The Changing Face Of Arsenal Support

Podcast: Personal stories and family recollections by Stephen Mills, a 3-generation Gooner, provide history lessons from  94 years of Arsenal Football Club. According to Mills there were difficult and glorious years but to quote him “It was fantastic to be an Arsenal fan.”

This is the audio version of the Uncensored Arsenal YouTube livestream of July 24th. For a full broadcast link the channel at YouTube_Uncensored Arsenal

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64 comments on “The Changing Face Of Arsenal Support

  1. I hope Aubas ok, he got his head down like this at BVB before he left. I wonder if he and some of the senior players cant stand Mikels methods?

    Funny how the pre seasons games now are taken so seriously, Im not sure what they really can indicate, rather than a few sketches,as whose going to give full gas just so the flip flops at aftv like you for five mins?

    Sometimes its seems the Invincibles cast a long shadow thats perhaps a bit toxic ( a bench mark many think is always in reach? ).But we live in a time when apparently only gold matters and silver and bronze are for losers that dont count,and being outside of the medals now means you arent anything ( what a load of bullshit)…
    Trouble is with that kind of thought being pushed around, it shows little of the big picture ( despite being pushed by spectators who havent even particpated/excelled at any professional sports ). The loser enables the winner.Sport needs active opposing teams and participants to even make it interesting/ to happen. There can be no winner without losers and vice versa.

    I personally felt a bit sorry for Hector, it will mean more hatred towards him. Perhaps the loud voices think they will shout out players until we end up at the Invincibles again?Odd logic for sure? Yes it was bad mistake but everyone makes them. It takes a lot of strength and courage to play in front of people who dont like you, to whom you are supposed to deliver moments of ecstasy, because they say they pay your wages ( are they sure about that?). It tough to be bullied, and its tough when you lose your confidence. And in sport its really bad when you become aware and conscious of what youre doing; you make dodgy passes and miss headers.

    Sure miss Wengerball, and seeing players grow under Arsene. Pepe under Arsène might have been something spectacular? But if he was still there, would Rambo and Mesut also still be with us? Sorry couldnt resist!

    Even when the season kicks off, it wont be until it gets dark that any deeper patterns can be made out(imo).

    It will be interesting to see how things start playing out and in till Christmas. Or it might be really horrible and the pre season games told us all(?). Who can tell, not me, its only aftv etc that can. Maybe they knw the lotto numbers!



  2. Partey on the pitch, 1st half, no shots on target.

    Xhaka on the pitch, 2nd half 5 shots on target.

    You win games by scoring goals.

    Xhaka has just come back from extended break because of the Euros.


  3. Arteta on Xhaka, Bellerin, Willock and Saka
    Max Jones 01 Aug 2021
    Mikel Arteta

    Transfer speculation dominated Mikel Arteta’s post-match press conference following Sunday’s defeat to Chelsea.

    Our head coach was asked about Granit Xhaka, Hector Bellerin, Joe Willock and more. Here’s everything he had to say:

    on his overall conclusions from the game…
    First of all, it was a great atmosphere. The fans were right behind the team and I think with 20 or 25,000, they created a great atmosphere at the stadium. It was a great test for us against the best team in Europe. I think we showed some really positive stuff and some worrying stuff when we gave the ball away in difficult positions, and when we had to do defensive organisation, it opened spaces in difficult moments. For what we could do against that team and where we are in pre-season, I think it was positive.

    on Granit Xhaka…
    Granit is going to stay with us. He’s a player that we rate and value so much, he’s a key member of our squad. He’s trained two days. He wanted to play today and I think it’s very clear commitment from his side that he wants to be here.

    on Hector Bellerin, Joe Willock and other uncertain futures…
    I don’t know. I’m going to coach them and train them, and respect and look after everybody because they are our players. Hopefully they can have their minds here and prepare here because they are Arsenal players and our job is to make them as good as we can.

    on Gabriel…
    We don’t know [whether he will be available for Brentford]. He’s still injured. He picked up and injury while he was doing the preparation for the Olympics with Brazil and at the moment he’s not been able to train with us. That seems unlikely at the moment but hopefully he can recover quickly.

    on Bukayo Saka…
    He’s back very soon. He needed some holidays, he needed to be away. He had an incredibly busy year and he will be back with us in the next few days. We’re looking forward to seeing him.

    on conceding a goal from playing out from the back…
    It worries me because when you give the ball away when you’re in the position we’re in, in one or two passes they can attack your goal. It’s a really difficult situation to resolve. From those situations as well, we created many chances today. We need to know when to take the risk. It’s more about the perception and interpreting the players that we have to use in certain areas more than the actual action. But you know that against these teams, they punish you in the Premier League.

    Copyright 2021 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  4. I mentioned a few weeks ago how a lot of young Irish players were now heading to mainland european clubs instead of the usual signing up to UK clubs, well another one has just gone to Inter Milan. 16 year old Kevin Zefi who is a winger and who last season became the youngest scorer in the League of Ireland history, he had many clubs after him including PSV and Juventus, but he has agreed a move to Inter Milan from Shamrock Rovers.


  5. Saw this from a United fan:

    ‘What do Arsenal really have going for them? Aubameyang is finished, their star midfielder Partey can’t stay fit, No European football, their best keeper is ass, referees fuck them over and now they can’t even brag about beating Chelsea. Saka is the only good thing. Tragic’


  6. its amazing that a utd fan can admit that refs fuck us over, but so many AFC fans refuse to admit it

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  7. Although sometimes from his body language Auba looks fed up, generally I think his loss of form is permanent and his career is coming to an end. He is still capable of the odd moment of brilliance but I struggle to see how he can be first choice striker at any top club.


  8. Seems good news on Xhaka front. Only downside is part of me liked thought of him escaping minute-by-minute charms of our personal idiots, and the shitty British media.

    Still, I guess that’s not a healthy thing to be near top of a supporter’s concern, and if you really like a player and think he’s important for your team you have to be glad he’s staying, and try your best to ignore all the other crap.

    As a delicious bonus, truly believe Mou wanted Granit badly, in which case he’ll be pissed off with his new bosses in record time even for him, and know for sure there’ll be no buying his way to short term success this time. Could be dark mutterings within a few weeks if they don’t start well.


  9. It is difficult seeing all the mistakes ARSENAL have made in the last five years. Taking control away from Arsene, then siding with the idiots and getting rid of him, hiring a boring spanaird to replace him and hiring a boring spanaird to replace him and finally getting rid of a host of players that were ousted because of politics rather than skill.
    Just lately there seems to be a lot of U-turns and interesting appointments that point towards a more attacking and football style of play.
    Obviously it remains to be seen if this translates to the first team and Mikel.
    The 28 days of the window will give us a clue especially with the formerly youth players we keep and the players we get rid of and the style of players that come in. Getting lots of players in would also be a indication of panic and trying to hit a bullseye with a shotgun.
    I have seen a few green shoots of optimism however the past mistakes have me very wary.


  10. according to reports the WBA manager has said that goalkeeper Sam Johnstone will not feature in their opening game this weekend due to a possible transfer to Arsenal


  11. arsenal Goalkeeper, Tom Smith (19), has joined Welling United on a season-long-loan, this is his third loan to a non league club


  12. Arsenal have confirmed that left-back Mazeed Ogungbo (18) has signed his first professional contract with the club


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