Dennis Saurez Situation Explains Much-Sadly.

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Dennis Saurez gave interview saying that he was not even 50% fit after 16 days at Arsenal.

One game sticks in my head, I think it was Man City away we were 2-3 down with 15 mins to go.

Ozil was on the bench ( i thought he was coming on @ halftime but stayed on the bench(this was shortly after the claim was made that Ozil can’t play away because of the physicality by the manager) I was thinking at the time Poor away fans who traveled as it was clear we were going to get beat but the fans had nothing to cheer, (cant remember too many chances being created or any pleasing football) at that moment with 15mins to go he brought on Saurez who had been in the country 5 days, ahead of Ozil. I knew something was up then but this really confirms it.

Not only had Denis Saurez not acclimatised to a new country , different way of playing , food, culture, language etc, the guy by his own admission was less than 50% fit.
I think that was the day i decided that this manager had his own interests and not the team or the fans interest at heart.
He played Saurez just to make a power statement and it has had a detrimental affect on team morale.
Look at the start of the season, everyone was bubbling looking forward to the season, people putting themselves forward to be captain, people saying they want to follow in legends footsteps, to how we finished the season low on morale and without a Scooby Doo.

I want the manager gone because i seen more conflict with the team than working to harmonise the team and make them a coherent unit.

Victory through harmony it certainly has not been.

Rant over



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  1. To steal a line: in the land of continuous hatred and negativity the glass-half empty philosphy is king, or something along those lines. So it’s not all glowingly sunshine and unicorns but over the weekend there was a lot to be cheerful about. Almost half-full.

    How about Steve Boulds response to what he wants to achieve this season.
    “The only interest I have is development and I mean that. That’s not necessarily winning games, it’s about players learning the next step, the next level and improving themselves tactically, technically, mentally and physically. The question after that is whether they can go and grab themselves a career – and hopefully we can have one or two come through our system and play for us. But if we don’t, we try to produce well-mannered and respectful men who can go and get a good career in football.”

    There you have the Arsenal in that last sentence, follow that up with Hector Bellerin sitting in the home change room with his shirt and to his right a number of young men and women with their own shirts hung in their spaces. Special club, special player.

    Thankfully we don’t have Neymar, we do have Ozil. The manager is on a short term contract so will probably go if he doesn’t build on last season and start to play more attractive football. Imagine having to support some of the other teams and their quest for success whilst defending values that are alien to your family, friends, culture and community.

    VAR will finally be the downfall for the PGMOL as their reluctance to follow the laws of the game and their pantomine “game management” is exposed and magnified for the world and sponsors to see and finally ridicule.

    Don’t focus on the things you cannot change directly. Enjoy supporting a proper club and remain positive because nothing in life is constant.

    See you later.


  2. i see Dick Law has said that Alexis Sanchez had agreed a new contract with AFC in December 2016, but between the contract being drawn up and sent to his legal team to proof read the player changed his mind, Law says he does not know who got to the player or why he changed his mind. (would note that this is one in the eye of those that keep saying “why didn’t Ramsey sign the contract if he had agreed to stay”, as they like to ignore that any contract has to be gone over by the legal men on both sides before it can be signed.

    Law also says that no bid came in for Alexis Sanchez till the very last day of the transfer window and we tried to sign Lemar but he was on International duty with France and there just was not the time to get the deal done.


  3. talking of transfers all the media are running with the story that AFC are signing William Saliba for over £25M and loaning him back to st etiteen for the season, well that blows a big hole in their Arsenal limited budget nonsense


  4. Thats interesting Ed as the (toilet) papers were hammering it in that City had bid for him then ManUre usurped the deal. Alexis has been a bit of a failure for ManUre. But maybe they are playing him in a different way? 3 in 32 is poor consider what he did with us… I recall that international game, Kos and Larry went into his room and tried to persuade him, might have got lost in the minds mists of time, but I think he was up for it? Interesting that Law says there wasn’t enough time, when we were told later that there wasn’t enough cashish on the table.
    I think Rambo just didnt like Emery, and the club “transitioned” too quickly for him and felt it was time to go somewhere else for an adventure. Doesnt mean Im right though, its just that Weng said the money was there and the bloke wanted to stay…before he was forced out.

    Anyway AFTV decides who comes and goes at AFC now. I know because I saw a video on it today and they have democratic polls, and a million subscribers. The blood beard bruvvas know a thing or two.


  5. Weird one for me if we sign Saliba. Not transfer itself, supposing he’s as good as many say. Nope, more for how it makes clear how intensely my focus is on present.

    Approve completely if the loan back was what had to be done to secure exceptionally promising player, but, ach, next year like an eternity for me. So close, maybe, to the good, commanding tall un I have wanted for a long time. So far.

    Whether it’s him or not, and i don’t like to think of odds, believe this is only way we can, in time, get a truly world class centre back, or, say, top 5-10 in world. Has to be before they have reached that level, whether youngster or someone relatively unheralded like Kos when we got him.


  6. I’m about 90% in favour of sticking with what we have in preparation for his arrival next year, supposing it really is true. Like the idea of there being space for Chambers, Bielik and Mavropanos to stake claim. Holding,too, but he’s a bit different. Was right on verge before injury for me of nailing down spot for years to come.

    The remaining 10% is nearly all to do with thoughts of how vital CL qualification is to finances and retaining top players now, and I guess 10% may be underselling it a lot. More that I think I completely approve idea of making it a year when handful of promising youngsters are given a great deal of opportunities, then I remember likely impact of missing top 4 again, and don’t know what the hell to think.


  7. I look at this handy Guardian transfer thing from time to time to check out what’s happening.

    Weirdly, seems distinctly less transfers to prep clubs than European counterparts despite our window closing a lot earlier. Is there going to be explosion of deals next four weeks? Or less incomings than you’d expect around league?



  8. Like

  9. Rich, we are not getting top 4 no matter what happens.


  10. George, not ready to give up optimism yet (not till game 5-10 anyway)

    Although…Seems very possible Everton, West Ham, Leicester will be stronger this year, so will have to wise up plenty from end of season to get top 6. Can maybe chuck Wolves into better list as well, especially if Mendes comes up trumps again for them.

    Out of interest,though, would you theoretically be in favour of committing heavily to youth?


  11. “Out of interest,though, would you theoretically be in favour of committing heavily to youth?”
    Yes, Young Mikel Arteta

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  12. Sure could interesting, Mikel is 37, get Freddie in (42) as his partner- could be a youth explosion, new excitement at the club, the Big Weng transition as it was supposed to be, more old boys coming back to help out in various ways…like Bayern do…Mikel knows both Pep and Wengs systems…best inside information ever…cruising past the Klopp and the Arsenal are back in the driving seat again, not getting thrashed away anymore, and thrashing LCFC Watford and Wolves just for fun. No more fear of Chelsea or ManUre. Back in the CL, winning the damn thing…PL champions again, everyone wants to play for the Arsenal again. Saint Totteringham day celebrated properly…

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  13. Edu is joining us from the Brazilian Football Confederation as our first technical director.

    The former Gunner – a member of the Invincibles – comes to us straight after helping Brazil win their first Copa America in 12 years. He will be on the flight to the United States as our pre-season tour gets underway on Thursday.

    In his role as technical director, Edu will coordinate the work of our first-team coaching group, the academy and player scouting and recruitment in order to oversee the constant building up and efficient strengthening of our squad.

    Head of football Raul Sanllehi said: “We’re very excited that Edu is joining the team. He has great experience and technical football knowledge and most importantly is a true Arsenal man. He understands the club and what we stand for to our millions of fans around the world.

    “His arrival is the final and very important part of the jigsaw in our development of a new football infrastructure to take us forward. He will be working closely with Unai Emery and the first-team coaches, and will play a relevant role leading our football vision and ensuring we have – and follow – a solid philosophy through all our football activities.”

    Edu said: “Arsenal has always had a special place in my heart and I’m thrilled to be returning to this great club in this new role. We have a strong squad and some very talented young players with fantastic people at every level. I’m looking forward to helping make a difference.”

    Edu spent five seasons with us from 2001, making 30 appearances in our 2003/04 unbeaten season. A hugely-talented midfielder and fans’ favourite, Edu represented Brazil 22 times and also had two spells with Corinthians and played for Valencia under Emery.

    After ending his playing career in 2010, he became Corinthians director of football and has been the general coordinator of the Brazil national team, a role similar to the one he’s taken with us, since 2016.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  14. Interesting about Sanchez. He hasn’t yet set OT alight, suspect Sanchez misses Ozil and Ozil misses Sanchez.
    And good luck to Edu, he might need it


  15. Interesting rumours about the new signing, set to arrive after the end of Emery’s current contract.

    Just remember:


    “Catalyst for change”®

    “I really like Raul”™

    Oh to oh to be a,
    Oh to oh to be a,
    bit part PR consultant scrambling a living by attacking and abusing that which I think I love.


  16. May well have watched already folks but give video about Rob’s recovery a look if you haven’t.

    Bit of a favourite of mine. Like him as player and also seems good guy to me.

    Never really been one to want to watch media content about off pitch stuff but i enjoyed it this time. Sightings of Freddie, Jordan Nobbs, Hector, Danny.

    On latter, I really hope recovery been ok with ankle. Holding says a couple of ominous things about it which reminded me instantly of things Diaby said about his own ankle injury and the movement he lost


    Still grieves me, even if it doesn’t Holding, that all of that the result of Rashford’s sneaky late kick.


  17. Saliba signing still not confirmed,

    the squad fly out tomorrow to the USA for their tour,

    no confirmation on arsenal.com of the promotion of Willock, Smith-Rowe, Nelson and Nketiah to the first team squad, all four have changed their shirt numbers to lower numbers.


  18. Club statement: Jordi Osei-Tutu
    10 Jul 2019

    Last night Jordi Osei-Tutu received unacceptable racial abuse playing for VfL Bochum during a pre-season friendly match against Swiss club St Gallen.

    We are working closely with Bochum and Jordi and we are giving him our full support.

    Racism has no place in our game and we do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

    Jordi, who is on a season long loan, said: “I am very disappointed about what happened.

    “No one should ever be subject to any discrimination and it is really hard to understand how a fellow professional footballer could do this. Arsenal and Bochum have provided great support to me and I hope that if nothing else, we can show that racism has no place within football.”

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  19. rumors in France that Koscielny is in talks with a couple of Ligue 1 teams


  20. SKY reporting that Arsenal’s move for Wilfred Zaha is over as Crystal Palace are demanding £100M and AFC have bid £40M, plus CP not interesting in the inclusion of any of our squad players in part exchange.
    Well thank fuck for that, we can get far better than Zaha for less money too

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  21. See Mavropanos injured again. Hard to keep track of but think he’s been out a lot in his time with us.
    Saw tweet suggesting groin and not back for a while. Think it was groin he was out with for large part of last year. Judging by photo he has a lot of muscle in legs to build up again so could be months.
    Very frustrating. Saw this pre-season as an opportunity to see what he can do. Makes suggestion Bielik may well be off more surprising. Claim was he’ll be loaned if signs new deal, sold if doesn’t. That would fit with the selling if only two years on contract thing


  22. This guy certainly looks to fit profile of up and comers we should be looking at.

    Remember a bit of him from world cup. Caught eye as having good legs and bite in midfield. Looks like he got in mexico team two years ago and 20+ caps since, good going at 21.
    Wolves and West Ham linked with him. Former very strongly.


  23. Wonder what the situation with Kos is all about.


  24. Oh my, really, Arsenal nowadays is so quick to send out ‘a club statement’. That’s two in several days. Things have changed undeniably. With the way they worded their second statement, no good will come of this situation.

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  25. The spin doctor statement department seem pants too. Like its telling him off school boy style! Mind you they probably style their department on anything that aftv do, as thats where its at.

    He hasnt gone because the clubs sliding down the kasi (imo) and on its way back to the GG stone age and hes off. Spill those frickin beans son…unless he signed a prenuptial of course.

    I want my Arsenal back!

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  26. Dismayed with Kos’ development.

    Afraid another big blow in offing with Xavier Amaechi. Not made tour. Year left supposedly, with lots of talk of exit.

    Very ominous for me that he and Tyreece John Jules share agent with Marcus Mcguane and Vontae Daley-Campbell. 2 out of 4 turning down contracts to leave at 18, third looking all too likely, talk of fourth being very possible as well.

    Bollocks. Just hope he doesn’t represent any others with us.

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  27. Squad for USA tour

    Keepers: Leno, Martinez, Macey

    Defenders: Bellerin, Jenkinson, Chambers, Sokratis, Mustafi, Holding, Mavropanos, Medley, Monreal, Kolasinac, Thompson,

    Midfielders: Maitland-Niles, Willock, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Nelson, Smith Rowe, Olayinka, Burton

    Attackers: Martinelli, Saka, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Nketiah, John-Jules

    Noticed there is no place for Beliek – was looking forward to see if he could get games, fit into system but apparently no place for him.

    I don’t watch them train or play regularly but i bet Beleik seeing Thompson,Medley, Mavro, Willock, Olayinka, Burton must be thinking that he is def not part of Emerys plans at least in the short term.

    I actually seen beleik play for Carlton a few times,(very composed, reads the game well, good technique and passing range and most times i seen him he played midfield. Certainly can gives us an alternative to Xhaxa when we need to rest him or try a different option)
    in my view he is worth a look at least in pre-season. If Guenduzi can come in from french 2nd divison, i dont see why Beleik has not been given a go.


  28. Maybe Beliek has not returned due to being involved in the Euro U-21 tournament and is still on holiday?


  29. seen this online

    there seems to be a common thread. No doubt Emery can do no wrong crew will blame all 5 players.

    Emery’s 5 captains:

    Koscielny – refuses to play
    Özil – not interested in Emery
    Cech – joined Chelsea staff
    Ramsey – moved to Juventus
    Xhaka – half of fanbase want him sold

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  30. @ markyb good point – didnt think about that


  31. Kos called classless by righteous Arsenal fans that slagg him off most of the time, yet Zaha forcing Palace move away is classy.
    What class should he show? Upper class, Eton style? Johnson style? The bloke wanted to go and the club said no. Perhaps thats not so classy from the club? The big threat is the armband being taken away! Whoppe frickin doo! Who cares about the armband anyway, the players dont as the BFG revealed.
    Arsenal to sign the aftv media as the new squad, as they know everything and Raul Montana as the new captain…

    Opinions, one day condensed into an urn or a box.

    I suppose this is all Wengs fault too?

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  32. mills – surprised the club didn’t just say that he is recovering from made up injury like they did to cover Fabregas, Van persie etc

    Hanging him out to dry just feels weird, regardless of who is @ fault.

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  33. Loooool
    And the cunning linguists atenpted to pretend that AW lost his dressing room (when we all know he got the classless in Arsenal values Pellegrini treatment from the owner)

    Look at this sh*t show!!!

    Anyone wondering why the team played like shite for the last three months: it wasn’t just the playground level tactics unfortunately on display, that man had zero respect left in that dressing room no need to kid yourselves.

    Catalyst for change©

    I really like Raul™



  34. gee-me too—not so classy for AFC to enter into the culture of blame, it does feel weird as normally we’ve been pretty stoic (or give it the old Soviet style cover up). Something seems rotten in the state of Arsenal?
    fins-LOL! ( but wished this wasnt happening)


  35. The purpose of the quick announcement was to cause Koscielny maximum embarrassment.

    Downhill all the way.

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  36. Something that got me somewhat miffed about the communique re Koscielny is that it seemed to be instructed in a fit of anger without given any thought.

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  37. I never feel a player should refuse to play, although I do have more respect for Kos than I do for Unai and certainly Rael.
    I will always praise Nasri for playing and playing week right up to the last minute even though he engineered a move.
    At this time of year I am normally really excited about the coming season the youth players stepping up but this year is the least excited I felt in many many years.

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  38. Somethings clearly fermenting crassly @ the Arse. There’s no way Kos would grow a tantrum unless his “90-day notice-for-relocation” was thrown back in his face.
    Putting out such a statement clearly does a gross disservice to the classy ethos of this great club. I’m afraid we’re in the hands of brutes, or as my people will say,” e be like say Arsenal don enter one chance!”….

    Let Koscielny go. He deserves a graceful exit.
    F**k off Raoul !!!

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  39. have to say I’m with the club on this Koscielny thing, well until at least I hear his side of it, I would be a hypocrite if I sided with Kos after slagging off RVP and others for their actions to make the move away.

    I would add that despite siding with the club on it, i do think the club statement was needless.

    Reports from France in recent days suggest that at least three Lique 1 clubs are offering Koscielny up to a 3 year contract, while he has only one year left on his AFC contract, and it has been his stated intentions for many a year now, to finish his career back in France.
    The thing is I just feel that Koscielny would not have acted like this if in his mind he was actually happy with the manager and how the team was heading, that is the worry, even if as seems likely he leaves.

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  40. Joe
    ‏ @jbaseball44
    3h3 hours ago

    now i see why Emery needed 5 captains, guy really burns through them


  41. It’s worrying how many people are OK with this just because he’s not as good as he’s used to be. We should have kept our mouths shut and tried to resolve it quietly. Clearly he’s not going to play for Arsenal again. You can’t make someone play for you if he doesn’t want to, especially if he’s only got a year left.

    I say “we” – what is “we” in this case? How can I be sure the people who thought this statement was a good idea represents Arsenal as I know it? Somebody should have left a code of conduct behind when they left.


  42. Not a lot of professionalism on display from any side in this Koscielny development.

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  43. that squad is very light in defense and midfield, we have brought a trio of injured players, or at the very least not fully fit, in Bellerin, Holding and Mavropanos.

    When you consider how few senior players are actually missing, it would make you worry about the strength of the squad for the upcoming season, some quality signings are needed.


  44. Ed, I’ve similar opinions on Kos situation.

    Gotta wonder…what drama lies ahead in next few weeks!?

    We are, at best, cutting it fine it seems in terms of anything to give us much of a boost for the season, ie new additions.

    Literally nothing certain from my vantage point, although the talk very strong we’ll be signing Saliba and loaning him back. Other than that?

    We know a few big players and big dressing room presences (Holding mentioned in that vid yesterday how good Welbeck was for morale) have left, to join a number of others in last couple of years. Almost certain Kos also off, and could be more.

    Guess i could save my typing and wait a month (though where’s fun in that?) but, well, with limited info available ,it does seem possible that there are further shocks to come and even we could struggle to bring in anyone of note to add to the squad, ready to go immediately. The window for full press-season, early integration effectively closed today. Or flew off on a plane today.


  45. rumor that Ben Sheaf is set to sign for Doncaster on loan for the season.


  46. well Rich four weeks of transfer window left, some players we are being linked to, would if signed, still miss start of the season, as all players under FIFA rules must get 3 weeks break, not sure if the likes of Zaha had any break pre ACN, but if he hasn’t, then even if Ivory Coast knocked out later today, he would have at most one week of prep before our first league game at Newcastle.

    on same note, Bielik, just like Guendouzi is still on Holiday having played in the Euro U21’s, they get 3 weeks off, some are trying to make a story out of Bielik not being on the USA tour squad


  47. Arsenal youngster Xavier Amaechi, left out of the pre-season squad for the tour of the US, has removed his profile picture & Arsenal from his bio on Instagram.https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D_MnjViX4AIguub.jpg


  48. Jeorge Bird
    ‏ @jeorgebird
    23m23 minutes ago

    Arsenal defender Mark McGuinness has been called up by Rep. Of Ireland for the U19 Euros.


  49. A fistful of dollars was a great movie. Set up the man with no name trilogy. Raul seems to think he’s Clint Eastwood. But the point of the movie was that the titular dollars are not worth more than the human aspect.

    How much would transferring Kos earn? A couple of million? How much would it cost us for him to stay? 4.5 million. What is our leverage if he says he doesn’t want to play again. Practically none, except destroying his legacy at the club he spent 9 years at. Which is what that statement was intending to do. It’s a brute’s show of ‘strength’.

    As for Koscielny. MAYBE he refused to travel. At this point I’m not believing anything this Sanllehi machinery is telling me. But if he did, that’s wrong. It’s also completely out of character. The question then is, why he would do that? Something obviously went wrong behind the scenes.

    Either way it is a nice smokescreen for the fact that we’re now going on tour and have signed no one other than an 18 y/o Brazilian forward. Not only that, we have also not sold any of the ‘deadwood’ that Raul was supposed to be good at. And so we DEMAND that Kos be held to a contract, even if it means humiliating him.

    Not only is this classless, it is stupid. Destruction of the culture, and ensuring that players no longer look at you as anything other than a paymaster.


  50. some reports that Koscielny can buy himself out of his AFC contract for just under £5M, not sure if that is the case as its also reported that AFC have the option of extending his contract by another year next summer, so its not clear if the buy out rule applies


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