Season Over For Theo – And Arsenal?

At about six-thirty last night I read a post on here by arse_ or_brain which simply said “Theo out for six months after scan revealed torn ligament nightmare”

Obviously this news made me sad for Theo, Arsenal and myself. It was very depressing and disappointing. Just as the lad was back up to speed he, and us,  had been dealt a horrible blow.

Of course I went on to twitter to see if I could learn more.

The news was worse than I had envisaged.

Our title hopes were dashed, over, kaput, flushed down the toilet .finished. We  were no longer challengers.

There is no denying that the loss of Theo makes the job more difficult. He is a unique player for us. But come on !

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is back in full training and was hugely impressive in pre-season.

Serge Gnabry looks every inch ready to play on the right.

Even Ryo Miyaichi could play a minor role between now and the end of the season.

Theo just made a good fist of playing up front, but that was against a team that rather stupidly came to our gaff and set up 442. We wont see that very often.

All of a sudden Theo was the answer to our striker shortage and his loss is crippling.

The screams for Arsene to “throw money at it”  have reached a new crescendo. But what has changed ?

Have more players come onto the market ?

Will clubs feel sorry for us and sell us players they intended to keep ?

Have our available funds gone from finite to infinite ?

Have our long term plans changed ? Lets not forget, Theo will be back.

Will clubs fail to notice our need and not ask for silly money for average players ?

We are top of the league and have achieved this , in the large part, without Theo.

We march on.

We adjust.

We ask others to step up.

We might even buy someone.

Come on Gooners, get your shit together !

105 comments on “Season Over For Theo – And Arsenal?

  1. the word “laughing” hardly indicates to ‘trashing our boys’ george

    if goebells couldnt figure it out or isnt sure…. then he should be careful of what he insinuates


  2. It wasn’t just Gains though ,was it?


  3. nah goebells was first in presenting it as such and some others followed suit…..

    foreverandy for instance got it first time …without a need for further explanation

    anyway fuck it..at least when im not sure of what a fellow poster meant i dont go round throwing mud……


  4. Nicknaming a fellow PA poster after Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda is unlikely to be winning you too many friends Hunter.

    Sometimes the best thing to whilst digging is simply to stop.


  5. and ..if you can allow me one last comment…. ….

    even if we take the extreme interpretation ” he was trashing our players” well lads its not liek we trashed our players for a samba and a cahill but a proven goalscorer of the highest quality….

    but sure……lets go with goebells take …after all it isnt the first time is it?

    p.s dear andrew..and sometimes when someone doesnt get it, should shut up instead of kicking a fuss for practically…nothing 😉


  6. Hunter

    A better example would have been the ManU game. Why didnt ‘perform’ that day baffled me. I know Per didnt play and if only the dutch rat was injured like he has been ever since, but still… We definitely dropped a bollock there.


  7. Good as Doomer

    Hunter is as good as Doomer

    Good as Doomer

    Hunter is as good as Doomer.


  8. Perhaps we should all move on? Again


  9. Lets put out the camp fire, saddle up the horses and moysey on to till we reach Dodge, ya pesky varmints…


  10. I can only speak from experience, but he’s one of the most dangerous players I’ve ever played against.

    Lionel Messi on Theo Walcott.

    Who cares what Messi says when we have a footballing genius like Hunter.


  11. And that chant is good as a Doomer. Forgot the As.


  12. Dexter January 8, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    hehe …. but dropping bollocks is part of the programm when a) you rely on youth b) not world class players

    it is not a coincidence that the last 8 years ..bollocks have dropped..nor is it a crime..it was to be expected from a team of youngsters and second rate players BUT now that we have slowly BUILT character..do we not need to sustain it?

    who will sustain then?

    we have two options

    a) collectively
    b) individually

    for alpha we need all the players to click and keep that click intact even when you play bayern on wendsday, manure on saturday and city on wednesday ( days and fixtures are metnioned purely for the purpose of the example – please dont come back telling me that the programm i just mentioned is wrong…. i beg you lol)

    and im with you..we can do it collectively , or better ..we could do it collectively but that is not only asking too much it is also a bit of a hope that the four performances of the season ( napoli liverpool spurs – f.a at home and dortmund away) will become the norm for two straight months……is that even possible to expect our team to run them all over like a train for TWO CONSECUTIVE months almost? Also, when you consider the injuries to our striking department do you view feb march as the appropriate time to take a chance on afobe akpom sanogo etc? i dont. and we must also factor in that it is unrealistic for the team (any team) to expect the form of the last three games to carry on unhindered till the end..which brings us to the possibility that at times when everything is stuck we will need that solo uber effort to get unstuck…who will provide this momment at the highest of stages in the highest of pressures ? lets not forget we are aiming to win the title off from a chelsea and a city who have players who have won domestic titles and european trophies and a bayern and whoever else if we beat them who also have multi-winners in their rosters. imo we need someone crazy and fearless with a ” i will fuck you all attitude” …if giroud poldi and nik can become that then fair enough ..but realistically do you see it happening ? would it not be easier if you had a de facto finisher , or a de facto fox , or a de facto killer …suarez is an example of what we need…and the use of his name is to illustrate all the above….if wenger can do it cheaper then were all-in !!!!! what id ont tolerate is that correct observations and comments are picked upon and presented in a way that does justice to noone. if you people didnt know me or my passage in the arsenal webworld then by all means call me out as a doomer cunt who trashes our players…. 😉 but some of you should have known better and i dont refer to goebells who has a bias towards the doomer cunt who doesnt know football and annoys “us” with his mad drug talk ……. 😉


  13. Where is Wyatt Earp when you need him ?


  14. goebells, i thank you for calling me a genius but im trying to keep a modest profile so please next time…. instead of rushing to correct me try and read between the lines you biased peasant

    and if you cant grasp my posts or the way i type ….dont comment at all …lol…

    oh and just cause you unreasonably hate a player dont mean he wouldnt fit in our squad or improve us

    strangely enough the same topic which was included as a blog entry the other week had a 99.9 % success ratio …and three days later the same thing is interpreted as
    “the doomer who trashes our boys” because of the word “laughing”

    real fucking genius 🙂


  15. i think we are done now george


  16. Crikey! Hunter’s turned into At**b FFS.


  17. hahahaaa


  18. keep your frineds close and your enemies closer dexter……it was all a plan 😉


  19. Fuck off to Le Shite, Jabba. You’ll feel right at home with the other doomers who comment there.


  20. The lovable dumb fuck thing you have going doesn’t work when you shit on the club.


  21. hahahaaa ……release all your frustration boy ….all of it……do it now and do it fast dont keep such complexes inside…they are bad for your health


  22. ” shit” on the club…. ooookaaay….

    goebells would be damn proud


  23. why dont you just admit that you have a problem with me ?


    it woudl save everyone the effort of trying to find any reason in the last…40 posts or so…

    come on goebells what next? im marching on saturday together with payton..join us 😛


  24. You’re invading Iceland? Payton is a big fan of their frozen pigs in blankets buffet tray…


  25. To be fair, having read all his posts, I understand exactly what Hunter is saying. And I agree, except that I would want to know how any new additions to the squad affect the team spirit and camaraderie, as per what Rosicky mentioned in his interview the other day.


  26. You’re spelling Goebbels wrong.

    I haven’t a problem with you in particular. I have a problem with idiots who pretend to be positive and end up talking the same crap as any old doomer.

    Like I said before, stick to the lovable dumb fuck routine and avoid speaking about football. You’re less informed than a part time fan who gets his football information from match of the day.


  27. Thats more than a bit Harsh Gains.
    Hunter has written 4 articles for us and every one was informative and as far from dooming as its possible to get.


  28. He may not be a doomer, George, but he knows how to get on someone’s nerves very quickly.


  29. And he knows absolutely fuck all about football. Just wanted to add that.


  30. Theo’s game has markedly improved over the last season and a half in his finishing, final ball, and overall technique. The fourth best goals + assists man will definitely be missed and he was set to have a big second half. This was needed as Giroud and Ramsey’s production has leveled off after phenomenal starts. Ox and Gnabry will probably be able to provide width, passing and crossing, defending and keeping possession but I seriously doubt they will replace Theo’s goals. It is time for Poldi and Cazorla, who seems finally to be getting back to the levels of last year, to make up the gap.

    But if we want to keep up our challenge on 3 fronts or even in the league and Europe, it would make a possibly crucial difference to bring in a talented forward/Central striker with pace who offers genuine goal scori g ability and an alternative profile to Giroud. Even if it costs is more in January than the summer, there are benefits to be had. Hopefully AW will find someone and spend what we can to make the deal happen. Otherwise we could just get a short term PL quick fix for the rest of the season like Berbatov or Remy, perhaps a loan player as we tried with Ba. Even without anyone we might be able to cope and encourage TR, Arteta, Wilshere and Ozil to be more direct and look aggressively to shoot and score goals more. I don’t think the situation is desperate but I would certainly be delighted if we brought in the striker/ forward we were already looking for last summer. Theo’s injury makes it more useful for the team even than it was before.


  31. leave him george, the boy obviously has problems…

    as for football at least im not the one equating an aggressive 343 (rehaggel) to a mourinho 730 …nor trashing ancelottis with scudettos champions leagues while playing with 3 10’s …. nor am i the one who agrees with a concept on friday and then comes out to cry on monday…arsehole

    glad to know i get on your nerves. your bias radiates through screens . sweet dreams and fuck off. suarez till you drop dead crying …. 🙂


  32. Not making for the most pleasant of posting environments is this?

    Would hate to think people might be put off visiting or leaving comments …


  33. nothing like that i hope andrew…..just that now i know how to talk to some embarassing mudthrowing hypocrites

    as far as im concenred my crime is insisting on a pipe dream…..big fkng deal…

    when lighheartedness is mistaken as dumbfuck it shows i should be more careful as snakes lurk around …


  34. the end.


  35. Do you guys notice how Moyes is trying his own version of bullying the referees into falling back in into being helping Manure win games?


  36. I hope so.
    As Andrew says,it doesn’t help the blog,It just makes us like every every other sad internet chat room.


  37. Mourinho on the other hand is selling the line that he is a saviour of all that is English and pure. Howard Webb is first in line to buy it.

    Respect for Pellegrini for not sinking to such levels. Atleast so far.


  38. Well, its put me off my breakfast AA & PG.


  39. Limey

    Good post. I have felt we needed a striker for some time and have probably repeated that statement far too many times now! I do think signing Remy now makes a lot of sense. He isnt cup tied, knows the league, probably still has a gaff in London, can play as lone forward, or potentially in Theo’s position, the left flank and he is pretty darn good too.

    I would have loaned him back in the summer (not just hindsight, honest!), but now we should come in with an offer. As much as I do have faith in Gnabry, Ox (eventually) and the rest of the squad, I think the addition of a new player will add impetus and another boost. Players have once again come out saying they expect/hope for signings too, so its hardly heresy!


  40. Sensational Arsenal
    January 9, 2014 at 10:01 am

    when roman bought chelsea his first transfer was kenyon….. add mou’s theatrics with the media ……a seriously annoying combination


  41. …dexter and limey also agreeing that perhaps we need a striker who can offer something different? …im with you just as long as you two sure you aint trashing our boys ( sticking tongue out) … humour humour…relax..lets lighten up sharing our pipe dreams . we’re good 😉

    i know another one who isnt cup tied …only problem he costs a lot….but thats the only problem….all other boxes are ticked. plus it can be seen as a permanent solution instead of stop gap . i wont say names …in fear of upsetting sensitive souls….


  42. pedantic george
    January 9, 2014 at 9:58 am

    lol stop overreacting…just cause alistair cambell has issues dont mean we will stop posting..who is he anyway? …

    it was an intentional twist on his part to turn and say the bollocks about doom/whoknowsfootballornot/ etc etc….


  43. He’ll cost at least £60m tho Hunter. When AW tried to sign him for the £40m+£1 in the summer I was more than happy, because AW decided he wanted the player and looking at his goals this season, that outlay, in the current crazy market would have still represented good business. But now? It just wouldnt be possible. Liverpool wouldnt let him go, the player is getting his fat as fook new salary. Nothing doing till the summer and even then that will probably mean La Liga now.

    That ship has most def sailed. Move on dude.

    I think Remy is more than a stop gap anyway and he would suit our style of play, is a team player and would represent a good squad addition. Come the summer NB will most probably be off, so our striking options would not be aversely affected and the boss could still go out and sign a player he feels is worth spending the big bucks on.

    Who that will/could be? I have no idea.


  44. yes i know dexter thats why in my pipe dream i vision kronke selling the toronto raptors or whatever. if he leaves wenger and our players on their own to cope with it all, then as owner he should accept a bit of blame for sleeping ………


  45. surely wenger could have an “eduardo” somewhere in his lists

    ohhhhh wait…..

    what about hulk ?


  46. Whats Kroenke selling his Nuggets, or Baltimore Bollards got to do with anything? You’ve lost me. The club doesnt operate like the chavs and long may that be the case. I was watching a piece about Serie A and the previous Inter Milan owner, Moratti is it? Anyway, he has ploughed into the club over £1.2 BILLION of his own ill gotten Gains (steady). That is an obscene Chav/Man City-esque amount and goes completely against what Arsenal have been dojng and what UEFA perport to be trying to implement with their FFP.


  47. in the pipe dreaming sense that the sale of one his shitty nfl nbl teams provides the cash to go to henry and look him in the eyes when he puts the suitcase on the table and open it.

    fpp….dont worry…ivan will clear us on that.

    and its not about operating like the chavs and cities mate..this is a one off.


  48. and look….i repeat..there might well be another suarez or eduardo in our shortlists…im just using luis cause he is here already, wanted to come, we wanted to get him, he is not cup tied etc etc… the only problem is the money…stans takes it from here.


  49. What is that Pipe full of though, that IS the real question here… Hmmm… Smiley banned thing with tongue in cheek and a big theatrical wink…


  50. Kroenke selling up his Riddlywinks franchise doesnt come into it though. No need whatsoever. LFC won’t sell and I doubt AW would want to pay anything more than his original amount.

    The only link to Stan would be him having a friendly chat over Dodo burgers and cuban cigars and trying to persuade him to sell their star asset.


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