A Win Is A Win.

Well we won, 3 points away from home. That keeps our interest in the top 4 for now.

I thought Lacazette played well and Mkhitaryan did well to say he has just missed 10 games. Iwobi was dangerous going forward but very disappointing once he got near the box. Koscielny was also very good and Monreal did little wrong.

Given our long injury list and those that we are told have been struck down with a bug I suppose a win is all that matters!

Or is it?

I mean seriously, is it really?

I’m sorry, but the football was horrid.

Let’s make on bones about it, Huddersfield are rooted at the bottom for a very good reason, they are a very poor PL team. Yet the had more shots. more shots on target and more possession. The only time we looked half decent was when the front three were breaking from our own half, with ball at feet. Our passing and decision making was woeful. I’ve not seen anyone mention it, but I thought Guendouzi had an absolute mare. AMN went from being a danger to them, to a danger to us at times.

Seriously, is a backs against the wall performance against Huddersfield where we are at now? Even taking all the absentees into account? Perhaps it is and I am just a curmudgeon.

The words of Jack Nicholson keep coming to me “what if this is as good as it gets?”

But hey, we won ! Imagine what I would be like if we had played like that and lost?



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  1. You don’t fool me George. Just another “pretentious wanker” not satisfied with 3 points. Who gives a shit about performance? Pretty Frenchified football never won us nutten.

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  2. I thought Monreal was all over the place, chasing shadows at times.
    Iwobi was the only player we had who went right at them, but this too often led to him being up there with no option to find in the middle, with Lacca surrounded by 3 defenders, Kolasinac did not get forward enough or quick enough.
    Very disappointed in AMN, here he is with a great chance to nail down a starting spot, and he strolls through the game, and was oh so wasteful in possession.
    The team played like the took Emery’s pre game big up of Huddersfield to heart, and were too nervous to go all out at them. Wenger used to call it playing with the handbrake on.

    but a win is a win is a win. But if performance levels do not improve a lot, then we won’t very often even get to say a win is a win is a win

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  3. I didn’t see the game, but to be fair to Monreal, he has barely played due to injury, so I’m not surprised that he may not have been at his best today. There has been far too much tinkering with this side this season due to a combination of injuries or ‘tactical’ reasons, so I’m not surprised that there is little fluidity in our play most of the time. I think we have to just focus on the 3 points and forget about the beautiful football until we get our act together or perhaps accept that the new Arsenal will be a more ‘workmanlike’ proposition.

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  4. no clean sheet away in the league so far this season, I think we only kept the one all of last season

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  5. No way we were in contention for him but a shame to hear De Ligt has linked up with Raiola.

    Wonder what the attraction is for player : Raiola being so effective at getting high wages for his top clients? Or making sure he makes life miserable for a club who want to keep a player who wants out?

    In De Ligt case I naively imagined a guy with a choice, near enough, of world’s top clubs, at a club who will sell, wouldn’t see need of someone like Raiola.

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  6. Don’t know if this will cheer anyone up by the way but few mentions of us late on in the Football Leaks book.

    Nothing particularly bad but again underlining that weekly wage is only something between half and two/thirds of the story about investments with big players.

    Auba’s contract includes just over 15 mill of loyalty bonuses spread out in 3 or 4 payments over the contract. Yikes. Mkhi also a huge deal, and one with option of triggering an extra year which gives him a large pay rise.

    There may well be a rethink going on, but i can understand the immense pressure to stretch ourselves on contracts in the current climate. Deal with us is that we pretty much need every one of the big earners to be a smash hit and make very significant contribution.

    City, Utd, Chelsea don’t have the same pressure on that front.

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  7. We were horrible and won. Stuff of champions..or Top 4 trophy winners maybe.. Only true if it’s an unusual occurrence. Most of our 22 game undefeated run was similar. Though we seem to be getting worse.

    The only argument I can muster in favour of this is that to get better we need to unlearn what we knew before and that’s what’s causing this ugliness, but it will soon get better. It’s an entirely faith based argument, and it is not what Emery was hired to do anyway. He wasn’t supposed to reinvent the handbrake. Just build on what was there, with a few tweaks. Whether it was him or people up top, we’ve blown this team up, and people are saying we needed to be demolished anyway. Which I don’t buy at all.

    We are here now and I don’t think we’re going to get much better even if Emery’s plan, whatever it is, succeeds. Not talking about results. Just the performances.

    Btw, I am certain we’re reducing costs in the summer. Wage bill will fall, we’ll add 2 or 3 players for a net 25m spend or something and we’ll play a redefined traditional English football of go wide and cross it in.

    Maybe Gazidis left because they were pushing this on him.

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  8. So we win 2-1 with 45% pocession against the bottom club. Hilarious.
    I dont remember one game under Wenger with such a poor showing against a bottom team in 22 years. Where we are heading to
    I am fed up.

    Let the Wobs enjoy this kind of football.
    Bye bye Arsenal.


  9. Remember young Timmy Stillman coming on these pages and arguing about atmosphere on these pages whilst hounding the manager over the years:

    “Tim Stillman
    The Arsenal crowd is hard work nowadays. The only noise the away end made today was to jeer Alex Iwobi as he was subbed. Just lots of people that stand there waiting for a mistake so they can get angry. It’s draining to be around tbh.”

    Pants down and all. What a hypocrite!
    Almost funny. Heh.

    Zero. Credibility.

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  10. Being a supportive fan can bring with it, among other things, a sense of loyalty, togetherness and expectation, which is great when we win, and especially when we also do so with a style that makes you feel proud.

    Perhaps ‘expectation’ is the most problematic of those emotions. The higher your expectations, the greater the disappointment when the team do not meet those expectations.

    Managing expectations helps. If the biggest expectation is to win and get 3 points, then yesterday was fine. But if winning must also always be accompanied with an entertaining style of play, that is also fine, but perhaps it is also rather unrealistic, and increases the feeling of disappointment

    Every cloud has a silver lining, and the thing to remember is that emotions tend to be transitory, and next week if we play well and win, today’s disappointment will be a thing of the past.

    I am happy with the three points — but it does not mean I am blind to certain shortcomings in the team, but these will eventually be addressed, and then I will enjoy a quiet gloat. Lol

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  11. Morning, Shard,

    An interesting comment from your good self, as usual, and the only thing I may have misunderstood is when you say we are where we are, and the likelihood is that we will not get better.

    We are only 1 point (and a bit of goal difference, and a game in hand) away from 4th place, and by hook or by crook, it cannot be beyond the bounds of possibility that we can beat the Chavs and Manure to pinch that 4th spot. [to be candid it would be a pinch– and it might need more than one dodgy meal for both of them to give us that break! [lol]

    I’m baking as we speak.

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  12. Hi RA.

    My definition of ‘better’ here is not results oriented. I’m completely fine with the results. When I say we won’t get better is that we will not live up to what was originally told to us about Emery. That he will continue with an attacking philosophy.

    We will lose Ramsey and likely Ozil, Laca and Auba will likely not keep finishing at the rate they are and/or will go down to injury. And I do not see how we will get better with that happening. Mostly, I don’t even see the intention to play attacking football from Emery. Nor indeed a desire to play the youth.

    So I’m sort of with George. Maybe this is as good as it gets.

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  13. I remember a day not long ago when many were saying Arsenal need to learn to win ugly, when things were going against them. Yesterday, Emery had several first choice players missing, think up to about 8, but came home with three points. Mission accomplished, other things, like thrashing teams and winn8ng with style might have to wait, at least until he gets a few players back.
    Let’s not be revisionist here, this is not just Emery, we have been blighted by some dire away performances against lower teams for a couple years now, sometimes with less favourable results than yesterday. Possession isn’t everything when you lose at Bournemouth , Watford, Palace West Brom West Ham Newcastle Nottingham Forest and other teams near the bottom, or in the championship in the case of forest at the time.Our defending has been fairly consistently poor since Coq was shielding Per and Monreal, this suggests to me we have developed a systemic issue with defending as a team rather than faulting individuals, at least compared with rivals, I will leave the causes of that for another debate but I will suggest that emery is not helped by a complete lack of stability in defence and mf due to injuries, Wenger had similar issues.
    We will not see the true Emery until he gets a level of stability with his own players.
    For those missing Wenger, let’s remember the official line is he chose to go, and that’s all we know for now ( ok I don’t really believe that either, nor would I especially believe emotive statements from a man who I am convinced worked and briefed against Wenger at the end then buggered off to AC, but we are where we are).
    Easy to find negatives when you look for them, Ramsey’s situation,some of the play on the pitch, events behind the scenes are concerning, but again, we will know a lot more about plans for this club after the summer.
    The positives, we won, we are in touch with the top four in Emerys first season, we are told he will get money to spend this summer, along with hopefully a decent choice for head scout and TD. We may be suited to European competition. Emery has the green shoots of a very decent MF, Gwen is really showing promise, Torreira looks tired, but will be a very useful player for us, Xhaka is missed. Just need to up the creativity , and for Emery, I am quite sure improve pressing, hopefully with Ozil, but if for whatever reason he is not performing consistently, I fear it will be without him, that will be a shame.

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  14. Mandy, Ivan can’t be blamed for a 70% passing stat. We could have played our worst 11 and I would expect better than the shite we got served up yesterday.

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  15. Fair enough, Shard, I now see where you were coming from.

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  16. No, perhaps the one thing I don’t blame Ivan for these days!
    Unfortunately, despite a couple gallant efforts, by far our best passers, Ozil, Ramsey, Xhaka were unavailable, or however one wishes to term it, that’s a lot of passes when they are on song. Auba, one of our best seekers of space was also unavailable.
    And it seems a lot of stray balls inviting pressure right back onto us, even from a limited side. And, though I don’t like slagging off individuals, will admit Kola had a couple brain farts As did others.
    If reports are true, and Emerys formations and tactics are more rigid and structured than those of his predecessor, he clearly hasn’t fully got things right, yet at least, guessing alleged rigid tactics ( that some clearly don’t fully understand) may in some circumstances make the team a tougher proposition, but conversely, when things go wrong, players are missing, perhaps they lack the imagination and initiative to overcome some situations that a trad Wenger team might be more adept at dealing with via a bit of improvisation.

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  17. Mandy @ 12.09

    Ok. I understand and accept that. I just can’t understand how that is a good thing. How you need other players, and conditions to be exactly just so, to play football commensurate with the quality of the players you have.

    At its best we’ll play like a good, solid team, and at anything other than optimum we’ll revert to playing worse than a relegation team?

    Things got really bad under Wenger but the idea that we should look to dominate possession and play attacking football was at the heart of everything. Even when we couldn’t do it.

    Do you see an underlying philosophy at the heart of Emery’s coaching?

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  18. Mandy, with all due respect (I think your commentary is excellent), the man hardly plays Ramsey and about never plays Ozil. They cannot now be used as a an excuse. He wants to play a bunch of “fighters” talent is not quite important it seems.
    We were pegged back by Huddersfield for most of the game. In my mind that has to be intentional, that is how poor they are.

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  19. Don’t think the Chelsea fans would’ve complained about Conte’s style when he came in (he changed his formation, once, after getting outplayed by the Arsenal, and perhaps inspired AW’s own switch to a three) but they’d have been flummoxed by a choice to not play Hazard/fall out with Hazard (& the rest of the squad!).

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  20. Our biggest problem under Arsene was that we did/could not retain our best players, for whatever reason. Could have been the best team in the world if the players had more vision and/or the team could pay more money.

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  21. shard I would say that “things got really bad under Wenger” only away from home, last season we had an outstanding home record, only man city got more pts, think they got 2pts more at home than AFC.

    Emery seems to rely on our fullbacks for most of our attacking, but he has said that we signed Suarez cos we need wingers, so maybe next season we will see either wingers singed, or Iwobi, Suarez(if he is still here) or youths like Amaechi, Saka, and Nelson given lots of game time. One thing I would say about going wide and crossing is that neither of our strikers are known for their heading ability, so do we need to sign a different type of striker.

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  22. I would also suggest that most people would not have a problem with yesterday’s performance if it was an isolated performance, when a team wins playing poorly and its called a performance of champions, for grinding out a result, it normally applies to a rare poor performance, or one against one of the big teams, not a performance that we have seen on a regular basis in the last two to three months, although away from home getting the win was indeed rare, first away win in 7 games,

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  23. Shard, certainly cannot see an underlying philosophy as yet, but early days, a lot of disruption, and Emery, whatever he said from the off, is learning this league as well, he has made mistakes. I would imagine he will aim to end up with some sort of fairly tough, high pressing, dangerous but resilient team with a lot of experience and some very talented youngsters, prob with Seville as his model. I am guessing he will try and improve defending, let’s face it, he has to, but , and stand to be corrected, not aware of his teams being ultra defensive.
    I know Ivan promised to stick to attacking football, but Ivan probably promised a lot of things . I think he will play attacking football, but maybe not what we know as Wengerball, but not many teams play that, especially in this league, that takes elite players,bravery and risk, not sure Emery can afford to risk trying to play like that at the moment. Wenger had his past, his reputation, hit titles and until the very end, huge support from above, I am sure Emery is secure for now, but not on the level Wenger was, and rightly so.
    Pauln71, don’t really get the Ramsey and Özil situation, can only think there are things we don’t fully know about, unless Emery is stubborn to the point of risking his job and the welfare of the team. In fairness, a fit Ramsey gets quite a few games, and Özil, he made him a captain, and has given him games, but Leicester aside, he just hasn’t performed to his best for a while. If I were to guess, and it is only that, wonder if the Germany thing has got to him a bit, but for whatever reason, he does not seem as effective on the pitch as he once did. Emery would be insane not to pick a fit and firing Özil, bit maybe feels unable to carry him if he is anything less? Or maybe he just doesn’t fit UEs system, which would be a shame, I love watching Ozil at his best.
    An alternative theory, now Wenger isn’t running things, the money men on the board are having more influence.

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  24. ed

    Yeah, and that away record was heavily influenced by refs, especially at the start of the season, but also the Mike Dean handball call against WBA. My point was no matter how bad it got, and whether it worked or not, there was a philosophy there. Emery seemingly has none. Even a style of play is not a philosophy.

    I don’t expect a CF in because our crosses are low/cutbacks aimed at the CFs and the opposite flank to attack, and anyway Auba is 6’2 and Laca leaps like a gazelle.

    However, seeing as this season is basically a write off in terms of performance even by the most positive lot, I can look ahead and find something to be excited about in the summer.

    Short version. We’ll shed around 650k in wages and earn 40m in transfer fees (while bringing back Chambers and Bielik to replace Mustafi and Elneny). Added to even a 45m transfer budget and staying at same wages, we could add
    RB: 15-20m (80-100k)
    WF: 60m (eg Cengiz from Roma) (150-200k)
    CM: Rabiot? free (300k)

    For the 45m net spend and current wages (even while paying Ozil part of his wages), we could have a first XI in a 433 of
    Leno, Bellerin, Kos, Sok, Kola, Xhaka, Torreira, Rabiot, Cengiz, Iwobi, Laca

    With Martinez, Holding, Monreal, RB, Guen, Miki, Auba as subs.

    Chambers, Mavro, Bielik, AMN, Nelson, Willock, ESR, Nketiah in reserve too.

    Obviously all figures are only my guesswork. But it’s what I reckon the ‘plan’ is. Optimistically anyway. (Shut up it’s the only positivity I’ve got for now)

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  25. My explanation for the Ramsey and Ozil situation is that it is both financial and political. Get the Wenga Boys out of the club.

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  26. I have been educated recently about Women’s football and it is actually damned good, now I have been watching one of the best games of International Rugby that I have seen in a long while.

    It is the Women’s Rugby 6 Nations; England v France.
    The fitness, skill and entertainment value has been wonderful
    Currently England 41 : 12 France — France are the current champions.

    Superb! I love it – and will watch more games.

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  27. Shard,

    The Ramsey and Özil situation is mainly financial, I think, as we have run into into a clash with the FFP transfer rules and the limitations placed on salary spending within the turnover/profit equation.

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  28. Mandy

    If we don’t play attacking football, the only way to keep the public happy is to win. For now the WOBs are giving Emery a lot of rope, but if he hangs himself with it, they’ll be the first to pull on it.

    Arsenal’s claim to being the show in town is based on not just a flashy new stadium (soon to be usurped) but also flashy football. If we don’t have CL, don’t have big name signings, don’t have the big trophies, don’t have the newest stadium in town, and don’t have the trademark attacking football to showcase, then how can we claim to be London’s premier club and charge accordingly? The much maligned tourists will feel there are other ways to spend their money for entertainment. And that will not suit Kroenke at all.

    If it weren’t for those TV images of empty seats and the constant negativity, I don’t think Wenger would have gone either. Emery has none of Wenger’s history. For now it works in his favour. Won’t for too long unless he can show something for it. And since it’s unlikely to be the PL or CL trophies, it has to be the quality of the football.

    EL will buy him goodwill, but I don’t know why we assume it’s ours to lose. The way we’re playing we aren’t winning the EL.

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  29. Shard,

    The new shirt contract due to start next year will boost our commercial turnover, and if we can get 4th place for the CL too that would make a big impact — so not sure why we did not ‘phase’ Rambo’s salary deal until next year too??

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  30. Damn it — the swamp dwellers are beating Leicester 1 : 0


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  31. RA

    Honest question. What are the wage rules around turnover? All I know is that the part that applies to us says we can’t increase our wage bill more than 7m on the previous year’s figures UNLESS funded by increase in non-TV revenue.

    Do you think Gazidis misread the financial rules? How come he was prepared to offer Ramsey the deal that Raul then withdrew?

    I think this claim about FFP is bogus. Arsenal want to get their wage spend back to around 50% of turnover. But they don’t have to.

    As far as I can tell, we haven’t really increased our wage since before Giroud and Walcott left. We keep adding new sponsors, including Rwanda this season. There’ll be double for our new shirt deal with Adidas.

    In addition to a new TV deal and money in the bank which could finance our transfers if we wanted.

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  32. The one criticism I fail to wrap my around is the saying that the team has regressed under Wenger, thus the need, patience, out with the old and in with some new blood to change things around.

    Even during Wenger’s last two seasons Arsenal has always had the best home form in the Premier League – that include times when players were out injured for extended periods. The greatest challenge for Emery was just how to get the players better mentally prepared to play just as well on the road.

    Does the team really need everything that is currently proposed just to improve away form.

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  33. Mandy, for Özil to be performing well he needs a run of games to play himself back to form, just like every other player. He gets a game once every 4-5 weeks and twatter goes mental if he doesn’t carry the team, highlighting his wages and all that. I think there’s a lot of unfairness directed his way. Guendouzi is rightly praised at present, given his age, because he’s improving with each game he gets.

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  34. Shard,

    As you know, I would never argue with you, as even without the latest Arsenal financial accounts to hand, if you say something is so, you are, of course, always right — apparently.

    I am far too dopey to argue.

    Here are the UEFA Financial Fair Play rules spelt out. All that is necessary is to take the respective Arsenal accounts and apply them to the rules. Unfortunately I do not have them, and was only quoting the views of others as to whether the Rambo contract had potentially run into choppy waters because of FFP.
    But I am sure you will explain to us why they were wrong, after you have read the Rules. Good luck. [Lol]

    Q&A: Financial fair play explained:

    1) How do you explain financial fair play in one sentence?

    Financial fair play is about improving the overall financial health of European club football.

    2) When did financial fair play start?

    Financial fair play was approved in 2010 and the first assessments kicked off in 2011. Since then clubs that have qualified for UEFA competitions have to prove they do not have overdue payables towards other clubs, their players and social/tax authorities throughout the season. In other words, they have to prove they have paid their bills.

    Since 2013, clubs have also been assessed against break-even requirements, which require clubs to balance their spending with their revenues and restricts clubs from accumulating debt. In assessing this, the independent Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) analyses each season three years’ worth of club financial figures, for all clubs in UEFA competitions, The first sanctions and conditions for clubs not fulfilling the break-even requirement were set following this first assessment in May 2014. The conditions relating to non-compliance with break-even requirements were effective for the 2014/15 campaign.

    From June 2015, UEFA updated its regulations (as it does from time to time for all regulations) to address some specific circumstances with the aim to encourage more sustainable investment while maintaining control on overspending. Situations addressed include clubs requiring business restructuring, clubs facing sudden economic shocks and clubs operating with severe market structural deficiencies in their operating region. For the first time the work of the CFCB is potentially expanded to include clubs not yet qualified for UEFA competitions but who anticipate and want to participate at some stage in the future.

    3) Are clubs no longer allowed to have losses?

    To be exact, clubs can spend up to €5million more than they earn per assessment period (three years). However it can exceed this level to a certain limit, if it is entirely covered by a direct contribution/payment from the club owner(s) or a related party. This prevents the build-up of unsustainable debt.

    The limits are:
    • €45m for assessment periods 2013/14 and 2014/15
    • €30m for assessment periods 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18

    In order to promote investment in stadiums, training facilities, youth development and women’s football (from 2015), all such costs are excluded from the break-even calculation.

    4) Are clubs automatically excluded if they are not in line with FFP?

    If a club is not in line with the regulations, it will be UEFA’s Club Financial Control Body that decides on measures and sanctions.

    Non-compliance with the regulations does not mean that a club will be excluded automatically, but there will be no exceptions. Depending on various factors (e.g. the trend of the break-even result) different disciplinary measures may be imposed against a club. There is a catalogue of measures:
    a) warning
    b) reprimand
    c) fine
    d) deduction of points
    e) withholding of revenues from a UEFA competition
    f) prohibition on registering new players in UEFA competitions
    g) restriction on the number of players that a club may register for participation in UEFA competitions, including a financial limit on the overall aggregate cost of the employee benefits expenses of players registered on the A-list for the purposes of UEFA club competitions
    h) disqualification from competitions in progress and/or exclusion from future competitions
    i) withdrawal of a title or award

    In addition the CFCB have decided in numerous cases that the objectives of FFP can be best achieved by taking a rehabilitative approach rather than a punitive approach. This has led to the conclusion of settlement agreements between a club and the CFCB, combining certain financial contributions with numerous restrictive conditions, which provide a roadmap for clubs to reach break-even in the foreseeable future (see further detail in points 11–16).

    5) Are owners allowed to inject money into their club as they like or through sponsorship?

    If a club’s owner injects money into the club through a sponsorship deal with a company to which he is related, then UEFA’s competent bodies will investigate and, if necessary, adapt the calculations of the break-even result for the sponsorship revenues to the level which is appropriate (‘fair value’) according to market prices.

    Under the updated regulations, any entity that, alone or in aggregate together with other entities which are linked to the same owner or government, represent more than 30% of the club’s total revenues is automatically considered a related party.

    6) Who grants a licence to clubs to compete in a UEFA competition?

    Every club that has qualified for the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League needs a licence, which is granted to a club by the national associations (or sometimes leagues). This is based on the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations. UEFA then verifies documents and figures from all clubs which have been registered for one of the UEFA competitions.

    7) Some clubs have enormous debts or do not pay their debts. Can those clubs still comply with financial fair play?

    A certain level of debt is part of a normal financing approach for any business. However the build-up of net debt is restricted by the break-even rules, which require owners or investors to recapitalise and cover any losses. In addition, in the future any investors looking to conclude a voluntary agreement with the CFCB will be expected to commit funds in advance, ex ante rather than ex post. Finally certain debts with added importance, such as debts to players or key staff, social/tax authorities and other clubs are monitored on a regular basis by the CFCB.

    8) Has it happened that a club has been denied access to UEFA competitions because of FFP?

    The UEFA club licensing system was introduced in the 2003/04 season. Since then 53 clubs on 57 separate occasions, which have directly sportingly qualified for either the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League were not admitted because they did not fulfil the licensing or financial fair play criteria. Financial fair play has been introduced and added to the licensing criteria in 2011. Since then six clubs have been denied access to the UEFA competitions because they have not paid wages to players or fees to other clubs for transfers and one club has been excluded from UEFA competitions due to a failure to comply with break-even requirements.

    9) Is FFP in line with European law?

    UEFA has been in permanent dialogue with the European Commission about financial fair play and has received continued support for this initiative. There is also a joint statement from the UEFA President and the EU commissioner for competition, emphasising the consistency between the rules and objectives of financial fair play and the policy aims of the EU commission in the field of state aid.

    10) Will financial fair play make it impossible for smaller clubs to overcome bigger clubs in financial terms?

    There are large differences between the wealth of different clubs and countries, which predate and are irrespective of financial fair play. The aim of financial fair play is not to make all clubs equal in size and wealth, but to encourage clubs to build for success rather than continually seeking a ‘quick fix’. Football clubs need an improved environment where investing in the future is better rewarded so that more clubs can be credible long-term investment prospects.

    By favouring investments in youth and stadium infrastructure and by setting the acceptable deficits in absolute million € terms and not relative percentage terms, the break-even assessment has been structured to be less restrictive to smaller and medium-sized clubs. In time, more smaller and medium-sized clubs will have potential to grow.

    11) Why has the UEFA Club Financial Control Body reached settlement agreements with clubs?

    The CFCB’s investigatory chamber can offer clubs settlement agreements, a common instrument for financial regulators to help facilitate compliance. Article 15 of the Procedural rules governing the UEFA Club Financial Control Body states that “settlement agreements may set out the obligation(s) to be fulfilled by the defendant, including the possible application of disciplinary measures and, where necessary, a specific timeframe. The CFCB chief investigator monitors the proper and timely implementation of the settlement agreement. If a defendant fails to comply with the terms of a settlement agreement, the CFCB chief investigator shall refer the case to the adjudicatory chamber.”

    12) Can you explain the financial measures handed out and how the figures were determined?

    Financial measures are linked to each club’s earnings from their participation in European competition during the assessment period.

    13) What are the player registration restrictions and how they are determined?

    The Club Financial Control Body felt that it was imperative that clubs face sporting restrictions as well as financial measures as a result of non-compliance with the break-even requirement. The restriction on the number of players to be registered on the A list serves the dual purpose of limiting the on-field benefits arising from non-compliance while also assisting in achieving the overall objectives of the break-even requirement. The A list restriction is further supported by the restriction on the number of new registrations that clubs can add to the A list and on limits on their net transfer spend.

    14) What is the appeal process for other clubs?

    Any decision of the CFCB chief investigator to conclude a settlement agreement or to apply disciplinary measures may be reviewed by the adjudicatory chamber at the request of a directly affected party within ten days from the date of publication of the decision.

    15) How are clubs that have contravened financial fair play being incentivised to become break-even compliant?

    Settlements require the clubs to become compliant with financial fair play within a short period of time. Failure to meet settlement terms will lead to the club being automatically referred to the adjudicatory chamber.

    Conversely if a club fulfils each individual requirement of the settlement, it may be released from the limitation on the number of players for UEFA competitions for the following season. If a club becomes break-even compliant during the course of the settlement, all sanctions shall cease to apply for the following season, with the exception of the non-conditional element of the financial measure.

    16) Where does the money from the financial measures go?

    UEFA will not keep any of the money. UEFA will distribute money from financial contributions by making solidarity payments to other European clubs according to an agreed formula. The exact details for redistribution of funds will be decided by UEFA and its Executive Committee in due course.

    17) How does financial fair play deal with debt?

    Manageable debt geared towards the long-term development (stadium, academy, infrastructure etc) of the club is efficient for financial planning and is standard practice in most industries. Debt taken on board, including the monetisation of future income, to fund day-to-day operating activity such as wages and transfer fees or to fund short-term cash flow shortfalls can create problems and must be managed effectively.

    Financial fair play through the requirement of clubs to meet their financial obligations and to break even prevents the accumulation of losses leading to unmanageable debt.

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  35. Labogoon
    Well said. Even in Wenger’s last season we went on the pitch with the aim of playing positive and attacking football regardless of opposition home or away.
    This, season we are always playing on the back foot even with the bottom clubs.

    This is unexplaineable.

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  36. RA,
    It is not for me to explain how those views on FFP affecting our salary commitments are wrong, but for such a view to be explained in the first place.

    All I have in favour of my view is that Gazidis was even after the Ozil deal, was only too happy to offer Ramsey a deal which Raul later pulled. To argue that the CEO misread the finances and offered a deal the club couldn’t afford is a huge statement to make. None of this was presented as ‘views of other parties’ until Gazidis left and Raul came in. And even then only when Ramsey went to the media to say he had heard nothing from the club on withdrawing his contract offer. Excuse me for not taking this at face value. Insinuations of my stubbornness, well earned though they may be, notwithstanding.

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  37. RA how could Emery not picking Ramsey and Ozil have anything to do with finances, both have contracts fro this season, we still pay them, picked or not.

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  38. Shard,

    As always, whatever you say. [lol]

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  39. someone mentioned that Arsenal are being turned into a more workman like team under Emery, for me its like the time George Graham went from having a midfield of Davis, Thomas, Rocastle and Limpar to a midfield of Hillier, Selley, Morrow and McGoldrick

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  40. Sensational season for Sterling so far. Unequivocally England’s best footballer (attacking) at this time.

    Imagine the hype if he played for the neighbours!

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  41. All workmanlike and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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  42. Very good RA. If that’s your position in response to clarification sought, maybe not bring up something contrary at all? Just a thought. lol.

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  43. fins just another 4 goals from city needed to see us move into 5th

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  44. Good results in the next four league fixtures could see Arsenal in serious contention for 4th.

    The six pointer against Utd will be a big game with a tricky Away NLD to warm us up the week before.

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  45. And with a few players out with long term injuries the chances of the Arsenal gaining as many points as possible from these next four fixtures will be improved by a return of Xhaka,
    & other senior players. After all the Gunners don’t have a squad like City!
    This baffling last bit is what has people baffled and has nothing to with AW, an understanding the Blaggers seem to be avoiding.

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  46. thats AFC up to 5th on goals scored as things stand, come on city, another goal or two from you would be good

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