Arteta Reinvents The Wheel with 442. Accident or Design?

Hello everyone.

What a difference a day makes, eh?

Last night saw us playing good entertaining football for the first time in Donkey’s years. It was fantastic.

Great performances from Arsenal lads all over the pitch.

In todays Youtube we muse on why it was so good, why we don’t play like tis more often and did Mikel come up with 442 by accident or design. Then will it work as well if we use it going forward.

Pedantic George.

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54 comments on “Arteta Reinvents The Wheel with 442. Accident or Design?

  1. Definitely best performance of the season yesterday and we certainly looked more balanced which led to greater solidity.
    Villa didn’t offer anything going forward which was to our credit and eagerness to battle for every ball. They started better in the second half and their first serious chance was brilliantly squashed by Aaron who came off his line so quickly, he has made a massive difference and although I thought our crowd were out of order booing Emi I did think it was funny when we started singing Ramsdale is better than you. This certainly wouldn’t of been the case had Leno been in goal.
    It it always great when you have such a convincing victory but shouldn’t get carried away especially with the players taking part.
    Auba run around a lot but still his all round play is still poor, he can’t pass or cross and the several times he was one on one with the full back he never got past him once. Even the penalty, something he is normally brilliant at he messed up and was lucky to score.
    Nuno did have a good debut but he has a long way to go, he was very selfish yesterday he doesn’t look up before crossing and cash went past him easily several times even when villa were quite.
    Our CM would make one great midfielder but they separately are still both suspect. Lokongo is great on the ball but is lightweight at the moment and still getting used to the pace of the PL. He will get better and better as time goes on. Party on the other hand needs to stick to winning the ball and passing a five yard ball quickly, if he does this he will form an effective partnership with Granit and later Lokongo. At the moment he tries to mutch and gets caught, he will never be a world class CM but he could a valuable asset for us.
    The CBs are not bad at the moment but still error prone but keeping playing them together under Aarons strict guidance and vociferous discipline can help them form a strong partnership.
    With others on the league proving inconsistent and us getting a habit of finding ways to win even when playing poorly we could yet cause a surprise and finish 7th or 8th. Which is better than I expected.


  2. Newcastle takeover: Police investigate Crystal Palace fans’ banner criticising Saudi Arabian deal

    Last updated on

    1 hour ago1 hour ago.From the section Premier League
    Crystal Palace, Newcastle United, Premier League
    The banner was displayed by Crystal Palace fans during the club’s 1-1 draw at home to Newcastle United on Saturday

    Police are investigating a graphic banner displayed by Crystal Palace fans that targeted the Saudi Arabian-led takeover of Newcastle United.

    The banner took aim at the Premier League’s ownership test, following Newcastle’s recent £305m sale.

    It featured illustrations of a man dressed in traditional Arabic clothing alongside what appeared to be Premier League chief executive Richard Masters.

    The banner had a checklist with alleged offences by the Saudi Arabia regime.

    Listed on a picture of a clipboard under the headline ‘Premier League Owners Test’ were ‘Terrorism, beheading, civil rights abuses, murder, censorship and persecution’.

    The man in Arab-style clothing was also holding a sword with blood on it.

    Palace fan group Holmesdale Fanatics has taken credit for the banner – displayed at the 1-1- draw between the clubs on Saturday – on Twitter, and issued a statement.

    “The Saudi led takeover of Newcastle has rightly received widespread condemnation and anger,” it said.

    “To give the thumbs up to this deal at a time when the Premier League is promoting the women’s game and inclusive initiatives such as rainbow armbands, shows the total hypocrisy at play and demonstrates the league’s soulless agenda where profits trump all.”

    The takeover was 80% financed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), whose chair is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

    When approving the takeover, the Premier League said it had received legal assurances from the new owners that the Saudi state would not control Newcastle United and there would be penalties if it was proved otherwise.

    The fans group’s statement said this decision “made a mockery” of the ‘Owners and Directors’ test.

    Croydon Metropolitan Police have released a statement on Twitter, which says: “On Saturday 23 October police received a report of an offensive banner displayed by Crystal Palace fans.

    “Officers are assessing the information and carrying out enquiries. Any allegations of racist abuse will be taken very seriously.”

    Proud and Palace, the club’s official lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender supporters group, also protested on Saturday, posting a video on their Twitter account.

    Newcastle, Crystal Palace and the Premier League have all been approached for comment by BBC Sport. The Premier League declined to comment.


  3. It was a 4-2-2-2 or maybe a 4-3-3, but definitely was not a 4-4-2. That said, it is no secret that arsenal performs better with Laca and Auba both in the pitch. It’s also no secret that ESR is best in the No.10 hole, yet Arteta insisted on inserting Odegaard at No.10 and playing ESR out left. The best games last season, the comeback against West Ham featured ESR at No.10 and Odegaard out right. The problem at Arsenal starts with Arteta and goes upwards to the Board and Ownership. The players are good enough to compete within the top 4 if managed, coached and prepared correctly.


  4. Like

  5. Ricky, I understand you say that our players with correct management could get top four but really you have to say some of them have the potential to become part of a top four squad.
    A new manager would still need to add players and get rid of quite a few. We are nowhere near a top four squad at the moment.
    Realistically manure, who got spanked at pool today still have a better squad than us.


  6. In my judgment the formation wax 4-4-1-1 with Laca slightly behind Auba
    ESR was deployed on the left flank in midfield and had his most effective match


  7. Like

  8. Watched the Marseille PSG game. Both Saliba and Guendozi had really good games.Saliba was solid and pretty good on the ball. Highlight was his tackle on Mbappe who had stole a yard on him but Saliba caught up and for in a clean last ditch tackle.
    Guendozi distributed the ball quite well and was always forward looking initiating attack and showed a lot of composure.
    Would be a pity to lose him as if he continues like this he will be a France regular


  9. Again I seemed to have watched the wrong game on Friday night, a habit which is besetting me quite often nowadays.
    I’m sure in seasons gone by the performance would have been considered ok even below par but a wins a win. In the present climate this is now considered a brilliant performance and nailed on for a top four finish with the title ours in a couple of seasons.
    Have I really got it so wrong or are these people the most optimistic fans on earth.

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  10. You are correct, I think.

    I did not watch the game so cannot comment on it.

    however, In the context of the dross that Arteta’s teams have produced throughout his reign, one reasonably good performance is such a shining beacon that many people may have misunderstood it to be a change in his management philosophy and style, when it may very well have been a bit of a fluke.

    The same happened last year with the win over Chel$ki which came about because he was forced to play ESR and the opponents were wrong-footed because of the changes. It did not last very long.

    Was not Partey’s goal off his shoulder, Auba’s goal from the rebound after his penalty was saved and ESR’s goal, with the help of a deflection and in off the post?

    Are we maybe clutching at straws, somewhat?

    Are we going to see genuine change, or like last year, a short term alteration and then back to business as usual?

    It remains to be seen but with past experience with Arteta, I recommend that no one holds their breath.


  11. Arteta on playing 4-4-2, leadership and the fans
    Arsenal Media 25 Oct 2021

    Mikel Arteta was in relaxed mood when he sat down with Arsenal Media on Monday.

    Our manager discussed our win against Aston Villa, the connection between the players and the supporters, Auba’s fine form, the leadership in the squad and more.

    Read on for a full transcript:

    on whether Friday night was the most complete performance of the season so far…
    It probably is. The way we started, the way we played, the confidence that we showed, the rhythm, and the efficiency as well in every action, how we attacked the opponents’ half as well and the goals we scored. It probably was, yes.

    on lining up with a 4-4-2 formation…
    We thought that they were going to play in a certain way, and we planned with the players that we thought could help the most and have good cohesion and a link between them. Then it’s up to the players – they are the ones that did it.

    on the connection between the players and fans and it bearing fruit now…
    I was extremely pleased with that because I can now see that our supporters are starting to identify with what the team projects and that is very pleasing because at the end of the day we play for them, and you have to find the right purpose to do so. I think the players felt that connection behind them, [it wasn’t just] when scoring a goal, it was right from the beginning and right to the end and if we can generate that every single time we play at the Emirates, it’s very powerful for us and very difficult for the opponent.

    on the youngest squad in the Premier League having that backing from the crowd…
    That builds confidence in the boys. It’s incredible that we are the youngest team in this league and many of the experiences they are going through, they have never experienced before. So the more positive they are, the more confidence that will build. When a player is more confident, he fulfils his potential much quicker and much better and it only generates a better atmosphere. Sometimes when you are in a good mood, you make better decisions.


    😃 Pure emotion, pure delight! | Bench Cam

    on whether there’s a close bond as the squad are a similar age and growing up together…
    Absolutely, the group age is a little bit closer so they are experiencing most of the same things and they talk a lot about it. Then we have the senior players that they have to lead and they have to take that role, and they are doing that in a different way. Leading is not telling someone what he needs to do, for me it is being able to transform that person and not just with words, but with facts as well. There are players now that on that pitch that they are able to transmit something and change certain behaviours and attitudes in other players. That is contagious, and for me that is leadership.

    on Auba finding his best form…
    I wouldn’t go to the goals, again it is what Auba is transmitting on the pitch. I have never seen Auba transmit what he is doing now. Apart from the goals, the celebration when they put the ball in the net, do you see the way he runs, the purpose he has to press the ball, and when he takes it his movement, his link, how is leading the game – that is when he is changing the rest, not when he is static and then he puts the ball in the net. I prefer this Auba.

    on where these improvements are coming from…
    For me it is a click. It is a click. It is a combination that realising that his role has to go well beyond that. What was good, or very good, two or three years ago, with his role in this team, at this club, it is not enough. He had to take a step forward. I would say the same with Laca, look what he is transmitting, not just doing or playing, what he is transmitting. For me that is really, really important.

    on how seriously Auba and Laca take their responsibilities behind the scenes…
    That is where I’m going, they lead by example and not only there but as well at the training ground. Certain things, a role they could have had three years ago in the squad, now it has changed. Human beings change themselves every six months, they have all new selves, and it’s incredible so we are able to adapt very quickly and manipulate and change our minds very quickly as well. They are doing that for the benefit of the club, but for sure for the benefit of themselves.

    Copyright 2021 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  12. Seems there is a rule change in the CC, starting tomorrow, its back to being able to use 5 subs


  13. Guessing that Leeds, playing away and only three points clear of the bottom 3, are marginally more likely to rotate thier team significantly ths evening. I’m imagining a pretty shape free hectic game, and I really wouldn’t care to predict the result!


  14. Nine changes, this could be tricky.
    Arsenal XI: Leno, Cedric, White, Holding, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Pepe, Smith Rowe, Martinelli, Nketiah


  15. Its been many a moon since we last played Leeds in the League Cup. Liam Brady scored a hatrick of penalties. I can still see the disappointment on Tony Curries face that night as we really gave them a thrashing. Anyone recall the fabulous goal he (Tony) scored( I think it was goal of the season on the Big Match?) when he bent the ball in around a player into the net?it was around that time,perhaps the season before- Alan Sunderland def (he says)scored but who else did ( Frank?/David Price?) has got lost in the mists of 42 years of wasted/lost life! Its quite shocking how much you forget. Some games I just cant recall anything, but can recall before and after the game, which isnt much help. Others maybe three or four isolated images.
    Its weird how some images are stamped and selected as official to be recalled as evidence(ha!) and other images( memories) not.Are the others stored but not recall or do the synapses not snap together and they are lost forever…? But how often we can see things again and then it sets memories off.


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  16. HT 0-0. Mind you it wasn’t so many years ago we were 4-1 down to Reading at a similar stage.


  17. A hugely entertaining match chiefly due to the helter skelter nature of the way both teams are playing.
    Leeds started poorly and were on the backfoot. But we lacked any quality in the final third. They worked their way into the game and Leno made the save of the half. They had some decent breaks but again poor final ball got us off the hook.
    Highlight of the match they Holding and Benjamin keep striding from the first back with the ball, to beat the press, and very effective too. Clearly something we have been practicing.
    Kolasinac almost made it one nil, Smith Rowe should have scored, and we had the ball cleared off the line.
    Overal Leeds will be the happier side. They have had descent patches in the game and you get the feeling if they scored we will struggle to get back I guess the game.
    Martinelli has been anonymous which is surprising.


  18. Two nil. A controlled second half. Leeds ran out of puff. Eddie almost had the miss of the century as he took his eyes off the ball after rounding the goal keeper.
    Would have liked to see Bolagun and Salah get a game but I suppose first teamers need play time.
    Funny how we are hell bent on scoring scruffy goals even when gifted an open goal.
    Nothing much to shout about that game let’s hope we get a favourable draw for the next round


  19. Liked the look of Nketiah since preseason. Real shame about his injury in August, as he’d have been in the frame for those early fixtures.


  20. Funny how goals don’t really seem like goals when they dribble over the line rather than bulge the net.


  21. and so said Eddie Kelly to George Graham…


  22. A win is a win and one cannot complain.

    However, remembering the 22 game mirage at the beginning of Emery’s tenure, it is far too early to start thinking that there is a change in the “process” here, rather than an element of luck and pretty poor opposition.

    I only saw the 2nd half, having originally thought it was not on Sky.

    Apart from a tenacious defence against a toothless attack, I saw very little on the attacking side that indicates to me that we can see the tunnel, let alone the light at the end of it.

    Our first goal was scrappy and the 2nd a gift, albeit with some good skill from Eddie, almost undone by himself.

    Otherwise, apart from Lacazette’s chance, created and missed by himself, there was nothing attacking wise to get excited about.

    Did their goalie have a save to make?

    Apart from that, I was impressed by AMN who showed much better all-round midfield play than the bloggists favourite, Partey, who continuously flatters to deceive.

    Unfortunately for AMN and Martinelli, who showed occasional flashes of what we can expect from him and need from someone, they are both out of favour with Arteta, not being “his” players.

    The same applies to Kolosinac, which I thought played well,

    We then come to Pepe, who was as awful as he is always is.

    How can one have a winger who never tries to go past a defender?

    He cannot cross the ball and contributes nothing all over the field.

    We have now cruised past 3 poor teams.

    Man$ity next?


  23. The plunditry from Clarke and Hillier at HT & FT was simple and light years ahead of anything else out there from the major broadcasters.

    Never mind the little big blaggers haha who are just coming round to the concept of a “midfield” after the last four years of exposing their fraudulence for all to see not forgetting the club re-signing Xhaka which showed up the ignorant narrative they peddled to their gullible listeners, narratives that have sweet fa relationship to the Footy.

    Shame none of that top class content is available afterwards.


  24. so the last 8 in the CC are

    West Ham


  25. Arsenal Academy
    FT: #LUFC23 2-4 #AFCU23 ⁣

    ⚽️ 24’ Salah-Eddine ⁣
    ⚽️ 47’ Norton-Cuffy
    ⚽️ 55’ Balogun ⁣
    ⚽️ 85’ Lopez ⁣



  26. XI: Hein, Norton-Cuffy, Monlouis, Rekik, Ogungbo, Lopez, Akinola, Swanson, Salah-Eddine, Biereth, Balogun

    SUBS: Ejeheri, Henry-Francis, Butler-Oyedeji, Ideho, Taylor-Hart


  27. Billy Hill going 7/5 Leicester, 15/8 The Arsenal with the draw at 5/2 a fair indication of how balanced this game is on paper. I think I’d be feeling more confident if it was an afternoon game, as my memory tells me we never seem to shine at 1230 on a Saturday.


  28. Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tavares, Lokonga, Partey, Saka, Smith Rowe, Lacazette, Aubameyang

    Subs: Leno, Odegaard, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Soares, Pepe, Elneny, Kolasinac, Martinelli


  29. Schmeichel, Thomas, Amartey, Soyuncu, Evans, Castagne, Soumare, Tielemans, Maddison, Iheanacho, Vardy

    Subs: Ward, Bertrand, Barnes, Choudhury, Dewsbury-Hall, Vestegaard, Ndidi, Daka, Lookman


  30. CC DRAW

    Arsenal v Sunderland

    West Ham v Spurs

    Brentford v Chelsea

    Liverpool V Leicester.


  31. Wow, got the easy draw in the cup again. Don’t remember this happening in previous seasons into the semi finals.
    Should be a good game today in terms of form these two have done well recently.
    Starting to get excited now hopefully we can put some football along with a result.


  32. ESR puts us 2 up after Gabriel had given us an early lead


  33. Brilliant save by Ramsdale to keep our two goal lead, just before half time


  34. HT: Leicester City 0-2 Arsenal

    Gabriel and Smith-Rowe with our goals, Ramsdale with a couple of top notch saves to keep our lead

    next goal could be vital


  35. That save by Ramsdale was simply astonishing. It beggars belief how he got to the ball. And the follow up to thwart Evans, incredible goal keeping. Partey clearance off the line, good to see players switched on and not ball watching.
    A really good first half, scored when we dominated and denied Leicester space well to protect the lead. Let’s hope we can start on the front foot in the second half and push for a third.


  36. Odegaard on for Lacazette, we haven’t controlled the ball well in the second half so far


  37. The main take away from that game, apart from the points, – England’s Number 1.

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  38. That save was almost Banksesque


  39. FT: Leicester city 0-2 Arsenal

    Gabriel and ESR with our goals, Ramsdale the man of the match, we played some good football for first 25 minutes, then hung on to the lead


  40. AFC up to 5th, but still with a minus goal difference


  41. Well that went a lot better than I feared. I’m sure MOTD will make it look as if we were lucky to win, but two quick goals away from home and then to keep the clean sheet isn’t a bad recipe.


  42. Just out of interest, Eduardo, what is the goal difference since Ramsdale started?


  43. Ramsdale 12 out of 10 performance.!!!
    Gabriel 10/10 scored and had Vardy neutralised. Beast of a performance!!!! This kid will be a legend for Arsenal. Sol Cambelesque!!!!
    Partey/Sambi midfield was solid and mobile, something we have been crying out for. Partey was unbelievable today and Sambi not far off
    Nuno Taveres- we havent missed Tierney have we! Says it all.
    Tomiyasu hard a difficult time with Barnes but stuck with it. I would like to see more attacking from Tomiyasu that would allow more space to open up for Saka

    The attack amd control first half was fantastic. Dropped off in the second half but this team will continue to grow.
    Saka had an okay game
    ESR goal and all round action man. A few times he had a chance to spring the attack but played the ball back.
    Laca linked play well
    Auba worked hard and I like that, when you are not scoring don’t let it get to you, and he didn’t.
    Again credit to Arteta when Leicester were on top he brought Odegaard and switched formation. This gradually let us stem the tide and contain leicester.


  44. Aaron Ramsdale made more saves against Leicester City than any other goalkeeper has in an away game in the Premier League this season (8). [@Squawka]


  45. Same formation as last week and the second half against Leeds.
    Leicester started with three at the back before matching up in the second half.

    Big win.

    Breakdown of Leeds game was up the club YouTube channel, hopefully for this match too.


  46. The last successful and cup winning tactic that got Arteta some plaudits was cheekily called out by Klopp and thereafter against the other coaches who were now well prepared he struggled with a lack of imagination before eventually transitioning to 4231 with a ten when re-instating tens into his team with ESR and Odegaard – after the shit football and disastrous points dropped after dropping Ozil/a ten/an extra attacker from the eleven. We can only hope he learnt a lesson.

    very good signings came into the club this year and alongside the Hale End graduates Arteta has (and arguably last year) a top six squad.
    Albert is an exciting talent and it looks a like the squad should be able to cope without Xhaka but it seems experience and leadership was missing until Lacazette came back into the starting eleven.

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  47. Arteta’s next challenge after getting the blend/chemistry better in the absence of his most experienced PL campaigner the captain on the pitch will be to see how he responds to opposing coaches like Leicester in the second half matching up the 4411/442/4321 fluid shape that is arguably the leading tactic in the sport from the last decade plus, followed by all the best teams as all it usually takes is one clever sub to vary the shape and cope with anything that the opponents can conjure.
    And it also ensures that you have bodies in midfield and as everyone who’s played football as kid understands goal-scorers score goals, keepers make saves and it is the midfield that wins you a game of football.


  48. It certainly seems that Lacazette gives the side a bit more of a physical presence, and I expect the younger players like him being there. In a similar sort of way Cavani made a difference to Utd yesterday. I didn’t see our game as don’t have the BT subscription, but I did watch the Spurs game. I hadn’t properly realised before what a magnificent stadium they have, but I think they are in a bit of a pickle at the moment, with Kane looking a shadow of his best self and the home crowd turning on him. Guess he’ll get his wished-for move in January, though probably no longer for the price that at one stage looked likely.


  49. The discredited useless blaggers one rung down that slippery ladder below the popular AFTV wallahs they were juicing themselves last week after Partey didn’t give a goal away against Villa but it looks like he had a much much much better game yesterday then against Villa: his passing was not horrific.
    We will be able to compare a Xhaka-Albert combo with the the Partey-Albert combo during the AFCON assuming Xhaka will be fit.

    Gabriel and White anyone can understand are young in Gabriel’s case last year a totally green rookie who will simply get better with more games. Especially as CBs. Not so sure Partey can get that much better then what we’ve seen at his age but I hope good partners will bring out the best in him.


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