Easy Game Or Huge Test ?

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So an early start with a 5.55 P.M. kick off against the mighty Bate Borisov. Talking about mighty powers, I see the AST have written an open letter to EUFA complaining about the  K.O. time. Well I’m sure EUFA are shaking in their boots as the full force of the Arsenal fans are turned on them. WTF is that all about? Pretentious pricks that they are, anyway, I digress.

After last week’s poor show, this mundane fixture has taken on a life of it’s own. It’s now a huge game and the fallout from a defeat, or a draw which would eliminate us, would be of epic proportions,even for Arsenal fans. I don’t foresee that ever happening though. We beat them 6-0 at home last season with our 2nd eleven, and I suspect we will go full first eleven this time around, so surely a comfortable win is on the cards? Right? I said right?

I don’t think enough was made of the horrible conditions last week. The pitch was horrendous and the temperatures would have seen Polar Bears wearing thermals and an overcoat. With the milder climate in London and the carpet of a pitch, we should have far too much for these lads, even if they do have Hleb.

Aaron and Ozil are both back in full training so will be available to be dropped. I know, I know, I can’t help myself.

One thing I would like to mention, on the official website it says Emery was asked about “Wenger’s comments on Mesut Ozil”, well someone should have said “what comments on Ozil, he didn’t make any ,other than saying he was a £100m player”. I have watched the video 3 times now, and Arsene at no point said Ozil was in a comfort zone or suggested any problem at all. In fact he was at pains to point out that he was not talking about any specific player.

Ok you positive souls, enjoy the game and don’t be too disappointed if we don’t hit double digits.

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55 comments on “Easy Game Or Huge Test ?

  1. Unsurprisingly with Ozil as the main playmaker in the attack with average passing rates under old and new coaches well up there probably in the upper 80% range the Arsenal looked more creative then when relying upon a LB who often achieves minus 60% passing accuracy (with old and new coaches).


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  2. Yeh Fins! Was actually the best bit of football I have seen from the team in months. It’s simple, Ozil is top class.

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  3. Cruise control for most of that.
    Hope we will be seeing more of Ozil

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  4. Early reports in Kozza are that he seems to be ok. I’ll be happy to see him in the team for the next four crucial league fixtures.

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