Arsenal Are Rubbish-Quick, Look AT ME

Fortunately for me, I’ve been stuck in the wilderness with no internet.This seems to have been a blessing in disguise, as the usual melt down occurred  with the normal lack of perspective. From what I can gather, the game changed when Watford were brought back into the game with a phantom penalty? Correct me if I’m wrong ? After that it seems a panic set in and the team did not perform well in the final knockings of the game.

So immediately, following a desperate wait of 7 games, the good and the great of Arsenal bloggers, tweeters and podcasters,were able to rush for their cyber tools, and launch headlong into their tried and tested attack on the manager, players, board and assorted scapegoats.

Well then, here is my opinion of what the headlines for these turgid efforts should read


Every defeat is evidence of incompetence and every victory is evidence of the opponents’ incompetence.

Here is the thing, we are all disappointed following  a defeat. We all get annoyed by the mistakes made by footballers and the perceived mistakes made by management, but we don’t all behave like demented toddlers that have had their ice-cream taken from them. We don’t all have to break our necks, rushing to our phones or laptops, to take to Twitter and blogs in an attempt to be the leading prick on the internet.

You can be critical of Mesut Ozil for missing a golden opportunity, but can also see that he set up 3 decent chances in his cameo. You can be critical of Xhaka for not doing enough to stop the goal, but realise that after 2 international games and 90 minutes of PL action, he could be tired both mentally and physically. You can think that Jack should have been subbed on, but accept that because of an injury to out best CB, that wasn’t an option. In other words “be fair”.

We were basically cheated out of the points, as we were at Stoke, that’s 6 points. SIX POINTS.add them to the total and things would look a lot different. If you’ve been burgled, perhaps you could have bought a guard dog, or a better alarm system, but the fact remains, is not your fault that a ne’er-do-well broke into you home. Be disappointed with the performance of the team if you must, but at least be outraged at the dreadful officiating.


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141 comments on “Arsenal Are Rubbish-Quick, Look AT ME

  1. You have surpassed yourself maestro

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  2. seemingly Wenger could face an FA Charge for confronting the ref after the game on Saturday, he was furious about the penalty award


  3. on twitter I had one guy complain that there was no reason why Jack could not have been brought on in a double sub with Holding for Iwobi and Koscielny, I’m still waiting for a reply to me pointing out that it would have been a neat trick to bring on 2 subs when we had already brought on Giroud and Ozil.

    One of the big bloggers, Dave Seager, tweeted that there was no explanation as to why Jack has not started in the BPL yet this season, when I pointed out that Wenger said he was being extra careful with jack cos its so important for his career(here at AFC) that he does not get another big injury, and that Jack is fit, but not ready yet for the intensity of the BPL, but soon will be, the Blogger merely replied that “he knew what Wenger has said”, he also gave some malarky about Sagna was straight back in the team after his leg breaks, got no reply why I pointed out that Sagna had no history of injury after injury after injury like jack, also no reply when I pointed out that he (seagers) would be up in arms if Wenger had brought Jack back and he had suffered another injury.

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  4. Now I read that that their guy may be the first to be booked for retrospective diving.. so what happens to the pen he earned? this retrospective thing is better sorted out on the field and the pen rescinded!

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  5. Mention to him that Sagna did indeed go straight back into the first team after his first fracture at the Lane, and even had a steel rod still in situ. The problem was first or second game back a Norwich player stood on that lower leg and while your bones will bend, the steel rod will not, and it simply re-fractured the leg again.

    Better still just tell him he is an idiot eddy – it is quicker.

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  6. To say Arsenal were “cheated out of the points” is a similar kind of over-reaction as you criticize arseblog for as it completely ignores the rather poor performance on the pitch and attempts to deflect responsibility for this on to external sources.

    Can you honestly say Arsenal would have won that game anyway? They certainly were not the better team and lacked Watford’s will to win in the second half.
    Some things go against you, some go for you, and I’m sure West Brom felt “cheated” at the Emirates, but that’s life sometimes.

    I agree there is far too much wailing and gnashing of teeth though, as I think the team have a fair chance of finishing 4th this season, considering the faltering form of Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool.
    Any talk of “title challenges” is just pure delusion though, as the club is currently a long way away from being able to achieve this.


  7. he is one of those guys who knows better than the AFC staff and manager, “Jack is flying in training”, imagine if an “insider” said “Wenger selects team on how they play in training”, there would be blog uproar.


  8. as I said anicol, no replies from these sort when an uncomfortable truth is pointed out. Like I said he acknowledged that Wenger had indeed “explained” the non selection of Jack, so before he tweeted “no explanation for Jack not to be playing”, he knew an explanation had been given. But only had to look at a few more of his tweets to understand that he is one of those “I know better than Wenger” types, you see his tweet that its “Bloody obvious to me”, tells you all you need to know about his over inflated ego

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  9. I know that my opinion is not usually the most popular , but if you look over all my coments you will (I am confident) find that I have never tried to overly critical of the team or individual players. I have pointed out that some players were not good enough to take the team forward. I said that I believed that we needed to change out some players not because I did not like those players as guys but there is a weakness in the physicality, that is to say that the too many of the Arsenal players are suseptable to injuries some of those have been caused by the poor officiating which caused overloads to other players in the squad making them breakdown. I think the manager needs to make choices with regards to the players he really wants and bring players in who are a little more robust to fill in the gaps.

    I am adement that the players need to own the situation they find themselves in with the ref’s , we can complain as fans but as i said before because nothing will change because it does not affect other teams.
    I am not worried about be popular, I will continue to share my truth and people can disagree which is fine, me recognising we get a disproportionate amount of bad calls against is not going to change anything, if the players don’t take that chance out of the ref’s hands.


  10. this has annoyed the ASB no end. They really don’t like being called out on their bullshit

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  11. Talented James Olayinka ready to step up for Arsenal U23s
    by Jeorge Bird

    James Olayinka started the season on the bench for Arsenal U18s but there is a chance that the versatile Hale End graduate could make his U23 debut against Sunderland at Emirates Stadium tonight.

    Olayinka has impressed Arsenal U18s coach Kwame Ampadu with his workrate and his adaptability, with the youngster, who recently turned 17, having featured as a central midfielder and on either flank so far this season.

    Like many of Arsenal’s standout prospects, Olayinka is excellent technically. He also possesses an impressive tactical understanding of the game and, despite being an attack minded player, is usually switched on defensively.

    Olayinka was an unused substitute as Arsenal U23s lost to Everton last month and he could be involved in some capacity tonight with Charlie Gilmour suspended and several players likely to be rested due to the first-team’s Europa League commitments.

    Sunderland have named a strong side in recent U23 games, with the likes of Jack Rodwell, Duncan Watmore and Paddy McNair featuring and it would certainly be a beneficial experience for Olayinka to face players who have played in the Premier League.

    If Olayinka is involved then it will also be interesting to see how he fares in a 3-4-2-1 system, with the prospect having only played in a 4-2-3-1 formation for the U18s. His versatility means he could be comfortable in several positions in a 3-4-2-1, but he would most likely be deployed as one of the two players behind the striker.

    So far this campaign Olayinka has scored twice for the U18s and he will now be aiming to take that form onto a bigger stage in a game where Arsene Wenger could well be in attendance.

    Olayinka has been at Arsenal since the age of seven and, having progressed steadily through the ranks at the club, he could soon be about to make the next step up. Given how he has developed so far, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was to seize his opportunity.


  12. WWB
    We don’t all always agree here, it’s all good!

    I’d like to, I want to agree with you, but I can’t.
    If spirit and grit could help circumnavigate such obstacles:

    – We wouldn’t need the officials on the pitch
    – Troy Deeney would’ve got in the squad that couldn’t beat Iceland (was he in it?)


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  13. Correction < couldn't even draw with Iceland


  14. Nope Deeney didn’t make the 2016 squad ahead of a Jack Wilshere who had played almost zero football for the preceeding season…

    …who didn’t complete 90 mins for Bournmouth last season till well into the Winter. A fact that the expert blagging artists mentioned above have completely ignored amidst their expertise. Anyone griping about Wilshere who is still finihsing off his pre-season not getting on or starting four days before the trip to Serbia where everyone knows he will start has less then zero credibility, and less then zero support for AFC.


  15. PG doing the ‘mic drop’!

    Its always best following disappointing defeats to just calm the fuck down and breathe to allow blood flow normalising. Being reactionary shows nobody but the ASB up for the knee-jerks they truly are.

    The idiots who can’t comprehend that Jack’s career need to be carefully managed, considering its a world cup year too, can all just go do one, or grow some cojones.

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  16. well Mark Clattenburg has cleared up why Giroud does not get penalties, you see he does not be moving quick enough in the area, the slower you are going the more contact that is needed for a penalty to be called, well that is all I can assume with MC’s claims that Richarlson dive was a penalty cos he was running so fast that the merest touch by Bellerin is enough to make him fall, “just like a 110M hurdler” falling at the slightest touch of the hurdle cos he is sprinting, the Watford was fouled cos there was contact.

    Imagine that guy is head of refs out in middle east,

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  17. Now theres a surprise, Richardson wont be charged for diving

    Carry on as you were Dele Alli et al


  18. media all reporting that Richarlson will not get dive ban, even those that are saying it was a dive.

    It must be cos diving does not happen in the BPL and to ban anyone for it would be bad for the products image


  19. Poll, Gallagher and another ref I can’t remember name of, have all said clear dive, but that he won’t be banned for it. None have explained why in their words a “clear dive” will not see dive panel ban the guy.
    8 rounds of BPL action, 79 games with one this evening, we have all seen lots of clear dives, and the new FA wonder of a “Dive panel” has not noticed any of the dives. The FA should be looking for the dive panel to be sponsored by Spec Savers


  20. Lets see what happens if, say Alexis dives

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  21. Mandy if that German Turkish Muslim guy Mesut Ozil dives he will be deported.


  22. So the official message is if you feel the slightest contact chuck yourself forward into the air with your hands out

    Fucking ludicrous – it simply encourages cheating

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  23. RIP Kevin Cadle


  24. There’s basically a seal here that needs breaking. So it’s going to take something heinous, like Pedersen’s dive against us ages ago.

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  25. finsburyp
    We wouldn’t need the officials on the pitch- We have officials on the pitch and they will not be removed anytime soon and Arsenal are still getting bad calls. So the players have a choice succumb or stride forward and embrace.

    – Troy Deeney would’ve got in the squad that couldn’t beat Iceland (was he in it?)
    This is not about Troy Deeney or England, he has been emboldened by bad ref’s you and I know this.
    Unless everyone complaining about the how bad the ref was can up with a solution,this is where we are, because this is not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. We are left with the players needing to take charge, it won’t work everytime but do something about it or leave for an easier life elsewhere.


  26. Mandy Dodd
    I called this yesterday , I said if they find him guilty I would apologise.
    I have been a fan of football an Arsenal for a long time , it would have been ground breaking.
    Especially under this manager VAR will be of little or no benefit to Arsenal, you can quote me.

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  27. This may be the best blog you’ve ever written, George. Kudos.

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  28. Watford’s Richarlison escapes retrospective ban after FA panel clears him of diving against Arsenal

    The case went to the FA’s newly-formed simulation panel, but they ruled there was no dive Credit: Action Images via Reuters

    Matt Law, Football News Correspondent

    16 October 2017 • 2:31pm

    Watford forward Richarlison has escaped a retrospective ban after a Football Association simulation panel cleared him of diving against Arsenal.

    Richarlison was accused of diving under a challenge from Hector Bellerin to win the penalty from which Watford levelled the game before going on to win.

    The case, which was the first involving a Premier League player, went to the FA’s newly-formed simulation panel, but they ruled there was no dive and no further action will be taken.

    The FA will not reveal the identities of the three-man panel who ruled on Richarlison’s case, but they were picked from a 13-man pool of former managers, players and officials that was put together in the summer.

    On the 13-man panel are Nigel Adkins, Rachel Brown-Finnis, Terry Butcher, Lee Dixon, Alex McLeish, Danny Murphy, Chris Powell, Trevor Sinclair, Keren Barratt, Steve Dunn, Mike Mullarkey, Alan Wiley and Eddie Wolstenholme.

    The names of the three-man panel will only be made public if a player is retrospectively punished for diving and the FA hand out their written reasons for the ban.


  29. Good Afternoon, Peeps,

    Taking up this point about ‘Dive – No Dive’ I read the same comment from Clattenberg that Eddie referred to above, but my attention was drawn to a rather different point.

    Here’s the full statement, and I have separated out the key part that marks Clattenberg’s analogy utterly ridiculous.

    —– “Richarlison did not dive to win Watford a penalty against Arsenal and I (Clattenberg) would be very surprised if the incident was referred to the FA panel today.

    It was the correct decision to award the penalty as there was contact between him and Héctor Bellerín, the Arsenal defender, that wasn’t initiated by the forward.

    *** [It is interesting because I’ve looked at three angles of the incident;
    ‘the first one looks like nothing, there appears to be no contact’ —
    ‘the second also looks like no contact’ —
    ‘but a third angle that I’ve studied shows Bellerín’s left leg hit the right leg of Richarlison. There is contact. ***

    We as referees cannot work out if that’s sufficient contact to award a penalty, but what we try to understand is that if a player is at full pace and there is contact, then experience tells us that it will knock the attacker over. It’s like when a 110m hurdler slightly glances a hurdle at full pace: it knocks them down. It is very similar with football. If Bellerín touches the ball first then it’s play on but because Richarlison touches the ball first and there is contact from the Arsenal full back — (well only 1 out of three angles do) — that is consistent with the striker going to ground, then the referee Neil Swarbrick is right to give the penalty”

    So, if Clattenberg were to advise other referees, he would say that — ‘if there is no contact shown in the first 2 clear angles then just keep going until you find another one in a distorted 2D frame, and not a 3D frame shows that there might be contact — then you have got the bastard — and then you can ignore the first 2 angles. Easy!!

    Now I am not going to pretend that I think the whole of ref-dom are out to get the Arsenal (sorry, but that’s just the way I see it} but at the very least it is easy to understand why other Gooner’s would see Clattenberg’s statement, on why it was a penalty and not a dive is utter crap, and and also justifies their views that referees are corrupt.

    What ex-referee Clattenberg really needs is a trip to a psychiatrist to seek out his inner demons.

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  30. spot on anicol

    mark clattenburg is Head of Refereeing for the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, image the cunts of useless refs he is creating there.


  31. To balance out the views of ex-referees, and to show what a Farrago of justice this whole thing has been — a certain Graham Poll an ex-ref with no love of Arsenal said it was NOT a penalty and was a clear dive.

    Well what d’yer know?

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  32. Anicoll,

    Your comment;
    “So the official message is if you feel the slightest contact chuck yourself forward into the air with your hands out” does not quite go far enough, a suffix of; “resist at all costs the urge to perform a triple lutz – which might just be a slight give away’. lol

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  33. well henry two things from clattenburg’s comments

    1. its a penalty cos there was contact, maybe just the merest touch but contact means penalty

    odd that, danny welbeck earlier in the game refused penalty despite lots of contact, and in fact for years refs have been telling us that “contact does not automatically mean a foul” – maybe its just when its against AFC

    2. its a penalty cos the lad was going at high speed, so the contact has to be less for it to be a foul

    as I stated earlier, no wonder Giroud gets no penalty despite him being pulled and dragged from pillar to post, he is just not running fast enough, and at his speed refs will need to seed him hit by a truck for it to be a penalty. Again odd that this speed thing does not come into it when its in our favor, no we are told that due to our players speed the minimal contact seen “him lose balance”, defender not at fault.

    final thought on Clatters comments, if his view was implemented, it would mean penalties – several – in every game, odd that he himself was not awarding above the average when he was in the BPL, again is it only AFC games that count

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  34. from the rules

    a penalty kick can only occur if a direct free kick offense occurs. As provided in definition 18-1-m, a rule infraction that results in a free kick is called a Foul, thus a Penalty Kick results from a foul inside the penalty area that would if outside the penalty area result in a direct kick being given to the opponent.

    The fouls resulting in a direct kick are listed in Rule 13-2-1. They are: a. a player spits at, kicks, strikes, attempts to kick or strike, or jumps at an opponent; b. a player trips or attempts to trip an opponent; c. a goalkeeper attempts to strike, strikes or pushes an opponent with the ball; d. a player other than the goalkeeper in his/her own penalty area, deliberately handles the ball; e. a player pushes an opponent with the hand(s) or arm(s) extended from the body; f. a player holds an opponent; g. a player charges an opponent in a dangerous or reckless manner, or uses excessive force; and h. a player charges an opponent in a dangerous or reckless manner while the opponent has both feet off the ground.

    which one of those offences did Bellerin commit on Saturday, and was not one of them committed on Danny a little earlier

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  35. I said it the other day, the FA panel is a joke, that it includes Trevor Sinclair who has constantly claimed its impossible to call a dive unless you know what is in the players mind at the time, or without the player admitting to it. Also he is another one of those that calls it “clever” to win a penalty for your team, and only right.
    He like a few others on the panel, have expressed diving is a “foreign” thing, not something in the English game or in the English player.

    The FA clause that all 3 members of the panel must decided its a dive too shows how little they really are trying to do to stop diving.
    the fact that Richarlson was even the first incident to be sent for review shows that there is no real attempt being made to stamp it out, the dive panel is just eyewash, so that the FA can claim, “oh look at us, we are doing all we can to stop cheating”. When the reality is they are doing nothing.


  36. WWB

    The solution is not hidden!
    I’ve been watching the Rugby, the Cricket, the Hockey, the Tennis, the Curling…etc. for the last few decades.

    Ok, I lied about watching the Rugby, but the rest is true! Apart from Curling. I don’t know if they use replays in Curling. But they do use sticks and rulers to mark out distance, and you know, use numbers that don’t leave them all confused about their meanings. Or means. There migth possibly be debates in the curling world about which scale to use on the measures, KM, M, MM, NM etc. and which brand of tape measures to use, but they seem to manage ok & not get lost with the maths.


  37. some good news on injuries, reports that Koscielny is not injured, it was only cramp that forced him off on Saturday, and that he should be available for selection on Sunday.

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  38. Ryan Tomes‏ @RyanTomes 4h4 hours ago

    Danny Murphy doesn’t think it was a dive.

    Danny Murphy is on the panel that retrospectively punishes diving.

    Don’t expect anything.

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  39. We suffered from the same post-internationals malaise and lack of energy as Chelsea did. Strangely, I didn’t see a player from Palace trotted out to offer his opinion about how Chelsea didn’t want it as much. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the crux of the issue to me.

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  40. the one big reason why I never expected the Watford lad to get banned, was cos it was against Arsenal, and a ban would have meant that the whole media soundbite that Arsenal bottled it would have been shown to be bull and that it would have been admitting that “Ref screws over Arsenal”, it don’t have the same ring to it when you are running “Arsenal in Crisis” from morning to night.


  41. “It’s like when a 110m hurdler slightly glances a hurdle at full pace: it knocks them down. It is very similar with football.”

    What utter – if I may be so bold – fucking nonsense from Clattenburg.

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  42. WWB

    “Especially under this manager VAR will be of little or no benefit to Arsenal, you can quote me.”
    i think Mandy has expressed the same, and so can I!

    We can be clear: it’s not errors it it the pgMOB’s application of a variable code in different matches that is the bigger concern for English foobtall fans. The type of Football they have a clear intent of promoting at the expense of English Football and the England team, which is why i again refer to them. Very much a part of this debate. The core if it!

    We’ve all seen the squads of Spain, France, Germany etc.


  43. The vast majority of hurdlers, steeplechasers, four legged and two legged, if they hit a hurdle or a fence they will try and stay on their feet and carry on racing – not chuck themselves on the ground immediately they feel the slightest contact.

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  44. Am I correct, or just 100% right ?


  45. < written not just as an AFC fan but as Football fan from London, England. A region that induces a phobic reaction from the pgMOB. But not their predecessors. Which is remarkable. So we remark upon it…


  46. anicol when you see those statements from clattenburg, a man who is head of refs for the SAFA and a man who was seen by many as the very best of the PGMOL refs, do you still think that our Refs are just simply making mistakes.

    Remember the revelations that the reason why none of the thousands of London and Southern based “Qualified” Refs are deemed good enough to be on the PGMOL list is cos they “need training” in how to “manage games” the way the PGMOL see fit.


  47. Anicoll @ 3:26

    Be fair — you know full well how vicious those hurdles can be – and how grumpy they are after a night out on the tiles. They can easily knock a fast-moving person down and bite them on the ass!!

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  48. I do eddy – and I take exception with George blaming Swarbrick for being deceived for Richarlison’s bit of disgraceful cheating.

    As George says it is wrong to Arsenal players because they were the victim of dreadful officiating, as he sees it by Swarbrick.

    The point is surely that if the Brazilian had not set out to deliberately engineer the penalty and deceive the official no “dreadful officiating” would have occurred.


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