Arsenal: Eventually memory yields


Good morning Positive Arsenal fans,

A disappointment for us all last night and a defeat by a highly efficient and, in some positions, very talented Atleti side. It was not the Wenger Wandaland we were hoping for (and you can thank your God that you have not had to put up with that headline in every paper this morning). And a sad night for Arsene who surely must have felt Madame Fate owed him one final, good hand before he leaves the game. As experience teaches Fate is implacable.

Of the game itself last night on this blog  provided just about the full range of analysis from conclusions, from identifying the individual errors and naming the culprits, to a review of the general psychology of the club and the stasis that gripped us over two legs against the Spaniards  when the opportunity was there to strike decisively, but we did not.   There was a view that we simply do not have the quality of players to compete at the highest level. All valid views and probably a little truth in each.

However I retain the view  that we are a good side and were narrowly beaten by a slightly better side last night, it was the semi final after all and almost certainly contested by the best two teams left in the EL. Atletico Madrid are seasoned knock out campaigners, their form since Christmas has been excellent.  The advantage of playing the second leg in their highly charged home stadium will have suited them perfectly.  The two goals that defeated us may have come from errors but those imperfections/misfortunes we seized on by first Griezmann and last night Costa and buried immediately. We were not playing against Charlie the  Carthorse  as we are often confronted with in the PL and have tackled in previous Europa League games. And Atleti’s defence ? de primera categoría/red hot.  

I know I know “Excuses, excuses, excuses”. Nevertheless I thought our lads gave all they had last night. I have no complaints.

Looking forward then.

We stand at the open door of a new era. There will be changes of playing and backroom personnel. Some of those changes will excite us and be those we would have chosen. Others will puzzle and grate. What will  be most interesting is whether the next manager will being a new “ethos” to the club. To do that he will need character, as well as to be allowed the time, resources and energy, to steer the vessel with the sure hand that has guided us for the past 22 years. And he will need the fans. It is a mighty job.


I shall see you on Sunday. Be good and be positive.


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  1. Most excellent Andy. I think on the balance of play, had we gone through over the 2 legs, no one could have accused us of being lucky.

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  2. Here at Positively Arsenal, we should all give thanks to Andy for his tremendous work. Every article has been a joy to read. Saying the right things , at the right time, in the right way.
    I thank you my man.

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  3. Another very fair write up, I’d say spot on, thanks Andrew.

    The spat out dummies by those old enough to know better is a sight to behold. The rubbishing of almost all our players is not. I read Granit had abusive songs sung about him BEFORE the game and if true then that has to beat the chants against Bellerin mid-game, months ago.

    Hopefully the new manager is successful on a limited budget and a modern fanbase with even less patience or intelligence.

    As a fanbase I firmly believe we are getting what we deserve; a few seasons mid-table might be hard to stomach in the immediate post-Wenger era, but if it leads to a shake-out of the fickle glory-hunters then so be it. No doubt there will be plenty conditioned to blaming Wenger, whoever follows, whatever setbacks occur.

    I think we have a decent squad with plenty of good prospects coming through. How they fare depends largely on what model we now follow. I rather suspect it’ll be a shut up shop approach aka Chelsea under Jose. A return to the Arsenal style from the ‘80’s and 90’s will not be entirely surprising. By no means all bad, but less of a roller-coaster of excitement, one suspects.

    But a risk-taking, forward-thinking attacking set up is unlikely to be the order of the day for some years, as the belligerent element have shown they have no stomach for this kind of football and the risks associated with it.

    The scale of expenditure required to put us in the M City ballpark will be way beyond us on an indefinite basis.

    Many suggest the future is exciting but I see something far less flamboyant or compelling. I see 4th, 5th and sixth as more likely league positions until a sovereign wealth fund finds us, somehow.

    Enjoy the rest of the season.

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  4. Madame Fate has obviously been reading PA and my gentle complaints have struck a chord – I just picked up a ticket for Sunday on Arse.com £26

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  5. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your Sunday, Andy Nic: you deserve to after another fine season of balanced and positive reviews. I paid my respects to the great man a couple of weeks ago and am bidden to a different and more summery sporting contest this coming weekend, Hove-bound for my annual trip down memory lane. I do hope the disappointment of yesterday evaporates in time to enjoy one last hurrah.

    With regard to the semi-final just gone, I suspect that if we were able we would have preferred to start with Costa and Griezman, rather than Lacazette and Welbeck. But in the same way you can’t make someone else your father (as Arthur Miller points out in Death of a Salesman), so you can’t buy anyone you want if you only have a limited (yet still handsome enough) budget. But here’s the thing, I don’t wan’t to support a team that only has the shiniest toys. I know that at times my players have feet of clay, that they can freeze just when it seems to matter most, that they can lose concentration towards the end of 45 minutes when they have given most of their all. I get all of that – they are human, just as I am, and my heartfelt ffs when they are extra-specially ordinary, is also a ffs at my own frailties and my idiocy for not supporting United or City or Barca or any of those ‘proper’ sides.

    So when they don’t do all of the above and instead provide moments of miracle then it actually means something to me. And I shall be here next match, and next season (if I am spared) looking to enjoy the journey, always hoping, but never expecting.

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  6. Good comments folks.

    I really hope decency triumphs on Sunday and fans behave well. There shouldn’t be any chance of anything else.

    Any malcontents with a basic grasp of reality ought to be (A) quietly pleased they have what they desired and (B) at the very least able to recognise a good man who has served the club loyally and passionately deserves some respect.

    But that aint them. There’s not been much evidence of (A) so far and (B) is something they don’t recognise as true.

    Lets hope the ok: shithead ratio is better than the internet and twitter suggest.

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  7. Thank you Andy.

    As George says if Arsenal had gone through the tie they would not have been lucky.

    You could say it was bad luck to draw a better football team then the one Utd faced in this season’s CL, last season’s Europa final or semi-final, or that Liverpool faced in their CL semi-final this season and the team they will face in the final! But would we have had it any other way? I don’t know.

    On the way to beating an Ajax youth team in the final beating Flemish Kent (Gent) in a semi final thanks to own goal from their mildly overhyped and Teflon coated striker Dover & Diver Dave would not have had the intensity or been at the same level as these two contests against Atletico.

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  8. Nice one Andy.
    Yesterday hurt but a whole lot less than other losses for whatever reason.
    Maybe for me the season was over a month ago.
    Or maybe I accepted and appreciated the honest efforts of our players on the night.
    The higher vibration required was unavailable again underlining the end of an era.
    We have 3 more games to go with OUR GREAT MAN at the helm and I intend to fully enjoy them.
    I am also very optimistic about the future and looking forward to seeing what changes the new man will implement.
    The foundations are strong. The squad is solid. The future is bright.

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  9. ArsenalAndrew

    Until appointment is made, it’s difficult for me to get any picture of what comes next.

    More emphasis on defence seems a guarantee, purely because the vast majority of managers operate that way and very few are advocates of true attacking football ,who countenance a high risk strategy to defence, which depends in large part on betting on attack and entrusting the players to utilise insight into the game and organise themselves, especially in terms of recognising the vital moments.

    The huge question is how much more emphasis? Attempting to jump all the way in the other direction at once doesn’t seem a sound idea as the squad has not been built with that in mind. That applies to all the youth players also, though some of them should be more malleable.

    Not the most important thing, but it would also be thoroughly disrespectful to Wenger and all he has given to attempt it.

    I can’t picture anything yet, but reckon there’s more chance it’s Rui Costa or Ru Paul than Rui Faria

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  10. Fair and balanced write up Andy Nic. You deserve all the kudos for your post game reviews this season. None of the hysteria, emotionalism and scapegoating that is so common by most other bloggers, tweeters, podcasters and the mainstream media.

    After sleeping on it, I still don’t fault the team for their attitude and effort last night. Atleti is the 3rd best team in Spain in a league where they are a consistently shade below the two behemoths, Barca and Real, and have excelled in their league playing a brand of defensive counter-attacking football (not my cup-of-tea but hey ho). They are no punks as evidenced by having appeared in 7 European finals over the past 10 years, as my broadcasting team constantly reminded users, using it as a stick to beat Arsenal and boost the Spaniards.

    Last night should confirm what many of us refuse to admit. The financial disparity between Arsenal and the very top clubs in the PL and in Europe is reflected in the quality of players at the club’s disposal. On the night, though they often zipped the ball over the park from back to front, in the final-third there was insufficient quality to consistently trouble Oblak. We had our moments, but unlike Costa, we did not have a dominant player who by sheer physical or technical qualities was able to strike the decisive blow.

    I agree with Arsenal Andrew. With Wenger gone, it will be confirmed in time that we are outside the top-3 fighting vs more talented squads to get a look-in at the top of the table. Unfortunately that realization won’t happen any time soon.

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  11. This guy is one the few in the squad with that elite mentality
    Made a few mistakes but did not let him effect his game

    Spiritual Leadership potential

    Captain material

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  12. Lots of sadness about last night’s result but there was one very bright spot; Calum Chambers. The young man was excellent after substituting for Koscielny; hardly put a foot wrong. Showing that his performance vs Man U was no fluke. Must give Wenger and Bould credit for his development.

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  13. A sad night made even worse by Sol’s injury. Could mean the end of his career..Add to that a poor selection of Jack instead of Miki and performances from Rambo, Natcho and Hector that they won’t look back on with any joy. Xhaka and Holding however shone. Hope the lads get it all back together for AW so’s he can go with well deserved legend status.

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  14. Sorry, meant to say Granit, Chambers and Holding.

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  15. Just a thought. I often hear that so and so “went missing” in a game – and this soundbite is put forward with the understanding that “to go missing” implies at the very least a lack of moral fibre. The way I take it is that the opposition have identified that, let us say, Aaron Ramsey is the player most likely to harm them. They have therefore put in place a plan to nullify him, either by double marking or cutting out his supply lines or rotationally fouling him. When this occurs it is up to the rest of the team (one at least of whom is granted more freedom due to the concentration on the danger man) to make things happen. More often than not they will do so, and create the space that allows the marked man the moment to shine – but sometimes they don’t.

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  16. Heady: Thing you got a point about Aleti’s game plan which was to clog the middle to nullify Ramsey in particular and let Arsenal beat them from wide areas. Ozil could hardly pick a pass down the middle and had more joy finding players out wide. Even so he made a few mistakes. Crosses are not our game but Nacho, who is usually good, had a hard time with his; all over hit or misdirected.

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  17. Arsenal can not compete financially with the top of the prem or the big 4 in Europe. The hope has to be the Sven is able to recruit the players with the required mentality and talent early enough to undercut the market. That is one way of reducing the gap, the young hungry players are out there.
    It is possible to compete that way, Arsenal clearly have talented players ,which makes it all the more frustrating.

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  18. WWWB;
    Young, hungry players are inexperienced and take time to grow and develop, e.g. Iwobi, Bellerin, AMN, Reiss-Nelson.
    Give me technical leadership over spiritual-mental attributes. That to me is where we are lacking.

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  19. shotta_gooner It was a great game plan to fit with their personnel and ethos, it was not brave , it’s just tough, it is a high price Burnley. It is exactly the game we will see from Burnley except they don’t have Grezzy and Costa

    Arsenal were able to penatrate the inside channels but crossing or cutbacks were not executed to the required standard. The quality of the cutbacks or crossing is one of the main staples of this team, alongside passing in tight spaces under pressure , High Technical proficiency at speed.

    As I said last night, the players failed in the things the pride themselves on in the key areas of the pitch.

    This is not anger from me, just cold analysis of the squad and team.

    At this moment in time we have a talented team with and upper mid-table mentality.


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  20. shotta_gooner
    .You wont get any disagreement from me about the lack of Technical Leadership, The guy who has taken that the mantel of current Technical Leader had probably his worse game in 2 years, I don’t blame him. There were other players who just did not pick up the slack it’s a team game.

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  21. As I have said before at the elite level the differencies between the teams are often as little as half of one percent. If one team is 5 per cent better than the other it will be a rout.
    The introduction of one or two players with the required technical level and elite mentality(The ability to identify and execute key functions under sever pressure) could make difference to this squad.

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  22. Thank you, Andy, for this and every other match review you’ve written this season. Sounds like it’s a good thing I avoided the comments section yesterday…I think maybe I’ll give it a few more days. Not here for blaming devastated players who wanted to win this desperately, and now have to come to grips with not being able to give the Boss the one going away present they really wanted to give him. As we well know, sport is often very cruel. (Get well soon, Kos).

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  23. To beat this Atletico squad AFC needed a fit Miki on the field over two legs alongside the playmaker.

    We’ve seen it for a decade or longer now. Not just at AFC.

    When an attacking team plays against a Big money squad set up to play like Burnley they need those multiple playmakers (with one who scores and can spend spells wide on the park) to sneak past the ondurate opponents. And even then not always.

    Amidst the reams of steaming self-importance and Expert knowledge from hacks and blaggers sucking upon this club you’ll find little chat on the actual Football.

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  24. WWWB
    There is an arms race throughout Europe for talent and the bigger moneyed clubs are winning as they are forever seeking an advantage or at least strategic parity. Without financial fair play (there is no strategic arms limitation treaty), Arsenal is objectively in 4th place in England. With or without Wenger we will struggle for the very elite players who you argue can make that 1-5 percent difference. Those preaching hysteria and emotion find it easier and opportunistic to finger Wenger as the problem. I predict those limitations will remain with us in the 2018-19 season and beyond.

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  25. Sad to see a great athlete like Koscielny taken down by a blow to his Achilles not just yesterday but this whole season, the ancient legends are indeed true.

    But on the flip side we’ve seen more encouraging performances from the young CBs then from any others in the league.

    And you can’t help but feel that the Arsenal would’ve scored more if the shiny new striker who has been scoring and assisting in most games had been allowed to play in that first leg…

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  26. Great review Andrew and of course comments.

    Arsenal play as well as they could against a team with Atletico’s quality, tactical nous and form in front of the Wakanda faithful. Better composure in front of goal last night and wouldn’t had discussed lack of leadership, out dated tactics, players going missing, not coaching defense, sideways passing or whatever perceived defect today. Looking very forward to Sunday, as I do each Arsenal game. Hope the players can move pass the result by then and make believers of all of us for life after One Arsène Wenger.

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  27. Ozil did not go missing or play badly.

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  28. Ramsey did not have a bad game, he just wasn’t allowed to have a good one.

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  29. To beat AM we didn’t need anyone in particular we needed concentration which we didn’t completely show and abit of luck (like the ball not coming down for Rambo). Football is divided by fine lines and I think AM will be relived their through and considering they were favourites didn’t really show overriding quality throughout the tie.
    As far as the future goes I can’t see any rational supporter wanting to see their team camped 9 men on the edge of the box at home when you’re supposed to be favouries. I certainly can’t see Ivan and the board wanting that.

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  30. gf60. You refer to Holding. Surely, he did not play.

    Like everyone else, I am deeply disappointed. When I saw the draw and, since then, I have been convinced that we have no chance, that does not make the bitter pill any less bitter.

    The suggestion I heard on 2 radio stations last night that it was “men against boys” is a gross insult and, frankly, a sign of ignorance of the person who said it.

    If we understand that the team that we were playing against is 2nd in Spain and has not let in a goal at home for, what is it, 12 matches, that will show the measure of the task they faced.

    This was not simply parking the bus, this was parking a luxury bus with all mod cons.

    Their ability to smother our attacks was excellent, although our inability to cross the ball on for 5 occasions when a good cross could have resulted in a goal, was lamentable.

    In addition, whenever we were in a position to counter-attack at speed, the player with the ball was taken out of the game in the usual continental fashion. That is how they play it and the referees seem to have very little problem with it. Try it here and that could be a red card.

    Add to that the fact that they had Greisman, Costa and Torres at their disposal made them an extremely deadly opponent.

    When we attacked the defence was holding a very deep line, but when they attacked they always had plenty of space because that is how we play.

    That we lost by only goal is credit to our players and to suggest that they did not try all they were not good enough is far from the truth.

    I feel sorry for Wenger as he must feel that all his hard work seems to be going up in smoke.

    His legacy is only in the past, but will not continue in the future.

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  31. ArsenalAndrew you will find that Ivan Gazidis has already stated that our next manager is expected to play attacking football, its what the club now believe to be our brand. Of course that does not mean defense can not be much better, its not as if during our title winning seasons under AW that we did not back up our great attack with a great defense. Just why our defending has gone to pot over the last 2 or 3 years is beyond me. The amount of avoidable mistakes leading to goals has been staggering. Last night’s goal for example was a real cock up from Bellerin, needless really, he switched off for that second or two and Costa was in, then to compound Bellerin’s mistake Ospina dives way too early making the goal a simple finish. Focus and cool heads are needed in the big moments, but for some reason it seems all our players have that brain fart in them. Maybe a new regime will be able to solve it with some new aspects to training, or some new players brought in. Either way it has to be fixed if we want any chance to make big improvements.


  32. eduardo792
    I think Arsenal have not been able to create or acquire One-On-One defenders of the required level to play in the style that the manager wanted to play ,for last few seasons. Mavarapanos looks like the first one for quite sometime.

    As you may have noticed the team does not really give away goals from corners or free-kicks, the team is organised at set pieces.

    But from open field play, mainly broken field play there is a definite weakness . Teams are not really streaching and ripping Arsenal apart, normally it is a mistake or an uncalled foul, the team is out of shape and requires players to face an opponent 1 on 1 or does not react to the situation quickly enough.

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  33. shotta_gooner
    May 4, 2018 at 12:53 pm
    Fortunately the football talent well is deep , thanks in large part to the popularity of the game. The riches it has afford have left an impression throughout the world, the scouting network has to be good .

    No matter how hard they try the cannot catch all of them.
    Thanks to Mr Wenger, Arsenal is seen as one of the teams all young kids aspire to play for, thoroughout the world. I feel as part of his legacy, that is one that is without measure and cannot be quantified.

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  34. Even though the global population has tripled of late young atheltes still need to compete at the top levels against the best in order to make it to the top.

    A craftsmen needs to learn those techniques that are handed down from the Gurus, otherwise they’ll never be more then mere apprentices. (In the case of my old pal Apprentice Taylor he simply doesn’t have the guile or “talent” of the other gimps working for Riley).

    There’s still a limited pool of talent/players who will hit that top level. But we can accept there must be an increase in the overall number, as speculation.

    However. In yesteryear the only rival for such talent in this league with Arsenal was Man Utd.

    In the petroclub era of the PL corporatist promoting “brand” there are at least four teams now in this league alone who have been and can pay more on individual signings, and more clubs abroad then there used to be.

    Those are the numbers.
    I couldn’t disagree with Shotta above even if I wanted to.

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  35. France has three strikers all better then any in an England shirt simply because they invest in their education and training, and those players get the minutes at a young age that they need to kick on. I wrote three, there may be more. It’s the same for every position on the pitch.

    Hopefulky the new emerging generation in England are up to standard but the quality of footballer being produced is simply not up to the standard being churned out in several other leagues.

    The numbers that matter are: those regarding investment in youth. In the future.

    And yes. Arsenal under AW have prioritised investing in the future. And for this they are attacked as you can all observe.

    However Holding and Chambers are better then Stones etc. And they’re developing (so is Stones TBF). That’s the observation the Football experts in our media don’t want to make. Simples.

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  36. @jigsol
    Sorry, you are quite correct about Holding not playing. Old man dreaming again.

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  37. After an admittedly brief–because I couldn’t stomach more–scan of the reactions hither and yon, I pondered again the obsession with meaning.

    This time, many latched onto the theme of futility. That we didn’t win against unfavorable odds. That we couldn’t score against one of Europe’s most accomplished defenses. That the great man won’t end his Arsenal career with another title.

    I get it. At a certain level, it’s all futile. We all die. But I’ll never understand how obsessing about the futility of it all makes being here more interesting, enjoyable, or fulfilling. It certainly doesn’t make the obsessives more intelligent people. Especially those who get livid that a collection of 20- to 35-year-old elite athletes don’t master the fine margins to justify some vicarious sense of accomplishment.

    A reasoned reflection on Arsenal’s actual sporting contests seems to me much healthier and more compelling. So thank you, Andy, for providing those this season.

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  38. Sorry to be a downer. I feel disappointed and it’s not going away. I don’t feel disappointed about the result. I don’t even feel disappointed by the errors. Well, not too much anyway. But I feel disappointed by the performance.

    Not that we were bad. I know we were playing against a very good team and a good defense, and I do think the players were trying and wanted to win. But the performance was just not there. We’re better than this.

    Bayern Munich went out when they should have won were it not for some minor (and one major) errors to give up a goal. They did not deserve to win for that reason.

    I felt we didn’t deserve to win either. Not because of the errors we made. But because I believe we are good enough to have been able to absorb those errors and still come out on top. But the ubiquitous…’something’…was lacking.. And I think it was playing with belief. We thought we were the underdogs but didn’t scrap like one. We didn’t have enough belief that we could beat them.

    If that sounds like a bit of bollocks, I understand. It does.

    And yet, I feel the players let themselves down because despite all the good they did out, there they never once looked like they just went for it. In either of the two legs.

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  39. As for improvements. The goal we conceded in the first leg came because the rest of our defenders, MOnreal and Mustafi, did not anticipate danger and decided to let Koscielny deal with it until he lost the ball. Yesterday again I saw Monreal just wait and watch while the ball was still being contested. He got back for a toe poke and Costa still got the shot off. We do not anticipate danger. We react to it. And so we get caught out especially in the ‘transition’ phase.

    Xhaka is also poor at recognising danger (and this is why he looks slower than he is) Though he is improving.

    We need our players to be more defensively responsible.

    Another change, at GK. Cech has been very jittery with the ball at his feet. Ospina is a little better, but he really cannot get any distance into his kicks. This keeps us under pressure and removes the risk of us going long from goal kicks. His short stature doesn’t help with saves or crosses either. I think we really need a better GK.

    Again, sorry. Doesn’t seem very positive of me. Guess I’m not feeling positive today, though nothing is lacking in my support for the team.


  40. Some players did not have their best game, but they let no one down, They tried and failed.

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  41. Jack had a mixed game. I like his awareness defensively and his willingness to carry the ball with his dribble but his forward passes? Hmm.
    Danny worked hard, very hard, but I wanted him to be a bigger threat offensively.
    Nacho was not up to his customary standards especially with his crossing but having to defend Diego Costa was not easy. Both he and Hector had problems with the big fella.

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  42. Four of our youngsters starting now (7 kick off) for Eng u17s on ITV4

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  43. Arsène Wenger takes charge of his final home game as our manager when we host Burnley at Emirates Stadium on Sunday – and we’ll be providing extensive LIVE coverage on Arsenal.com.

    Tune in to the website from 3.50pm (UK time) for the following from what is sure to be an emotionally-charged afternoon in north London:

    Matchday Show, with live build-up and audio commentary from 3.50pm (UK time)
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    A live stream of his final press conference at Emirates Stadium will take place from 7pm (approximate UK time)
    A short goals clip, extended highlights and a full match replay will be available from midnight on Sunday

    It’s all free with Digital Membership – and remember, you can listen on the Arsenal App too!

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/arsene-wengers-farewell-live-arsenalcom#E1jCIXGl2ZIIFikE.99

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/arsene-wengers-farewell-live-arsenalcom#GGfek3EVBgeBzmjl.99

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  44. The ubiquitous something is sticking the ballin the net Shard – no banter, no quibbling, no sobbing over sideway tika taka tippy tappy

    Even the 1-0 to the Arsenal phase depended on someone getting their toe or ear on the end of a goalbound effort – we’ve never been all that good at the back for 25 years

    He who cannot score is confined in a pool of eternal tears grasshopper

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  45. There are some despicable, ungrateful bastards on twitter. I don’t follow them. I just see retweets. They are unfathomable. How can they release so much bile for Arséne Wenger. It’s not good for my soul reading these tweets. I feel such rage at some of them. I think I would struggle to remain civilised if I hear such comments in the flesh.

    But that is life…what we value, why we value certain things, how we justify them…it’s all different. I would like to think that I try hard to justify my views with good, verifiable evidence.

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  46. When you can snatch the points from the game, it will be time for you to leave.

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  47. G-p the Arsenal fan base is full of thick cunts, lacking in knowledge, awareness and logic. The mouthpiece for AST, tweeted some real shit today, he must be looking for an interview with sky again.
    I’ve seen many say today that AFC are anything from 6 to 10 or more players short of a title challenging side, no problem with that per say, but when you see them go on to say that now Wenger is gone we will get all these players. They spouted the lies about AW having 100’s of £M to spend but refused to spend it, that often that they have actually convinced themselves that their lies are true.
    Go on Twitter, name any manager to replace Wenger, and you will be met with cries of he is not good enough, he is not the one, this or that is wrong with him etc etc. They have already decided that the next man, no matter who that may be, is not the right choice. Even if he is someone they have wanted for ages. A new manager will unite the fan base, not on your life, they attention seekers will never be part of a united fan base. Its not in their nature, or interests to do so. no clicks in it.

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  48. Well its reported tonight that Koscielny has a ruptured achilles, and not only will he miss the world cup, but his career is now in doubt.
    With Per retiring, it means next season we will be without our two most senior CB’s.

    Sven Mislintat will have to earn his money this coming transfer window.

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  49. FT Brighton & Hove Albion 1 – 0 Manchester United

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