A Game of 5/6 and 1/6 .



Well what a dreary game of football that turned out to be. I think if we had scraped a 1-0 then that would have been a better reflection of the game. It was painful watching.

Let’s start with a positive though, the back four looked solid. Mustafi was excellent in his defensive duties, Chambers decent, but their passing, particularly Mustafi early doors, was poor. Monreal was his usual solid self, but it concerns me when Hector gets the ball in tight spaces, he often loses it and puts us on the back foot.

Ok on to the not so positive, the midfield. I thought Jack had a stinker. His passing was off and he seemed to slow our play down needlessly. ElNeny, although not letting the side down, also didn’t add much to our dynamism. Aaron was good enough but looked to be blowing a bit from early on. All in all the midfield was at best sluggish, at worst ineffective.

Up front Danny gave his critics plenty of ammunition and was lucky not to get hooked a lot earlier than he was. Mesut was on an off day for him and Aubameyang had little service to make anything of.

Still, once the penalty went in , Xhaka ,Lacazette and Mkhitaryan were introduced, we looked a much better outfit. It seems to me that Xhaka is becoming the heartbeat of the team. I also think Lacazette is a much more than just a goal scorer, I really like his game.

So that’s it, sorry about the gloomy, but  let’s be honest, it was a very forgettable game of kick ball.


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  1. Shard

    How about…Stevie Bould on the board. As long as he doesn’t go around copying uli hoeness, correction as long as he doesn’t get caught like poor old Uli.

    whatever happened to dear old Malky Mackay after he called his owner a cheeky chink (but ha not a bigot or anything like that nope!) for sacking him after Malky did not split his bung.
    think of the Mackay incident at Cardiff as the inverse opposite of what happened to poor old GG (who just wanted to copy his mates likes Souness) not forgetting the hilarious media fuelled idiotic and gullible fans singing in support of that shadow that agent’s patsy

    Oh. He’s now the Scotland manager.
    Who could’ve anticapted that!

    The longevity of creditless golems in football like Graeme Souness and pals first as managers and then or as plundits is starting to make some $en$e to me.

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  2. I’m not one to commenting upon spelling and grammar.

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  3. Ronaldo is something else

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  4. The contrast in the hype when AFC beat one of the big European three in a CL group game (was either two or three seasons ago) compared with the Tinies this season was remarkable.

    This is just yet only one example of an aggressive and partisan coverage of the Arsenal from the frothing right wingers like Mmmmm Barnay Ronay and other failed novelists who scribble in the football pages of our papers.
    With Thursday’s game fast approaching I think we can all agree with confidence and assurance that sport and politics are interlinked (in case these was ever any doubt).

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  5. Oh boy. The goal Ronaldo scored. Trevor Sinclair’s overhead kick back in the day was arguably more spectacular but this one was more beautiful for me.

    You could spend a month trying to produce something like that for a scene in a movie and not match it.

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  6. Guarantee if it was an Arsenal player scored that goal the pundits would have been disallowing it for dangerous play.

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  7. Ed
    Adrian Clarke
    is probably the only one, of course Stuart Robson has the school education and personal background but he is not a person many fans would like anywhere near the club. The wrong type of personality.

    Aside from that I am struggling, Charlie could not be trusted anywhere near a boardroom likely to be filled with Champers and Whiskey. You know what would happen to him when he got frustrated with how much forward planning and organising and how much battling glad handing and friend making you need to do , to get the things you need . He would get bored .

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  8. So Juventus got bossed around by Real Madrid for the second time in a row. Some might even say ’embarrassed’ or ‘humiliated’. Does Max Allegri get the Wenger treatment now?

    Actually I like Allegri, and I think he could make a good Arsenal manager in the future. But all the twitter tactics experts would roast him alive what with his weird team selections and late substitutions. And of course, where’s the passion? or the Defensive structure? Useless coach.. Oh wait..No he’s won 3 (possibly will be 4) straight titles with Juventus. The biggest and richest club in Italy. So that means he’s a great tactician. There was also this Netflix PR film I saw about Juve which shows how great he and Juve are. So of course he’s great, meanwhile Vengaaaarrrhhhh out!

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  9. Also, the latest moan I saw about Arsenal on twitter, was…get this… how unambitious our stadium design was. You see all these Spurs and Everton brochures/graphics show that they are building such great stadia. And we all know that the Emirates stadium is a soulless bowl. I know because the soulless fans who go there tell me so. Of course when I was there for the 5pur2, at the end I looked around and thought…’home’… Must be because I’m a bloody tourist.

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  10. Also Ian Wright is pleased that Arsenal fans have stayed away from games ‘in protest’. Did they all sign some petition or pledge and send it to Wright?

    “Arsenal fans get a lot of stick on social media and people laugh at them. They threaten to do stuff and it doesn’t quite happen but this is the first time I’ve seen a positive step from the fans.

    They’ve been very patient with what’s happened. They’ve seen great players leave, players that should be making a difference for the club and taking them to the level they want to be. A level they’ve been at and enjoyed being there.

    “Now, they are looking at the club falling away and nothing being done.”

    It’s clear that Ian Wright doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘positive’. Decisive..maybe, if you accept that it’s a protest. So his argument boils down to…Arsenal aren’t as successful as they were, and rather than supporting them, I should stay away..because that makes me a real fan. Also…people laugh at me (banned crying emoji) so now that’ll show them. About sums up the wobs.


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  11. By the way, for the NLD, I bought a seat as a red member for 50 something pounds. It was way up in the rafters, somewhere behind the goal, midway between the goal and corner flag.. Sounds like a crap seat but the price was excellent and so was the view. Sagna’s ‘fuck this’ header was at the other end of the ground and even then I saw the ‘fuck thisness’ of that header. And then of course RVP’s magic curler. I will never understand people who want to complain about the stadium. (The crowd was rocking for this game. I was also there for the Milan 3-0 and it was rocking then too)

    Any idiot who pays for the season ticket and then either complains about it or doesn’t go or both, gets no sympathy from me.

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  12. Arsenal bought Kolasinac, Lacazette, Mavropanos, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang this year.

    Arsenal also sold Ox, Walcott, Giroud, Coquelin, Szczesny, Gibbs, Alexis, Debuchy.

    And sent some players out on loan like Campbell and Perez.

    All for a net total of 10.5m to agents.

    Liverpool, Chelsea and ManCity spent well over 20m. ManU 18, Watford 13, and Everton 12 were the others who outspent us on agent fees.

    Spurs were lower at 7.1m

    The confusing thing about this statement to me is the ‘NET’ figure for payments to intermediaries. Do intermediaries ever pay clubs?


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  13. The last two games hat have been used to ‘prove’ that fans are staying away ‘in protest’ have been lunch time kick-offs on Mothers Day and Easter Sunday. As a season ticket holder I went to one but not the other. I can remember back in the sixties and seventies at Highbury that Saturday games played on particular Jewish holidays were either postponed or, if held, even more sparsely attended than was usual for those years.But then the paying customer was the attending fan not the TV company.
    It may surprise people to be reminded that at its peak Highbury’s capacity was abut 10% larger than Emirates is now and that, even in the Double winning season of 1970-71 only registered an average crowd of around 45,000. Places on the terraces cost pennies and there was rarely European matches to stretch the supporters budgets.

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  14. Just wish Wright would use his own words, and “stay away” from all aspects of the club.
    After his weekend celebration, it seems he would be happier with the Spuds anyway.

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  15. Ian Wright a legendary Arsenal player but Ian Wright is not an Arsenal legend, people need to learn to separate the two.

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  16. I find it amusing how many fall for the lovable ‘I’m just one of the fans’ character that Ian Wright plays on TV. It allows him to get away with making simplistic (and foolish) statements, while still speaking with authority.

    The one time I met him, the likes of Tony Adams and Ray Parlour were also around. Yet he was the only one who had his own security guards and posse surrounding him. He did stay to have his picture taken with everyone who lined up under the barking instructions of his security chief, and I’ll give him credit for that. But just one of the fans he is not.

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  17. You should hear Wrighty eulogising over the diver who can’t dribble, ‘I’ve known him (and his agency) for a long time…”

    Not a word of critique for a player who this season has turned it on when diving or in two football games (not in any competition), perhaps he just wasn’t interested in the north london derby in north london (as opposed to middlesex) when we all saw him up close and personal and noticed that he couldn’t handle a hobbling Koscielny but i doubt that he wasn’t interested. Perhaps he had a simple niggle that affected his game that day, like St. Jack in his last outing recovering from his knock in England training, or perhaps as witessed against Iceland he only performs after he’s been to see that doctor who was hanging out at LCFC and has now been struck off the GMC? Just. Kidding. I blame others here for raising the topic of doping, when you fail to insist that people pointing out huge flaws in the pgMOB have ‘forgotton to enjoy football’ have only got yourselves to blame for this conversation! Not wanting to see athletes treated as mules by agents or physicians or officials (no protection for some!) would unambigously imply the opposite, regardless of any “opinions”.

    I see that Harry Kane has had his third miraculous recovery from injury in two seasons. Blimey. He must be eating and drinking the Wright Stuff.

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  18. Fins

    Difficulty I have with picturing doping in football revolves around how deep it would have to go.

    Unless someone has struck upon new products/techniques which can’t be detected, presumably it would need doping authorities to be in on it.

    Players, managers, anti-doping agencies, and presumably Premier league and FA aware,too; journalists as well. It’s a lot.

    That doctor in question who has now apparently been struck off also named Theo as one of the dopers. So to believe his allegations also means believing that, and the ramifications, with Arsenal either being aware or Theo successfully fooling them.

    Expect there may be overlap between period Russia were allegedly doping national team and Arshavin was with us. Again, how could they do that without thinking their players would be caught?

    I also don’t know what, specifically, players are supposedly doing/taking.

    Can believe, quite easily, practices like blood-spinning take place, as these, i think, are on the borderline and not currently outlawed. Is that a near miraculous cure for injuries, such as Kane’s?

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  19. Arsenal FC
    ‏Verified account @Arsenal
    33m33 minutes ago

    🗣 So boss, is @LacazetteAlex fit to start in #AFCvCSKA?

    “Lacazette is ready to start, yes. I have not decided yet if he will or not, but he’s available and ready to start”

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  20. Wenger on links to Aleksandr Golovin

    You can understand I do not want to talk about transfers of CSKA Moscow players to Arsenal.
    I don’t think it would be appropriate.

    Wenger on CSKA

    Russian teams always have a good technical level. They have a big history in the game, you always respect them. I’ve always had difficult games against Russian teams.

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  21. To be clear, I’m open to idea of serious foul play.

    The transformations of Leicester and Palace are very suspicious to me, while Spurs have had me shaking my head a few times with the unbelievable intensity they can produce.

    Watched a bit of their Juve away game on mute and seemed even more noticeable that they were all continuously running extremely hard. If normal training and fitness methods are to explain it, that would mean other clubs are failing through their own methods, which seems unlikely to me.

    Still, I’ve not yet seen anything to properly convince me it is going on.

    I need more than the type of thing footballisfixed come up with when they point to Vardy’s extreme transformation and say that the cast he wore on his arm is proof of anything.

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  22. “Unless someone has struck upon new products/techniques which can’t be detected, presumably it would need doping authorities to be in on it.”

    Nor true. Football’s doping regulations aren’t very strict. It’s true that players are subject to surprise tests, but the worst penalty for missing them was Rio Ferdinand’s 8 months. I think Mark Bosnich and Adrian Mutu (don’t quote me if I’m wrong) were banned for using coacaine.

    And then there’s the rule of Uefa in match testing where at least 2 players need to test positive for a banned substance to invalidate a match. Of course they only test 3 players, and only their urine.

    Wenger argued for players to have a ‘blood passport’ which would show any unusual sudden changes in a player’s physiological profile. Uefa’s response was to send a team to Arsenal’s training ground to find any sign of wrongdoing. They can’t have managers talking sense about stopping doping.

    Also, is football even subject to Wada rules? I remember there being some sort of a controversy over this, especially during the Olympics. I think they aren’t. They might use Wada labs and technicians but I don’t think they subscribe to Wada rules.

    Besides, since the ridiculous ruling on the Russian athletes where even innocents were banned based on the testimony of a single ‘whistleblower’ I doubt Wada is completely innocent from political influence themselves.

    It also is worth noting how many athletes apparently use asthma or Adhd medication (which is legal)

    As I see it, the rules aren’t necessarily fair to begin with, nor are they fairly applied. I would be very surprised if there weren’t a lot of doping going on in football. The stakes are too high, and the regulation too low, and enforcement too sketchy for it to not be so.

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  23. shard its not only the banned drugs that are a problem, many of the legal supplements have not been tested as to their long term affects on the taker. Aussie Rules football which was way ahead of other team sports when it came to these supplements are now starting to question the long term affects these supplements have had and are still having on their athletes from the 80’s, due to the very high rates of cancers players of that era have suffered. with both a high rate of cancer sufferers, types of cancer and mortality rate, especially considering the relatively small amount of players the have to choose from. What is also interesting is that the better teams of the 80’s have a higher rate of sufferers than the others teams. Of course many in the Aussie Rules game want to blame illegal drugs that were not banned at that time, as supplements are still big business in their sport. Now at last the some of the currents players are asking questions from their clubs about what exactly is in the supplements they want them to take now. Some are refusing to take them.

    Sadly here in Ireland the GAA is awash with all sorts of legal supplements, and too many players are unwilling to put their place in the team at risk by asking questions or refusing to take them.

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  24. Rich

    Today doping is rife in all sports.

    That AFC were the only football club on the planet testing by their own volition their own players to WADA standards is a credit to the club and needs no further discussion.

    The debate has reached the point where we have to consider as sports fans whether players grown on synthetic hormones (Messi) or through jaw clenching steroids (The Lesser Ronny) are to be accepted or simply ignored.

    Personally I have more respect for the two above then those who pretend to have some chronic asthmatic condition which one would assume would imply that they shouldn’t be playing top level sport.

    No evidence is required if parliament can be arsed (as with Team Sky and the cycling).

    Team Sky. Given Skysports grip on many U.K. Sport (along with the subsidised BT now) was this an incident of state sponsored doping?

    I think we know the answer (2012! Boris and the chuckle bruvvers is not the only fiasco from that event…).

    Let’s not be dopes. Doping is rife in all major sports. Officials in the US have all the credibility they deserve but the queues at half time in American Football as players wait in line for their needles isn’t really my thing.

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  25. Jip Jaap Stam!


  26. the debate or banter I had with one of my best friends who sees no wrong in Riley (I worry for my friend, sometimes) has been adamant that Alexis Sanchez arrived at AFC after having taken PEDs for most of career. Don’t know what gave him that impression, the weird social skills etc.

    The PEDs won’t work when you get shoved into a pit (which isn’t even a foul: f**king hilarious eh?), at least those were the lyrics in that song by the Verve but as I kept reminding my friend, Sanchez’s style must’ve just been a result of all that fresh healthy high altitude mountain training he did since childhood.

    He’ll be back to his first season at AFC form next season after his first summer off. I hope that is the reason but I have to acknowledge that along other observations the weird behaviour does point in another direction…

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  27. Ray Wilkins has died, aged 61

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  28. Arsenal tried to sign Ray Wilkins in the early 80’s from Man Utd, in fact went in for both him and Steve Coppell,
    on the topic of failed bids from that time, afc agreed a fee for peter reid with Bolton when they had been relegated in 1980, he was to be Liam Brady’s replacement, but the deal broke down when Arsenal in fact offered Reid less money than he was on at Bolton.
    Other notable deals we missed out on around the same time was Mark Lawerson and Michael Robinson both of Brighton, who both ended up at Liverpool.

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  29. ed

    The legality or illegality of drugs is a huge issue even outside of sports. The very basis of how this is decided isn’t as honest as it should be. Especially across different jurisdictions and different systems of medicine. Maybe now that the players are multi millionaires, they can get together and fund an ongoing study of the long term effects of legal drugs they are routinely prescribed.

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  30. Sad news about Ray Wilkins.

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  31. Like I said, I don’t rule anything out.

    Also not under any illusions about how widespread doping is across the sporting world, even though it still amazes me athletes are able to live with it and don’t recognise how much it invalidates any achievements and destroys any notion of glory in victory.

    I’d guess the ability for self-delusion et cetera is massively involved for any dopers who don’t embrace their own villainy.

    Still, I feel the duty to fight hard for facts, separate likely from certain, etc, has only increased in the internet age. I think we’re losing badly and old Trump is the absolute proof of it. I genuinely worry how human minds are made to cope with the internet age.

    In that vein, I can’t treat mainstream doping in football as a fact at the current time.

    If it’s happening anywhere, doubtless it will require a bad culture within the team or organisation to begin with; and surely be presented to players as part of some programme of improvement under the guise of supplements or whatever.

    Slippery slope, instead of ‘here, have some illegal substances; don’t worry, for x reason you won’t be caught’

    Still, getting all players on board, or even most, seems to me problematic and risky as hell.

    The asthma or similar route seems far and away the most likely area of wrongdoing right now.

    An interesting thought is how the football authorities would ultimately deal with it should a big team or even a huge player be caught out. Sadly, I find it easy to imagine them being desperate to ignore and bury the brand-threatening news.

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  32. “Still, I feel the duty to fight hard for facts, separate likely from certain, etc, has only increased in the internet age. I think we’re losing badly and old Trump is the absolute proof of it.”

    I agree with you, and I admire the search for the facts. I agree, I cannot say that there is widespread doping in football with certainty. At the same time, I can think that the likelihood of it existing is very real especially because the system in place is inadequate and maybe even geared towards underplaying any problem. (I’m not arguing for a policing attitude and treating all players and clubs as potential dopers either)

    But the Trump thing just makes me laugh. I dislike Trump. Always have. But I wanted him to win over Hillary. Trump is simply a mirror held up to society. Nothing has fundamentally changed in terms of those in power lying to the people. But because Trump is so loathsome and so blatant about it people can now see it. Indeed sometimes go as far as to imagine it. It’s funny because people hate him for giving them a peek behind the curtain rather than hate what they can see beyond him. Any excuse or enemy will do to explain that away (racism, bigotry, sexism, Russia, fake news etc) except the one that really matters. That Trump isn’t an aberration. He represents the truth of how things really are. Just in its least refined form.

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  33. I do not think it possible to complete the Tour de France at racing pace without some help, just as i think a high-intensity press for 90 minutes is beyond mere mortals.
    And what a shame about Butch Wilkins who gave the impression of really caring about the game.

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  34. Arsenal Fixture News
    ‏ @AFCFixtureNews
    2h2 hours ago

    Leicester City Away has at long last been confirmed to be played on Wednesday 9th May; KO 7:45pm.

    The last train back to London is 21:58, therefore you will need to leave early to get it 😡


  35. liverpool fans have attacked the man city bus, disgraceful


  36. The ox just scored a screamer. He seems very happy at his new club. I always felt some Gooners were unwise to celebrate his sale

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  37. Man City are on the verge of being out of this tie before half time in the first leg

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  38. Wow, Liverpool are out of this world at the moment

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  39. Surely, Liverpool cannot keep this up. They are so fit. What are they on?

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  40. Have there ever been any facts in the cycling?

    Any evidence submitted before a judge?

    Maybe there was but I can’t recall the details of the unravelling of Lance Needlestrong. A book was published…

    I don’t honestly care about doping in football as doping in sport is so rife there’s not much anyone can do about it, which is why I’ve never discussed it until unreasonable opinions were projected upon those who discuss the pgMOB (I was trying to avoid the topic here! Though the pgMOB can be reformed even though it is squiming harder then any other Association *coughs* at the arrival of VARs).

    I am happy to follow a club that thinks of it’s athletes as human beings, though for the record I wasn’t a fan of the Creatine fad – not for me! What happened to Sol Campbell’s mind? In this case surely we’d all want to blame the drugs/supplements, the other alternative is too ghastly to consider haha!

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  41. The Ox is a good English footballer.
    Unlike the celebrated ones he can dribble. And other weird stuff.

    They don’t grow on trees.

    Can’t understand why anyone who follows an English club would want to celebrate losing a home grown player that they’d developed over years. Unless they are an arse blagging idiot/on commission from an agent given that they had done the same thing when the club lost adebayor (which was also a loss at that time, though the player himself retired inmediately after his move!).

    Some of the younger gen who’ve won tournaments have great promise, it’s encouraging but they’re years away from being ready to be leading players in the intensity of the PL

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  42. Currently, our beloved Arsenal is nowhere near the quality of Liverpool. I’ve been focusing on Liverpool’s defensive play because in my opinion Arsenal’s is quite ropey. Too many teams get behind both our full backs with ease. Not so Liverpool. So far, the full backs get so much support from the midfield. It’s impressive. Can they continue at this intensity… let’s see…


  43. I watched Liverpool at the weekend out of curiosity.

    They played exactly the same “boring” kind of football that the wankers sorry I mean blaggers are accusing AFC of playing on their podcasts. And that’s because they are wankers. Pardon me.

    But getting back to the Football as we’ve discussed here in the past Klopp clearly has adapted his pressing game for the PL.
    Against Palace they only found some rhythm as Palace tired late on. So they took it relatively easy on the weekend before trying his infamous gegenpress on City in the biggest game of their season, which makes sense. At least that’s what I’m hoping he’s up to! Hard to be sure if you don’t watch a team every week.

    He’s also identified Chamberlain as being a confidence player and has eased him into the squad and new settings. He’s a good manager, a character, and I’d like to think the best of him (not doping).

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  44. PED’s

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  45. Seriously, Liverpool Palace was no different to Arsenal Stoke, save Arsenal were better on the weekend.

    The memes surrounding both these teams are rubbish, I’m guessing the plundits pay as much attention to the footy on the pitch with Liverpool as they do when watching the Arsenal.

    The 3-3 at Xmas was an amazing display of attacking football and poor defending from both these teams. Liverpool are a little more settled, AFC more in transition this season, and obviously Salah’s form is worthy of the hype, though for me he wasn’t the best footballer on the park during that 3-3.

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  46. The thing is George, Ox has scored screamers for us and then gone back into his shell for the majority of games, so until he does that consistently, I would not get that excited about the odd moment of brilliance. He’s the one that didn’t want to play for AFC any longer, so fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

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  47. that Fernandinho is a very limited player

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  48. spot on passenal, I celebrate the sale of any player at AFC that does not want to play for Arsenal, and ox did not so fuck him and all that sale in him.

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  49. Barcelona 3-0 up too

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