Super Fans or Super Chumps?

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In the last few years we have seen the rise of what’s know seen as the super fan but I think really they should be called a“pseudo superfan”. The whole notion of a super fan seems a total fallacy.

These people aren’t superfans, relativity shows us that they are a cog in the workings like anyone else. The idea of the superfan means (in their minds false identity) that they know the club the best, they love it more than anyone else, their opinion on the workings of the club is the most accurate and valid as to its direction and embodiment of values. They think they are the only ones who can dictate its policy and Politik, they think they are the Arsenal, and because they go to more games and spend money on replica kits that they could never wear any other way, means they are “the one”. Well sorry pseudo Leos, the Matrix was wrong about that too. Everyone is/be The Arsenal. To think you are the ‘one’ is a psychotic state and misunderstanding life, and how the whole interplay in sport (and life) works .

These people in one sense are the biggest parasites: Arsenal can survive without them, but they cant survive without Arsenal. They think they are the first, or the real thing but others came before them, travelling up and down and over seas and back again. Others stood on the North bank when there was no cover and at the clock end, when it really was the clock end, and stood in the west stand and stood in the side embankments ( always a top view of the game I thought). Others were at the Manor Ground, others at the Sportsman ground at Plumstead common, others at the Invicta Ground, and the terraces still exist in peoples back yards of that stadium as a testament, years before any idea of Invincibility (which is an odd one as they were eventually) and the social media enabling of the pseudo superfan.
And then the ghosts of the old boys who booted the ball around in the yards down at the Arsenal itself. Seemingly gone, but its not so.

All is just an experiment of what can be, all is just and opinion, that doesn’t ever cover the whole phenomena of what anything can be, how can it? How can it ever incorporate ever nuance or element of what makes the whole. Arsenal is now a global brand of entertainment, that cant be ignored, but screaming out loud, demanding from the club something back ( what kind of attitude is it that thinks a football fan its a customer???) because they think they hold some kind of authority is misplaced in its understanding of the game, and the relationship between club and supporter. Yes its more than that, but only because we attach our emotions and lives into it but there is no clause that says we get dividends.Surely we have to take emotional responsibility for this?
Some supporters don’t want to shout and scream and have a melt down because we’ve lost, although we’ve all been there, but to do it professionally stinks of more insincerity.What next, awards? Best fan? Best meltdown? Most money spent? Best transfer elaboration?
I like to think that social media started off as some kind of nice idea that could bring people together (how quaint and naive of me), now its a politikal tool for manipulation, perhaps its the same with the pseudo superfan? Seems that way to me. Those who have the way do not have the way?

What frightens me though is the power these people can wield to manipulate other people, vulnerable people- and as we have seen, and see daily, its easy to bullshit and lie and get away with it. Its bad enough with the established media outlets doing it.

The greater the sensation, the more pretending to be in the know, the more clicks. More clicks the more money and pseudo authority, and on it goes (fins concise statement sums it up the best for me, see his other posts).What right do any of these people have to Diktate? None. Fascism (authoritarianism) stinks and is really tedious and insane. Yes, they have the right of democracy and being in a liberal society to express themselves, I agree, but what about the ethics that enable democracy and liberty to survive? These are being exploited and ab-used everyday. They would deny this, but they don’t seem aware of their actions and the outcomes or what they are even doing. Theres a real lack of responsibility, all lost in “me me me me me”. And I want. Well you cant always get what you want.

So this leads us back to the ethical questions of the superfan selling their own merchandise. Is this valid or not? What if its directly undermining the players or club? Of course it can seem cool (sick) or on the spot but all things have a consequence, even if that seems uncool or old fashioned. Plus what if certain blogs & vlogs have adopted a tabloid and WR Hearst ideal: ” when in doubt ,make it up”? Seems then they are more use to the opposition fans/teams than us? What kind of supporter undermines the club? I don’t think anyone’s holy, but deliberately leading people up the garden path is something else, what place does it have in football?

And don’t forget this, for one to be on the idea of top, this needs others to be on the idea of bottom, otherwise all this doesn’t ever hang together. That’s why sportsman(person)ship is so important.

But all that comes spouting forth from the pseudo superfan are just opinions, not absolute statements. Opinions caught up in flux, lost in tomorrows winds, but we are always dealing with a legacy of some sort…what will be the legacy that has to be cleared up from the pseudo superfan?


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92 comments on “Super Fans or Super Chumps?

  1. just watching a superfan getting really excited about the shopping trip, as if thats a guarantee for a unit. Saw someone reckon that Raul needs a statue outside the Emirates. Sometimes it pays to remain calm…


  2. Mills isn’t it funny that none of these fans who are falling over themselves to praise Raul have a single good word to say for his Boss, Stan Kroenke or even Josh Kroene


  3. …it crossed my mind too Ed. They should be thanking the Kronks for their presents!! Will it come into their minds..?


  4. well if the Iwobi deal goes through we will have taken in over £65M this summer, and spent over £130M

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  5. Do you guys think that Iwobi was better under AW or UE? (superfan reckons UE, I dont).


  6. Cross reckons its done with Luiz going to announce it later (or tomorrow).


  7. Mills, Superfan and those gullible enough to buy into their discredited gibberish projected the notion that AW held Iwobi back.

    Which is why they were cheering today for getting more then they think the player is worth.

    More of Supershower then a Superfan TBF.

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  8. sad to see Iwobi go, bit of a shock that one…

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  9. our first team squad for the coming season

    Goalies – Leno, Martinez, Macey

    Fullbacks – Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, Tierney, Kolasinac,

    Central Defenders – Holding, Chambers, Sokratis, Mustafi, Luiz, Monreal, Mavropanos

    Midfield – Xhaka, Torreira, Guendouzi, Elneny, Willock, Mkhitaryan, Ceballos, Ozil

    Forwards – Lacazette, Aubameyang, Pepe, Nelson

    some youths on the fringes – Medley, Saka, John-Jules, Martinelli


  10. fins- spot on mate.

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  11. If we can appreciate that some of Iwobi’s best performances came at Ten such as away to barcelona etc. Then…

    …AW it’s a no brainer.

    Same with AMN winning a Super Sunday MOTM award playing in CM away at OT. His best performances came under AW in CM (because Guendouzi isn’t good enough to cover at RB but will probably be starting at Newqy…)

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  12. I was listening to a person today in another field( way away from football) and they said they thought this was the age of the Moron. Shallow thinking, memes, clichés, sensationalism, easy manipulation, intense outrage then on to the next outrage, all in the weird world of the internet.

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  13. Seems to be some massive hatred of the past too, culture in all its forms and also football as if it was all shite and the “new” is so much better. I dont see why we cant build on the past and acknowledge its worth. Grabbing bits here and there doesnt mean that you know everything. I dont want to go back to the past, but revolutions are an imposition rather than a natural change.
    Im glad we’ve bought some players, but I remain sceptical, until they plays exciting football as a unit and improve on last year. For many they will think they got what they wanted: bullying the owners to spend some money ( did they???) and only a few AW vintage players are left form the “old regime”. You know the regime that made AFC an elite team! They think its a victory, but it isnt. We just dont know at this moment.

    Of course UE will be gone if this doesnt work out.

    Sometimes the world seems one dumb mutherfuckin place that’s too noisy? Soz, I like people just often not their attitude. Im no different in some respects.

    But greed and easy access has taken away some elements of basic joy…ie going to the match as a big occasion even if what every week, not just waiting for the result and giving it the big one in banter on twitter. Going to another country and exploring it, not ass some loud noisy tourist trap. Celebrity chefs bollocking the shite out of people and others are starving or need food banks.

    Next they will be moaning about Mesut again and how much he earns, but think nothing of the fact the club has just spent 130mil. Its like they think its monopoly money!

    Oh well. All weighed and all paid and of we go again!

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  14. Brazilian international defender David Luiz has signed for us in a permanent transfer from Chelsea.

    The 32-year-old centre back has a wealth of experience and has made 524 club appearances in a career spanning 13 seasons.

    Luiz started his career with Vitoria in Brazil, before moving to Portugal where he played for Benfica. He also had two spells with Chelsea and spent two years in France with Paris Saint-Germain, where he played under Unai Emery. He has 56 international appearances for Brazil to his name.

    Unai Emery said: “David has huge experience and I look forward to working with him again. He is a well known player and adds to our defensive strength.”

    David will wear the number 23 shirt.

    The transfer is subject to the completion of regulatory processes.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  15. very sad to see Alex Iwobi leave,

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  16. the silliest thing I’ve seen all transfer window was David Ornsteing of the BBC say that Arsenal have needed a box to box midfielder for a long time.
    Jeez Its only a matter of weeks since the best Box to Box midfielder in the league left AFC for Juventus.

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  17. What’s up folks!!

    I was looking forward to seeing the player Iwobi would turn out to be for Arsenal, I rate him big time. A sad day for me. Also saddened to see Jenks leave. The young man just comes across a very nice and genuine young man. People said he was not up to it but I remember him doing very well when given a decent run in the team.

    As far as the current team. I can only hope and pray UE puts the team in the best position to win unlike last season.

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  18. Luiz can certainly pass the football! As can Chambers and hopefully a fully recovered Holding on his return.
    As someone who values the need for depth at CB it’s got to be a positive signing if nothing else. DL can’t be as bad as SL.

    With a new LB/LWB who can also pass the football, that’s another positive for me.

    Still curious as to the what UE’s solution or preference in CM will be. Does he have one?
    He needs one.

    I asked George and Shotta, what’s Arsenal best midfield with this squad?

    I’d like to see the new loanee and Willock and even Mikitaryean play at 8. Thought we might even see Iwobi there in an alternative dimension where Pellegrini was entertaining Cazorla & Rambo. But I don’t always get what I want *sobs*.

    Lots of exciting options in midfield then. as George says nothing quite in Rambo’s class but hopefully Pepe can compensate in the goals for and assists charts. Hopefully the coach can find the solutions in CM. *looks up the odds on Xhaka & Guendouzi combo starting*

    ** I think MG will be a very good player. Just not this season…I compare him to Khedeira mainly because I could never really fully understand what it was that made Khedeira a top player during his peak years save for his obvious strength and stamina (and good technique!).

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  19. Jeez. Feel very odd about Iwobi leaving.

    Might sound strange, but always struck me as a joyful, happy, uncynical sort of person, and i think some of his best play reflected that- off the cuff, ebullient, cheeky, skilful.
    For me, there was a question of how that personality fits with the cynical world of football and especially with how demanding and brutal fans and ‘supporters’ can be.
    Think he’s leaving a year or two before we can fully find out. Real talent, good amount of high level experience for someone his age. Now was time to see what effect those years of experience- good and bad- have had on him, as he heads into footballing maturity and towards prime.

    Can only wish him well. Some talk on twitter he will be given 10 role for them. Think that increases likelihood of him doing well there from off considerably. If he doesn’t hit ground running, hope worst of their fanbase aren’t quite as dickish as ours or at least not as numerous.

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  20. I worry that there’s been too much change and that the coaching will not be of the standard required to get them playing as a coherent team with the season kicking off at the weekend.

    I’ve got nothing against him, but I also wonder with all this player culling, how Mkhitaryan is still with us?

    I’m shocked and saddened at the departure of Iwobi, but perhaps it will be the making of him if he goes to a team where he is actually supported to deliver on his potential.

    The stuperfans, who seem to enjoy the transfer season more than the actual football should also be extremely happy as in terms of number of players moved in and out AFC seems to have ‘won’ the transfer window.

    I can only hope that now we’ve joined the rest of the gang in lining the pockets of the superagents, they may get their employees in the media and PGMOL to give us some of the favours they’ve historically given out to their favourites.

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  21. Real shame about losing Iwobi, certainly a talent there, who is young and will get better.
    Can’t help wondering if he was just someone who happened to be easier to move than others the manager/club may have wanted to move to balance the books?
    Interesting evening, can only welcome the newcomers , but wonder where it leaves the likes of Kola, unless he will also be used further forward, along with hopefully some talented youngsters?

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  22. A couple of players I really thought we made mistakes selling were Vela and Gnabry. I feel the same way about Iwobi. There is just something special about him. He just needs to play week in and week out and I believe he will thrive. Everton have done really well here.

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  23. Some of those suggesting the Kroenkes dont deserve credit said that as majority shareholders they could’ve sanctioned spending. I dont think these idiots give Stan any credit. He’s been in this business long enough and knew he had to get rid of that disease Usmanov first otherwise he would’ve been lurking about longer. Take a bow Stan.

    The superfans got their wish, they strongarmed Arsenal to “spend some fucking money” (at least that’s what they believe) and we are on top of the transfer league. Club got rid of the player that held “Wenger’s nudes” and of his godson. Hopefully they’ll grow a pair and support the team the way it need to be supported – I may be naive, anyhoo…

    Emery got his three transfer windows and there’s no more hiding behind the man who build this mansion. Training day for Guendouzi is over too. With Newcastle having issues of their own we have to hit the ground running…

    Roll on Sunday!

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  24. People calling it a 10/10 window and hailing Raul a genius. I’ve never witnessed such mass hysteria before.

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  25. Jeorge Bird
    As things stand Arsenal have to leave two first-team players out of Europa League squad. Guendouzi, Mavropanos and Martinelli can’t be named on B list as they haven’t been at club for two years.


  26. a little stat – from transfer market –
    Arsenal outlay this summer £137.16M
    Arsenal outlay season 17/18 £137.57M

    by the way Arsenal broke the £100M spending barrier 4 times in last 6 seasons

    2014/15 with £107M
    2016/17 with £101M
    2017/18 with £137M
    2019/20 with £137M

    the other two years it was £23M and £72M

    I make that £570M spent on transfers by Arsenal in 6 seasons, and that is not counting any possible spending in the January window this coming season.
    we’ve taken in around £190M in the same time from sales, so a £380M difference

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  27. For me you can’t lose Ramsey and for nothing and then have a 10.

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  28. our summer signings, no two ways about it,

    Nicolas Pépé from LOSC Lille, Outstanding Winger with goals and assists or is it the guy who flopped at the ACON

    William Saliba from AS Saint-Étienne, best young CB in Europe or is it the guy who is not yet ready for the BPL as he hasn’t 20 games in France under his belt

    Kieran Tierney from Celtic FC, the rightful heir to Cole, Winterburn and Sansom, or is it an injury plagued guy from a one horse league that is about the level of League 1.

    David Luiz from Chelsea FC, the experienced ball playing central defender we’ve needed for a decade, or is it sideshow bob, the cheating, diving disruption that CFC were only too glad to get rid of despite being under a transfer ban

    Gabriel Martinelli from Ituano Futebol Clube the hottest young property in Brazil, or is it an untried callow youth from the 4th tier of Brazilian football

    Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid, the star of the wonderful Spain U21 team, or is it the 23 year old who has failed totally to hold down a place in the worst Real Madrid side for a decade.

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  29. Eddy , that will be tomorrows blog, If you want to to a prologue , go ahead, I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

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  30. George I will let you dress it up whatever way you like

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  31. And he signed a new contract only one year ago, was it? I can’t believe this new Arsenal.

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  32. I’m optimistic, but of course part of me thinks of Liverpool going into 2011-12 or Spurs in 2013-14. There’s been a massive overhaul and people can’t be sure they’re not crowing about what could be the next Paulinho or Chadli.

    Emery doesn’t strike me as an idiot, so we’ll see a few of these players integrated very gradually, to the displeasure of a lot of people I bet. Most excited about Dani Ceballos, if only because he’s the type of player this squad has needed since Cazorla got injured (though we’ll see how well he pans out). And of course, even that’s tempered by the lack of option to buy, so I assume the big signing next summer will be a creative central midfielder.

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  33. George it’s amazing how supportive your average petty PR consultant can be.

    When you pay them.

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  34. Weird one with Iwobi is that he joins band of players who we have brought through from youth, got to 100 mark in league games, but who have left before 150 (league)

    There’s him (100), Coq (105), Jack (125), Szczesny (134) and Gibbs (137).

    Struggle to describe thoughts on it but there’s almost an inefficiency to that, on paper, in that it’s accepted generally that you take a bit of a hit initially when using youth over experience, but then should get rewards later on.

    I dunno, hard to describe. I realise that theory would rely on an incorrect premise that all players are the same, develop at same rate, or something like that, whereas reality is all different, should be judged on individual level, etc, though with context of circumstances at time (inc rest of squad, resources) and you shouldn’t keep using player just because they have already played x number of games, come through youth ranks,etc

    Still think there’s something in it though. Ideally, you would want that payoff, having brought player through various stages, from total inexperience upwards, of having player in prime with strong connection to club. Guess it’s just that, in theory, or on paper, you’d always hope if player Y can progress from youth ranks to playing, say, 100 league games for us, that would mean that, all being well, they are a very good player, and they can then just keep on going and going with us.

    Anyway, not to be. Hopes turn to Hector and Maitland-Niles in carrying home-grown torch, and that pack of promising players behind them.

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  35. Acosar Rojojusto certainly knows how to butter the right fingers.

    As Passenal highlights now the club is bed wth the super agents will they stop breaking the legs of AFC employees/ pushing them into pits/ penalties for and against columns? Thad the question of interest studiously avoided by those who thing that exchanging brown paper bags at a service station on the M1 means that they’ve got their Arsenal back (Morrow & Hillier played in front of good defenders as one midfielder after another left for a cheeky little deal as far GG and crew were concerned – and the club finished fifth/sixth etc.

    Better midfielders in this squad. Then again as we saw last season and with GG sending Davis to the reserves sometimes managers have non-footballing priorities but you wouldn’t know this if you listedned to the bollocks churned out by Billy Big Blagger and his gullible customers.

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  36. Acosar Rojojusto = The Spanish Harry Redknapp,
    save ‘Arry would’ve donated his left testicle to have pulled of the Neymar swindle and all that followed.

    Lucky us?

    Good thing the club has groups like the BSM to keep us all Real eh? Standing up for the average football fan, a true lads alliance, and not acting on behalf football agents?

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  37. Not gonna lie the Iwobi sale spoilt my evening.

    I think he is already a better player than Zaha and has got a very good linkup game with the rest of the team, in fact I would say only xhaka and Ozil link the team better and allow others to play. This is a big loss for me.

    I agree Passa how did Mykhityran (better stats?) survive this cull? Got nothing against him but I thought he was gone before Iwobi.
    Also we are basically a new team, seems like they have taken a good chunk out of the core of the team and it may take some time to gell or maybe they could all hit the ground running.

    No excuse from emery to field 8 defensive minded players including the keeper nowadays, don’t expect all out gung-ho don’t give a ras about defending type play but if he lines up with 8 defensive minded players against bottom table sides then I’m done.

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  38. By way, anyone who likes to keep eye on our former or loaned youngsters, championship should be pretty good this year.

    Eddie at Leeds is very exciting prospect; think West Brom may have had three ex gunners- Gibbs, Bartley, Ajayi- in back line opening weekend, and now Joe’s brother Chris has joined them. Will be interesting to see how that goes.

    Crowley at Birmingham, Bola at Middlesborough, Bielik Derby. DaSilva started for Brentford.

    Think these are interesting years in terms of number of ex players we’ll see doing well elsewhere and that peak of it still a way off.

    Bennacer got Milan move, Malen may well be PSV’s starting striker now, the Jeff linked with big Monaco move. kamara might just step on and up from Rangers. Akpom started as finished last year by scoring good goal vs Ajax. Hayden will prob further establish himself in prem. Olsson now in Russia and has broken into Sweden national team.

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  39. Wont be long before the transfer window is open again. Cant wait?

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  40. Gee

    Mkhi presumably survived because no one came in with good offer or any offer at all. It’s part of football reality now, with Sanchez exemplar, that sometimes v well established top players will sign huge deals, things not quite go to plan, or worse, and any buyers who might be interested will be put off by the huge wages a player is on.

    We banked on the Utd form being misleading and perhaps consequence of Mou inhibiting a creative player. Any potential buyer, willing to match wages, would have to be persuaded that both the Utd form and form with us is misleading.

    From our perspective I sense a near catch 22 situation in that if we want some value from investment- on field or in terms of attracting offers in future- we have to provide reasonable game time and hope the player finds some form.

    I don’t enjoy discussing him as coldly as that but can’t think of another way to do so. Still a possibility if team thriving he can make valuable contributions.

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  41. Is it me or is it somehow okay to be 3rd or 4th now since Wenger is gone? Everybody is happy about 3rd or 4th.


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