Arsenal vs Someone From Russia.



I have to admit that we go into tonight’s game ,with me knowing as much about the opposition as I do about quantum physics. So basically I’m not going to be much help to anyone.

What I do know is that this competition is now very important to all concerned with Arsenal FC. I think we have reached the point where we can say that it is our season.

Arsene has said he expects to have a full complement of fit player to chose from, so no excuses on that front.

I think he could go to the old 4 3 3 line up with


Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal.

Wilshere, Ramsey, Xhaka.

Mkyitaryan, Lacazette, Ozil.

Well that would be my best guess anyway. I ,of course, am not suggesting for a moment that that should be the line up, just that I think it might be.

We are unreliably informed that we are interested in buying one of their midfield players, so that is something else we can watch out for.

Let’s hope we play well and the result will look after itself.

Have a great night my friends and we will speak on the other side of it.




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72 comments on “Arsenal vs Someone From Russia.

  1. Someone write a post I can pinch for tomorrows blog.

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  2. If I’d remembered to take my goggles to the game, if I could spell, I would!

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  3. I enjoyed not being able to tell who was who between Ramsey Ozil and Miki, I felt like the CSKA defence! though it was a little bit easier to spot Rambo with the lighter hair colour and MOTM performance (?), though that first half run into the box from Ozil also deserves some serious applause.

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  4. glenn hoddle just said Arsenal need to allow Ramsey to join up with the attack, to allow him make runs into the attacking areas, really he said, even suggested that if Arsenal won’t allow him to do this then Ramsey needs to join a club that will. where do they get these muppet pundits, hoddle and the dickey bow kid beside him

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  5. George I have a micro blog that I’ve just ripped off our old pal @Ole Gunner:

    “See how well Ramsey plays when he’s coached properly by a good manager”

    Short. And sweet.

    Ole was counterinf the latest mind numbing meme from the shower of arse-vampires. Shower that they are!

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  6. < that's from @OleGunner
    Worth a follow for tweeters, he's always got something interesting to say on the footy.

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  7. george I did my best for you.

    An Arsenal performance that has the media purring but with their usual caveat thrown in

    The football played by Arsenal tonight was sumptuous, Wengerball at its finest, the movement, the freedom, the flow, the tempo, Ozil the conductor, Ramsey the lighting rod, Lacazette and Mkhitaryan the support act, and Xhaka on top of his game too, midfield and attack showing Wenger’s vision of how the fans should be entertained.

    It was so good that it had the media, pundits, whingebag fans scurrying around for something to suck the joy from the night. Wait, whats that, CSKA scored a goal, oh goodie, bound to be something there. Of course with all goals there is always something that can be blamed upon the conceding team, the Golovin goal was as good a freekick as you will see in a very long time (should that be game), it was up over the wall, back down just enough to go into the postage stamp. Can we blame Cech, no, not on a goal like that, two keepers would have found it hard to stop it. What about the freekick itself or the build up to it. Bingo, the angle in there. Its said that on average six mistakes are made on every goal scored. Well Arsenal made 3 obvious mistakes on this one, 1. Mustafi hooked the ball back towards the middle of his area, on edge of the area, then 2. Xhaka hoofed the ball up in the air, and 3. Koscielny charged out to try and win the high ball only to be called for a bit of a barge on Golovin.

    so to summarize, Arsenal banged in 4 goals, the Ramsey one a worldie, a goal of the season contender in fact, the build up on all our goals was Wengerball at its best, Ozil was supreme, our returning striker got 2, Ramsey got 2 and its no joke to say that with a bit of luck he would have had 6. We cocked up a bit on their goal, but the tie looks fairly securely in our favor. But much of the Arsenal blogs, the media, the football pundits, are dwelling on the one goal out of five that we did not score. Narratives to be adhered to it seems. You know, the old “a better team would have”. Never mind that tonight the better team did.

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  8. Ahmed
    ‏ @Ahmed91Gooner

    .@aaronramsey (56) is 2 goals away from becoming the highest goal scoring center midfielder in Arsenal Football Club history. (Fabregas – 57)

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  9. Fabulous. I’m so happy to have been there for Giroud and Ramsey’s world class goals. When our team clicks, there is nothing better on a football pitch.

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  10. Wenger to the press: “I hope you enjoy Ozil, because you see a great football player.”

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  11. freeflow football
    ‏ @freeflowblog

    Here’s your shocking stat of the day:

    Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey has directly contributed to a goal every 100 minutes in all comps this season, which is better than Dele Alli (every 116 mins), Kevin De Bruyne (118 mins), David Silva (121 mins), and Christian Eriksen (148 mins).

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  12. Mesut Özil
    Is Football dreams

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  13. Quite simply Wengerball was back last night beautiful to watch looked liked scoring an absolute hatful. Ozil is wonderful when in that mood and every pass delightful. Aaron all over the place and unlucky not to get four. I still haven’t mentioned two goal Laca and some great midfield and defensive displays.

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  14. Great game fantastic goal from Ramsey and some sublime football players.
    A shout to the fullbacks Nacho and Bellarin, they really did enhance the attack.
    A slight disappointment was Wiltshire he held on to the ball too long at times and when he lost it we were immediately countered. I felt he was also too slow at times defensively and left Bellarin isolated.

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  15. If we really had our shooting boots on, we could have maybe doubled the score. Miki, Ozil, Welbeck could all have scored, and Ramsey could have had 4.

    Ramsey’s finish for the 3rd was great for how instinctive it was, and brilliantly controlled. A great moment. I also loved the 4th goal. What a finish by Lacazette.(And a great pass from Ozil – but we expect that) I know the commentators tried to say he shinned it, but I think he judged the bounce and hit it perfectly into the corner. Odd how people have tried to say he’s not good enough, Wenger never wanted him (because Wenger is known to just buy players he doesn’t want) or that he can’t be here because Auba is. Weirdos we have as fans. I really like Lacazette. Even his quiet demeanour. And I’ve realised that the only time his arms don’t go up to celebrate a goal is when he’s the one doing the scoring.

    One foot in the semi finals, but we have to keep our concentration up. Even the Swedes nearly caught us out when we decided to just go through the motions. These guys are better and have some good players in attack.

    Also, more of the quick, decisive passing please. What a joy to watch.Who’re we playing in the league next?

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  16. Agree on Wilshere TFL. I had my head in my hands more than a few times with Wilshere. What is up with him? Is it a chronic injury? Has he mentally checked out? Overwhelmed by the competition for places? Hopefully he gets back to his best.Yesterday, he was frustrating.

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  17. Niggled from the interlull, probably shouldn’t have played at the weekend but he had to, Ramsey recently needed two games to get back up to speed as the manager implied in his post match pressed last night.

    One reason people had or have the impression of inconsistency from Chamberlain is he very rarely, until last season, managed to put together a sequence of starts and pick up some form and rhythm.

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  18. < press conference


  19. testing


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