It’s Not All Arteta’s Fault.

Good morning all.

It’s grim stuff and if you want something even grimmer, you can watch on Youtube and put up with my ugly old mug.

Pedantic George.

20 comments on “It’s Not All Arteta’s Fault.

  1. This title and the fact the video is unavailable days it all. It’s almost as if the heirachy at ARSENAL have put a banning order on discussing just how shit we are.
    We cannot say we are in a false position and have been unlucky, in fact in most games we have been very lucky indeed.


  2. Ian, it works for me. Anyone else struggling to watch or listen?


  3. Arsenal under Arteta: Played 65, scored 92 goals (1.42/match), conceded 70 goals (1.08/match), +22 GD. The margin of error is basically 1/3 goal per match. Confirms my sense that, generally speaking, Arsenal play to the level of the competition, so when one thing goes wrong, the result can turn on it.


  4. Did have problems but ok now. Digesting before commenting.


  5. won’t get to see tonight’s game as I will be playing Pickleball at that time. Can’t say I’m that bothered about missing the game, as I’ve seen way too much dire paint by numbers football from Arsenal so far this season.


  6. Just under two hours to go to kick off and Sky Sports news are previewing the Manure v pool game, their not even bothering about our game we have fallen so far.
    Having said that this is another very winnable game but you wouldn’t bet your house on it.
    Obviously Emi will either make a complete mess of something or be unbeatable.
    Saka looks like he will miss the game after the MacArthur sythe, which means I will be entertained by our 72 million pound Charlie Carolley who I keep hoping his game will come but am forever disappointed but it might still come. I hope he is played on the right where he is more effective.
    Maybe Laca has done enough for a start and maybe we might actually play a midfield tonight.
    Like I said the villains a definitely beatable so I am confident we will win but not particularly confident about style.


  7. That looks a better balanced side than we had for a long time here’s hoping for entertainment.


  8. Getting excited more and more confident we are going to win

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  9. So far so very good. Pace and purpose. And Partey with his first goal,


  10. Ian your confidence was rewarded!

    Really good half of football from the Gunners all over the pitch I was going to say Partey’s best half to date but I hope his passing can be better!

    ESR, Albert, a not-100% Saka, Lacazette possibly having his most consistent passing today in that role have all been impressive.
    The highlight of that half for me was the number of times ESR and Albert spun and wove past their opponents in midfield.


  11. Really good first half, definitely a better balance than we have seen in the past.
    Penalty a bit fortunate but we never get those so about time.
    Let’s see loads more goals second half.


  12. What a wonderful performance. Bit of a wobble towards the end but they are only young.


  13. I am really starting to be impressed by Ben White.


  14. Definitely best performance of the season, we got the rub of the green at key moments but our general play was must better and we challenged for everything.
    ESR was excellent and at long last got a MOTM award correct.
    Disscusting booing Emi just for being better than Leno but it was funny when the crowd started singing “Ramsdale is better than you”.


  15. That was a much better show.
    Credit to Arteta for changing things and getting it right. He got the team set up right and he got them playing at the right tempo.
    Credit to Arteta too as all his signings so far have checked out.
    Ramsdale just gets better every game and his distribution is insane. He made a couple of passes that beat Villas press and put them immediately on the backfoot. He is miles better than Leno at distribution.
    Tomiyasu has not had a bad game apart from the Brighton debacle.
    Sambi is such a lovely balanced player, he had great mobility and looks polished on the ball.
    Ben White probably had his best game to date and hardly put a foot wrong. That swagger up field with the ball I mean, Backenbueresque!
    ESR deserves the man of the if for nothing his sheer hard running. The boy has that rare thing, talent and graft. He will go far.
    Saka should have had a goal, didn’t have a bad game but was not at his best.
    Gabriel is some defender. He just has everything pace power technique and loves to get stuck in.
    Nuno wow just wow. What a player. Comfortable with the ball on either feet, Villa couldn’t deal with him. You feel he could player anywhere. I kid you not if he carries on like this he could easily displace Tierny.
    Laca was the glue that held the front three together. Pity he had to go off as he was excellent.
    Auba finally seems to have a spring in his step. He is scoring goals, he is getting involved. He just seems to be enjoying himself more.
    Partey scored yeeees and he could have had two more. He kept Buendia totally quiet. The only blip I felt was he pulled out of the challenge allowing the villa player to score. And he did slip towards the end but luckily the villa players attempt was woeful.
    Overall a deserved win, we faded a bit towards the end but I constantly forget how young this team is.
    We scored three could have score five easily.
    A good weekend starts


  16. I can actually say those three words.”I enjoyed it.”

    I enjoyed the Arsenal players winning the 50/50 balls and picking up the lose balls, almost every game this season except Spurs you just knew that the opposition players would get to the ball first.

    I enjoyed the defenders shouting at each other, organising and this coupled with some decent distribution from the back started many a fine move.

    I could go on but do not want to get too carried away. It was a great team performance last night. Hard to pick a MOTM but when you see ESR pick up the ball, head down powering forward and making things happen, it seems incredible in one so young.

    My cousin who is a Villa fan asked if I felt confident before the game and I had to reply that it has actually been a long long time since I have felt confident before watching an Arsenal game. After the first 10 minutes I actually did feel that we would win. Yes we did get the rub of the green and yes we did have a wobble, but I enjoyed it!


  17. A fine performance, right through the team. I feel for Leno, but our keeper might be a bit special. And the rest were excellent as well.
    Thoroughly enjoyable


  18. Rub of the green, thing we probably did a little bit , now there’s a rare thing
    As for the pen, think Lacca made the most of it, but did look like a foul as well


  19. TFL jury is still out on last season’s signings but this year’s crop look better.

    After last season and the opening spell this year any game with an Arsenal goal is a bonus so I actually enjoyed the Palace game as there were two Arsenal goals including an always dramatic late equaliser.

    GD is still minus three after ten odd games. not great but some of encouraging signs of improvement.


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