Dennis Saurez Situation Explains Much-Sadly.

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Dennis Saurez gave interview saying that he was not even 50% fit after 16 days at Arsenal.

One game sticks in my head, I think it was Man City away we were 2-3 down with 15 mins to go.

Ozil was on the bench ( i thought he was coming on @ halftime but stayed on the bench(this was shortly after the claim was made that Ozil can’t play away because of the physicality by the manager) I was thinking at the time Poor away fans who traveled as it was clear we were going to get beat but the fans had nothing to cheer, (cant remember too many chances being created or any pleasing football) at that moment with 15mins to go he brought on Saurez who had been in the country 5 days, ahead of Ozil. I knew something was up then but this really confirms it.

Not only had Denis Saurez not acclimatised to a new country , different way of playing , food, culture, language etc, the guy by his own admission was less than 50% fit.
I think that was the day i decided that this manager had his own interests and not the team or the fans interest at heart.
He played Saurez just to make a power statement and it has had a detrimental affect on team morale.
Look at the start of the season, everyone was bubbling looking forward to the season, people putting themselves forward to be captain, people saying they want to follow in legends footsteps, to how we finished the season low on morale and without a Scooby Doo.

I want the manager gone because i seen more conflict with the team than working to harmonise the team and make them a coherent unit.

Victory through harmony it certainly has not been.

Rant over



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  1. well shard this Kos thing has certainly helped “outraged” fans ignore that Martinelli from the 4th tier of Brazilian football is our only signing so far, no sign of the Saliba signing being completed, even if we are to loan him back to France for the season anyway.

    now that Ivory Coast are out of ACN, we might see a conclusion one way or the other to the Zaha rumors.

    By the way, does today’s statement have the hand of Raul on it, or is this new approach a sign that Edu has started his new role with a bang, or is that a balls up.

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  2. BK!

    Hello mate hope life is treating you well.

    It’s been a bit worrying since the Suarez for Ozil sub against Utd!!!

    Emery’s reputation in football won’t recover from his first season at the Arsenal. But I don’t care about that. It just confirms that it’s not only flair players who lose respect for this man.

    He took over a squad with Cazorla, Wilshere, Rambo, Ozil, not forgetting everyone else. When, say, Pellegrini, who’d coached and signed more then several mutual players, was available.

    These ****s are making that flagerant piss artist and laundry manager up at Man Utd looks savvy (several years after he sacked the coach who won them their last title after he’d just coached them to said title, he re-signs said coach as a coach so I guess he must be doing something right and keeping his owners nice and happy, lovely jubbly. These people make the Redknapp’s look like steptoe and son (which is kind of what they are anyway but you know what I mean!)


  3. Eds

    Either way it’s a nasty little effort given that all Arsenal fans know that kozza sacrificed a World Cup winners medal for the Arsenal.

    Bob Wilson and Pat Rice are fuming right now and if anyone reading this doesn’t understand then that simply means that they don’t understand the values these wonderful people upheld and represented in their lives and most significantly at the Arsenal!

    “I really like Raul”™

    Wow these parasites really did a number on the AFC lovers still gullible enough to take such clowns seriously.

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  4. talking of Edu, now that he is our DoF or whatever its now called, we are being linked with all sorts of players from Brazil, from little known veteran rightback Fagnar, to Barcelona’s Malcolm, and even star of the copa win, Everton Soares. It seems Edu has “given us the upper hand” on all these deals. Jeez journos don’t half come up with some silly logic


  5. one extra thing on Edu, and silly journo logic, now he is here we are sure to replace Emery with Adenor Leonardo Bacchi better known as Tite the manger of Brazil, who worked with Edu not only with Brazil but at Corinthians before that, winning all before them too


  6. I’d take a tit over Emery right now tbh. But that’s not happening at least for a few months.

    This is Raul’s handiwork. I remember the Ramsey is leaving update on the Arsenal site after news broke (via a Ramsey press interview) That was more rude and curt than the RVP message we’d put out. It was only after there was a fan backlash against the snub that the club tried to celebrate his Arsenal career (still leaving him out of the Player of the Season voting though) This sort of character assassination seems like a Raul specialty. Remember Ozil and Sven too.

    All of this is bad in the long term, but even in the short term it is just so very stupid. But keeping the division going is important to someone who thrives in troubled waters. Blaming Wenger can only go on for so long. Ozil is now more rehabilitated thanks to Adidas’ marketing. Needs a new target for fans’ abuse so it doesn’t fall on him.

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  7. FP, fine thanks, hope you’re well. I’m totally out of the loop. I’ve just gone through an epic move, after a season of barely keeping in touch with Arsenal. This is the first thing I’ve felt qualified to talk about in months, because we all know (well, we should know) how the club should be conducting itself.

    It’s been bad aesthetically when I’ve watched. If I had to guess what the deal is with Emery it’s like he’s a tactical magpie, trying to take the best things from all the many coaches he looks up to, and only creating a hodgepodge. Performance-wise, it’s about the same as 17-18, but feels worse because of how it looks, and because of a dire last few weeks. Bearing in mind I was already fed up with the quality of football before AW left!

    When AW announced he was off I felt like it was the right time, but had a sort of misplaced faith that the people upstairs had a clue. So apparently stylish football was a prerequisite. Did Emery just pay that idea lip service as a way of getting his foot in the door? I mean, I liked the look of his Sevilla team the few times I saw them, but there are other managers – even Rodgers – who have a better track-record style-wise.

    As for this summer, we’re in a jam clearly, paying CL wages on Europa League income. January ’18 feels like an exceptionally bad window in retrospect, paying that fee and those wages for a 29-y-o pacey striker. And now I’m looking at a dramatic Torres-style drop-off from Aubameyang to compound the squad’s other problems. Then there’s the contract for Ozil, who I think was in decline even in AW’s last couple of years (is that controversial?).

    So we’ve got this callow bureaucracy upstairs trying to assert itself, making us look like idiots. But I suppose it’s worth remembering we’re just a year into this whole thing.

    Long story short, I think Gazidis can shoulder a lot of the blame for this. Ending here because I have to walk the dog.

    Oh, also I don’t like how about half the squad plays, but that’s a subjective thing.

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  8. BK

    It’s definitely not controversial to think that a 30 year old athlete is on the decline after the worst 12/18 months with injury that they’d had in their career. Also feasible to consider a return to form after a decent pre-season following the decision to go to the WC when he should’ve rested last summer (only an idiot would blame a footballer for going to a WC) but given that even Mourinho knows how to value, manage and get the best out of this famous introvert…well…it’s not going to happen under a toxic coach who couldn’t even play the best British CM, arguably the best no.8 in the league, at no.8.

    But that’s not going to be the discussion around Ozil…

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  9. Shotta summed up the Brutus moment very well last summer.

    You’re certainly better off walking the dog then watching or even thinking about Emeryball. Just consider yourself lucky you didn’t see much of that live, I hope!

    *shudders at the memory of the late triple sub not including any strikers against Brighton*


  10. Anyone else find it odd that Raul released that one sentenced communique, yet leak bits and bobs to Ornstein in an unofficial capacity to steer the “outrage” a certain direction?

    Still even Ornstein are vague, just that Enemy was left fuming when Kosc told him he’s not going on tour. Which of course was enough for the “cunning linguists” (credit: Fins) to form their own 1000 word articles.

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  11. FP, well this will be controversial. I never saw Ramsey as a pure 8 and I think he should have been further forward as a cross between an 8 and a 10. That Paratici dude had it right IMO, saying he’d be a Mezzala, which by my narrow understanding is the most advanced in a mf three, with freedom to go wide. I think he’s only rarely had that opportunity, under AW or Emery, and this is mainly because of Ozil (who rightfully occupied that slot, but in a different role).

    Have I ever completely warmed to Ramsey? I have to say no, but do admit I have a very prescriptive idea of what a midfielder should be, and he’s super unorthodox. When I heard Juve talking about him I felt like someone had finally described the position that would suit him best, with two deeper mfs for cover.

    Interested to see how Ozil looks after a proper break. If there’s one advanced midfielder who Emery would love as much as AW it’s Hleb. I’ve found myself pining for him most of all. It’s simplistic, but more than anything I want midfielders who are a nightmare to dispossess. That is my lazy rule way of gauging quality in the middle.

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  12. Labo not sure the club are giving Ornstein info, as his latest is that Koscielny wants out cos of

    management of his playing schedule
    the direction in which he feels the team and club are moving.

    so Orn is saying Kos feels the club over played him and risked him getting more injuries and that he is not happy with the sort of football we play and also not happy with what is going on off the field of play too, maybe seeing Ramsey, Welbeck, Cech all dumped for free and how Ozil has been treated is not sitting well with our captain


  13. all this fuss about Koscielny wanting out, oh how times have changed, its not that long ago that Arsenal cancelled the contract of Sol Campbell so he could fulfill his dream of playing abroad (at Portsmouth), we also let David Platt stop playing with a year left on his contract, and lets not forget that we only used Per Mertesacker a total of 12 times in his final season cos he did not feel up to it, he was not injured, he just did not feel in the right frame of mind to play, so despite training all season, we only played him as a last resort,


  14. you have to laugh, for nearly a year now we have had media and bloggers and twitteratti tell us that Arsenal are so hamstrung with high wages that not only are we willing to let Ozil go on loan for the next 2 years so we can get his wages off the wage bill, but we are actually willing to pay part of his wages at the loan club, but here we are with Koscielny who is 34 in September and has been injury plagued for a few years now, only too willing to leave and take his £5M worth of wages off our hamstrung wage bill, but we are not interested in doing so.

    So which is it, do we need to cut the wage bill, or don’t we, or has dumping Ramsey, Cech, Welbeck and Lichtsteiner meant our wage bill is completely fine now, or maybe there was never a wage bill problem at all.


  15. Someone write a blog about the Kos situation. If I do it I’ll get arrested.


  16. george its impossible at the moment to write a proper blog on Koscielny, as we have no explanation from either the club or Kos as to what the reasons for him refusing to go to the USA are, only rumors and counter rumor.

    We only know one fact, Kos refused to go on the USA tour.


  17. Eddy, we know Kos has given 9 years service and never put a foot out of line.

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  18. yes but we don’t know why he refused to go on USA tour, other than he wants to leave, he has, unlike AFC(although no actual explanation was included in it either), made no statement, there are loads of rumors as to why he wnats out, anything from him not wanting to risk injury, to wanting to move closer to his hoimetown, to not liking how AFC are doing things off the pitch, and even on the pitch, and much more.


  19. I looked at the squad list for the tour today and thought it looked like a squad for a World Cup summer tour. Only it’s not a World Cup year. Iwobi, Torreria, Guendouzi are the only senior players missing, right? *sigh*

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  20. At least we got some leaks from the Koscielny camp in the Ornstein article.

    So I’ll trace what I think happened.

    Kos got injured and missed the world cup. This made him sad, but he was determined to come back and play again. He worked hard and came back into the side ahead of schedule. His Achilles was still bothering him but he wanted to play. He was also in discussions to sign a further extension to his contract.

    But in the meantime, Ozil was being sidelined, Ramsey was forced out, Welbeck wasn’t offered a new contract, and Cech was retiring, and he felt that maybe he should leave to go back to France.He told the club he was having these thoughts and they promised him they’d let him go if he decided to. Contract talks were put on hold and the focus became to qualify for the CL. The club failed, miserably, to do that.

    Koscielny got a 3 year offer from France, and he wanted to take it. But just before pre-season training, the club exercised their option to extend his contract. This made him angry. He demanded an explanation. Unlikely he was even offered one, but if at all, the explanation would be. ‘We made that promise when we thought we’d have CL football. Now we couldn’t get Saliba without sending him back on loan, and we can’t afford to buy another starting CB, so I’m afraid you’ll have to stay for this final year’

    Angry at being lied to and concerned over his long term health and job security, Kos insisted he wants to go and there were clubs interested in him. Eventually he refused to travel with the team.

    There is some disparity in stories that he wants the contract cancelled vs there being some ‘acceptable’ offers. My guess is the club can’t afford to sell him either way. Because they are in a situation where a 34 y/o injury prone CB is their best option and a few million won’t get them a new starting CB.

    So the club then released a statement aimed at maligning Koscielny, so that if and when it all goes tits up, they have another target to blame, and plead that they never saw this coming, were caught off guard, and so deserve more time to get things right.

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  21. I don’t know what the score is with Kos, but it’s a shame he felt the need to take this stance. I am guessing his health and another deal in a less physical league come into it. Personally, I would just let him go, without knowing the ins and outs of course.
    But it does signify things are changing at the club, and ,that we are in a very worrying situation moneywise, not quite sure why this is, cash reserves, good wage to revenue, new sponsorship. Hoping this is temporary, as I did in jan. either Stan is hoarding or maybe things are more serious than we realise, or both.
    Backing edu, but equally wish him the best of Brazilian


  22. When news broke that the club withdrew the Ramsey extension Raul quickly held an impromptu presser to tell all the new way of doing things. Saying how the ‘amateur ways’ of Wenger and Gazidis are a thing of the past. That under no circumstances anyone will be allowed to run his contract down and that contracts will be reviewed when players got two years left. Those the club want to keep will be offered extensions, those not or who refuse to extent will be moved on promptly.

    Arsenal uber bloggers and twatters chanted: “I really like Raul”.

    Now they are walking back to their own tough talks and want Koscielny to do the professional by honouring his contract. Yet at the same time they want to force Özil and Mustafi out of theirs.

    How anyone can think these new Arsenal suits have credibility is beyond me.

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  23. Shard

    Head of fitness who was advising and being listened to by a great coach and figure in the game is out the door.

    That must have impressed the athletes who thought they were at some kind of progressive football club with a good rep in the game.

    The coach who relegates Rambo to the second string then overplays him when his season is falling apart who then blames the football player he was ignoring for wanting to play football without once ever telling us what the physios advice was (as we all know what the physios advice was), blaming other people for his ignorant mismanagement and for his choice to ignore the advice that he was given.

    In addition to that:

    Koscielny returns and is obviously unequivocally overplayed. As sending Chambers out on loan and bringing in the expensive (wages) RB who couldn’t run worked out almost as well as the Suarez loan. All of which simply underlines the above.

    The people who are PR consulants pretending to be Blaggers and told their listerners that Emery had a specific style before he told everyone that he is a chameleon (great PR! I’m taking notes…) are blogging hard on this topic now, the gallant selfless souls that they are. And they won’t go anywhere near the topic of the mismanagement of the athletes in the squad last season.

    Why would Kozza, the club captain, why would he want to stay? When the current bodge is not Arsenal quality. No need to even speculate on his rejecting the big three for the Arsenal in the past.

    Can anyone supply even a single reason?


  24. I masochistically to aftv to see what they had to say, and got what I wanted : hot under the collar. Im a pecker wood but this is going on at our club.

    Firstly we dont really know whats going on, seems odd that such a loyal servant would not go on tour. Who knows the scale of argument and the words said? Apparently hes a clown and cost us a trophy. Ok he was part of a mistake, but every single AFC player that day was cost “us” the trophy. You cant look at moments in life as singular isolated events, if you do then I dont see how any analysis can be anything other than kindergarten blame games.

    Unless out players are some kind of pseudo messiah, delivering shame and destruction on other teams, and unless they hand out silverware to the chicks in the nest calling for pseudo sense of domination then they are eventually crucified.
    Something is totally out of proportion in their thinking? ( probably: I will do almost anything for more clicks).
    Theres some kind of bizarre objectification of our players as if they arent human, they are reduced to being toys and robots and hovering over them is a constant some kind of fascist criticism of players from places like aftv as if they are the only ones with an opinion and they are the only ones who are right. Instant moral outrage! VP was no different than Brady, but Brady was hailed a hero and VP not. Theres a statistical argument that VP gave more to AFC than Brady as a player. Was Song worse than VP? VP took a lot of flak and still does. But do you really think that people at LG or aftv wouldnt have made the same choice? I do. I probably would have done too. Although its fantasy for me to say, as I wasnt him or in his life experience.
    Yet they cant kick a ball to save their lives. Are they a parasite, manipulating, spreading slander and with jealous eyes knocking down players, world cup winners, players who served valiantly for the club, and assuming a pseudo authority over the club itself. Take these people out of their comfortable critical environment and what do we have?

    When did football clubs become democratic? Arsenal the peoples club? Always always the vile irony is that democracy opens the door for nefarious people to exploit it. You tube is an great example.

    Do you really think AW and IG were amateur? So the greatest manager we’ve ever had who had to deal with who knows what internal politiking and deal with the austerity the stadium brought plus endless media whipping from most outlets except here ad UA , yet left us set up and with a trophy cabinet that others were jealous of, brought million and millions of new fans to the club and left with with amazing statistics that most clubs would drool over. He also stayed loyal when most other managers would have gone to Real. Now Leicester gives up poop.

    Theres something very rotten in the state of Arsenal. And its sure spread all over its landscape. imo.

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  25. Ooh great points fins! I’m going to steal them for Twitter!!

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  26. Shard. Just as long as you add our favourite, sincere, quote:

    “I really like Raul”™


  27. BK

    Nothing controversial there!

    Didn’t Coleman play Rambo as you describe, at times?
    And didn’t he also play as a more orthodox 8 alongside Arteta and specifically this spring. Best CM in the league on his form in that role last season, when he was picked.

    The only times arsenal played anything like top level football in the league consistently last season was with Rambo in the team and alongside the other players specifically at no.8

    I think we got to see Torreira and Rambo boss the midfield against mid table opponents on only one bittersweet occasion. Flicks, tricks, dribbles and all the passing ranges, like some kind of obvious midfield pairing………






    Who could not understand why Torreira would want to go and play with better CMs after a taste of that?


  28. Modern day CMs especially 8’s are more attacking footballers.

    Even Southgate had Chambo as his starting 8z Southgate doesn’t swim against the tide, though he did have better back up options then Alli!! It’s a huge improvement on successive England managers ignoring Scholes and Carrick etc.


  29. < though Chambo is more Gerrard then Carrick/Arteta the England coach is following the general trend.


  30. Dodgy publication, but interesting read from Dick Laws take of things, the last one in a series. Nothing really new, but always good to get the perspective of those who have lived it



  31. it is being reported that Arsenal are demanding €10M for Koscielny, the guy is 34 in September, has awful recent injury record and they want that for him, madness.

    Reports in france say that Spurs have now outbid Arsenal for William Saliba, there will be uproar if that has happened, Wenger will have no hiding place after dithering so long on this deal


  32. Dan Critchlow
    ‏ @afcDW
    3h3 hours ago

    After his absence from the USA tour was noted yesterday, reports suggest Dejan Iliev is set for a loan to Slovakian side SKF Sered’.

    He definitely needs some senior football now, and Sered’ are run by a Macedonian coaching team, so that should help him.


  33. Ben Sheaf has joined Doncaster Rovers on a season long loan, although contrary to whats on Arsenal.com, Doncaster have said its a six month loan


  34. John Jensen has been appointed Arsenal’s chief scout for Scandinavia


  35. Arsenal 40-1 to win the league this season.


  36. only four weeks of the transfer window left and apart from an 18 year old from Brazil, we look no closer to making signings.


  37. Chris Davison
    ‏ @cdavison_afc
    15m15 minutes ago

    #AFC | Raul Sanllehi 2 months ago…

    “We’re already in the market and we’re already talking with the people that can help us to cover those positions and I feel quite strong. It’s going well and the image that Arsenal has in the football world is very strong.”


  38. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    2h2 hours ago

    #AFCU21 have been drawn alongside Peterborough United, Cambridge United and Northampton Town in the @EFL_Trophy 🏆

    Best of luck, lads 💪


  39. “We’re already in the market and we’re already talking with the people that can help us to cover those positions and I feel quite strong. It’s going well and the image that Arsenal has in the football world is very strong.”

    eh? Is that why Steve Nicol said “who wants to go to Arsenal at the moment, its like they are a sinking ship and taking on more water every day.”

    Im not into Nicol anymore than I am Rauls odd use of language. I feel quite strong…Arsenals image in the football world is very strong.

    Stretch Armstrong? Strong cheese? On the ning nang strong where the cows go bong in the land of the bumbley boo? (said Spike Milligan). Good to know things look rosey on the inside.

    Anyway, hope this all works out…

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  40. so as spurs are trying to muscle in on Arsenal’s move for Saliba, where are the men that make the decisions at Arsenal, namely Stan Kroenke, Josh Kroenke, Sanllehi, Venkatesham, Fahmy & Edu, thats right, they are all in the USA. What a time to go AWOL


  41. Jeorge Bird
    ‏ @jeorgebird
    57m57 minutes ago

    Arsenal U23 have a trialist left-back playing for them vs Sparta Prague B. I believe it is Redouan Taha el Idrissi of FC Twente but this isn’t yet confirmed. Amaechi named on the bench again.


  42. Jeez. The mood there’ll be if Spurs gazump us for Saliba.
    I’ve been fighting to find positives but that fucker will sink me.
    Of course, only time would tell what we have lost out on there, and it’d obviously be possible that he isn’t a success.

    But for them to manage that after they have already made what is likely to be an amazing addition in Dembele, on back of 3 years above us in league, a CL final…they’d obviously love it and I’d find it agonising. Find the prospect hideous of him playing for them if he is as good as some claim.


  43. It’d be the most salient evidence yet of where we stand financially at present, how vulnerable our fighting over each million leaves us in this market on any highly coveted player.
    Think it would detonate behind scenes also, with manager or Sanhelli or both getting it like never before what a task it is, given fan expectations (top four minimum really) versus resources relative to rivals and other big clubs.
    So much unknown to me, but in post Arsene era it has become a possibility for managers or other major figures to say ‘fuck this’ if financial constraints biting and they have other good options in game. May not be case with either of those two but it is a possibility now. Maybe Gazidis already did.


  44. Trialist features and McEneff returns as Arsenal U23s lose 3-0 to Sparta Prague B

    Rate This

    Arsenal U23s are still awaiting their first victory of pre-season after they were beaten 3-0 by Sparta Prague B in Slovakia.

    A trialist, believed to be FC Twente left-back Redouan Taha el Idrissi, started the game, while midfielder Jordan McEneff returned from injury.

    Tolaji Bola also made his comeback as he was named amongst the substitutes, where he was joined by Xavier Amaechi.

    Scholars Stan Flaherty, Levi Laing, Jason Sraha and Kido Taylor-Hart received their first call-ups at this level.

    After staying in Slovakia, Steve Bould’s side will later head to Germany before returning to England to take on Barnet.

    M. Smith-McEneff

    Subs: T. Smith, Laing, Azeez, Sraha, Olowu, Taylor-Hart, Flaherty, Matthews, Cottrell, Amaechi, Bola, Alebiosu.


  45. IF we really are poor relations to Spurs after so many years of complete dominance, person or persons within the club have a lot to answer for, but we shall see
    What appears at least to be happening is not what we left Highbury and Wenger made so many sacrifices for


  46. If Spurs gazump us for Saliba I think it indicates a power shift. It would be like Petit’s taxi. No way should it be allowed to happen. But I’m struggling to care too much. The club is run extraordinarily poorly, and the coaching is bad enough that it almost doesn’t matter who we sign.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to have ManU, Everton and West Ham all overtake us this season. Even with a couple of good signings.


  47. well our squad and many of the guys running the club will be in the USA for next 12 or 13 days, leaving just two weeks of preseason and the transfer window to go, what was the phrase the idiots you to use, oh thats right, trolley dash


  48. Don’t rule out Leicester and Wolves!
    Not saying it will happen but the club need to step things up a bit, they have lost a lot of players. The club don’t even want to contemplate being overtaken by such teams, I dread to think the reaction
    Might soon be seeing a lot of youngsters at this rate


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