Is Stan Kroenke Now Arsenal’s Saviour ?

So the great new dawn is upon us. We have rid ourselves of Arsene Wenger and his gang of incompetents, and replaced them with high class people that can bring us the success we deserve.

It’s absolutely fantastic. The players are drinking water, smiling,training hard, young players are involved and the manager is hands on on the training ground. These things never happened before , now did they?

That there have been major changes in personnel is undeniable. That they are all top people in their fields of expertise appears to be the case, they are certainly experienced with good track records.  Its more people with more individual responsibility and a coach with much less. Modern football? Or should I not say that because “modern football” is frowned upon by the “we want our Arsenal back” hoards. But I digress.

The point is almost every fan is happy, us included, the future looks bright. But what has actually changed other than our perceptions?

We have spent about £70m up until now, I suspect there will be outgoing and our net spend will be considerably less. So are we spending more? Is the new regime spending the money Arsene refused to? Seems not ?

Have we dipped into the £250m in the bank that should be spent on making the team as good as it can be? Seems not ? Perhaps that’s not for spending then, or not anywhere like that figure?

Are we competing for the likes of Marhez ,with City, or are we still buying from the second shelf ? It seems we are not and we still are  ! So what’s the big change?

Have we tied Aaron Ramsey down to a new deal, or is it dragging on? Dithering?

Now here is the rub, the moment many readers start shifting uncomfortably on their seat, searching for an answer that doesn’t destroy all their hard earned narratives.

If you are happy with all things Arsenal now, you have a certain Stan Kroenke to thank.

Without spending any more of the clubs money, and of its reserves ,or dipping into his own pocket for a single silver dollar, he has given everyone what they wanted ? Without being a football man or spending time at the club he has granted the wishes of the permanently malcontent.

His useless puppet (Ivan) is now the dogs bollocks. We are Kroenke FC , being driven by Ivan, and he is the very image of a none football man.

So if everything is rosy in the garden, and I hope it is, then we should be very much KROENKE IN ? He has come through big time and perhaps all the hate was for nowt?




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155 comments on “Is Stan Kroenke Now Arsenal’s Saviour ?

  1. Arsenal have hired Port Adelaide physio Tim Parham on the recommendation of Darren Burgess our Director of high performance, who we also hired from Port Adelaide,


  2. Well said Passenal, and good to know Kos played a part in getting them there.
    Now, we can concentrate on Arsenal, going to be a very interesting season.
    Just seen the post about Burgess hiring a new physio, hope he is as good as those working for the amazing Croatian players!


  3. griezmann didnt dive but he sold it by living his leg trailing nd brozovic ( a player i’ve come to like in this world cup ) bought it. there was contact but it was solicited. just like our goal agaitst barca in 2006, nobody would have talked about it if it hsnt led to a goal.


  4. Before England NT supporters get their backs up because fureigners aren’t falling in line with the English “it’s coming home” narrative… have a look at your media:

    before the semi final they’ve written Croatia off,
    before the 3rd place play-off game they’ve written Belgium off,

    Now they are dedicating articles to Griezmann apparently being unsportmanlike when he was too smart and clever winning the FK leading up France’s first goal. They’re also trying to rubbish VAR in the awarding the of the penalty. All this are being done to paint France as unworthy World Cup winners.

    They are making it really hard for the England NT to be liked by fureigners.


  5. Lots of anti French sentiment on show, maybe a good job we no longer have a French Manager, we shall see if the Spaniard gets a fairer crack of the whip I guess.


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