Arsenal Are Rubbish-Quick, Look AT ME

Fortunately for me, I’ve been stuck in the wilderness with no internet.This seems to have been a blessing in disguise, as the usual melt down occurred  with the normal lack of perspective. From what I can gather, the game changed when Watford were brought back into the game with a phantom penalty? Correct me if I’m wrong ? After that it seems a panic set in and the team did not perform well in the final knockings of the game.

So immediately, following a desperate wait of 7 games, the good and the great of Arsenal bloggers, tweeters and podcasters,were able to rush for their cyber tools, and launch headlong into their tried and tested attack on the manager, players, board and assorted scapegoats.

Well then, here is my opinion of what the headlines for these turgid efforts should read


Every defeat is evidence of incompetence and every victory is evidence of the opponents’ incompetence.

Here is the thing, we are all disappointed following  a defeat. We all get annoyed by the mistakes made by footballers and the perceived mistakes made by management, but we don’t all behave like demented toddlers that have had their ice-cream taken from them. We don’t all have to break our necks, rushing to our phones or laptops, to take to Twitter and blogs in an attempt to be the leading prick on the internet.

You can be critical of Mesut Ozil for missing a golden opportunity, but can also see that he set up 3 decent chances in his cameo. You can be critical of Xhaka for not doing enough to stop the goal, but realise that after 2 international games and 90 minutes of PL action, he could be tired both mentally and physically. You can think that Jack should have been subbed on, but accept that because of an injury to out best CB, that wasn’t an option. In other words “be fair”.

We were basically cheated out of the points, as we were at Stoke, that’s 6 points. SIX POINTS.add them to the total and things would look a lot different. If you’ve been burgled, perhaps you could have bought a guard dog, or a better alarm system, but the fact remains, is not your fault that a ne’er-do-well broke into you home. Be disappointed with the performance of the team if you must, but at least be outraged at the dreadful officiating.


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141 comments on “Arsenal Are Rubbish-Quick, Look AT ME

  1. As I said eddy it is not either the remit or the power of the FA or the PGMOL to change the rock solid core of cheating that runs through football, and by no means just English football, like the letters through stick of seaside rock. Players cheat, managers cheat, it is part of the game as they are concerned. They are rewarded for it. WE KNOW THIS – and it is not the FA or referees rewarding them.

    You and I know well that decision making by referees would be far less prone to error if technology was available, that has been in use in other sports for two decades to assist referees. And yet where are we with that ? You and I know how long it took even something as innocuous as to get the goal-line technology introduced.

    I certainly anticipated there would be more than the 2 cases referred to the panel by the FA, but the reason for that ?

    In your view a conspiracy on the part of Mike Riley and the FA determined to preserve or promote ….? I dont know – tell me.

    While presumably everyone else than the FA and the PGMOL, i.e. Club’s footballers, managers, owners, the media, et cetera are mad keen for cheating to be erased.

    My view o n the other hand is that the whole of football, clubs, managers, TV companies, owners, and yes fans prefer the cheating. the FA and PGMOL are just n inconvenient sticking plaster that is for show.

    Otherwise why would cheating go on ?


  2. Spurs giving RealMad a good game….ManCity rampant…Liverpool cruising….oh well…


  3. Jeez, the cosmos seems to be aligning for the malcontents at the moment, but I remind myself, things can change, hopefully

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  4. Yep, the spuds love in on some so called arsenal forums is going viral.

    May be mistaken but didn’t Wenger win the last time at Real, ok seems a long long time ago,but

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  5. isn’t it laughable Mandy that any Arsenal fan would laud spurs who have not won a damn thing in a decade and yet lambast Arsenal for having only 3 cups in 4 years. odd, very odd behavior, almost like they are not Arsenal fans at all

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  6. Certainly makes you wonder about the true loyalties of some. Or perhaps just born fickle. But can be sure the media will back them all the way.

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  7. I suspect there are lots of pretend Arsenal fans out there who know they might get their tweet published for their moment of fame. Added bonus they can snigger that they are not even real fans.

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  8. Wonder if the Spuds fans waxed lyrical about our recent trophies?
    According to some, erm observers out there, Spurs doing well puts pressure on Wenger.
    Can imagine Stan in his ranch, if he even saw those results thinking, damn, English clubs had a good night in Europe, that’s wengers fault, I have to fire him.
    Been a few mentions of stupid people here lately, that’s where we are at.

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  9. mandy its as funny as fuck how these ASB think they can influence Kroenke, he does not even know they exist and even if he did he would not give two hoots as to what they think. They also seem to think they can force him out, which is the silliest think I’ve ever heard.
    There is one way and one way only of getting KSE out of Arsenal, and that is to make it worth his while, in other words make him an offer he can not refuse. So prey tell, who of the ASB has that sort of financial clout, for God’s sake even Usmanov has been unable to offer an amount that is of interest to Stan, so I can’t see some fuckwit tweeter or blogger who whinges about the price of tickets, having the sort of money that will change his mind. They are laughable.

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  10. Ramsey, Koscielny and Alexis were all back in training today

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  11. Positivistas: I am fortunate to have limited access to the internet and had to make a contribution to the penalty debate.
    As someone who did serious research into 20 years of penalties-for and against for Arsenal and the rest of the traditional top-6 I am surprised that this community is in doubt that Arsenal is being screwed over by the PGMO.

    My blog colleague of 12 years, Finsbury, is the lonely apostle, the sole sentinel, willing to say the whole body of English football edifice is rotten to the core, with officialdom dedicated to preserving a rotten system of cheating and game-fixing. He has had absolutely no support of your common sense observation that almost all the ball-playing sports, except football, which is by far the most popular internationally, have adopted some sort of technology to make refereeing decisions fair and transparent. Nobody can make a cogent case as to why not. I have done the research showing of all the top-4 teams Arsenal over the last 20 years, especially the last seven which coincides with the Riley-era, was the team most screwed by the PGMO in penalties-for and penalties-against. So far this season it is becoming evident, game by game, the cheating and victimization by officialdom will continue unhindered. Add to this the unpunished physical assaults on players like Alexis and Debuchy that have lead to prolonged absence due to injury. It is not being over dramatic to assert that at this rate even a top-4 position is not guaranteed.

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  12. Slightly worrying less youngsters involved in training than usual. Ours euro sides have done well and not playing the A Listers would be an advantage over the toffees who are under pressure to play a full strength side before the weekend.


  13. ian we have the seven subs from saturday, plus Debuchy and Maitland-Niles to add to that, and Alexis and Ramsey both back in training too, that is 11 players right there. Nelson and Willock, plus Nketiah means very few of the starting 11 from watford game need to be involved v Red Star. And Lets not forget Everton play Thursday too.
    Red Star game is important, win it and we are almost qualified with still 3 games to go, and it could leave us only needing another win from those 3 to top the group.


  14. Mcguane, DaSilva and Akpom were in training today too.


  15. young right wing back Osei-Tutu was in training today also


  16. Pires on Özil: “To me, he seems so angry about the fact that Arsenal hasn’t put together the team with which he can make a difference.”


  17. Osei-Tutu and Sheaf have traveled with the squad for the Red Star game. Its Osei-Tutu’s first senior call up, and it’s great to see Sheaf involved, he only made his comeback for the U23’s on Monday, after being out with a back injury so far this season. He was very close to first team last season as he impressed in his new position of CB. He came on as an early sub for the U23’s on Monday and was by all accounts outstanding, I think it was mostly in a CM role on Monday.

    A few other youths in the squad too


  18. The International Football Association Board, the Law making body of FIFA agreed to trial VAR, (Video Assistant Referees) in some International friendlies this Spring, and officially in last summer’s Confederation Cup with a view to introducing it to the 2018 World Cup, and this is what they said;

    — “Problems with the video technology system in use at the Confederations Cup must be solved if it is to be employed at the 2018 World Cup, Fifa says.

    Law-making body International Football Association Board will decide next March if video assistant referees will be used at next year’s event in Russia.

    During the 12 Confederations Cup group games, the system helped correct six “game-changing decisions”, said Fifa’s head referee Massimo Busacca.

    “We have really good results,” he said.

    “But many aspects need to be improved.”

    Busacca said officials had ruled correctly on a further 29 “major incidents” after referring to the video replay team, and that Fifa was keen to convince member nations to use the technology (VAR).

    Spectators, players and team officials have complained of being left confused while officials have been making decisions with the help of VAR.

    Busacca said referees needed more training in how and when to use the technology, and added the system could be sped up.

    Last week, Fifa president Gianni Infantino described the system as “the future of football”.

    Its most recent – and most confusing – use came during Germany’s 3-1 victory over Cameroon.

    First, Colombian referee Wilmar Roldan showed a yellow card to Cameroon captain Sebastien Siani in a case of mistaken identity.

    It was actually Ernest Mabouka who fouled Germany’s Emre Can, but after Roldan consulted the VAR, he upgraded the yellow he had shown Siani to a red.

    After a further referral to VAR, and much confusion on the pitch, Roldan rectified his mistake and Mabouka was sent off.

    Cameroon boss Hugo Broos said of the decision: “I didn’t understand it and I still don’t understand it now.”

    And in top level European leagues, Germany and Italy only started using the VAR system at the commencement of the current season. (2017/18) And in addition Spain’s La Liga are hoping to do so next season, (2018/19) as does the Premier League.

    In Premier League and the FA Cup games goal line technology has been in use already, and it has proved very useful.

    After many years of being blocked by Blatter, then President of FIFA, video technology has gained approval and has started to gradually be introduced, and that will speed up, after the initial problems, mentioned above, are ironed out.


  19. Ed, its nice to see Sheaf involved with the squad although difficult to see how he be risked even as sub when he only just come back from such a long lay off and serious injury.
    No point was I don’t want to see players like Ramsey involved as I would prefer him to be 100% for Sunday. The same goes for whoever takes Danny’s place.
    Have you any idea the extent of Jeff’s injury as he is another player we need in cup comps going forward


  20. It appears that some repetition is required here, nevermind the lack of answers to simple questions asked for example regarding the 50th match:

    Just one example:

    Hockey has been successfully using VARs at club and international level for about a decade or more now.

    Their lesser paid professionals (full time part time or zero hour contracts heh?) don’t get confused by the twiddly knobs and strange buttons whilst officiating a sport that is harder and more difficult to officiate then association football.



  21. My first ever comment on VARs was about ten years ago. Most then didn’t understand the concept or requirement. The comments are still available I believe.

    Not that thanks to the actions and choices made by the Dutch and German FAs VARs is just around the corner and given the other models out there there’s not really any excuse for using an inefficient or confusing process.


  22. Whilst the Dutch & German FAs have been rolling out the future of the sport, what have the English FA been up to?


    IMO it was fitting and great writing that Mike Bassett was portrayed as the hero of that movie and that the most biting satire we could observe was reserved for the FA. Great movie for all you football lovers out there. Highly recommended.


  23. Eds

    That’s 8/9 goals for Sterling this season? The forward has settled down at city and the change of manager now. It just took a reasonable amount of time for him to adapt to his big change? (That’s a cheeky way of saying Chambo will also improve in a stable environment after his big change too…).


  24. < reasonable amount of time plus the ever critical solid pre-season with a rest over the summer and no serious niggles


  25. James Olley‏Verified account @JamesOlley

    Wenger says Mathieu Debuchy has travelled and will start tomorrow.


  26. Jack Wilshere “People try to put us down, they always have. But you can’t question our character.”

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  27. Eduardo @3.20 pm – Ben Sheaf played centre back on Monday

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  28. Nice quote from Jack, even a bit of Pete Townsend in there


  29. Strange, looking around, the supporters who think our team are shit anyway, in their lily white hue, are saying we got even more shit as a result of events last night, but we don’t even play until tomorrow?
    I feel a bounce back coming, still think that result was down to an interlull malaise, a bit like Chelsea, and a ref who bought a dive. I suspect the same refereeing and tactics, especially at Everton, but we will be ready.


  30. Proper supporter, for a long lifetime, our fickle, knee jerk ,mentally weak , self entitled, me me me ,semi spudlings should take note

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  31. some rumors that Cech is starting the game tomorrow, and that our starting back 3 will be Holding, Debuchy, DaSilva
    with Nelson and Maitland-Niles in the wingback spots
    wilshere and Coquelin in CM
    walcott Giroud and Willock up front


  32. seemingly Ospina did not make the trip. Must be injured.


  33. Cech
    Holding, Debuchy, DaSilva
    Nelson, Coquelin, Wilshere, Maitland-Niles
    Walcott, Giroud, Iwobi
    Subs: Macey, Osei-Tutu, Sheaf, McGuane, Nketiah, Willock, Akpom

    by the way that team would have six players who came through our Academy and the bench another 7, but our Academy is failing
    Also 13 English lads, wasn’t there something about our English core experiment being a failure or being over

    Could mean that Cech would be the only member of the team/squad who would likely start v Everton on Sunday.

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  34. finsburyp
    October 17, 2017 at 2:18 pm
    Glen Clarke and people like him would have been seen as radical progressives in my day.

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  35. Spare a thought for Ben Sheaf’s ma ey- in a year her two footballing sons, Ben and Max have fractured back and skull respectively. Must have been horrible for her and them. Max’s sounded horrific; not sure what happened to Ben. Both back now thankfully.

    Really like Ben Sheaf from what I’ve seen of him. Must admit I’m hoping he will eventually revert to centre mid and be a powerful tall player in there instead of an average sized cb.

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  36. WWB

    ‘Greg Clarke got his handshake from Eni Aluko in the end. After a devastating four‑hour parliamentary hearing that fully illuminated the Football Association’s shambolic handling of her allegations of discrimination, it was a confused gesture of goodwill. “I want to meet with you properly,” he said. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to try anything, it’ll all be above board.”

    That the chairman of the FA felt he had to give such assurances to a wronged party, particularly one who played for England 102 times over a glittering 11-year international career, shows…’ – from the Manchester Grunt.

    There’s a scene in the Mike Bassett England Manager movie where he looks under the door of his FA supervisor (the chairman in the movie?) to see what had happened to all his “notes under the door”, and he finds a collection of letters from managers going back to Ron Greenwood! (Who was given the job after the Don’s fiasco and then self-imposed exile to a petrogarchy….).

    You’ve all read my understanding on the Wembley Stadium fiasco, of Adam Bogdan’s descriptions of working as a fitter on that project (encouraged to do overtime lol!). Which in some ways was not as disturbing as what is happening in n17. After that the only way was down!


  37. That contract for the Wembley build could be described as radical. Radical enough to end up in a billion pound lawsuit.

    Yes some of the numbers were a bit odd in that build. Esoteric even. But they weren’t the numbers used to calculate, for example, the mean average number of toilets that were or are required within the stadium premises. Get that calc. wrong and you’ll be drowning in literal as well as metaphorical shite. (Yep we understand that back in the day people didn’t need toilets at football stadiums. I know! I grew up near one! Hehe.)


  38. Arsenal vs. Liv. date:

    Friday, 22 December, with a 19:45 GMT kick-off.

    Possibly / hopefully see some of you there! Might be an occasion when people are free before KO.


  39. COYG (B team?)

    18:00 (UK time) KO today


  40. New post up


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