137.16M
    Arsenal outlay season 17/18 £137.57M
    by the way Arsenal broke the £100M spending barrier 4 times in last 6 seasons
    2014/15 with £107M
    2016/17 with £101M
    2017/18 with £137M
    2019/20 with £137M

    Back to the transfer reaction:have we had hysteria like this since August 1914?

    I can remember when transfers were those things you went down to the corner shop and bought and put them every where. And most of the time as a kid you didnt do it right and they ripped up and looked shite.

    Seriously though, we shall see. Im not sure how much improvement is being made? Old Fungi and Weng knew how to get teams playing, in the way Pep and Kopp can now, not sure after last season. Raul can sit confidently now, but he should know that lot that love him will soon hate him if they dont get what they want. Although Im sure he will blame somebody else…


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  3. Sorry George…but I really miss ARSENE WENGER. 😣

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  4. This perfectly captures the dichotomy of attitudes among football fans. The truth is somewhere in the middle, but we won’t know exactly where until we watch them play.

    Personally, issues of values aside, (it’s a big issue for me) I think the window was good. The sale of Iwobi annoys me though. One for the values. Two, for the football significance, and three, for the fact that it means that despite the massive cut in wages, and increase in sponsorships, this club is still being cheap. We didn’t HAVE to sell Iwobi for budgetary reasons. We chose to. And this too seems like a betrayal to me. All those years in the CL, and we’re not using the resources we built up over then. Part of the reason Spurs are ahead of us despite their constant problems.

    Another reason, Emery. If we had CL, maybe that extra 40m would go towards keeping Iwobi. Now it’s up to him to mould this squad into a coherent unit, and establish some sort of style of play. If we’re now acting like a big club by forcing Koscielny’s hand and offloading Iwobi, then we also need to act like a big club on the field.

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  5. Not exactly most important issue, and will never get confirmation anyway, but intriguing if true we put in large bid (50-60 mill) for Upamecano.

    Supposing Tierney happening whatever, and Iwobi not a done thing then, that would basically mean a near 100 million pound swing- i.e we could have afforded to spend 50-60 mill and not sell a 30-40 mill player. If all that is true, it would mean money should certainly be available again in January or beyond, and that there’s a good chance it is earmarked for Upamecano or-eek- even Zaha.

    Ah, but we sure will never know exactly what ever goes on. For instance there surely must have been groundwork done with both Luiz and Iwobi before word reached public ears with just a couple of day’s to go.

    One aspect I like with Luiz deal is that it is allegedly two-year contract. Seems good for both parties that. Well, certainly for us

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  6. Everything said in this blog by George and company is spot on, I am already drafting a blog showing that objectively we are no better off than last year nor the year before. But in the meantime the season starts today and Baba Grumpy has done a season preview for UnCensored: https://uncensoredarsenal.com/index.php/premier-league-2019-20-season-preview/

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  7. Following our new signings on deadline day, the medical team have given us an update on David Luiz and Kieran Tierney ahead of Sunday’s match at Newcastle:

    David Luiz
    Expected to participate in full training ahead of Sunday.

    Kieran Tierney
    Groin. Will continue to receive treatment and assessments. Hoping to integrate into full training in 4-6 weeks

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  8. All things considered I think we had a decent window, however, I agree it doesn’t match the over the top celebrations which main purpose is to take a swipe at Wenger.

    All players are the right age bar David Luiz, who I see as a direct replacement for Kosc and stopgap for Saliba. Iwobi’s exit is irritating for us, but I do think for him it could be just what he need at this point in career. Everton are no chumps. Ceballos for Ramsey is a downgrade but that won’t stop me from hoping the kid comes good. Who knows, with Real still keen on Eriksen he might even stay longer.

    Our hail Mary is that Manutd are still grappling with issues of their own and with Chelsea having their transfer ban this season is a free pass for Lampard.

    I’m excited to see Pépé play, the calibre of players in the Arsenal are better than that of his AFCON. If he helps us turnaround at least a 10 point swing against teams from the bottom 10 sides, that would be a good first season.

    With the buzz around the Arse-sphere at the moment Emery could find himself under pressure to deliver.

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  9. We kick-off our 2019/20 Premier League season away to Newcastle United on Sunday afternoon.

    Here’s the latest update from our medical team ahead of our match at St James’ Park:

    Alex Lacazette
    Right ankle. Will continue to be assessed ahead of Sunday’s match at Newcastle.

    Nicolas Pepe
    Regaining full match fitness following late return from African Cup of Nations. Decision to be made on participation for Sunday.

    Hector Bellerin
    Left knee. Continuing with on-field rehabilitation. Aiming to participate in full training in October.

    Rob Holding
    Left knee. Continuing with on-field rehabilitation and now participating in full training with the first team.

    Dinos Mavropanos
    Groin. Continues to receive treatment and further assessment. Will be out of action for at least 6-8 weeks.

    Emile Smith Rowe
    Groin. Progressing well in training and aiming to re-join the first team squad in 1-2 weeks

    Mohamed Elneny
    Regaining full match fitness following late return from African Cup of Nations. Decision to be made on participation for Sunday.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  10. jeez looking at the team news above we are in a full blown injury crisis. I notice that they don’t mention Ceballos who according to Emery on Sunday was injured and would miss at least a few days of training this week

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  11. I blame Wenger.

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  12. Ryan
    “Arsenal got a taste of him [Pépé] last season in the Europa League against Lille, he destroyed Monreal down the right hand side” – Martin Keown.

    Arsenal didn’t play Lille in the Europa League last season.

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  13. Good blog Eddie and good comments so far! For me this window fails to address our shortcomings on the defensive side of the lineup. We scored 73 last year ( while screwing around with our 2 most creative midfielders ) conceded 51, they go out and get more offense and Luiz as a replacement for arguably our best defender. I mentioned elsewhere that statistically Mustafi had a better season than Luiz but of course this did not matter. Somehow something is better than nothing….

    I don’t know what Pepe will give us, have never seen him play I hope he turns into a star for us but logically ( to me! ) the money spent on him might have given us a top defensive midfielder like the spuds bought (Ndombele) or Upamecano or other. Saliba hopefully will be a very good player for us but is useless to use now.

    Who is our defensive midfielder ? Torreira 5 foot nothing and 60kg, how many games can his body endure? Also seems to me after his game winner mid season he was not so defensive minded. I see no player (AMN?) able to really give us the defensive help in midfield that Coq or Gilberto were willing and able to give us.

    I hope the coach and his assistant Carcedo are in shape, 96 minutes of micromanaging while gesticulating like coked out traffic cop can’t be easy!

    I fear that holding onto 5th place is in the cards…unless Joorabchian decides to “ help” us out in January….

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  14. Emery said today that more of our players will be sold in the next 20-25 days


  15. A decent enough window all things considering, but the proof will be in results over the season, some will need time to bed in. But if Pepe is as good as they say, that could be some attack, which is what I want from Arsenal.
    Low points of this month – Kos departure, and Iwobi, not my style to call out players, but can immediately think of some I would sacrifice before Iwobi, but maybe they couldnt for whatever reason.
    High points – some exciting new players, chances for kids (and hope Freddie is still a spiky presence he was on the pitch, who will put his foot down if any reluctance to play some of the kids)- and keeping our strike twins intact, at least I hope so with the Euro window still open!
    Also glad we didnt go for alleged manager favorites in Benega and Nzonzi

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  16. Okay, done with emoting.
    I wonder if Mustafi, Elneny, Kolasinac & Smith-Rowe are all set to leave permanently or on-loan? Could mean a pretty slim squad left to navigate the next 2 months. Factoring in the nonsense from the haters, it’s going to be some start to this season.
    Fingers crossed..no more major injuries in the next 2 months.

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  17. I suspect Iwobi might have been quite happy with the move. I hope he does well and finds a srt of fans who appreciate him.
    On the DM front, didn’t Chambers play as one last season?
    And I think David Luiz may well prove a significant upgrade.

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  18. What’s up all? Hope you all are having a blessed day!

    Well said, I agree. Not that things will not work out but it has to be seen. Signings are not automatic as we all know. Further more the team has to gel and UE was not able to do that or made it impossible with changing the line up every match. That is MY biggest concern.

    I think Torreira is a fine DM, best at Arsenal for me, and for a while. How big is Kante, Makelele? Torreira has bite and reads the game well. The problem (again) was the amount of changes.

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  19. We’ll see about Iwobi, but if ever there were a player who would benefit from not having to defer to more senior creative players its him. If he gets to express himself then the sky’s the limit (whether he’s central or out wide) – if he’s a foil for Sigurdsson then not so much. I’ll stake my armchair manager reputation on there being untapped potential in him.

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  20. Mentioned in Shotta’s blog, but one of defensive issues last year appears to be errors leading to goals.

    They * have us down as conceding 13 goals from that, highest total in league, with Bournemouth closest at 11.

    City 2
    Pool 4
    Chels 3
    Spurs 6

    Brighton, Burnley, Palace all on 5

    * fixture booklet from Daily Mirror, with stats for each team

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  21. 2nd stand out figure in same stats was that we put in third lowest number of crosses in league (though figures didn’t include relegated teams)

    605- less than Brighton and way below Everton’s mammoth 814

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  22. “I am really delighted with our work.”

    That’s how Unai Emery summed up our activity in the transfer window when he sat down for his first press conference of the Premier League season – a matter of hours after seeing our fifth and sixth summer signings arrive at London Colney.

    Our head coach was asked about the new arrivals, his goals for the 2019/20 campaign, and his possible line-up at Newcastle.

    Here’s a full transcript:

    on his squad…
    Good afternoon. Yesterday we finished the transfer possibility and also we did progressively with some players to sign and also led to some players to leave. I am really delighted with our work. The club did everything to get the best players to help us and to make our squad stronger. Now we start on Sunday and I’m looking forward to watching our players respond. Now we’re only working on that game.

    on defensive reinforcements…
    They are coming to help us, to give us different options. Tierney is a left back and David Luiz is a centre back. Both have experience and have played a high level. They will cover us. They’re in the squad with other players, taking confidence and knowing each other, and after that to give us the performance.

    on who his main captain is…
    As you can understand, we are changing players at the last moment and also with Laurent Koscielny, he was the first captain, and he left us five days ago. Also, we have had other players come in. Now we have the squad and we have finished the transfer market, but it’s still open in other countries. Unfortunately, we can achieve the last moment finishing yesterday with some players but now in the next 25 days we could lose some players. It’s the reason I want to close my squad clearly [before I decide my captains]. At the moment we have three captains: Xhaka, Mesut and Nacho, and I want to take two more because my opinion is the same as it was in the pre-season with five. I want to be with my squad clearly to have two more. At the moment we have three captains and I think they have the capacity to give us possibilities as captain.

    on his goals for the season…
    Realistic? We are happy and we are delighted with our players, our squad and our team. We know it’s difficult, but really our ambition and our motivation is to do the best we possibly can in every competition. The Premier League is the most important competition and we are going to start on Sunday and it is going to give us the regularity and consistency in 38 matches. It’s the first way for us to achieve our targets and objectives to be in the top four, but we know it’s going to be difficult. Last year we reduced the distance with some other teams and at the moment I think Man City and Liverpool are stronger than others at the beginning, but we want to reduce the distance to them and compete with them. We want to reduce the points difference with them. After, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United have the same objective as us. Last year there were less points difference between us and this year is another challenge for them and for us to achieve the top four. Other teams are coming back and signing very good players and working very well. Everton, West Ham, Leicester, Wolves, Watford… The Premier League is the best competition in the world. We are going to work and be with a big challenge to compete in this competition to find the top four.

    on which players he’s excited to work with…
    All of them and I want to show and say to our supporters that I am very excited to work with Pepe, David Luiz, Ceballos, Martinelli, Kieren Tierney, and with Willock, Nelson, Bukayo and Xhaka, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Leno, Emiliano, Matteo. We need every player and I want to achieve with every player our best performance. My challenge and objective is to achieve some titles in my present and future here. I want to achieve the top four to get into the champions League, but above all my first and top challenge is to improve each player in his career.

    on whether any other areas need strengthening…
    The same answer I am giving you [as before]. I am excited with the new players, the players we have here and the young players who had the opportunity to be with us. They have the opportunity in the present and future to be with us in our squad. I’m as excited about them as everyone else.

    on Nicolas Pepe and Alex Lacazette’s fitness…
    We played pre-season progressively and included some players later. We are going to start Sunday with players who I am very convinced can perform now at 100 per cent. For some, that’s impossible for them to achieve that performance for us because they arrived later or started training with us after injuries. Lacazette for example trained yesterday and today but I don’t know now about Sunday. Tomorrow we are going to check whether he can play or not. The same is with Pepe, he’s been working with us for one week. Also progressively, I want him to feel good with his team-mates, with the coaches and with us training. It’s different how we train here compared to how he trained at Lille. I want to give him the best moment to play with us, to make his debut with us. Maybe it can be Sunday, but I am going to decide on Sunday.

    on our record against Newcastle and what he’s expecting…
    They’ve changed a lot. They’ve changed their way of playing with a new coach. I’ve watched some matches and they’re playing very well. Their coach has a big experience and has played here too. He likes to play with a big combination, very offensively and it’s going to be very difficult for us. Afterwards, I know that the first Premier League match at St James’ Park for them is very important and their supporters push a lot to help them. It’s going to be difficult. My expectation is that I am going to be optimistic but we know it’s going to be difficult. We need to prepare in the best possible way and use all our ability to give the best performance individually and collectively. We need to be efficient with the ball, we need also need to be strong defensively. I know our supporters are going to be with us too. We are very excited and ready with a big ambition for the start of the season.

    on David Luiz and what he’ll bring to Arsenal…
    We worked for two months together at PSG and then after three matches, the club and he decided to sign for Chelsea. Now is the same. It’s a very good and big opportunity for us and also the fact that he decided to change Chelsea for Arsenal is an important step. He wants to do something important with us, to help us do something important in the present, in the future. He has experience, he has quality in the build-up and he’s a good defender. He’s coming here to help us with his capacity and quality.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  23. well on Emery’s statement that more players could leave in the next 25 days, well he named 3 of his 5 captains, Xhaka, Mesut and Nacho, but did not name the other two cos he basically said he wants to be sure the other two would still be here, – “Now we have the squad and we have finished the transfer market, but it’s still open in other countries. Unfortunately, we can achieve the last moment finishing yesterday with some players but now in the next 25 days we could lose some players. It’s the reason I want to close my squad clearly [before I decide my captains].”

    so he is basically saying we could sell some of his preferred options for the 2 vacant captain slots, well isn’t that a bit odd. Also who could he mean, the most linked with a move are Elneny, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan, would any of them be in line to be one of his captains, maybe Mkhitaryan as he is normally selected when fit. He did talk earlier in the summer about having one of the young English lads as a captain, Willock or AMN maybe, well Willock has been linked with Bayern Munich, so is that still possible in next 3 weeks.

    Well on to the 25 man squad, once again we have not filled it, we have at the club 23 players over the age of 21, with 22 of them listed as in the first team, Macey the odd one out, we then have Guendouzi the only U21 listed as being in the squad, but Nelson, Saka, Martinelli and Willock have all been talked of like they are in it by Emery, also Burton, Alayinka, Smith-Rowe, Medley and John-Jules used in preseason.
    That is, including the youths, 33 players, but we according to Emery could be selling some before the end of the month, and the sting in the tail, Bellerin, Tierney, Mavropanos and Holding are not fit, not sure when Holding is due back, he played for the U23’s last week, but the other 3 are a minimum of 6-8 weeks till the return to training, that could mean 8-12 weeks(2 to 3 months) before the can play first team football.
    So 22 players over the age of 21 in a squad that allows 25, and only 18 or 19 of them are available for selection till end of October or Novemeber. This is with the caveat that a couple of the squad could be sold in the next 3 weeks.
    10/10 transfer window my arse,
    The only good thing about our under strength squad is that it actually means Emery has to include youths in the match day squad, at least till the injured trio of Bellerin, Tierney and Holding return, and I’ve always loved to see Arsenal give youths a chance, and can I say Saka is the one that really excited me, as he has something of the Rocastle about him, and Rocky is one of my all time favorite homegrown players, actually one of my all time favorites full stop.


  24. Seems really bad news that Ozil and Kola kept back from Newc because of security concerns.

    Charles Watts just tweeted that there have been further security incidents involving each of them separately in last couple of days.

    Really hope it’s not too serious, ideally some twats sending hoax threats.

    Doesn’t make any sense to me, supposing it was a random attack, for the same people or associates to threaten or target players again. Surely they’d want to lie very low, and also players chances of identifying them would be very low if they were covered up.

    Doesn’t seem to fit that they’d be after ‘revenge’ either.


  25. fucks sake just seen reports that both Ozil and Kolasinac have been targetted by muggers several times in the last week, this after that incident where they and their wives were subjected to an attempted carjacking a few weeks ago.

    Maybe Ozil and Kolasinac could leave us this month for their own safety


  26. Gotta say, if these new incidents are at all serious, think this could have bad repercussions for us as a club.

    Maybe we could just about get away with the original thing, but will either player really want to remain in London if the latest is serious as well. Rest of players will surely be impacted also.

    Think it was only a couple of day’s ago Ozil tweeted pic of him in his London coffee shop. Suppose a good chance, of course, was an old photo.

    I don’t know. This shit is not good though. Fuck the lousy, shitty, cowardly, degenerate rats of this world.

    Far from most important issue, but on playing front we are now definitely short for trip to Newc.


  27. rich the worry is that this is a serious threat and we may have to take into consideration that as two very high profile Muslims, especially the over the top coverage of Ozil’s friendship with the president of Turkey, they may have been targeted purely down to their religion. Would say too that the media showing their houses after the first attack might not have been good for the guys.


  28. Hate to say it but can’t help wondering if the criminals involved are young Spuds fans.

    If it’s just about money, no reason for it to be personal, and they are obviously no better a target, and probably worse now as on guard, than other rich people.


  29. Thats really shite news to read. Only a few years ago it was many kids dreamed to play professional football, who but the hardest emotionally would want to now? Personally being really famous would scare the dung out of me.
    Hope that gets sorted out soon. Mad world. But when was it not?


  30. Ed, Media should be seriously reprimanded for what they did.

    If there’s no protocol for avoiding showing famous person’s house after serious attack, there really fucking should be.

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  31. we have scum fans, Arsenal just released this statement about Ozil and Kolasinac not being in the squad for Newcastle due to these latest attacks on them and that its in the hands of the police


    and Arsenal fans are leaving all sorts of awful comments, some clearly hoping these incidents will force both players, to leave Arsenal, we care do you, my arse,


  32. with Ozil and Kolasinac out of the squad for Sunday, we really have a thread bear squad, the youths get to be involved by default

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  33. They only care about themselves. Threadbare squad. 1/10 transfer window. Cue outrage vlogs and twitter on the twatter, the shitter on the shatter, the brew that isnt true.

    Seems odd that they cant travel to Newcastle though? Have there been threats up there. Staying in London is worse? (sorry if Im missing something)


  34. I’ve just had my twitter account limited for next 12 hours cos I told a few too many mongs to

    “fuck off you stupid attention seeking cunt”

    in reply to their stupid attention seeking tweets about the Ozil and Kolasinac incidents, its wrong that idiots can tweet hate at the two players, especially Ozil, and they don’t get sanctioned, but I do for telling them to do one.


  35. Rich.. Not only did they show the front of the house.. they even asked Ozil if he was worried he was being followed right as they did it… Not like they were unaware of how irresponsible it was. But they chose to do it anyway. Even at the time it was noted as a potential danger.

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  36. Mills, it seems they and their wives have been targeted, Ozil if not Kolasinac has hired security at his home, some reports that they both now have bodyguards. It seems the big fear for them is that their wives will get hurt.


  37. George.

    People just want to see someone else

    “Spend spend spend”

    Are they not entertained?
    Because finance and power always equals success in sport as everyone saw in the 1936 Olympics etc – I won’t mention the doping British cyclists in 2012 as we all know that kind of thing doesn’t happen here, not on my crumpet!

    The positives will be that Arsenal won’t be attacked by PR consultants AKA Blaggers and PR merchants AKA broadcasters for, and I quote, “for being difficult for agents”, Now the club is coughing up the protection money.

    As Passenal observes perhaps they’ll stop breaking the legs of promising young AFC players and we might even see a normal frequency of penalties for the first time in fifteen years ..all of which is familiar I imagine for someone who saw how protection rackets work in the entertainment industry! Heh!

    If the Arsenal are going to be reffed the same as the other big clubs for the first time in a long time then unless Unai and Raul falls out with players who have agents that they “like” as opposed to players who have too great a status in the game for them to bully via their PR consultants as we have seen and observed and recorded then:
    Utd and Chelsea are in trouble. By I doubt we’ll see such a swing away from the Mike’s two favourite clubs these past two decades.

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  38. Ed..Twitter is often inconsistent from what I’ve seen. But it might have been because you were tweeting the exact same phrase quickly, so their algorithm marked it as bot activity. I will say, seeing it said to those cunts made me feel better, so thank you.


  39. Thanks Ed. Looking at it Im surprised this hasnt happened before? Must be horrible for them all. A least they can get an army of body guards. Thing is will it stir up the Türkisch community, as they love Mesut?
    Trouble is Ed attention seekers love it and will keep seeking regardless of ethics. Sometimes they seem a bit sociopathic. At least you go them told!


  40. Mills, It’s the vessel with the pestle .


  41. Are you sure George…So perhaps the the Totty on the potty is Spud from the mud and the man from the WHam is like a fan eating spam?And therefore the shitter on the twitter is the man they call the Blatter who loves to splatter on the shitter and chatter all the matter,who similar to Spud from the mud who loves the blither of the Blatter and the chatter on the twitter is the shitter on the matter like the man from the WHam eating rancid spam?Yet the player from the Palace is like a chalice full of malice but the vessel with the pestle is brew that must be true? Nah.
    But when the Blatter is the fatter with the chatter on the shitter and the twitter is the twatter with blither and the blather then we know that the stench from the bench is Song from the WHam and the Cole from the hole is the mole on the stole and the Joke from the Stoke who`s the dross with no gloss is also a shitter on the twitter but Ramsey is the winner and the bloke from the Stoke is still a dross with no gloss and is mates with the Blatter, you know the shitter on the twitter, the chatter of the hatter like a hog from the fog stinking like a bog but the stench from the bench might be the Totty on the potty, the Spud from the mud smells like the man from WHam, the fan watching spam, that must be the pellet with poison, the flagon with the dragon,the titbit from the pundit, the blither of the Batter, the twatter with the chatter, the Blatter on a platter? Nah.
    Perhaps, the joy that is Roys is the cwafty Wenger ploy to buy Oh Danny Boy must be surely the vessel with the pestle, brew that is true?

    However, perhaps the corruption of the Blatter is the twitter from the shitter and the stench from the bench is the splatter from the twatter while the vessel with the pestle has the Blither of the Blatter and the titbit from the pundit is the pellet with poison in the flagon with the dragon and thats the brew that is true?
    Cant be…

    Unless the vessel with the pestle has the splatter from the Blatter and the flagon with the Dragon has the shitter from the shatter and the pellet with the poison is the Blither of the fatter and the stench from the bench is the chalice from the palace and the matter from the twatter thats the brew that is true?

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  42. so for a trial period arsenal are allowing a group of fans to have a drum in on match days, a singing section with the drum. To try and improve the atmosphere at the Emirates.


  43. Noooo… FFS.. It’s not an improvement. It’s artificial noise disconnected from the game.

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  44. but dont forget George drink from the flagon with the dragon, or the chizzel with the chuzzel…the muzzle with the puzzle is the chuzzel with the chizzel, the guff of puff from the tough with the fluff, the maid who got paid, without getting laid but knew the shitter on the shatter, the twitter on the twatter, the mole in the hole, who drank form the flagon with the dragon and knew it must be the brew that was true. Unless…


  45. so it seems Arsenal left ozil and kolasinac out of the Newcastle trip after receiving security advise. In the last week there has been late night incidents close to both Ozil and Kolasinac’s homes, plus threats.


  46. Poor Ö and K. Must be horrible to be them at the moment. Fear is a horrible thing, eats away at you, cant sleep, paranoia and living on the edge of your nerves.
    Wonder what the FA think of all this , its a new chapter for them too. Lets hope it doesnt escalate and no copy cat incidents. Although I wouldnt be surprised.

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  47. The Mirror reporting Ozil and Kola subject to threats and late night activity around their homes.
    Guess someone has lost a bit of respect in some gang and they want revenge, reprisals, or at least scare a few people, depending on who they are.
    Some of these kids are just oiks, nobodies, but some will have some pretty scary links, or may be from criminal families.
    I hope Ozil and Kola are being protected by some controlled, trained, but psychotic guys who have served behind the scenes in some of the worlds toughest battlegrounds, though of course even they can only do so much.
    But for now, I curse our recently departed PM who seemed to have a personal vendetta against the police stemming from her time as Home Secretary, who diluted their powers , their numbers, let alone border/coastal police,and a host of youth services, and should be held as partly responsible for the level of such crime in London, and elsewhere in the UK, which goes unpunished to the extent of making it worthwhile for many criminals. And no, I am not expecting Boris to do any better no matter what he says.
    Hope Ozil and Kola stay safe, the club wouldn’t have taken this decision lightly

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  48. Following on from the threads on the midfield:

    Would Guendouzi have played at DM for Fulham ahead of Chambers last season?

    I think we all know the answer.

    Wonderig what the CMs will be tomorrow? I hope the more senior players are at least fit & available though that didn’t help last season…


  49. George, you are so grumpy…..


  50. Positively Grumpy (Blackburn George)


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