Arsenal Can Stoke Relegation Woes

If I were to ask any Gooner to pick a PL team he/she just fkn hate, after Totnum of course, I’d bet 4 out of 5 would say Stoke. I’d go one further and say since the dawn of social-media 4/5 at some stage sent out a tweet or comment at the start of any season having Stoke on our relegation wish list. They are by no means what one would call a traditional rival of ours, but it’s still a rivalry not short of any bitterness. These orcs are the antithesis to Arsenal, play a brand of football that belongs in the 19th century and put in tackles that belong even further back. They deliberately took out too many of our players over the last decade without regret. So when their manager said in his pre-game presser; “we have to find a way to hurt them”… that should give us pause for concern.
Good morning one and all…
Stoke will be visiting the Emirates this afternoon, with the ignominy of having the worst away record of all PL teams this season, scoring the fewest away goals and with the temerity of having one 37 year old Peter Crouch leading their attack.
Of the three games Stoke won all season, (a rather controversial) one was vs us at the Britannia.  Their then manager has moved on to equally grey pastures and they’re now managed by Paul Lambert, an appointment that does not seem to fill Potters fans with much enthusiasm. He started off with a win but the seven games since are rather grim and win less.
So I hope we heap more misery on them to rob them even further of whatever little breathing space and fight they have left.
After we lost our way a bit we slowly pulled ourselves together and went into the break three wins on the bounce, having scored eight goals and conceding just one. Beat Spoke today (fingers crossed) and we can kick on to carry momentum into Europa which represent our one chance for Champions League football next season.
I don’t know about you but it filled me with joy seeing a full compliment of players back in training – sorry Santi. It’s been a while since Arsène Wenger had that luxury. With Lacazette expecting to lead the attack in Moscow we can expect him making a welcomed returned today, even if off the bench.
Good luck to our boys and home support, may they all give our manager his voice back to bid the Potters adieu on a win less Emirates streak.

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68 comments on “Arsenal Can Stoke Relegation Woes

  1. Rich
    I have to say Bellerin is at a massive disadvantage as he at the moment seems so isolated on the right. If Ozil does not drift over to the right his is usually alone out there if Ozil starts from the right he never stays there.


  2. wenger’s after game comments from london.football

    On the game

    Stoke played well, we didn’t play well in the first half – at all.

    We lacked urgency, pace, drive, The second half we rectified that. In the second half I always felt we would win the game.

    Did Lacazette change the game?

    Not only Lacazette. the urgency and pace of the team was different.

    We lacked cohesion in the first half it was really slow.

    On the first penalty

    It looked a penalty. I don’t think that Ozil dived.

    On Aubameyang letting Lacazette take the second penalty

    That shows as well the state of our society, that we are surprised.

    Where you surprised?

    No, because I know they have a good understanding. I like that, it can only make the team stronger.

    On Lacazette’s fitness

    Still lacking a competitive edge a bit, fraction maybe. In training he looks sharp. He needs one or two more games

    On Welbeck’s injury

    Welbeck had a back problem.

    On the empty seats and the fans staying away

    They will be back on Thursday. It’s explainable by the fact it’s Easter. It’s a family happening and we don’t go for a lot in people’s mind in the Premier League. Overall in the Premier League in the last few weeks we faced that problem.

    It’s down to the fact we don’t play for anything in the Premier League.

    On Cech’s injury

    He might be a little short for Thursday.

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  3. Also am seriously considering a full vegan diet, because anytime a player comes near Bellerin at the moment they seem to crumble .

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  4. Cannot sum it up any better than wengers words.
    But getting in good people of the quality of Auba , Mikha, and Laccazette means we still stand a great chance of winning even in games where we are not always that our best

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  5. I thought Mustafi was very good today, especially in the first half when we really needed someone to win a tackle, it was him more often than not.

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  6. Jeez, if Marriner had a view of that challenge on Hazard from Vertonghen then he really is dodgy. Bastards get away with so much

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  7. 7 BPL games left, 5pts off 5th placed CFC, and 5pts ahead of Burnley, we play only Man Utd who are above us in the league, but play Burnley and LCFC who are next behind us, also got relegation fighters Southampton, Huddersfield, West Ham, and the safer looking Newcastle

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  8. ian wright celebrated deli alli scoring today


  9. Not much to say about the first half, thankfully the second half came to life and we got the points. Other than Elneny, I thought most of the players were off their game in the first half. I see from earlier comments that I’m not the only one who thought Jack was sub-par. I got into a discussion at the game with some guys around me who thought he played well and should be given a decent contract! I wondered if I was missing something? I’d like him to stay, but I’m not sure he’s as good as some seem to think. Perhaps he will get back to his best, but he is still nowhere near what he has shown in the past. I was also reliably informed that Xhaka cannot tackle and he is not the player the club thought they were buying? I didn’t get an answer to my question as to how this sage knew what the club was looking for? The difference in quality when Xhaka and Mkhitaryan came on would tell anyone with eyes what they bring compared to some others who are living on past reputation. Hopefully this chance to blow some rust off will bear fruit on Thursday and we’ll see a more accomplished performance.

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  10. Ian Wright celebrated alli along with the whole of the English media

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  11. passenal if only all our players were judged like Wilshere is, there would never be a complaint.

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  12. I really wish they would eduardo. Today they overlooked all the ‘hospital’ balls he played to team mates. Even the most straightforward passes he made today rarely found their target and his receiving of the ball was not up to scratch. I don’t know if his contract uncertainty is playing on his mind, but he has been off-form for a few games now. I just hope playing him and making him captain is not an overly sentimental gesture to get him to stay. If he can keep fit and get through this little phase, he still has something to offer the club, but it cannot be at the expense of more valuable players

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  13. New post is up…………………………sorry.

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  14. The Orcs gave their all but even with a sloppy first 45 we still smacked their faces to the ground. The championship awaits ya ugly pottery Shawcross. A decade in the premiership seems a decade too long. Good riddance!

    From the moment the whistle was blown the spacing between our players, especially in CM, was not good. If Jack & his agent have any sense they’ll grab the contract Arsenal have offered with every available appendage. I love the lad but he must realize how lucky he is to still be @ Arsenal. Like Ramsey, the injuries have taken enough of a toll on his game that it seems only time might unlock.

    How did Ramsey get MOTM? MoNeny was the most impressive in the first half. 2nd half every stepped up with Mustafi, Ozil & Auba topmost. Once Xhaka & Mkhi came in we finally looked like a proper team. I hope AW & IG maintain a hardball position with not just Jack, Rambo & Welbeck must also realize how much consistent quality is lacking in their game. Next season, 2018/19, our 100th top flight season = AW’s “last” season (Wengerball 4.0)has to be about aiming for the highest standards by any means necessary. I’d say 2/3rd of that team has already been assembled but with the marker Etihad FC has laid down this year, we cannot afford mediocrity and inconsistency.

    We won 3-0. Lacazette & Auba are pretty good penalty takers. Sharing is caring and long may it continue. These players are still learning each other. The future looks really bright. CSKA come through on thursday and Arsene still knows…best.


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  15. corr: ..everyone stepped up,..

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