Arsenal’s Away Form Explained – Our Narrative.


I was reading through the comments and found this from Eduardo, it perfectly explains my own thoughts on the subject. For anyone calling bullshit on it , Shotta has given us data to back this up in several of his blogs.

“I would say that we did not approach away games any different than home games, but two things, three as the season went on, altered the results

1. The biggest one for me, the refs away from home really did give us an awful time, lack of clear cut penalties, phantom penalties against us, the non calling of fouls for us cos Arsenal don’t like it up them,

2. Simple mistakes by our players, we seen our players make some crazy decisions in away games that we just did not see at home, we also played with a little less tempo away, meaning our attack was blunted,

The third thing was as the season went on, and the away form struggled, the players’ confidence away from home fell apart, it might only have made a 10% drop in performance, maybe even less, but that was enough. Our players got to the point where it seemed they just expected the officials to not give us the penalty, to flag us offside, to hand a penalty to the opposition, or for one of our guys to fuck up royally, if you like a self fulfilling prophecy. At home we were winning, so they played expecting to win, away we were losing and so it continued.
Its a new season, a new dawn, it could very well be that we will go the season unbeaten away, and struggle at home. A lot of this can depend on how we start the season, get the early wins and things can flow, struggle either at home or away and not only can it get in the players’ heads, but the NARRATIVE will be set in the media, in the blogs, etc, and it will make it so much harder. Of course get on a run of wins and maybe, just maybe, the Narrative will be Emery to lead AFC to title in first season.”


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  1. Just a flesh wound George.
    Eddy’s memory as we all know is encyclopedic. I want to emphasize that the PGMO refs did a number on us on the road. George speculated in this blog we lost 9-12 points due to poor refereeing

    Remember the bogus penalty at the Spuds which was preceded by an offside. We had the video, which the PL tried very hard to delete, of Moss asking something along the lines “What are the guys in the truck saying”? Well that video which my broadcaster played and replayed showed a clear offside. But that had no effect on Mossy.

    The other one I remember well was that phantom penalty against us at West Brom by Dean. What a travesty.

    Is it any wonder the PGMO is slow walking VAR?

    Have you asked yourself why does the Establishment media, particularly the BBC, does everything to sew doubts about VAR during this world cup? Why are they so against the use of technology to correct such clear and obvious refereeing errors?

    As I said before, no way can the PL (which owns the PGMO lock, stock and barrel) and the Establishment media prevent the use of VAR in England. I tweeted this earlier: “The #PGMO cannot run, and they cannot hide. Can you imagine the howl from PL fans next season when the 1st big penalty or offside decision and Mike “Game 50″ Riley and his members cannot provide VAR. Multiply that 2nd, 3rd, 4th, time and so on. The feckers have a rude awakening!”

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  2. The picture at the top is of Holbox, off the Mexican coast.

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  3. At least I think that is the name.

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  4. Interesting. Away form was certainly an issue last season. We made mistakes and numbers were poor, very poor at times. But I guess, as always, there are mitigating factors.
    The influence of the PGMOL cannot be discounted, still can’t forget Dean sprinting with delight to award the softest of pens against us at the end of the west brom game. I am intrigued to see whether a new manager, and a new, well connected, , ex Barca so likely streetwise director of operations will lead to any change with some of these refs, and those who run them. If you believe there is bias against the club, and to me at least , it is pretty clear there is in various forms, the question being, is the bias against an ex manager and coach who were whistleblowers, a manager who refused to play the system, and in as much as he could, exposed some of the refereeing for what he believes it is. Or is there a more inherent, longer term bias against the club? Or maybe the powers that be just want certain others to succeed, and AFC are collateral damage. Media loved Liverpool and England loved Spurs get a much easier ride than we do.
    Who knows?
    But what I do suspect is that things will not change until mike Riley is gone. When you consider he was put in place by a power hungry dictator and ref selector, and his band of dinosaur yes men in the LMA that only know how to play one way. The dictator is no longer a manager, but Riley appears as compromised as he was back at that fateful day at Old Trafford. Hopefully, the success of VAR and the general standard of refereeing at the WC,bravery shown by non professional refs rarely seen against certain teams and names in the EPL, will shame the powers that be in England into some sort of action, anything less must surely bring suspicion to the gates of our game.
    As for performances next season, I expect tactical tweaks from Emery to make us more solid away, any sustained repeat of some of last seasons away form would put the new man under a lot of pressure. more dynamic without the ball. Torriera will help, as Coq did, still don’t know why we sold him, always rated the Frenchman. Interesting times

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  5. Sorry Shotta, didn’t see your post before myself posting, gone over a few similar things, eg Mike Dean

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  6. I’ve always said it’s not necessarily the obvious mistakes or bias by refs that often make the major difference. Very often a ref can affect a result by ignoring late fouls giving 50/50s all one way or even stacking bookings for ARSENAL players and not giving them for the other team.
    As VAR evolves I hope the influence of the refs bias is less and his decision making is more.

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  7. above is pic of Wilshere in west ham shirt

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  8. Leno chose no. 19 because he joined us on the 19th and because he made his professional debut at the age of 19

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  9. Jeorge Bird@jeorgebird

    Arsenal’s 2018/19 squad numbers including all academy players (subject to change):

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  10. George it was a great comment from Eds articulately summarising most of our thoughts, considerations and discussions here from the least twelve months.

    So thanks to both of you!

    I’d add that the loss of confidence of key leaders in the squad in their own games, of the two senior CBs in particular, was a big factor in the team losing confidence and cohesion on the pitch. Bourmounth was a good example of that.

    Which is why I was trying to emphasise the strategic risk taken last year by asking the BFG to not retire when he wanted to, multiplied by a reduction in the no.’s of senior CBs available to a factor of Koscielny’s ankle spasms (a negative sum resulting in just Mustafi): not a good call but understandable in the context of a major squad rebuild – that would also logically explain why Coquelin was let go with no like for like replacement being bought in immediately: as in Torreria and perhaps other targets were identified some time ago even if the call to sign him/one from a list was made recently, same as with all the other AFC signings! A long time coming.

    Been nice for AW to have had a stronger squad in his final season, but it is also fitting that he has provided the new gaffer with half the rebuild job done.

    What is risible and worthy of ridicule was the blaggers’ narrative and podcastateers’ bullshit: that AFC had a “strong” squad at the start of last season. How could a “shambles” have a “strong” squad at the start of last season? It seems such contradictions don’t matter to our experts. Speaking in toungues or tying their toungues in knots?

    In addition a fit Chamberlain would’ve started and played more minutes at this WC for a better team then Iwobi’s Nigeria. It was: A. Weaker. Squad. Then. Now!

    Given the lack of defensive numbers (Coquelin CDM option included) people are entitled to their beliefs and narratives and stories but any simple straightforward objective analysis can tell you that the new gaffer has been given an enviable task of completing the refurbishment of a very good squad, with the attack already done he doesn’t have to worry about as much and can focus on the team itself. Otherwise it’d have been too big an risk/ask from a new manager.

    Take key players, the leaders, out of a squad even if for a short period of a international tournament and a team can drift. Even Germany.

    Southgate getting praised for allowing players to take responsibility on the pitch? Which is what they should be doing anyway? Now you can all remember exactly why the old gaffer tipped him to do well in the England job at the start of his managerial career!

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  11. west ham confirm they have signed wilshere on a 3 year deal

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  12. Wilshere joins Cazorla as another great talent to be mentored by two of the great modern managers.

    He’s in good company there. And he couldn’t have chosen a better manager to work with, happy to see that call.
    hopefully he’ll get better calls his way when getting smashed on behalf of the Hammers then then the Gunners.

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  13. Congratulations Jack, and congratulations West Ham

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  14. Freddie Ljunberg our U23 coach at work today at Colney

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  15. it seems Arsenal have signed Sunderland’s 16 year old striker Sam Greenwood

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  16. Hugo Keto has joined Brighton after his release by Arsenal

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  17. Sampdoria have taken Torreira off their player list on their website

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  18. Sam@samuelJayC

    Impact of migrants on European nations: (via @Bruno_Constant)

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  19. Ema Ralte
    ‏ @Ema_Ralte
    36m36 minutes ago

    David Ospina’s agent Lucas Jaramilo to @CrackDeportivo:

    “We will look for an options in Europe for Ospina & if we don’t find it, Boca will always be a good option. Boca is one of the biggest club in the world.” #AFC

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  20. 16 year old left back Joel Lopez looks set to complete his move to Arsenal, after announcing he has finished at Barcelona and is ready for a new chapter in his career

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  21. Chris Davison
    ‏ @cdavison_afc
    22m22 minutes ago

    #AFC | I’m not sure it’s been widely reported, but former Liverpool and Crystal Palace Physio Chris Morgan has joined Arsenal’s backroom team.

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  22. Villarreal CF
    ‏Verified account @VillarrealCF
    2h2 hours ago

    💛 I.L.U.S.I.Ó.N. 💛

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  23. agents working for Ajax 16 year old defender Ki-Jana Hoever have been hawking him around BPL clubs, Arsenal one of the clubs they have held talks with, CFC, Liverpool and Everton all thought to be keen on the lad


  24. Interesting observations on Southgate:

    Tried out this crazy thing called Project Youu as the sneering idiotic blaggers decribe it whilst at Middlesborough. The football fan who didn’t have a vested interest in changing a business model of a football club would point out tha bringing through youth players is simply what normal football club’s have to do when the purse strings are tight.

    Our blaggers have been weaving a different story: in their Upside Down Narrative this historical trend at football clubs (when necessary) became a personal vanity project. You couldn’t make it up, but they did.

    Southgate likes “leaders on the pitch”. Think I’ve said enough about “panic buys” like Mertesacker and Arteta and Cazorla. Yep, you couldn’t make it up, buttheyve been ramming this stuff down people’s earholes for years and years.

    Arsenal had a good squad last season: no, they didn’t. No amount of wishful thinking about Iwobi’s progress could guarantee he will contribute to at least three trophies in a young Arsenal career (I refer you all to the FA cup highlights I uploaded from a few weeks ago: Chambo made a contribution to AFC, to all three cup runs, that is not an opinion).

    And finally Southgate has taken a tennish player at his club and asked him to play at eight. And you and I know all know who it was who first started this trend upon these shores.

    Seems fitting that in the summer when AW retired a coach using many of his methods is doing well with England.

    Nevermind the Narratives eh?

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  25. All this stuff about positive changes on Twitter. We never did pre season training before, never signed old right backs or old centre backs, it’s all so fresh and new and different. Does Torreira really count as a big name? Seems at least they are cutting the new bloke even it’s mostly a way to snipe at the old manager. So many media led sheep.

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  26. Its official now, welcome Torriera

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  27. So,

    Gabriel replacement: sorted.

    Coquelin replacement: done.

    Marks, as we are just about reaching a position in the rebuild to be able to say the squad is definitely stronger then the one the old gaffer had to start and then cut during last season, and of course we hope the new team will go on to match the achievements of that last squad but let us be entirely fair and more then reasonable:

    These Shambles merchants who spent years running down the panic buys and the achievements of that team: they may be cunning linguists, but they don’t appear to know that much about the footy.

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  28. Mattéo Guendouzi signing his AFC contract

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  29. seems Arsenal have completed the signing of Sunderland’s 16 year old striker Sam Greenwood

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  30. Pleguezuelo and Bielik back in training, with the U23’s

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  31. Deschamps plays the defensive style, and like Benitez does it admirably well. A hundred times the manager/coach Maureen is.

    Also enjoyed the manner in which he accepted he had to discipline Koscielny after his red mist in Kiev & brought him back at the right time, he couldn’t jus dump his best defender after all. Be weird if France win a WC without him, but that is the strength in depth that they do have!
    They have to win this and their next games first…

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  32. Well with the players coming in today and seemingly end of inward business it will be interesting to see which players are sold or loaned to make the 25

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  33. ian the players we have over the age of 21

    GK – Leno, Cech, Martinez, Macey, Ospina, Iliev

    RB – Bellerin, Lichsteiner, Jenkinson

    LB – Monreal, Kolasinac, Bramall

    CB – Mustafi, Koscielny, Chambers, Sokratis, Holding,

    M – Xhaka, Torreira, Ramsey, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Ozil

    F – Aubameyang, Lacazette, Iwobi, Welbeck, Perez, Akpom, Campbell

    so that is 30 but includes Koscielny who according to reports is out till new year, that means without any further senior signings, at least four players on that list, plus Koscielny will not be in our BPL list, by the looks of it we can cut 3 keepers, say ospina, Iliev and Macey, that leaves campbell as the most likely outfield player to leave.

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  34. Nick HarrisVerified account @sportingintel
    58m58 minutes ago

    The Mahrez deal means Pep Guardiola has spent £986m on players in 11 years in his managerial career. And £541m of that has been in two years at Man City.

    When you consider the above tweet, it puts AFC summer transfer business into perspective, Man City have basically spent similar amount on Mahrez as AFC have spent on Leno, Lichtsteiner, Sokratis, Torreira, and Guendouzi

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  35. Arsène Wenger on Olivier Giroud: “I am so happy that he gets to play the World Cup final. When he was 23, he was at Grenoble, what mental strength. He didn’t score, but he put in an enormous amount of effort. You can only be incredibly happy for him.” (BeIN)

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  36. My English friends should really love the following bit of news:
    #WorldCup2018 Apparently the Russians will be supporting the English team and not the Croatians. Take a gander from the following website:

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  37. I think the game last night showed Giroud is a better all round player than Lukaku who actually seemed scared by the ball at some points.
    Ed, when you consider the odd sale and multiple loans, we may even have space in the squad at the start of the season.
    The pre season friendlies will have extra significance for the lineups as well as the performance

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  38. Familiar name cropped up in Zidane book I’m reading. In a bit about him trying to gain fitness for 2002 world cup there was a mention of him doing extensive work with dr Phillipe Boixel. Seems he was doctor with French national team

    Recognised name and he is indeed one of the staff who left us this year when Wenger did. Right around that time I’d read of his involvement, at Houllier’s request, with sorting out the back problems that plagued Gerrard early in his career.

    Anyway, it interested me, at this time when hordes take it as sure that we were deficient in behind-the-scenes expertise, had fallen behind in innovation, or just generally that everything we did before was bad (and is now good)

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  39. I’m needing some reassurance here but woke up worried. I can’t see how all of these players can be made to feel integral to the team. Ozil. Ramsey. Mkhitaryan. Xhaka. Aubamyang. Lacazette. Torreira.
    I fear one of them will go.

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  40. One more from that Zidane book and my questions about whether Wenger had ever pursued him or had a shot.

    Book says Wenger was called first, when Marseille got cold feet and reneged on plans to buy Zidane at end of 2nd full season and with Cannes relegated. ***

    Supposedly he declined on basis Zidane had not kicked on in his second year. Many/ nearly all other managers did the same though, and Cannes were actively searching to find a buyer as it suited both parties to part ways (they didn’t think it would be good for him or them in the rougher, lower division they were heading for)

    Strangely, despite being 20, Zidane had never signed full professional contract with them (no doubt all changed now, but he was registered as something else) and his first one was with Bordeaux.

    Zidane’s career has long since struck me as one belonging to the old era, which would not be possible now.

    Most likely a host of big clubs would compete furiously for an extremely gifted 15/16 year old even though there were big questions and doubts about physicality, finding a way, what exactly he was as a player, and the right position to harness the gifts,etc. It could easily be detrimental to his development.

    Meanwhile flashes of prodigious talent would certainly be more than enough at the 18,19,20 stage to convince those same big clubs to sign him, even if there was zero intention of playing him any time soon. Which again could be detrimental.

    Meanwhile the name would be known, clips on internet,etc, if talented player did something special for France under 17’s, let alone scored a few quality goals as an 18/19 year old in first team football.

    The book makes clear and explains well how Zidane’s slower path suited him . Maybe he would have reached the same level however it went, but I don’t think it’s guaranteed.

    Likewise you can’t know if,say, Gael Kakuta, would have been way better off developing the old way instead of heading off to Chelsea at 16.

    *** we can be grateful on this one that the uber critics, journalists and civilians alike, rarely seem to be prolific readers.

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  41. forverheady,
    I’m needing some reassurance here but woke up worried. I can’t see how all of these players can be made to feel integral to the team. Ozil. Ramsey. Mkhitaryan. Xhaka. Aubamyang. Lacazette. Torreira.
    I fear one of them will go.

    Oh it gets juicier than just these 7, we have many who play multiple positions.

    CM/DM: Torreira, Xhaka, Elneny, Maitland-Niles
    CM/AM: Ramsey, Maitland-Niles, Reine-Adelaide
    AM/RW/LW: Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi
    CF/LW/RW: Aubameyang, Lacazette, Welbeck, Nketiah

    What should spread the playing time is:
    1. the time it’ll take for our WORLD CUP players to be match-fit
    2. the 4 competitions we will be playing in, (PL, Europa, FA, Carabao). Max 64 games!
    3. the EPL bedding-in time for the newbies.
    4. and of course…injuries.

    Couple the above with outgoings (sale+loans) and we should be fine. Chemistry is the only unknown but with the strong core that’ve played together, Wengerball4emery should be fine.

    My expected OUTS are:
    RELEASED/SOLD: Campbell, Jenkinson, Akpom, Lucas, Ospina
    LOAN OUTS: Macey, Iliev, Reine-Adelaide, Willock, Bramall, Bielik, Zelalem

    HG (8): Ramsey, Welbeck, Martinez, Chambers, Bellerin, Holding, Iwobi, M.Niles.

    >21(15): Cech, Lichtsteiner, Monreal, Sokratis, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang, Özil, Lacazette, Leno, Mustafi, Elneny, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Torreira, Koscielny*

    U21(4): Guendouzi, Mavropanos, R.Adelaide, Nelson, Nketiah,

    We might still have room for one more player, that fantastic dual-sided winger “they” say we need.
    Looks good. Can’t wait…

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  42. On another note from the top of the food chain, now that the CR7 move has happened I expect an accelerated domino effect of transfers till the end of the window. Thankfully we’ve concluded 93.9% of our transfer biz. Only the wizardly winger (ww) remains
    ….in Sven we trust?

    my preferred ww, the unstoppable Adama Traore… if Emery & our veterans believe they can calm him down. What a weapon!

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  43. finally..whatever happened to Caglar Söyüncü ?
    A year too early for us maybe?
    Would look good in red & white as Koscielny’s replacement.
    Hope friggin’ Simeone doesn’t grab him instead.
    Can’t we buy and loan him back to Freiburg for the season?
    Does it obliterate our transfer budget?

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  44. Aman, plenty of stories about Caglar, but I wonder if Unai and his team took a closer look at what we already have, were impressed, and decided to persist. Chambers has just signed a new deal, think a more stable defence (with cynical old heads bought in) than the injury hit one of recent could help build Callums confidence and turn him into an excellent player. there is also Holding. I am assuming Mustafi is staying , despite last summers rumours, which were probably just in place to destablise the team
    The players I am concerned with losing are Danny and Ramsey, the latter, lots of positive talk and rumour, but nothing signed, as long as it remains that way, well thats a worry. Guess Danny has other priorities at the moment.
    If we did lose Ramsey, we do have players who may cover, I wonder if UE might not go like for like, with a relative abundance in cmf but instead with a wider player?
    Still, really hope we can keep Rambo and maybe make him skipper

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  45. Mandy,
    fair enough on Caglar Söyüncü on the short term. I see him as a long term solution. A possible Arsenal-lifer. On youtube he looks an absolute monster-in-the-making. A complete defender, heart, body & soul. One who’d elevate and lead our next gen. of defenders for the next 7 years. Every great team needs that Spartan ready to die for the cause. Think Ramos (Real Madrid), Maldini (Milan), Adams (Arse), Godin (Atletico)…
    and with Sokratis & Kos to initiate him I see no risk in breaking our budget for him.

    We wouldn’t be over by much anyway,
    Lichtsteiner – £0
    Leno – £19.2m
    Sokratis – £17.4m
    Torreira – £26.4m
    Guedouzi – £7m
    (Estimated) Total Spent – £70m

    We could make £20-23m from the sale of Ospina, Lucas & Chuba.
    Why not put it all on Söyüncü? Buy and loan him back to Freiburg for the year.
    Keeps him out of reach of the moneybags, guarantees playing time, and subconsciously raises focus for all (Caglar & our other CBs). The focus then shifts to maximizing the next 3 years, team chemistry, and reclaiming champion status.

    On Rambo,
    sorry Mandy, I have absolutely no fear of losing him. I’d much rather keep him but if he tries to play hard ball….oh well. If I can get over losing AW, Santi, Rosicky, Arshavin, Cesc, RvP, OG, Diaby, TH14, Hleb & Theo (yes Theo), I can get over losing Aaron Ramsey. Season 2017/18 stripped me of the last bits of nostalgic attachment I have to our players. Its a new day, a new cycle beginneth, the seeds of a new nostalgia have been planted.

    Wengerball 4.0 = Emeryball 1.0

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