Arsenal – The Scoreboard Explodes


Good morning all Positives,

The NLD matched my expectations yesterday. 94 minutes of sporting combat, two good teams playing football, trying to win the game, every loose ball, every tackle, every header contested. Both sides coming into the game after a hard week’s football. By the end the game was always going to be matter of who had the stamina to endure. That is the way football should be played. No buses, no clawing at the opponent’s eyes, no shrieking when you are touched.

The opening ten minutes I thought we started well, but having huffed and puffed we had not managed to even rattle the windows of the Spuds house. Somewhat relieved they got back into the contest, began to knock the ball about with a bit of purpose and took the game to us. We seemed to shrink a little, Santi apparently “dizzy” (?). Sanchez and Campbell worked hard but with no end product. Not often you see a player as limited genetically as Kyle Walker have a good game when facing a player with the quality of Alexis. Olivier was locked out by Alderweild and Vertonghen. Not able to get boot to ball.

The goal came and, given the balance of play overall in the first half probably, a deserved lead. More disappointing was the lack of a single effort on target or Lloris required to make single proper save in the first half. Fair play to the visitors they were blocking every through ball, that we managed. On the few occasions we got to the edge of the box no one shot. As toothless as I can recall from us for a long time. Most odd.

A shrewd and seemingly necessary substitution brought the Flamster into the contest We immediately set about getting back into the game with more energy and that little bit of serrated Gallic steel the player has in his boots. Chances were created at both ends, Cech again saving well from Kane and Alderweild, Olivier centimetres out on three occasions.

No idea whether it was pure chance or shrewd tactics on the part of Arsene and his players but the moment we started putting in the high ball and putting the Spuds central defence under pressure they cracked. No reason it should have worked, as we are hardly kings of the high ball, but from being confident and in control at the back Tottenham lapsed into hysteria.

75 minutes gone and I was beginning to feel a little uneasy, with a second and probably decisive goal for Spuds looking as likely as an equalizer ! The introduction of Kieran Gibbs I admit did not quell the butterfly that was hatching. One glimmer of light was that Spuds were beginning to tire.

Fool that I am , you all saw Kieran put away what was a slightly scruffy finish. Walker nowhere to be seen. Scruffy counts just the same though. That I could have doubted for a MOMENT.

And for the final 17 minutes we had ‘em under the hammer, pressing forward against an increasingly desperate defence. Sanchez suddenly much more effectively playing inside. Mikel stroking the ball as only he can. Only one winner possible during that final phase but……… Our visitors mightily relieved when Atkinson below for the end. Even with multiple injuries we endured better than they did.

Fair result, both sides did enough to win so a point apiece the right result.

Good on our side ? Debuchy showed the quality he has, match sharp at last even if he ran out of gas a little short. Flamini again spoiled Spuds day, great effort from Giroud, never gave up.

For them ? I was impressed with Lamela – ridiculous I know but every dog has his day. Dembele was also a smooth, impressive operator.

Since the last international break we have played seven games, four wins, the draw yesterday and two defeats. Not perfect but pretty damn good.

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  1. One quibble Shotta, I’d describe it as a “rebuild”. Many of the original components could be recycled (Koscielny!) but then again after such major surgery perhaps it is better to describe it as a new team.

    Was just incredibly disappointing at the time to see so many who have the experience to know better pretend otherwise.


  2. things going well for Ozil on the pitch and now off it too, he is back with his ex girlfriend.



  3. Thanks to this site I did look up the Wenger interview on Arseblog.

    As a simple minded or single minded or do not mind being an Arsenal supporter, I check and double check.



    “C’est pour cela que vous vous éloignez des médias ?

    Évidemment. Vous connaissez quelqu’un qui se lève le matin en disant : tiens, j’ai envie de prendre cinquante coups de fouet ?”

    That is the final question of the interview.

    This is the bit about waking up to face the media and comparing it to 50 of the best cat-o’-nine-tails!

    The part I found interesting was:

    “That’s the least that one could say

    Nagoya called it into question (he laughs). They have not made much progress since I left them. That being said, it has only been twenty years. Actually, President Toyoda is back and he came back to see me for advice. Practically every month. I am still very close to them.”

    Then further digging I find a real “wengerism”!

    Aside from the main interview, Arsène Wenger also spoke about his passion for watches:

    It is not really an obsession. It is a joy. It can explain the personality of a man. It was the first piece of jewellery I had in my life. At the time, when you did your Communion at the age of 14, your godfather would give you a watch. It was very formal. I got a “Lip” that day. The watch, it was my first big present.

    It marked my journey from life as a child to an adult. I could have started smoking at that age If I had wanted to. My father did not tell me that it was not allowed. I was in the world of grown-ups. Because physically I was capable to work with my arms as a man. It was like that in the countryside world. I like to look at the watches that people wear.
    It is a true revealer for who they are. For training, I have an all-terrain watch, I do not wear the one that is on my wrist today. I associate the watch that I will wear with the clothes that I am wearing. It is my only form of jewellery

    .Frank Lampard spends thousands of £££s on watches, Mr Wenger?

    My view is that – Herbert Chapman, RIP- Tom Whittaker RIP – ?

    “My President, Shoichiro Toyoda, told me that he dreamt of making Nagoya the biggest club in Japan and in the world in 100 years time. That eradicates the immediate pressure in a fantastic way. What is a defeat if you project your destiny upon a century? I found that to be an extremely kind principle.”

    Why waste time on those who wish Mr Wenger to depart?


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  4. 1.30 into the Chile Columbia game. Good save by Ospina following Alexis rising shot from distance.

    So it begins. Sakho’s injury probably means minutes for Koscielny too. *gulps*


  5. Sanchez survives. Played the full ninety *weeps* but he’s ok I think.


  6. I see Chris Coleman having at pop at Wenger over the Ramsey injury, I do wonder if he would change his tune if Ramsey and Bale where to miss the Euro’s next summer due to injury caused by fatigue, or ones that stem from the injuries that was contributed to by playing v Andora.


  7. Old news Eddy.
    The best by about Coleman’s “pop” was his decision to rest Bale for these very friendlies. Following his unnecessary injury after the Andorra game. So if Mr.Coleman wants to look foolish in public (saying one thing, doing another) after being bated by some bored hack dwarves, let him!


  8. Fins: Speaking of Sanchez; yes he came out of that Colombia game unscathed but I don’t think he is on form. Compared to the CONMEBOL championships in the summer he is not as explosive and as energetic. He is not doing as many sprints and I rarely saw him get behind the Colombian defense. To be fair Peckerman set up the opponents in a very defensive shape with James Rodriguez isolated behind Jackson Martinez.
    Going into the holiday season I am concerned as to how much we can rely on Sanchez.

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  9. I’m looking on the positive side.

    An early mid-season rest for Ramsey Walcott and Chambo should see them good to go for a bit. I anticipate that the next time they’ll be needing a rest or two that the likes of Wilshere and Welbeck will be ready to play.

    Just need to squeeze past the upcoming run with mid-week games and the Xmas crunch with no horror stories and we could be in for an interesting photo finish.


  10. Can’t see Alexis starting both the west brum and Zagreb games. The manager said he was considering resting the player, after he returns seems like the most logical moment to do so.

    Arsenal need the player who has been most inspired in style by Sanchez, Chamberlian*, to come back in ASAP! Hopefully he’s ready after the break and Alexis can catch his breath.

    *His form this time last year, the slight decline in his passing haha, the increase in his insane dribbling stats (haven’t checked the numbers but even against West Ham he was exhilarating to watch when he found the gears). An early goal on his return will see his confidence rocket.


  11. If any player deserves a rest it is our explosive Chilean – don’t be tight, give him a month off Arsene – you know it makes sense

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  12. Alexis must surely be rested for West Brom but I hope supporters don’t think Albion is a gimme. It is becoming the typical Pulis team, that is tough defensively and opportunistic on the break. He doesn’t even trust last summer’s hot transfer target, Berahino, to start. It will be a tough game.

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  13. stats show that Ozil constantly out runs Alexis, both in distance run and in number of sprints, but Alexis is the number one name for the “Wenger running him into the ground” types, when maybe him being off form is just that he is off form, and has little to do with amount of games played, after all Alexis is known to do extra training, even against the advice of our coaches and medics, the guy just loves working out. We had the same stuff last season, he began with a bang, dipped a bit in form and ended the season with a bang, maybe its normal for him to go up and down in performance. We know that Alexis has asked to play when Wenger suggested to him that he would rest him.

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  14. This is a picture of Sakho, after he went down with a knee injury in liverpool’s last game,

    LFC had Loverens warmed up and ready to go on but then let Sakho play on, now the news is that Sakho is out for four to six weeks with a knee injury. Good job Klopp is one of those modern progressive coaches who never contributes to his players injuries. Or maybe it explains why Dortmund had an awful injury record under him.

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  15. Arsenal Fixture News ‏@AFCFixtureNews 1h1 hour ago
    January TV Fixture Changes:

    Liverpool A
    Wednesday 13/1/16 KO 8pm

    Stoke City A
    Sunday 17/1/16 KO 4.15pm

    Chelsea H
    Sunday 24/1/16 KO 4pm


  16. Eddy, nope.

    Sanchez went through two summers without rest after his move to the more energetic premier league.

    The German manager has given Ozil a rest. For a reason.

    Sanchez is not a donkey he’s an athlete used to a mid-winter break and playing in leagues with less kicking.

    As steww once highlighted so astutely an AFC player playing under pgMOB Rules Fooball code needs a rest every several games.
    Alexis Sanchez is not an exception to the rule. The good form of the two rotating CFs* is further evidence of the obvious benefit of fresh fatigue free players!

    * sometimes some wonder if AW can rotate? he seemed to be doing ok with the CFs, the CBs etc


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  17. A little bit of news about a couple of our younger players

    Youth midfielder Harry Donovan has left Arsenal to join League One side Millwall, he has been looking to leave for a few months, despite only signing pro last season, he had trials with a couple of BPL sides and had hoped to join West Ham

    Damian Martinez was injured and needed subbing in his last game for Wolves.
    the Wolves boss has said about the knee injury: “There is quite a bit of damage in his tissue. It does look like he has a problem with it.”


  18. Shotts
    Might also be a case of berahino not trusting Pulis! Or the club’s owner.

    If a young player who still has it all to do acts this way, then I hope the groaner a can finally understand and admit why AFC didn’t keep even more spoilt older players!


  19. fins I’m not saying Alexis should not get a rest, as anyone playing the best part of 24 months would certainly need a rest for his own good. All I’m saying is that his form may not be at all linked to the amount he is playing. In his last two playing breaks he posted images of himself doing mountain runs and tough gym sessions. Last season the story emerged of him being excused doing a team training session, and being told to rest, and when the squad got back indoors there was Alexis going hell for leather in the gym. The guy just seems like one of those who will not rest, and who loves playing, and when not playing he loves training, and when not training he loves working out and exercising.


  20. Rondon is more of a Pulis striker than Berahino is, the baseball cap king has always preferred a big guy over a smaller guy all day every day.

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  21. Ozil’s fitness is astounding.

    The evidence?
    I think he played the most minutes of any of the front three for Germany as they won the WC, in A Brazilian summer. Muller (Germany’s maverick Sanchez equivalent to complement Ozil) and Ozil were their key.

    I don’t think there’s any question over Ozil “engine” or stamina. Unless you are a grunting groaner who’d prefer to watch Scotty Parker run about a bit.

    The rest Ozil has been given is instructive for us.

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  22. Eddy

    All athletes are like that to a greater or lesser degree. If physios spent their days waiting for players to heed their advice, well, their days would e very long! Wilshere and Vermaelan to recent examples of players pushing themselves back from injury too early.

    And that’s why we need to drop some tranquillisers into his tea. On his flight back to Blighty. He’ll wake up and discover it’s December and he’s got one game to warm up for City.

    That’s all I’m saying. It’s for his own good (IBSF)


  23. The problem with resting Sanchez that nobody discusses is who is going to play on the left of the front 3 with all the injuries. The Ox? He won’t be at his best and can’t play 90 minutes just back from injury. God forbid it has to be Ozil or Cazorla. It is very tricky right now.

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  24. I would say that Alexis will not be rested right after the International break, maybe the week after.
    It may all depend on when Ramsey, Ox and Theo are back. If Ramsey and OX are back that could see AR on the right and AOC on the left of our 3. With that still leaving us JC and KG to sub on for both at the 70 minute mark.

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  25. Times like this one really misses Danny Welbeck. Can play anywhere in the front 3. Such a useful player to have.

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  26. anyone see the stick Sanogo is getting today for missing a supposed sitter from a yard out for Ajax, the ball rebounded off the post and hit Yaya above his knee, but Gooners on the web and even the London Evening Standard are lambasting him. Odd thing is none of them actually mention that Sanogo scored later in the game to earn Ajax a 1-1 draw, its almost as if they have an agenda.

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  27. shotta did you see Welbeck’s interview on .com, he talks about how keen he is to get back in action, the worrying thing is that he never mentioned any likely return date, not even a return month. He did say he has not even begun running yet. Also said that he is working hard on gaining muscle, not sure if he meant body muscle or specifically around the injured knee.


  28. And don’t forget that Santi is showing signs of burn-out too.
    Jack is the obvious cover player – as well as Arteta.

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  29. d_d: Worrying signs of stress on the squad. Just hope we survive the holiday season in good shape. Fingers crossed.

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  30. That should be *d_c*


  31. Give Jeff a run out against the Baggies – he is handy on the left. If it goes well then give him the full 90, if it isn’t working have Alexis in reserve.

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  32. I suspect Welbeck is on the comeback trail. He was visible on Sunday and now he is on the official site, two good signs that he is on the way back. Should he return to full fitness and his best form by February he will surprise a few. And yes, he will be like a new signing, and is my tip to progress into one of the all time Arsenal and England greats.

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  33. FourFourTweet ‏@FourFourTweet Nov 12
    Eva Carneiro got married in London yesterday. No Chelsea players or staff were invited to the wedding.


  34. It could be that some Chelsea people were invited but “events” meant changes of mind re the RSVP’s? Mark Swartz, the goaly turned up.


  35. Quote from OG12 via Transfer Tavern:

    “He chose to put me on the bench when I came back from Bordeaux [where he played against Serbia]. Maybe he thought I needed to be less under pressure,”

    “We spoke about it. He told me he trusted me, like he did Theo Walcott, but that we were two different players. It was also a tactical choice.”

    “I understood the coach’s tactical choice, but after four games, I needed to turn things around. I told myself: ‘I can’t let this last’. It wasn’t good for me, for the national team or for the Euros. I didn’t want to spend the whole season on the bench. It made me react.”

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  36. Giroud scored for France tonight

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  37. Cazorla has scored to make it Spain 2-0 England


  38. Rep of Ireland has taken the lead away to B&H


  39. Kane did not finish this poorly last week. He’s been awful. Meh.

    Carzola scores from open play. Repeat:

    Cazorla scores from open play.

    Scrappy play ball breaks to him and he sort of passes it with curl into the corner of the net, good strong finish. Not many players in his way this time!


  40. Bosnia have leveled within a couple of minutes


  41. Shotta, Keiran can play on the left. Always adds stability especially in away games and will help his match fitness. Jeff can play a few different positions accross the middle and even number 10. Also Jack the second has played a few games for the stiffs on the left as has Iwobi, however he will have travelled back late.


  42. Strange hour – slaughter in Paris, other people posting pictures of goals and talking about football, presumably unaware of what’s going on. Chaos.


  43. seemingly at least 26 killed in Paris, 11 killed in a Bar and 15 killed in a theater, explosions near the the France v Germany game


  44. after a nightmare night in paris, in which they are now saying 128 people have died, le quipe are saying the wembley game will be cancelled. I think that is the right decision, I know alot of people say we have to carry on as normal as possible but I think the game comes to quickly for all involved.
    after this many people have died after just going out to enjoy themselves in the evening it once again reminds us of the things that are more important than football.
    R.I.P to those who have passed.

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  45. RIP all those poor people in Paris.


  46. Great story Pass


  47. Amazing that if successful Flamini could be the most Famous ARSENAL player of all time. I have read this story a little while ago and it seems they are making real process.
    Good luck to him he could make a real difference.

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