Dennis Saurez Situation Explains Much-Sadly.

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Dennis Saurez gave interview saying that he was not even 50% fit after 16 days at Arsenal.

One game sticks in my head, I think it was Man City away we were 2-3 down with 15 mins to go.

Ozil was on the bench ( i thought he was coming on @ halftime but stayed on the bench(this was shortly after the claim was made that Ozil can’t play away because of the physicality by the manager) I was thinking at the time Poor away fans who traveled as it was clear we were going to get beat but the fans had nothing to cheer, (cant remember too many chances being created or any pleasing football) at that moment with 15mins to go he brought on Saurez who had been in the country 5 days, ahead of Ozil. I knew something was up then but this really confirms it.

Not only had Denis Saurez not acclimatised to a new country , different way of playing , food, culture, language etc, the guy by his own admission was less than 50% fit.
I think that was the day i decided that this manager had his own interests and not the team or the fans interest at heart.
He played Saurez just to make a power statement and it has had a detrimental affect on team morale.
Look at the start of the season, everyone was bubbling looking forward to the season, people putting themselves forward to be captain, people saying they want to follow in legends footsteps, to how we finished the season low on morale and without a Scooby Doo.

I want the manager gone because i seen more conflict with the team than working to harmonise the team and make them a coherent unit.

Victory through harmony it certainly has not been.

Rant over



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387 comments on “Dennis Saurez Situation Explains Much-Sadly.

  1. < Carrick/Arteta & Scholes aren't great references for Rambo but I hope the above all made sense!


  2. Mills

    I really like Raul™


  3. George could any post sum up feelings on the current news any better then an article titled:

    “Dennis Saurez Situation Explains Much-Sadly”


  4. Do you guys have any captions for Eddies 9.33pm picture?


  5. This blog is fucked, how on earth do we live up to the name ?
    Seriously, I need help here.


  6. Huge game for Iwobi tomorrow. Algeria. Lot of good players. Unbelievably cynical team. Eurosport 8 o clock.

    One of their players- guy who trialled with us 5 years ago- actually grabbed Zaha’s arm and used it to slap himself in the face. Centre back who has put in a couple of brutal challenges as well.

    Fingers crossed goes well for Iwobi. If watching, keep an eye out for talented Algerian attacking mid called Bellaili. Really impressed me. Never heard of him before- may be because he was banned for couple of years for cocaine use!

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  7. Dunno George. I’d struggle to do positive piece at moment.

    I’m not as convinced as some that almost everything is terrible and all the new figures are awful or simply not good enough. They may well be but i don’t feel certain they are. Is that positivity? Not enough for a blog anyway.

    Only angle I have is that we have a talented bunch of youngsters; and the less top notch senior players you have, the more chances they should get.

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  8. Just rename it Positively Arsenal Values, george.

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  9. Mills

    Raul Montana
    “I never fucked anybody over in my life didn’t have it coming to them. You got that?”

    “I really like you Raul™”

    “The Coca Cola here tastes different to the cola in London…”

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  10. fins LMFAO!!!!


  11. Given the inability and insincerity of so many of the Blaggers to actually discuss the football on the pitch, this blog is still a valuable forum for people discussing the actual football.

    So people are still attacking AW in order to defend what they saw on the pitch last season.
    Sad souls that they are. Let’s put the football into some context by focusing on:

    Given a MOTM award by the media for his performance away at Utd playing in CM in 17/18.
    Played at LB/LWB as an emergency desperate option during that amazing 3-3 against Liverpool. Liverpool got their late equaliser down their right against the tiring out of position rookie. Not sure if we’ll see a football game at that level of such quality in the near future but I digress: that was an emergency.

    After the catalyst for change©, and the end of the shambles®, after the competent people had arrived to rescue the club last season he started in Unai’s first game against City at, wait for it, at LB.

    Opposite Mahrez.

    Luckily he picked up an injury that day otherwise his confidence might never have recovered.

    He looked ok at RWB at times, not so good at other times, and on the rare occasion when asked to play CM he looked more useful given his familiarity with the league etc in that role then Matteo.

    And he played in the final at RWB.

    But Mustafi had started at RB against good opponents in tough Away fixtures towards the end of the season, and done ok.

    The coach is fixated on the desire to attack with his wing backs on both sides to the detriment of the rest of the team’s football, minimising the output not just from Ozil but from the rest too. And not having a CB with Kozza or even Holding’s passing ability will reduce even that option further. No wonder Raul Montana and the Boys from Brazil are working their PR pawns so hard. Their plans if they ever had any on regards to the Football are currently up the creek and they don’t appear to have a paddle.


  12. Mandy, you’re right Wolves and Leicester have a chance too. Basically, everyone with a half decent squad and a half decent manager does.

    But I probably feel that way because to me the players aren’t playing for Emery. Like us, the players approached the start of the season with great enthusiasm. The performances weren’t great but confidence remained high as teh results were there. Once that went away, the coach went from looking ‘brilliant’ with his formations and subs, to not having a clue. The Ramsey and Ozil sagas won’t have helped.

    I think they know he’s not a coach for this level, but for the sake of their careers won’t indulge in open rebellion. That can’t replicate the joy of playing for something and someone you believe in though.

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  13. Shard, whatever the rights or wrongs, genuinely get an impression of player power against Emery, maybe some truth in claims some believe they can outlast him , and these may have a point. For Emery, wonder if he may feel a little peeved and imagine the club are not really backing him.
    Whatever, it just looks a mess.
    Maybe the players should have tried a little harder and played better away during what turned out Wenger final year.


  14. Oh fins, dont get me started on the final. Did you know Sarri publicly stated he’d prepared for Arsenal’s 3 at the back, and how easily he countered it throughout the game with the exception of a 10 minute spell maybe. This from a coach whose primary focus is the opposition and what they’ll do. Grr.

    As for the wingbacks getting forward. I have no problem with that. Remember that was something Wenger was criticised for. Leaving us too open. Emery counters it by having at least 2, if not 3 players sit deep in midfield, and refusing to play through the middle for fear of losing the ball. This makes us much more predictable (and dull) in attack, but somehow…somehow it still leaves us MORE vulnerable in defense. Wallahi, I’m not a football coach but this level of genius is totally beyond me.

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  15. I didn’t want to accept it at the time, but Wenger had to go, Mandy. It was the 10 years worth of narrative that brought everything down. No one had any room to breathe. It’s hard to fault the players for finally succumbing, especially as that away record started with a few very dodgy ref decisions, before it became a mental block. It was complete nonsensical bullying, and I wouldn’t have given in, but it broke us.

    Emery however had a nice clean slate to start from, and shiny new players. He’s responsible for throwing away all of that because he’s simply incapable of getting along with talented players and building on what he has at his disposal.

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  16. Shard the horror of that final was even though every man and their dog knew that all Gasprom had to do was target the pocket behind the inexperienced uncomfortable RWB they were incapable of doing so until Sarri’s favourite the haplessly unfit and simply useless Higuain got injured on the eve of the final.

    we all knew how obvious the combination between Hazard and Giroud was, as good at times as any of his combos with similar high level talents at the Arsenal

    Deschamps ain’t no fool! But those who’d have picked Laca over the HFB for France last summer are!


  17. reports in France that Arsenal today bid €80M – nearly £72M, for winger Nicholas Pepe, would be a far better signing than Wilfried Zaha


  18. Dejan Iliev has joined Slovak Super Liga side ŠKF Sereď on loan until the end of the season.

    The 24-year-old goalkeeper joined Arsenal in the summer of 2012 from Macedonian outfit FK Belasica – and has since made over 40 appearances for the club at youth level.

    Dejan has appeared twice for Macedonia at under-21 level and played a key-role in our under-23s title-winning 2017/18 season, earning him a contract extension in July 2018.

    Everyone at Arsenal wishes Dejan all the best for his season with ŠKF Sereď and we look forward to seeing his continued development.

    The deal is subject to the completion of regulatory processes.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  19. we are being linked with a move for 36 year old Dani Alves, it seems if one veteran right back does not work out, (lichtsteiner), then try again with an even older one


  20. Shard you are correct Wenger had to go but not because anything Arsene did. It was like you say the narrative, the lack of support from those up top and the fans who sold him down the river.
    The story was fortold in an old book written many years before I think they called it the Bible or something.

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  21. reports from Scotland say Arsenal have bid again for Kieran Tierney of Celtic, a deal that with add ons could reach £25M, the add ons would all be appearance related, which are the most acceptable to selling clubs as they don’t rely on the buying club having success


  22. Ianspace.

    I await his resurrection

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  23. fins

    I got some abuse on Twitter some weeks ago because I said Giroud may be more limited than others (like Laca) but was world class at what he did. I absolutely stand by that.

    Deschamps won the World Cup as captain and as coach. Giroud had 0 goals in the tournament as I recall. He was also certainly among their most important players. They wouldn’t have won without him. These idiots are like the Inter fans of old who thought Bergkamp was a donkey because he didn’t score enough. I guess the richest leagues attract the biggest morons.

    Pity we had to sell Giroud to make the rebuild work, and sell him to Chelsea at that, but I will always like him.

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  24. Shard I wrote in the immediate aftermath that Giroud and Koscielny are two of the great footballers of this era. Their rise after starting out together to the top levels in the sport is a story to warm the heart of any football fan.

    So when of the highest rated CBs in he game from the last decade and your captain to boot boots the head of Football Relations in his noggin, it’s not a difficult guess to appreciate how this all reflects upon the club in the world of football. Amongst the Footballers.

    New coach falls out to the point that the three senior most successful footballers at the club when he arrived don’t want to play for him.

    I’m enjoying the cricket and I’ll definitely be watching the u23’s next season.


  25. Tyreece John-Jules and James Olayinka were initiated into the first team squad, Freddie Ljunberg also had to perform an initiation. At AFC the initiation for the first team is to get up and perform a song to the first team players and staff.


  26. “He (Sven) had a disagreement with club’s head of football. The signing of Denis Suarez is the reason behind the argument as claimed by the outlet which eventually led to a dispute with Unai Emery who was adamant in roping in the Spaniard on loan.

    The Sunday Times say Mislintat ‘wanted kids in the same playing position’ as Suarez but was overruled in favour of the midfielder arriving from Barcelona.
    Mislintat wanted Joe Willock and Bukayo Saka favoured instead, and his imminent departure was even announced before Suarez officially joined.”

    “with the German ‘dismayed’ at a signing which he felt would restrict playing time afforded to younger players.”

    Whooopsie daisy.
    With these quotes all over the web today just days after the club’s big PR attack against the Club Captain it looks like the head of football relations PR game isn’t as effective as he likes to think it is. The head of football relations doesn’t appear to very good at the old football relations stuff, please refer to the collapse in Barcelona’s reputation during his tenure there, but when we appreciate that the Suarez loan had a £2M odd fee I’m not sure that he cares!

    Such a useless PR game is hardly surprising when the best clowns that you can hire can only compose jingles such as:

    “I really like Raul”™

    So, in twelve months he’s fallen out with Ozil, Rambo, Koscielny, Sven Mistlintat, all who have huge reps in the sport, and Billy The Big Blagger is honking and clapping like seal that gets the odd fish to nibble on. Raul isn’t actually any good at this Football Relations gig.

    Bearing in mind he knows nothing about the Football, given today’s media: Just what is the head of football relations good at?
    Having good relations with Billy the Big Blagger and AFTV etc. (and no one else in the sport) because he pays them?


  27. <
    "Dennis Saurez Situation Explains Much-Sadly."


  28. It’s been a month since we published anything, someone must have something to say?


  29. I could try to come up with something, George. After tomorrow though.


  30. Highbury library has signed the petition, so does that mean PA which is a member of of HL has signed by proxy?

    Theres this bit in the petition:

    Finally, the very fabric of football in England and across Europe is at threat from proposals for a European Super League.

    These moves are driven by the greed of a few so-ˇcalled elite clubs who want guaranteed entry into top-ˇlevel European competition every year. Why care if you finish fifth or lower if automatic qualification is guaranteed? Arsenal and the other clubs involved should understand that fans do not want more meaningless group stage fixtures designed only to rake in more broadcast and ticketing revenue. You could call it the ‘franchisation’ of European Football. Arsenal should immediately clarify they will have no part in this.

    This doesn’t seem clear about what it wants, its speculative and assuming rather than giving concrete evidence of what the super league is or could be( ho ho just like the leave campaign)and seems to stink of dogshit Brexit, funny (ho fucking ho) that Le Grove (little Englander) which equals Daily Mail which equals Brexit is part of this?

    Seems odd to speak of elitism when the main moan of the these people is to get us winning the CL, you know the elite league in European football. Rather than the council Europa league ( i was born and bred on a council estate before you think Im middle class tool), but I dont wont to be a working class hero or think any class are the best or real or whatever thats all kack), which doesnt peak anyone’s interest and whys that? Because everyone loves playing in the elitist CL!!

    They says they speak for fans, just like aftv, but they speak for their own agenda and those who agree (fins.aftv yesterday were saying how great Raul is…but forgot to mention that Mesut gets 350 a week)…

    Does anyone know how much the Hill-woods bunged into the club in them days of yore?

    They also state in the petition that fans have become more marginalised than ever. Eh? Yeah guy thats right, what like fucking flying planes over stadiums telling Weng to bugger off on stupid ass banners. The endless blogs (shooting myself in the foot there?), what do they want, to run the club of course!
    FFS! Fans have never been more interactive. If not, then please show me the time when the were more interactive? 1890s?1920s? 1930s? 40s? 50s? 60s? 70s? 80?90s? Millennial weird years?

    What it all really means is this :” dear Stanley, other clubs have spent more cashsish than us, we want to feel better than other fans, please spend some then we can feel good again, we feel jealous, we feel frightened that we might get bullied by the Hot club de Chicken brigade”.”oh go on Stan, spend some cash, youve got loads, be yer bets mate”.

    Where does PA stand on all this as by the Highbury Library signing then it means we have signed?

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  31. No Mills, we have not signed, nor did the library speak for us.

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  32. Hi everyone,
    Sorry for taking a break from it all. I’ll try and write an article tomorrow esplaynin why I went MIA.

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  33. FFS , the attention seekers are writing missives again, there may or may not be some valid points, but we know the true theme, spend the fuckin money. Not in my name.
    Good retort from Josh Kroenke

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