Arteta Is A Useless Genius.

Middle ground and nuance are a thing of the past for Arsenal fans, you have to pick a side and go to the extreme of that view. Then if you want to be heard and become important( at least in your own mind and vacuum chamber), you have to shout the loudest and attack the opposing view in the manor of a blitzkrieg. Or at least that’s how it must look to the casual observer. Knowledge and understanding of the game matters very little in the on-line fan community, which is just as well because most of us involved seem to have very little of either. People with hardly any knowledge, insight or understanding( yes, people like me) tweet, write blogs and do podcasts preaching and lording it over other fans who we believe to have less than us.

It’s a joke what we have become. We used to fight and argue with opposition fans, now you see very little of that, I suggest it’s because we are to busy fighting with those idiots who don’t accept our expert opinions and want us to listen to their pearls of wisdom instead.

Almost every single loud voice on social media platforms “think” they know how to run the club, set the tactics and select players better than everyone else, including the owners, managers and coaches. Not only do we think we know, but the whole reason most of us do it is a pathetic attempt to prove it. The problem is most of us prove the exact opposite.

Anyway, I started writing this in an attempt to look at how far apart opinions can be, in a light hearted way, not go on a blitzkrieg of my own, So ploughing on.

Arsene was the greatest manager in the history of the club and gave us 22 years of beautiful football on a budget that would have relegated his rivals. The finest football brain in a lifetime.

Wenger was an ego maniac that dropped lucky with the players he inherited and signed, He should have been sacked in 1999 when he failed to win back to back titles and he’s responsible for the decline we now find ourselves in.

Mikel Arteta is a brilliant young manager who won us the FA cup with the rubbish squad he inherited. He’s changing the culture at the club and needs time to build a team in his image. He is getting rid of deadwood and trouble makers that previous managers left him and he will have us back on top where we deserve to be, All we have to do is support him. He’s elite.

Arteta has had 2 years and we’ve finished 8th twice and are now languishing in the bottom half. The football is shocking and shows no sign of improving. He has to go before any more damage is done.

Granit Xhaka is our best and most consistent player, he controls the game and is by far the strongest character in the squad. He progresses the ball more than any CM in the entire league and his passing is second to none. He should be captain.

Xhaka is the worst CM I’ve ever seen at Arsenal. He is slow with the turning circle of an ocean liner and always passes backwards. He disrespected the fans, the captains armband and has to be sold.

Mesut Ozil was the best player of the Emirates era and the only real world class player we had. The team should have been set up to suit him. The greatest play-maker of his generation.

Ozil was finished and has been rubbish since he fleeced us out of £350k pw. He was disruptive, lazy and was dropped by every Arsenal manager he had.

It’s our job to get behind the manager and trust the process. We are not the manager and a true supporter supports through thick and thin as long as he is in the job. You are not proper Arsenal if you do nothing but criticise.

A real fan loves the club and it hurts when things go badly. Proper fans just want what is best for the club we love only idiots blindly support.

Ok, enough of this nonsense, follow me on twitter , read my blogs and listen to me on Youtube, because I know more than you.

Enjoy the interlull.

Pedantic George.

P.S. If you don’t agree with me, go F*ck yourself.

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60 comments on “Arteta Is A Useless Genius.

  1. Eds Henry I guess is one who is recently critical of the management? The unquoted Mislintat is not big a figure but there are many like him.

    Enjoyed the podcast and the line about Eleney’s shooting when compared with Partey.
    Arteta is secure for medium term after the derby victory imo, in spite of the low number of goals so far. in Xhaka’s absence the hope of seeing better football seems to rest on whether Arteta can coax some better form out of Partey. Ehab’s doesn’t think he’s the coach to do it, some think Partey is a bit of a Pepe not a bad player but not worth much hype either. I hope the midfielder is up for playing against Viera’s team and can show something in the weeks ahead.


  2. Is it just me or have Chelsea been incredibly lucky over the years?


  3. not been a good day for our youths sides, the U18’s drew with LCFC 2-2 after having led twice, and our u23’s lost 3-0 away to LFC


  4. Not just lucky on the pitch but off of it too Mandy.

    Tuchel was free after his stint in Paris when they realised that Lampard is not a great coach.
    It’s almost as if the gunners avoided signing this coach with Emery and then Arteta hehe.


  5. But Tuchel would have no interest in the Gunners now.
    Some Arsenal fans thought Tuchel would’ve been interested in playing under the Kronke’s but:

    Tuchel has no interest in being a manager but a coach & therefore the only way a club like the Gunners could have ever induced a top coach like this to sign was if they had someone not called The Unqualified Son of the Owner running the club but perhaps, bear with me here, someone competent upstairs calling the shots and signing good footballers not the mates of agents (£ has been spent of late…). Someone like…AW. But that ship has been scuttled in the rocks.

    Personally Tuchel’s too defensive for my tastes though after the last few seasons I’d be happy to pay to watch a Benitez team.
    i’d probably enjoy a David Brent/Brendan Rodgers team more but well…even that was a stretch too far for the clowns running the club.


  6. But maybe everything that’s been happening at the club the last four years has changed with some ok signings over the summer?

    Dare we indulge in a bit of a hope?

    The return to a 433 is encouraging along with the more attacking line ups but Arteta’s limitations when Xhaka was unavailable or taken out the midfield were exposed last season and I don’t think he’s moved on that much since. The next few months in the absence of Xhaka will make or break Arteta at the Arsenal imo and the narratives around Monday’s match will almost drown the football as Viera is not here for the short game.
    I think that the choice of the front three/four in this game will be the hardest call for the coach to make?


  7. Interesting Finsbury. Tuchel is clearly an excellent coach, but as you say, a bit on the defensive side. But Brentford got at them, really should have won that game, should have had a penalty as well, but rub of the green and all that.
    Sadly, cannot see Wenger ever returning upstairs ,as much as I would like to see it, I am sure Stan wanted to go in that direction as well, always thought that was the plan, until things, erm, changed. Unless of course there is a change of owner, guessing there is now way too much water under the bridge with Wenger and KSE. Interesting that as far as we know, Wenger hasn’t returned.
    As you mention, Xhaka is a big loss, saw that in his absence against Brighton, Palace will try and crowd us out in that area, and certainly won’t show Tottenhams naivety or lack of organisation. Sambi looks a great prospect but needs time to develop and other similar cliches


  8. The next few games are very winnable the next “hard game” is probably manure so Mikel’s stock will be going up and that game we don’t know what utd will turn up or even who their manager will be.
    This game is unpredictable but I think that will be the case all season.


  9. well ian I’m not sure there is any such thing as an easy game under Arteta’s tactics. But if there is then surely its at home to Crystal Palace. If we win it and our next game is on Friday, a win there would actually mean we go 4th, even if its only till Saturday.
    Of course 2 defeats in these games is as likely as 2 wins.


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