It’s A Quarter Final BTW !


Hello you wonderful positive people.

Against my better judgement I have decided to preview our Carabao Cup  game against the big white cocks.

It’s only the Carabao Cup say some! Not me though, oh no, not a bit of it. It’s a quarter final match against our bitter rivals and I want to win. I want to win big. I want to progress to the semi finals and then I want to win it. Bollocks to anything else.

The PL result and performance against them was, by a distance, the standout effort of the season. Despite the recent 22 game unbeaten run the football has hardly been inspiring. Glimpses of excellence amid some frankly turgid stuff. So who better to turn on the style against again than Spurs?


Injuries permitting I believe we should turn out our strongest team possible. That means starting Ozil, Ramsey and Lacazette, because any team without them is simply not our best team. It’s just not and I don’t give a flying f**k what excuses are rolled out.

Play Xhaka and Torreira in the midfield. I don’t want to see Xhaka at CB ,FB of Wingback. I honestly can not say how annoying it is when the guy that controls the game in MF is moved anywhere else. If we have to stick to this 3 at the back and a midfielder has to be drafted in, let it be ElNeny. JUST NOT XHAKA ….PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE

I would also like to see Cech between the sticks , where he perhaps should be regularly?

This Spurs team is the very last team we should be playing a weakened team against. Losing is awful at the best of times but losing to them, at home, is unbearable,  whatever the competition.


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  1. mandy if emery is fed up talking about Ozil then the last thing that he should have done is let the suggestion that Ozil will be sold in January go without totally shooting it down as nonsense. Emery is not some novice manager who dosen’t know how the media works.


  2. New post up


  3. in two weeks time Cech, Ramsey, Monreal and Welbeck, and I think Lichtsteiner too, can sign pre contract agreements with foreign clubs to move to them on Bosman frees in the summer.


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