Season Over For Theo – And Arsenal?

At about six-thirty last night I read a post on here by arse_ or_brain which simply said “Theo out for six months after scan revealed torn ligament nightmare”

Obviously this news made me sad for Theo, Arsenal and myself. It was very depressing and disappointing. Just as the lad was back up to speed he, and us,  had been dealt a horrible blow.

Of course I went on to twitter to see if I could learn more.

The news was worse than I had envisaged.

Our title hopes were dashed, over, kaput, flushed down the toilet .finished. We  were no longer challengers.

There is no denying that the loss of Theo makes the job more difficult. He is a unique player for us. But come on !

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is back in full training and was hugely impressive in pre-season.

Serge Gnabry looks every inch ready to play on the right.

Even Ryo Miyaichi could play a minor role between now and the end of the season.

Theo just made a good fist of playing up front, but that was against a team that rather stupidly came to our gaff and set up 442. We wont see that very often.

All of a sudden Theo was the answer to our striker shortage and his loss is crippling.

The screams for Arsene to “throw money at it”  have reached a new crescendo. But what has changed ?

Have more players come onto the market ?

Will clubs feel sorry for us and sell us players they intended to keep ?

Have our available funds gone from finite to infinite ?

Have our long term plans changed ? Lets not forget, Theo will be back.

Will clubs fail to notice our need and not ask for silly money for average players ?

We are top of the league and have achieved this , in the large part, without Theo.

We march on.

We adjust.

We ask others to step up.

We might even buy someone.

Come on Gooners, get your shit together !

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105 comments on “Season Over For Theo – And Arsenal?

  1. Tiddlywinks even…. Dam it.


  2. What is that Pipe full of though

    the desire to see wenger laughing at the establishment with germans and the satan….. so that they remember forever the 26.12.00 and then the 2013-2014 “fuck you” momment.


  3. Ahh, as I imagined, its full of PCP…


  4. it will happen 🙂


  5. wenger’s “fuck you” momment i mean …(will happen)

    its just that …and as per arsecast..ronan is right ( that programm-wise arsenal will be more ready for title challeneges next year) and geoff is also right ( its in front of us..just reach and grab it)

    when youre stuck in the middle like that….its time for the owner to “speak” …


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