Did We Master Bate?

I sat down at 5.55 PM , with my chilli and chips on my knee, are readied myself to watch what was a very strong Arsenal 11 about to play a very poor team from somewhere far off towards the east that hadn’t played a game for two months, I expected an efficient display and perhaps some scintillating stuff, perhaps even a large dose swash and some buckle.

Needless to say what was served up was about as far away from that as can be imagined. The first 10 minutes or so it looked like the mismatch it should have been, the following 84 odd minutes were rather a disappointment, to say the very least.

If you saw the game then there is no point me dissecting it, and if you missed it I will save you the pain.

The worst of it is that I wasn’t at all surprised. We have lost 7 of our last 14 games, and no one could say we have deserved better.

We might have beaten them 6-0 last season on the Emirates carpet? So we should see them off in the second leg. If we go through then I suppose that will be all that matters to many, but to me it does matter. There is something wrong. I will leave at that as this is not the platform for me to open up with a broadside.


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78 comments on “Did We Master Bate?

  1. Discussing a bunch crooks taking over a football does not have to be that painful a conversation.
    Unless you have quasi-religious or as hunter presciently described for this particular forum misplaced nationalist beliefs that you unreasonably feel are threatened by such conversation.

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  2. < a football club

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  3. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    1h1 hour ago

    🚨 TEAM NEWS 🚨

    Here’s how #AFCU23 line up in the #PL2 this evening…

    Starting XI: Iliev, Osei-Tutu, Pleguezuelo, Ballard, Mavropanos, Thompson, Gilmour, Willock, Amaechi, Nketiah, Saka

    SUBS: Smith, Medley, Zelalem, Coyle, John-Jules

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  4. our u23’s are currently 3-0 ahead

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  5. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    2m2 minutes ago

    HALF-TIME: @SpursOfficial 0-3 #AFCU23

    So far, so good 😉

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  7. Spuds play their home U23 games in my home town but I’ll feel so shit I couldn’t go, gutted I’m not there.

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  8. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    3m3 minutes ago


    @EddieNketiah9 pounces on a weak back pass, rounds Austin and fires into an empty net ✅

    ⚪️ 0-4 🔴 (47)

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  9. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    2m2 minutes ago

    Ljungberg has made his second substitution…

    ⬅️ Iliev
    🔛 Smith

    Tom Smith is on for his #AFCU23 debut 👏

    the lad hasn’t played for the u18’s this season and he makes his u23 debut

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  10. Thanks Shard.

    And thanks for answering my question which was a question and not a demand on the DoF.

    I just can’t imagine how Benitez & Wenger arguing over the potential heirs to Xabi Alonso* could be a bigger train wreck then overplaying Matteo when not necessary and I think the less I say about Suarez the better etc.

    *it wasn’t Kroos as evidenced by Germany’s and Madrid’s recent form ha ha ha)

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  11. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    3m3 minutes ago

    FULL-TIME: @SpursOfficial 0-4 #AFCU23

    ⏱ 4, 31’ @JoeWillock
    ⏱ 25’ @CharlieGilmour8
    ⏱ 47’ @EddieNketiah9


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  12. “Sanllehi has been involved in terminating the contract of a beloved player with cancer, two tax frauds cases and a mob-like fight with the owners of PSG.

    He has presided over the unsettling of many of the club’s stars and oversaw multiple deals that would best be classified as shady as players were sold and brought back one season after the other.

    And his piece-de-resistance may be that he also is considered the brains behind the move from UNICEF to the Qatar Foundation in its shirt sponsorship deal. Many viewed those moves as a smear on a once proudly unsponsored shirt.”

    Makes the Obi Mikel ‘tussle’ between Utd and Chelsea look like a kindergarden scrap. We’re hanging with the big boys now! The Boys from Brazil?

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  13. Good god Fins. How was this grifter made head of football at Arsenal FC? We are supposed to be a club with class.

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  14. Shotts

    I know what Frank Castle would do with him.

    (One should never take the righteous Punisher’s name in vain especially with those who grew up with the comics!).

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  15. Dear reader,

    You can agree with the utterly discredited Blaggers today.

    Or you can agree with Perry Groves.


    The cunning linguist


    the Footballer who is more qualified to be Head of Football at the Arsenal then someone with Raul’s CV (no football!!! Admirable gritting if we are being honest but grifting nonetheless).

    Of course the people who’ve spent decades ignoring AFC’s business model whilst taking in the clickbait are going to side with those whose “values” they agree with. As in: not with Pat Rice or Bob Wilson etc. That is not a surprise.

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  16. It is funny that people who’ve spent the whole season ignoring what’s been discussed on the “terraces”* would take this line

    *why is my football club not playing it’s best football team. Is it because this season a charitable handicap? Charity for who?

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  17. The most disingenuous regularly hypocritical liars amongst the Blaggers are peddling this as a manager vs player conflict when nevermind Perry Groves (top plundit and top man IMO) even Paul Gascoigne could tell you it’s a little bit more then that, after he’s been on the binge for a weekend in Vegas.

    Plentybof evidence not opinion in the last 24-48 hours confirm that it’s clearly players as in plural (more then one).

    The Ramsey shrug is indeed the symbol of this season so far.

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  18. The Billy Big Blaggers record in 18/19 is…amusing.

    – The gegenpressing prophet has arrived
    No confirmation bias there then. None whatsoever!

    – Ignore the Ramsey story
    But everyone saw the shrug!

    – ignore the normal everyday match stats that everyday football fans refer to every day/game (shots, shots on target, chances conceded etc no need to pretend you work in sports science and refer to ‘predictive’ calculations like xG, just the good old scientific method as used by footy fans since the first league table went up)

    – pretending it’s a spat between one spoilt premadonna and a new manager ignoring that Ozil’s teammates including another club captain are giving him public support

    – etc.

    Impressive record huh?

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  19. Do you think Emery should be sacked? And who should take over? Just curious to know what people think, no agenda. Do you trust the new regime to appoint the next manager? Lopetegui has learnt English recently and wants a job in the PL .I think they would go Spanish and it wouldn’t be a top man because we are not elite atm.


  20. David Ospina says he has lots his place at Napoli due to the fact there is a buy clause triggered if he plays a certain number of games, he does not expect Napoli to sign him when the loan deal finishes.

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  21. you got to love the malcontents, I’ve got one(P.I.M.P.@PoznanInMyPants) telling me that Ozil has refused to be a sub in many of our games, of course when asked which games, there is none named.

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  22. If anyone feels inclined to write a blog, let me know.

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  23. The worrying could all be academic folks if this stuff is true about Bin Salman trying to buy Utd and he suceeds.

    On a sporting front it would nearly kill us- in terms of title dreaming for foreseeable future- to have someone who could spend at least as easily as City. Worth about 850 billion the Saudi Royal family.

    On the moral front…

    He clearly ordered the death of an innocent man just months ago. If we’re honest, probably not the first owner whose hands are that dirty, but i think this one would be too much for me.

    Bin the whole thing if he could pass the fit and proper owner test.

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  24. I think it’s fantastic. Lay bare the influence of money and politics on the PL. It’s a moral cesspit anyway, with the last honourable club on the verge of falling, so why not. Bring it on.

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  25. So the jury is out now. Only after 7/8 months. Like many sane voices here at PA I kept on backing AW to continue at the club. But I think the owners and a big part of fanbase wanted him out.
    Infact many of us warned these AAAs and Wobs to be careful what they wanted and now I hope they realize their mistake of getting rid of AW.
    Apart from the results and stats the kind of football we are seeing under UE it is getting from bad to worse.
    The treatment of our star players Ozil and Ramsey is another factor. The club has regressed since the departure of AW
    AW left behind a very good squad in contrast to Ferggie at MU.
    But UE has failed to improve on that and we have regressed considerably.
    The Wobs have a worrying time ahead.

    I am enjoing the winters.😁😁😁

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  26. No chance of the Wobs ever showing any contrition Rosicky. No matter how wrong they were. A slug is more self aware.

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