A Win Is A Win.

Well we won, 3 points away from home. That keeps our interest in the top 4 for now.

I thought Lacazette played well and Mkhitaryan did well to say he has just missed 10 games. Iwobi was dangerous going forward but very disappointing once he got near the box. Koscielny was also very good and Monreal did little wrong.

Given our long injury list and those that we are told have been struck down with a bug I suppose a win is all that matters!

Or is it?

I mean seriously, is it really?

I’m sorry, but the football was horrid.

Let’s make on bones about it, Huddersfield are rooted at the bottom for a very good reason, they are a very poor PL team. Yet the had more shots. more shots on target and more possession. The only time we looked half decent was when the front three were breaking from our own half, with ball at feet. Our passing and decision making was woeful. I’ve not seen anyone mention it, but I thought Guendouzi had an absolute mare. AMN went from being a danger to them, to a danger to us at times.

Seriously, is a backs against the wall performance against Huddersfield where we are at now? Even taking all the absentees into account? Perhaps it is and I am just a curmudgeon.

The words of Jack Nicholson keep coming to me “what if this is as good as it gets?”

But hey, we won ! Imagine what I would be like if we had played like that and lost?



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  1. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    Arsenal now up to 5th, just 1pt and 1goal off Man Utd. Spurs 10pts ahead in 3rd

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  2. Well that was a fun game of football. Makes it feel like a better weekend. For one, we’re now 5th, For another Liverpool will be feeling it. City are’t letting go without a fight. For yet another, Chelsea’s misery. But mostly, that is a game worth watching again and marveling at. I know they are built on oil money, but how they create space is amazing and really fun to watch.

    (Btw, it was still ‘wrong’ to not even try to play against them.)

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  3. Man City Women 2-2 Chelsea Women

    Man City top of league with 15 games played, 2pts ahead of Arsenal Women, who have 2 games in hand. Chelsea Women are 4pts further behind, also on 15 games. Arsenal Women have 7 games left to play and need a maximum of 6 wins to secure the Women’s Super League Title.

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  4. will Sarri be sacked in the coming days

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  5. Depends. Is Guus Hiddink still available?

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  6. Eduardo,

    Sorry I have company and missed your question @ 4:03.

    My old friend Shard had earlier said;

    – “My explanation for the Ramsey and Ozil situation is that it is both financial and political. Get the Wenga Boys out of the club.”

    To which I replied agreeing with him, and adding another suggestion;

    — “The Ramsey and Özil situation is mainly financial I think, as we have run into into a clash with the FFP transfer rules and the limitations placed on salary spending within the turnover/profit equation.”

    We then wandered into other matters, as we often do – Lol – so in brief, that has nothing to do with picking players for the team.

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  7. The mildly irritating thing about City is that they are basically playing like a Wenger team. Lovely to watch and all that but oh what might have been…..

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  8. No way I can give City too much credit beyond they’ve used the money better in recent years and the football they produce is obviously very very good.

    Still ,though, it’s a lottery win and nowt else really. Could be Everton, Villa, anyone even. Those owners take over and spend that much for years then any team would be winning titles and contending constantly, and should be playing excellent football.

    I’m bitter alright.

    Would say they were lucky to have built up most of the squad before Neymar, Mbappe, Dembele, Coutinho injected all that extra craziness into a crazy market.

    Prices for them make fees for Sterling, Sane, Bernado Silva, Emerson, Stones, Walker look pretty reasonable and astute purchases- let alone the ones before in different epochs again, like De Bruyne, Fernandinho, Silva, Aguero. Even the latest expensive cb at 60 mill doesn’t look particularly outrageous as that is the going rate, and anyone after the handful of world class established cb’s may have to pay more than Van Dijk at minute.

    There’s luck, but far more important was the power of the unlimited budget : they’ve been going quite early for players in recent times, after one to three years impressive high level football. Can imagine us trying for similar players, willing to invest substantially but thinking the fee is maybe 10-25 per cent higher than we can accept; keeping hope maybe we can try again in a year. They just pay it.

    Still wish someone would play a nice bitter song on PA system about money when playing them, in style of their using Chelsea’s victory song at full time whistle today. Suppose Chelsea can’t go down that route tho.

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  9. ‘It is unbelievable. I am more relaxed because we won the game but so disappointed with the situation because everyone wants to talk about different clubs or players but do you think we are a team that is trying to cheat the referee?

    ‘Come on, we are the most innocent people on the pitch? We are such nice people.’

    The guy’s unbelievable. Even more so as he has blatantly made clear his real attitude- approval- towards dark arts and diving in past, and n to just in actions but in clear words.
    Very lucky press so sympathetic towards him

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  10. Fresh week ,folks.

    Something different and, if honest, games we could well get to open up and play some decent football in in Europa League. Maybe some involvement for Nketiah and Willock if all goes well.

    Plus watching CL action and hoping to see some gits get their just deserts.

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  11. Shard it’s not the tactics it’s the players for me, although the two are of course related.

    E.g.: England didn’t waste time on the discussion, hehe, they just played a genuine fast bowler in dry conditions that aren’t inducive to seam bowling and abracadabra just like that they have a good bowling attack again.

    Imagine how Arsenal would’ve fared at City a couple of seasons ago with Flamini, a younger pre England No.8 promotion Chamberlain and an even younger Iwobi starting ahead of of Coquelin, Ramsey and Cazorla.

    It’s the season long avoidance of this simple understanding that has evaporated the remaining credibility of he Big Blaggers and selfless podcasters, they’ve been pumping out fumes of gibberish in order to obscure the turd stinking out the room.

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  12. talking about a win is a win, listen to this and you will be on a winner too.

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  13. Chelsea Away form in 2019 in the PL, 0 goals scored, 12 conceded, 10 of those after their manager started a public argument with some of his squad.

    This adversarial management style, not sure I’m sold on it but as a supporter of the Arsenal I’m grateful for the stupid self serving managers of late at Chelsea, people at that club who were obviously more interested in lining their pockets then building a great team (we know how that looks and we know that’s why GG went on to manage Tottenham).

    I am grateful that Chelsea aren’t dominating the league and more with a front line of KDB, Salah and Hazard amongst others.

    Meanwhile the BBC are blowing kisses at the Utd manager for bringing back the “feeling” and “identity” at Utd. For understanding the club, for being a part of it.

    In my humble and irrelevant opinion, based upon the career of Pat Rice, anyone who dismisses the value of the “boot room” is a gritting idiot.

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  14. In my latest blog, post Huddersfield, I analyze the state of Stan Kroenke’s Investment:
    Apart from goal-scoring, Huddersfield outplayed Arsenal in every offensive category:
    10% more Possession
    50% more Shots on target
    66% more Shots
    10% more Touches
    18% more Passes

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  15. < though their squad has still been strong enough to be sharing the titles of late with City!

    Even though Hazard decided to not track back for two out four seasons (just kidding he never tracks back consistently and only a weirdo would insist that he does!).

    Going to take a lot of offside goals and penalties (as to date!) for Liverpool to keep pace with City, the PL can't be seen to be dominated by the petro clubs.

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  16. Wasn’t too long ago, a year and a half, that a Wenger Arsenal team beat City and Chelsea to win the greatest fa cup in the club’s history.

    I was gutted that the final score in that final didn’t reflect the Arsenal’s superiority over the champions who with Costa in the team were far potent back then they ever will be with the Higuain-Bozo magic laundry particle accelerator (it gets weighed down by gravity!).

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  17. I hope that my praise of Higuain doesn’t come back to bite me on the Arsenal in the EL knock out rounds.

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  18. The way you say ‘old friend’ reminds me of Magneto, RA.

    Great actor though, Sir Ian.

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  19. fins and ed

    About the players not playing. As someone else on another blog pointed out, and can be gleaned from the Football Leaks stuff that Rich quotes here, is that not playing players like Ozil and Ramsey can be a financial decision to save money on appearance fees and bonuses.

    This is where the ‘collective responsibility’ model fails. Wenger at least always took responsibility for footballing decisions. But does the new ‘Head Coach’ pick his team on his own decision or from a mandate from the top? We don’t know.

    The effect is that both the club and the coach come off looking bad.

    And all those fans justifying this sickening lack of class and loyalty come off looking worse. No right to demand loyalty from players if the way you reward their loyalty is to freeze them out implying they aren’t good enough for a deal they just signed, and not even have the courtesy to inform them you are reneging on an agreed deal. I do not see how Arsenal fans cannot be dismayed by that, regardless of what they think of the players’ contributions. (I mean even if they are intellectually challenged doesn’t mean their values should be so lax)

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  20. Shard the hypocrisy is quite funny, can you imagine the reaction if AW, or anyone, benched £500k p/w on wages every week in the PL.

    I’m enjoying watching people squirm and twist themselves into knots whilst trying to defend this rubbish. As the alternative would be to acknowledge their own lack of class and (dignified Arsenal) values over recent years!

    If you do reap what you sow, then…

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  21. Maybe we’ve got it all wrong.

    Perhaps the lesser David Silvia’s etc out there who like the greater D.Silva will never be capable of leading their nations attack to World Cup glory,

    Perhaps such players will come in and improve the club?

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  22. I mean everyone I know likes Iwobi.

    It’s just that, you know, at a younger age Mesut Ozil was teaching Ashley Cole and John Terry how to eat grass. In a WC knock out game no less!

    The Wenger signing would go on to better that performance against some of Sanllehi’s lads in Brazil, against Brazil.

    There it is.

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  23. Wenger wanted Ozil before he moved to Real Madrid, and though he understandably decided to go there, he said if ever he were leaving he would contact Wenger. He lived up to his word. He also chose us over PSG. More specifically, chose Wenger. At a time when stars were more likely to leave us than sign for us.

    Btw, I just remembered the way Walcott was treated by some of our fans. The same ones who were begging him to sign da ting then claiming he was a waste of wages because he held us over a barrel (same words ppl use about Mesut now)

    But what I absolutely love about Ozil is that he doesn’t take shit. He called out the ‘legends’ for their hypocrisy, much to Ian Wrong’s manufactured outrage. He called out the media for its treatment of Arsenal. Enough to get them to kick up a storm in a teacup. He called out the racism in Germany and refused to be cowed down and apologise for a photo. The man has integrity, courage and loyalty. Even if he weren’t one of the best footballers in the world he would be a worthy Arsenal man. That we’re doing this to him just makes me sick. It’s pathetic and disgusting and I have no love for the people doing this. That by the way, is what loving the club is about. I see no contradiction.

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  24. If they really are trying to mistreat MO or constructively force him out, they need to be careful, if he wanted to,he can just sit tight , take the money and they can do very little about it.
    If there are any issues with him, I hope he is getting all the support and help he, or most employees would deserve. I still think, and hope we will be seeing a fair bit more of him this season, but remains to be seen.
    If it is purely financial, then three potentially events have occurred since Mesut signed on. Wenger left, Ivan left, and Stan bought the whole club. A friend of mine who knows a little more about high finance than myself, as most do, speculates , and I use only that word, that though there is no evidence that Stan any longer takes money out, or even intends to, but he may have borrowed the money for the final buyout using the club as collateral, with strings attached to secure a slightly better borrowing rate.Sounds a little counter intuitive to me, I would have thought the more likely a club is to succeed, the better the borrowing rate, but I know nothing of such deals.
    Either that, or Mesut just doesnt fit the system, or UE thinks he has underperformed

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  25. Mandy you make an important point that there is some doubt about what is up with Ozil. Personally I have considered that and concluded that it is him being pushed out, but it’s still important to step back and acknowledge that might be wrong. So, thank you.

    However, Ozil’s twitter posts had hinted he’s not injured when Emery said he was. ANOTHER full week of training done. Ready to go. Stuff like that. And then to bring on Suarez instead of Ozil in the City game to me read as a deliberate message. At the cost of the team I might add.

    So yeah. I have my reasons for why I think this way, but of course I do not know.

    Somebody (or you) will have to explain the financial stuff in simpler words to me. I don’t get it. What I do feel is that it is very weird how much money Arsenal keep in the bank. But this is from much before this final purchase, so I don’t know if it’s related to what you’re saying.

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  27. Mandy,

    Ozil could famously fit into a Mourinho system where Mata, Pogba, Martial etc. could not.

    The hope was the injuries, but that is no longer a tenable explanation for what we have been witnessing with not one but two key players, but also Sven deciding to bugger off early reflects the poor treatment of staff when we consider his record in signing Matteo, Torreira, Jordon sancho at Dortmund etc. when compared with Raul’s Boyz from Brazil (lol?), there ain’t no comparison!

    Values? What values!

    To repeat:

    Who, and what, is Raul Sanllehi?

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  28. Mertesacker and Fahmy are joined by Sanllehi and Sven Mislintat, the head of recruitment, as the four footballing representatives on the 15-man executive team, which managing director Vinai Venkatesham said “encompasses everything that we do as an organisation”.


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  29. I had never heard of this 15 man executive team before. So who else is on it? The other 11 people (let’s ignore the fact that Mislintat left) Also, why is Fahmy a ‘football’ man. Isn’t he a lawyer who negotiates contracts and did this for a cycling team?

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  30. If he has to leave, it might as well be to become the highest paid British footballer of all time.

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  31. Doesn’t look good behind the scenes or with Ozil for now.
    As for the values, cannot help but think they were much more linked to Wenger than the club, or owner.
    Shard, think that was what my friend was alluding to, know it predates Stan, possibly even part of the stadium deal, who knows, but by keeping money in the bank, perhaps a guarantee to trim the wage to turnover ratio with financial penalties on Stans borrowing of they do not ,by losing a few high earners, and not adding to them, cutting costs, could have maybe got Stan a preferential borrowing rate by a few fractions of a percent, which would,ultimately add up to millions over what he has borrowed to buy out the club. Apparently very much the done thing in big borrowings, from what I was told, the bottom line, current or projected may in some cases , depending on the terms, be more important than projections of success, especially success deemed unrealistic on our model. Our wage to turnover is very sustainable, I just don’t see the need for a cost drive, we could certainly afford Ramsey, but as I say, just speculation. But it does make me think about P George’s “What if this is as good as it gets” point. And if this speculation has any truth, then losing Sven doesn’t sound a smart move with his record at discovering gems, but may also explain why he, and maybe even Ivan felt the need to leave.
    But I reiterate, no,evidence for this, Stan isn’t an Abramovich,he doesn’t need to be, but yet to see any evidence he prevents the club spending what it brings in.
    But like a lot of things, I suspect we will know more after the summer.
    Isn’t there some Occams Razor thing where the simplest, most plausible hypothesis with the fewest assumptions is the most likely in reality, so perhaps Emery just didn’t really fancy Ozil or Ramsey. Read an article today UE sees Ramsey as a number 8 and doesn’t play number 8s in his system, sounds like our manager is not as versatile as Ramsey himself!
    On that note, obscene wage, but well done Ramsey, couldn’t be more delighted for him personally.

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  32. I wondered if I was the only one who felt there was something off with the club statement on Ramsey. But lots of people on Twitter seem to think so. And I thought maybe it’s because he’s not leaving yet, but then someone showed how Cech’s announcement was treated by Arsenal, so it’s not that.

    Whatever may have happened behind the scenes, if the club can’t even bring themselves to send a legend like Ramsey off in the right way, then there’s something seriously wrong.

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  33. I disagree that those values were to do solely with Wenger. We fired George Graham for doing what every manager was doing. It was too early for Wenger to have enough clout to offer a replay if the club didn’t agree. I only started following in 97, so that’s about the extent of my knowledge of events. But ‘m sure others can find more example. All I know is that Wenger stayed because he found those same values at the club.

    Of course we sold the club since then, and increasingly the value of values is being forgotten. But for me those are what make Arsenal a club rather than a soulless corporate entity. It’s not the badge, the manager, the owner or the players, all of which have changed even in my relatively short time following the club. There’s more. Look at how Solksjaer is getting praised for revitalising the club.

    Which just proves that only Arteta can save us now. (Kidding but not really)

    Emery doesn’t play with an 8, Emery doesn’t play with a 10. All I know is that so far, Emery doesn’t play good football, nor..importantly…does he try to. Maybe that’ll change next season. I have low expectations though, and maybe that’s for the best.

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  34. That’s classy from Aaron. I hope he does well in Italy. He has more than paid his dues at AFC and deserves to go with our best wishes as he has behaved very professionally throughout.

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  35. “Read an article today UE sees Ramsey as a number 8 and doesn’t play number 8s in his system”.

    So what was all that BS about him being a key player and one of his captains? I guess like many people UE is capable of saying what it takes to get the job and then do what he wants once his feet are under the table. Let’s hope he can deliver now that he has the power.

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  36. I’ve seen us play at home three times this season: West Ham, Leicester and Burnley. The last two of those featured Ozil and very good he was too. By and large we have had some pretty decent games at home under Emery, just as we more or less did under AW. Our away form in terms of points thus far is on a par with last season – maybe perhaps slightly better. I think that our best chance of doing really well for the rest of the season is to maximise our home matches (with both Ramsey and Ozil playing) and to adopt as negative an approach away from home as possible. I used to be quite proud to sing 1-0 to the Arsenal – and I would not mind if that became a thing again.

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  37. That’s a very good question Passenal @8.51
    Here’s the article in question, by Ornstein on the BBC site no less!

    We shall see what UE does, Others will disagree, but in my opinion, he deserves this summer and some bedding in time for new players, but if it is his decisions to lose Ramsey, and possibly Özil, I hope he knows what he is doing regarding replacements. I suspect he does generally know what he is doing , but know I may be in a major minority! If such deeds really are being forced from above, I hope it is just temporary, if not,he has a very tough job and my sympathy
    Shard, perhaps i was overstating the link between Wenger and the club values, I am sure they maintain their fine community and foundation post Wenger. The previous board , or some of them had a slightly otherworldly feel about them. As for George Graham, don’t remember so much of it, but guessing he was silly enough to get caught, especially with a media making him a scapegoat to cover up for similar deeds of many, perhaps most other managers at the time, including at least one and probably two who rank among the very greatest. I think in the event, the club ultimately had little choice, but not for the first time, Arsenal punished when others were not. Values or no choice, the right decision in the end though.
    One value I hope they keep, is playing youngsters. Again, I cut Emery some slack in his first season, but hope they stick to this widely stated aim, suspect with the clubs model, they will need to. Encouraged by Gwen, Holding, and guess,Torreiras age puts him in that bracket, hope to see more.

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  38. I’ve just seen the club statement for Ramsey – it’s pathetic considering they are the ones that forced him out. I’m getting increasingly disillusioned by this outfit. 11 years with the club, but the former Chelsea player who only joined us because he wanted to stay in London, gets more recognition in his statement? WTF!

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  39. Doesn’t play a Number 8, my ass. He played Rabiot and reports suggest is trying to get him again.

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  40. I’m going to give the club the benefit of the doubt here, and assume that the difference is that Aaron is leaving the club to go somewhere else, while Cech is retiring from football altogether. Now, Arsenal have 3 months with it all out in the open to figure out how to do a proper sendoff for a player who has committed 11 years of his career to this club. And it had better not get overshadowed by a retirement party for a Chelsea player. If they fail there, well, there’ll be no benefit of the doubt from me.

    Now I’m off to drown my sorrows in alcohol. My heart is hurting today.

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  41. Reports I read suggested that Rabiot was actually unhappy with Emery for not letting him play B2B. I hope he truly doesn’t want to play a #8. Because if he does, and he’s left the best #8 in the PL on the bench this whole time, then he’s a fucking idiot.

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  42. We will probably never know, or at least not for a very long time, what advice AR and MO and many of the others have asked for and received from Arsene over the last 10 months.

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  43. Lots of normally sane fans resorting to empty platitudes about the club being above all, even slagging off Ramsey. Without stopping to think what Arsenal FC actually means beyond the corporate name tag.

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  44. With Ransey going my heart sinks again.
    For me he, was the Golden boy of the, club .Always played with his heart and gave the best of his abilities.

    His 400k wages at Juve is a big slap on the face of Wobs and the malcontents and the Le, groaners and the Arseblogger who never rated him.

    It’s a pity the new management at Arsenal have failed to keep him. Had Wenger been here Ramaey would have signed with us surely.

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  45. Tim
    I was quite proud of the consecutive golden gloves for the Arsenal in 2015-16.

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  46. AR and MO, like many Arsenal fans are probably asking how a chap who spunked his load on Paulinho has ended up being in charge of players at Arsenal Football Club over someone with the record of Arsene Wenger.

    Why is AW not the DoF?
    Who is Raul Sanllehi?

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  47. Mandy to write the “values” were linked with AW is completely incorrect.

    He didn’t sack GG.

    He didn’t sign Pat Rice
    in the 1950’s!, or keep him on in the 1980’s to deliver GG the foundation for his team

    A team which had some success with 1-0 to the Arsenal but greater success being the best football team in the country, almost being Invincible (who had their share of gritty draws) and famously: SCORING MORE THEN ONE GOAL away at Anfield, I think some of you might know that to which I do refer:

    The Football.

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