A Win Is A Win.

Well we won, 3 points away from home. That keeps our interest in the top 4 for now.

I thought Lacazette played well and Mkhitaryan did well to say he has just missed 10 games. Iwobi was dangerous going forward but very disappointing once he got near the box. Koscielny was also very good and Monreal did little wrong.

Given our long injury list and those that we are told have been struck down with a bug I suppose a win is all that matters!

Or is it?

I mean seriously, is it really?

I’m sorry, but the football was horrid.

Let’s make on bones about it, Huddersfield are rooted at the bottom for a very good reason, they are a very poor PL team. Yet the had more shots. more shots on target and more possession. The only time we looked half decent was when the front three were breaking from our own half, with ball at feet. Our passing and decision making was woeful. I’ve not seen anyone mention it, but I thought Guendouzi had an absolute mare. AMN went from being a danger to them, to a danger to us at times.

Seriously, is a backs against the wall performance against Huddersfield where we are at now? Even taking all the absentees into account? Perhaps it is and I am just a curmudgeon.

The words of Jack Nicholson keep coming to me “what if this is as good as it gets?”

But hey, we won ! Imagine what I would be like if we had played like that and lost?



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111 comments on “A Win Is A Win.

  1. One nil to the Arsenal was the come down to the acid house rave football party of GGs early years.

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  2. Which depressed the club eventually, seratonin levels weren’t right, so they let GG go, signed Dennis Bergkamp and the rest is history. Dein was “lucky” his new manager didn’t come in and fob Dennis off!

    Can you imagine how stupid that would have been?

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  3. From one of the Groaning High Priests no less:

    “Everyone knows that Arsenal fans have been singing “One-Nil to the Arsenal” since George Graham made the scoreline popular when he tried to bore us to death in the latter part of his tenure as Arsenal boss. And we’ve sung it ever since, mostly ironically…”


    That is not my opinion, but theirs!

    No amount of revisionism is going to cheer up the majority of Arsenal fans on a day when the club suffered a big blow. Bigger then losing Brady?

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  4. Fins,

    Do you ever sleep? Lol

    We all knew from the media that Rambo was going next summer, but it is still sad that a really top Arsenal player is leaving.

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  5. The announcement was awkwardly short and mainly generic because the story behind had been awkward? It must be. Like the way they tried not to mention AW as much as possible during the whole introduction of the new manager.
    I mean if your intention is pure and normal, you don’t have to avoid the old one that much just so you can welcome the new one properly, right? Especially when you said you wanted to build on, not to start from scratch.

    You made something bad or had a ‘bad plan for the future, it would then look bizarre on your side

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  6. It would sound weird when you talk about it.

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  7. Read an article yesterday which reminded me one apparent consequence of Brexit is we will no longer be able to sign EU players at 16 and will have to wait a further two years.

    Actually quite a big deal for us considering Fabregas, Bellerin, Gnabry, Szczesny, all came at 16 and even Clichy and Coq at 17 would not have been possible.

    Others include Bennacer, Malen, Jeff, Ozyakup.

    Most likely the players who would move at 16 would not be available 2 years later as well. Those open to it would likely go elsewhere in Europe, with germany, Italy, Spain, France, maybe Holland the likely beneficiaries.

    16 is an easier sell in that it gives you breathing space of couple of years at least in youth team. 18 I think best prospects would either already be playing senior football or want a clear path right away.

    We’ll see. maybe there can be some special allowance not mentioned in the article.

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  8. Definitely not bigger than losing Brady. Like Aaron, Liam wanted to stay but the board made it clear there was no money for his deal, the deals of other players whose contracts were due to expire or quality new players coming in.
    I think not only was Liam a greater influence on our team (at a time we didn’t have squads) but it signalled the end for other players such as Stapleton.
    On that occasion we didn’t recover for a decade whereas on nowadays with or without Aaron we will probably float around the third to sixth place for the time of his contract.

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  9. Thank you Ian.

    Third to sixth place without the cup glory is not a great prospect and from where the club was at it is still a blow if not as big a blow.

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  10. Finally when it looked like we would retain our best players and build, here we are in a rebuild. I’m gonna miss the heck out of Ramsey, I just loved watching that young man play…what a player.
    If they had just been honest and said it was going to be a rebuild. I would still not agree but at least you know where the club stands.
    Well, I guess we have to sit back and watch them build around our best player, Guendouzi. (A fine young player but…)

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