Mesut Ozil, My Hero Or Your Villain ?



Mesut Ozil, like any modern footballer, is a regular poster on social media. In the recent past he’s put up photos of him in training, has declared himself fit, has congratulated the team on winning a game he played no part in, been supportive in defeat, and then…He dropped a bombshell! A post so despicable in its cynicism, so patently damaging not just to the team, but also our club’s esteemed values. Like his insensitivity in accepting wages worthy of being the best No10 in the world when the club had no choice, his attempt to blackmail the club by declaring open war on Emery surely suggests that the club need to sort him out. The club can’t back down to this naked display of player power or else it will be anarchy.

He’s got a history of this sort of thing. Instead of knowing his place in the football world, he dared to openly challenge racist attacks on him for taking a photo with a person who is no longer the favourite of the Western world (not that they don’t do business with him, mind) Rather than accept he has to atone and prove his Germanness (Germanity?) again, and apologise for the disruption he caused in the team, he chose to highlight the unfairness, ridiculousness and subtle racism for what it is. But that was Germany, so what do we care.

Of course even with Arsenal he disrespected our legends. Pointing out how they go on national TV and betray the club with their negativity. This sort of unfiltered truth telling does no good to our reputation. The club is now trying to limit the damage by having a love in with media personality and pundit extraordinaire Ian Wright. You can blame Ozil for the fact that we are now subjected to images of Wrighty flying a dragon, or kissing a wall with the badge painted on it. These painfully cynical social media posts are the result of Ozil’s reckless behaviour.

And then we have the football. When it’s clear that we’re having an injury crisis in defense. When our first choice right back, who we don’t know if we’re supposed to like or not because of his pathetically honest views on AFTV but we’ll forgive him for now. Yeah so when this guy we’re ambivalent about gets injured and our whole attack falls apart, what is Mr Ozil doing? He’s not grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck. He’s not even grabbing the coach by the scruff of the neck to tell him to play him. No. Why? Because he’s lazy. He put a gun to the club’s head and forced them to sign a deal at fair market value, and now he’s satisfied with that and no longer feels the need to play.

So instead of accepting that the club no longer panders to his pathetically high ambitions of winning and playing well, and just jumping ship like the honourable players of the past such as RVP, Cesc and Nasri, this player has the gall to post this…this vile.. subversive message to his millions of followers on social media. Ozil has committed blasphemy. He invoked God, and used that to send out the message that he has found his home at Arsenal. Such insurrection against this club cannot be tolerated. You know our club motto which says Victory through self-harming. Or the glorious statement of remember who you are, what you represent, and know your place. No player is bigger than the private corporate club. It won’t help our valuatio…errrr.. values.

Henceforth, only officially sanctioned communications vetted by our esteemed blog commissars will be allowed to be posted by Ozil. By order of King Raul the First.

Shard @ShardGooner

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67 comments on “Mesut Ozil, My Hero Or Your Villain ?

  1. I saw that too fins. As you say, amusing. Maybe you could take some consolation in that this excuse for an article would not have been formed were it not for some of the more… illuminating… tweets by said blogger. Not that I mind a difference of views. (or at least try not to) But something about the nature and tenor of them annoyed me a whole lot. Enough to spew this out in 10 minutes when I saw george’s call for submissions.

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  2. I’m trying to understand this:

    Our Billy Big Blaggers and gallant YouTubers whonlike to hang with Gary Neville (what a highlight!), we can now quantify their record (no opinions necessary!). They:

    Do not like the Arsenal Footballer Bellerin

    Do not like the Arsenal Footballer Ozil

    Do like to cover and protect the person with zero football qualifications who spent £40M on the non-footballer Paulinho, who is running the club but doesn’t feel it necessary to tell us that he is.
    It’s Venks that I feel sorry for, having to play tweeduldumb next to tweedledee.

    I find this record they have left to be fascinating.

    And hilarious!

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  3. George i would write something if I could write and spell…& if it made it past the censors!

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  4. some one mentioned on here a little while ago about using a VPN to help stream games, are there any good and safe free VPN’s, is there a down side to using a free VPN

    also once installed can it be easily uninstalled if it is affecting the performance of the phone or pc.

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  5. No idea Eds.

    But I did enjoy that victory over Munchen where that shrinking violet Ozil scored a lovely finish after some never seen pressing feom Bellerin that we never saw before, apparently, against Ozil’s youth club team mate Neur.

    Was that a stronger Munchen eleven then the one that took the field in Anfield tonight? Yes. Yes it was.

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  6. ed, the new opera browser has an inbuilt vpn that you can activate and deactivate with a single click.

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  7. What a grim news environment when even the Guardian pull shitty stunts like:

    ‘Arsene Wenger : Mesut Ozil is in a ‘comfort zone’ since…’

    That’s their headline or whatever the term is (online header’s for News Now etc to try induce a click) and it was chosen purely to decieve. Most of us have probably seen the quotes and, obviously, he did not say that.

    Do journalists feel miserable pulling these shoddy sorry tricks, or has the desperation for clicks worn them down, unless they are simply twats?

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  8. “Twats” is a mild description of what they are Rich, scum sucking parasites would be closer!

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  9. rich the media know that in most cases, all articles regardless of subject, all that really matters is the headline, and it does not have to be supported by the actual article or quotes. Its how brexit has happened, its how Trump happened, so when it can be done in the most important of things, then of course its used in a trivial thing like sport.

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  10. Passenal, Ed

    Agree on all points. Read a book years ago called ‘Flat Earth News’ which detailed pretty well the desperate state of media, by Guardian/Observer writer Nick Davies who was instrumental in hacking case, News of World closure, Murdoch’s most humblingest day.

    The process laid out there : first headline written as though Wenger said it directly, next one saying Wenger said, one above article saying Wenger suggests, first paragraph of article saying Wenger may have [suggested], article then reveals what was actually said and how. What a miserable process.

    This one really touched a nerve being Wenger and Ozil is all, in a week Wenger honoured for his achievements and good character.

    Even when I had somewhat naive hopes years ago Guardian was a real source of hope amid the mire I felt their football writers were a big exception and were mostly twats though.

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  11. For me it seems as if Emery changed his tone when asked about Özil continued absence, it’s more targeted.

    We know after the BATE defeat many pundits, especially former Arsenal players said it make no sense to not play him, since the team aren’t exactly playing that well. Wenger too has been asked but he was a bit more diplomatic.

    Its as if Emery directly respond to them, telling them he’s the boss. If Özil show more consistency in training and is less sick then he will play. This is manna to Özil’s haters.

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  12. She does keep me young Passenal! I have no choice at this point! Got to keep up!

    Shard, thanks!

    Excuse my late response.

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  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/stan-kroenke-arsenal-bate-jonathan-liew-a8788241.html

    Well, it’s different, and it’s intriguing, but I don’t know what to make of this. Would keep in mind that the writer hasn’t been particularly fair-minded with us in past, or at least that’s my vague recollection.

    Most dubious of all is that he feels something has been lost in the shape of the aftv crew no longer providing thrills for him. I’m thinking anyone who watched that stuff regularly is no kind of friend to the club.

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  14. Here’s the latest update from our medical team ahead of Thursday’s Europa League clash with BATE Borisov at Emirates Stadium.

    It also includes a suspension update:

    Alex Lacazette
    Suspended following red card against BATE Borisov (a).

    Aaron Ramsey
    Back in full training.

    Hector Bellerin
    Left knee. Recovering after surgery.

    Rob Holding
    Left knee. Recovering after surgery.

    Danny Welbeck
    Right ankle. Recovering after surgery.

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  15. Unai Emery press conference: Every word on what Ozil must do, Ramsey, Maitland-Niles & Sokratis

    ByCharles WattsArsenal correspondent

    15:26, 20 FEB 2019

    On the match

    For us tomorrow is a very important match, after the first result we must manage the 90 minutes and also know if we need more minutes after the 90 minutes it can be in our mind with the preparation to do that.

    It is also very important to play in our stadium with our supporters, and we need their support for this match and I hope there is a big atmosphere for us. Together, with their support, I know our players can play and give their all.

    On team news – is Ramsey fit?

    Yes, they are coming back with the team in the squad, Sokratis and Aaron Ramsey.

    Today Ainsley [Maitland-Niles] is sick and tomorrow we will see how he is, but today he cannot do the training. The other players are fit to play tomorrow.

    Emery on the possible low attendance due to the early kick-off

    I don’t know, but we want and we need the supporters.
    Mesut Ozil trains as Arsenal and Unai Emery get injury boost ahead of BATE Borisov tie
    View gallery

    If we can create a big atmosphere tomorrow, then it is very important. The supporters want to watch our team play with the best performance possible.

    For this reason, I think we need good feedback between the supporters and us.

    On whether Uefa need to look at the kick-off time issue

    I can say we need them and if there are a lot less supporters tomorrow in the stadium, I want them to help us in the 90 minutes and to be with us helping.

    We need to listen to them supporting us and the players must give them the best performance in our stadium.

    On Wenger’s comments on Mesut Ozil being in a comfort zone after his new contract

    Mostly, the key is his hand and he is working very well this week.

    I ask him in our conversations to be consistent, to be available for us training, when you can train with quality and consistency, it can help us with the best performance after in the games.

    Now, this week is good for all the players, because we are in a big, important moment for the season and I look at him doing the training like we want.

    I know he wants it, but we need to be consistent and available in training and the matches without the injuries and without being sick. Like that, we can find and see the best Mesut with us.

    On his confidence of reaching the next round

    It was a bad result last week, but the team worked with our planning and we had chances to score and every chance we need to improve tomorrow.

    We need to continue with our game play despite the bad result. Tomorrow we must manage 90 minutes with the result to get a good result for us, but knowing that this is 1-0 we need to be very consistent.
    Unai Emery watches on against BATE Borisov.

    We also need to get into their box, find the best positions to score and be efficient. We need a big result to manage this game better, but I think we have experience and every player knows tomorrow we are playing against an organised team.

    They have big motivation after that result, and we must do the best performance and I ask our supporters because I think they can help us achieve a good performance to come back into the game.

    My confidence is if we play like we can and play together for 90 minutes, like we are doing at home, I have the confidence and trust in our players.

    On which competition gives Arsenal the best chance of Champions League football

    The Europa League has improved a lot over the last year and now to win is very difficult.

    Last year it was Atletico Madrid and two years ago it was Manchester United. Three years ago we played Sevilla against Liverpool – and now every team wants to win this competition because it’s a title that gives the team the opportunity to play in the Champions League the next year.

    But every team wants that. Small teams have the chance to surprise in this competition too because they have a lot of experienced players with their international team, and they have showed us that they can be competitive in these two matches.

    Now we are very, very focused to give the best performance and show respect to them, but we are thinking about this round only.

    We are not thinking about this whole competition yet, no, no, no, we need to win tomorrow to continue our way in this competition.


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