Saka, The Victim Of Racism Or Hype?

In this podcast we try to make some sense out of senseless behaviour.

35 comments on “Saka, The Victim Of Racism Or Hype?

  1. Well looks like pre-season is in tatters the US tour cancelled due to many positive cases in the traveling party happy “freedom” everyone the grim reaper awaits.

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  2. I think we are well aware the world is racist. History tells us of countries and religions lying to its people who are basically ignorant of a different kind and using that to promote wars etc.
    Nowadays you get the basic I hate different people types and then the more subtle use of propaganda by governments to abuse a certain type of people.
    America has never really finished it’s civil war and still many cities are still cut down the middle between Black and white or areas that are occupied by Espanics, Asians (from different regions) and or course the European areas or towns and cities based purely on settlers from different parts of Europe.
    All around the world indigenous peoples have been murdered in genocides to allow new settlers in and of course the descendents of those very murderers now scream and bitch if new settlers come across their stolen land.
    The people who control the world, the rich, know that if the rest of us come together to create equal societies across the globe then their money, status and power would go and so the best form of control is to use propaganda to divide and conquer.
    Those in power have been doing this for centuries and is why the ordinary bloke in the street is so happy to literally give his life for something that will not increase his wellbeing whatsoever.
    Remember Hitler and the far right Nazis of the 1930’s blaming all of Germany’s problems on Blacks, Jews, travellers gays and anyone else they could tag as enemies of the state.
    Reading our right wing media and the far right politicians statements on immigration you can see exactly where they got their mantra from and why we as a country are drifting more and more to the right and why Brexit and the abandonment of Human rights has came about.
    With this in mind it would be very surprising not to see racist quite happy to think abusing anyone they perceive as different as acceptable. When Priya Patel and Alex Boris Johnson tries to diminish taking the knee, they are saying we are both descendents of immigrants and everything is fine when really it’s about lessoning the power of the message of the ” scapegoats” they blame everything on.
    When as Nation we or any country votes for tax cuts instead of helping those of less than ourselves then you know we are a country of people who don’t care about racism, sexism, disability, gender or religious acceptance.
    Most people don’t like to hear that but it is 100% true.

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  3. well said Ian, the one that really gets me is when you see ordinary people post stuff like “we should be housing our veteran’s not immigrants”, yet they stay silent on spending billions on weapons, new yacht for the queen, or billions on contracts for friends of MP’s etc, the rich and powerful have these people right where they want them, they have swallowed the chosen enemy the rich and powerful have dangled out there for them, and actually ignore where the actual money is going. Look at the billionaires having a space race among themselves, yet you will see so many little people see nothing wrong with this, but whoop and holla in delight that the Govt have voted to cut foreign aid, cos there is not enough money to waste feeding people like themselves.

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  4. AFC being strongly linked with a move to sign Tammy Abraham, a season loan with an obligation to buy for £40M next summer.


  5. AC Milan have confirmed that Ivan Gazidis has been diagnosed with throat cancer, thankfully he is expected to make a full recovery

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  6. Arsenal being linked with a lot of English players this summer, Ben White set to sign, and we’ve been linked strongly with James Maddison, Max Aarons, Aaron Ramsdale and Tammy Abrahams


  7. The best thing about this site is that there are no heartless hateful twats.


  8. Racism is dumb as fuck, as if it gives any indication of anyone whose part of any group?

    All groups are full of paradoxes, subtleties and enigmas beyond our comprehension, yet we swim around on the surface of the shallowest part of the psychological swimming pool through news outlets and poiltik and culture?

    Plus culture then gets dragged into racial arguments, and yet cultures within race dont really cover all peoples all of the time? The further we go into mixing up life and trying to work it out the more paradoxes will float to the surface and the dualities of thought will have less reign.It will affect all sides that have lined up against one another.
    But we as humans dont know where or remember where we come from, or where we are going to, (is there an after-life)and often we are told in the early stages that we are useless or not worthy, and nearly all the time later in life we deal with dog eat dog attitudes and competitiveness that wrecks all in its way,so we create identities, kind of masks, and our feeling of lack then whats to feel ok so it creates “other”, enemies, and seeks to find a person or group who will counter support our place ( Mods v rockers/ Arsenal v Tottenham etc). Our so called enemy supports our thinking?

    All countries do this and all people are susceptible to it. Name calling is all part of belittling, and those that belittle do so because of fear, even under the idea of righteousness(?).

    Its difficult to rid ourselves of conditioning, as we are educated to be scared of authority( and this comes in billions and billions of forms, shapes and sizes and changes everyday) and to even sometimes ask questions will mean you face rigid thought patterns and absolute thinking. That can be pretty scary in a world that is not tolerant or forgiving as it writhes in fear.The internet opened up a can of fear as people deal with each other, and they have to get to know each other through writing, and trying to see how they are through that. How are we collectively doing on that? Some good, plenty bad? But how are we each individually judging and quantifying what we mean by good and bad? One persons good is another persons bad? What are the universals? And why is it that reason is the handmaiden of bullshitters?

    What does skin colour have to do with how we really are? If we have been oppressed and bullied,or been oppressor and bullies it can leave us with shame, and to relieve shame comes anger, and through anger we create more problems and on it goes? But is it really us, our fucked up side, the side that creates bullying and victims and walks in wounds searching for others who are wounded and to take it out on others? Very few want to to be oppressed or suppressed or bullied. But its a sense of self lack that drives people to steal and rob and oppress others or make themselves feel superior?
    Because some people of colour X or some people of colour Y commit and offense or crime why are all people then connected to this?
    Do we as people represent our countries or our skin colour? Liberty found for one group is liberty lost for another, yet all strive for liberty. Is striving for equality a waste of time when all humans are moving at different speeds physically,intellectually and at different consciousness levels. Yet if we instead try to aim for tolerance, mercy and justice and respect we find these values are in conflict
    But are we also the culture we identify with? All is in flux, and when we deconstruct something we see its all relative, where does that leave culture? Where does it leave us? Are we just a entity falsely named, but having an experience that somehow we dont understand? Are we trapped as other, looking at other, when its not really there?

    UEFA demand respect and say no to racism, yet set up competitions that go over geo-politik and old world grudges.Nationalsim, xenohobia and racism all then step forth into the arena? When sport becomes ersatz war then how can you demand respect and understanding?
    UEFA are right to be intolerant, but hen these competitions should be recast in another way, to enjoy other cultures and that all can take part, but when the whole thing is also based on cash, bums on seats and stimulating the economy, who cares about getting on, they need intense exciting games that thrive on international dislike.
    I dont have an answer, but I dont think there is one answer to fit all but many answers as we live in a relative system.
    We laugh at compassion and kindess and see it as being weak; yet we need it when we come into this world, and when we depart it. Yet we seem scared of it in our lives? We enjoy culture that celebrates the opposite, and then how do we expect each other to practise compassion and kindness when we donn feel it?
    Perhaps because its all we got to the key to a door. And I think its ok to get on, lifes richer and deeper when we do, and thats something to be experienced, as it gives is great joy?

    Cheers to Shotta and George and to you guys too.

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  9. Chris Wheatley
    Exclusive: Arsenal youngster Nikolaj Möller will join German side FC Viktoria Köln on a one year loan deal


  10. Seems an Everton stadium planning monstrosity has taken their city’s World Heritage site ranking away from the heights of Machu Pichu, The Grand Canyon, Yosemite and other wonderous places
    In terms of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Charlton Athletic now trumps any team from Liverpool, being in the Royal Borough of Maritime Greenwich. Could be some interesting chants should Charlton face a Liverpool team in a cup.
    What does it all mean, I’m not sure, probably very little in the grander scheme of things we and people with at least a semblance of a life are interested in, but what is beyond doubt, it has not been a good summer for the supposedly ambitious blue half of the Merseyside conurbation, though their keeper did do ok for the most part


  11. Emile Smith-Rowe has signed a new 5 year contract at Arsenal and has now been given the No.10 shirt, I see some annoyed at this change of shirt number as “he has not earned it yet”, well I can remember when David Price was our regular No.10, so I’ve no problem with another of our Academy players now getting it.


  12. Arsenal being linked with a £10M move for our former Academy midfielder Glen Kamara, who now plays for Rangers


  13. Good news that ESR, or the Smith as he seems to be known as these days, has signed and that 10 shirt seems significant – or at least suggests that the club are expecting serious goals and assists from him. I still feel that the one thing we are really lacking is a proper goal scoring centre forward, a number 9 in the old money. The kind of player that not only scores the goals you expect from close in, but also does the unexpected things that turn games on their head. On occasions I felt Lacazette might do that, but he never gave quite enough. A sort of B+ player: good but not great. The big problem of course is that anyone proven to do that is out of reach price wise for any bar a few clubs, so we’ll need to find a hidden gem from somewhere.

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  14. When Arsene signed Auba I guess he was expecting him to work in tandem with Lacazette, but these days I think the inside forward/stroke attacking midifled winger is expected to do a lot of defenisve work too and that isn’t really Auba’s style. You get away with it of course in games you dominate, but not in the evenly matched affairs we would hope to be having with other top 4 rivals. Like many I had high hopes of Martinelli, but he is not yet the same as he was after his serious injury, and that too is a concern for a froward who relies so much on pace. Many were frustrated he didn’t play more last season, but I guess he wasn’t quite ready. Lets hope he has a brilliant olympics and comes back ready to stake a real claim.


  15. I don’t care for starting XIs, but given that we are basically League only until January, how does the front 4 look at the moment?

    Lacazette, with Auba, ESR and Saka behind him? Or Auba, with ESR, Saka plus one other?

    I’m assuming that Willian goes, and my feeling is that Nelson or Nketiah aren’t really poised to make a breakthrough: cruel though the cutthroat world of football is, they have had enough chances to stake a claim, and haven’t really taken those chances.


  16. I knew there was someone I was forgetting!


  17. well by this time 3 weeks we will have played our first EPL game of the season, how many of our first choice starting 11 will not be ready for the start of the season, how much transfer business will be done both in and out by then.


  18. Tim, I don’t really think Eddie or Reis’s have had a chance to prove themselves. A few starts a mile apart or the odd sub appearance is not really a proper chance. In the scraps that Eddie has been feeding off in respect of time he has better than Auba and Laca. He puts more pressure on the opposition and is much more effective in the press. He wins the ball back more often and holds the ball surprisingly well considering he is known for being a poacher.
    Auba played last season because of his name and history and not because of his form, had Eddie played all those games his returns and the teams would have been better and the same could be said for Reiss for Willian and even Reiss for Pepe for that matter although even when Pepe is playing poorly he still offers goals.
    ESR and Saka were primarily given this chance to play because of injuries, suspensions, and weird politics at the club it wasn’t because they were given a chance because of their talent or potential. Actually it is the same with Joe as well and although Martinelli was allegedly being eased back in it makes you wonder about the future of all the young lads we have coming through.


  19. Positivas: Our own Millsy is the special guest on today’s Uncensored Arsenal livestream. Topic: : “New Arsenal vs Old Arsenal.” Millsy is a 1978-Gooner whose family has supported Arsenal since 1929. Tune in at 4pm AST/9pm BST today Sat, Jul 24th at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPRtLqnxlLk

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  20. Arsenal’s friendly win over Millwall today is being streamed as live on Arsenal.com from 4pm


  21. Bellerin a sub today but did not get any game time, Chambers and Cedric used at right back


  22. gunnerblog
    White heavy check mark Arsenal have signed highly-rated 18-year-old striker Mika Biereth.

    He finished last season with 21 goals in 21 games for Fulham U18 (+ 13 assists). Adds to #AFC’s collection of promising young forwards.


  23. as things stand Arsenal’s CM options are Xhaka, Partey, Sambi, Elneny, AMN, Willock, and Torreira. Not a bad collection of central midfield options at all, but if reports are to be believed we could soon see Xhaka, AMN, Willock and Torreira all leave AFC, and if that is the case it would leave us with Partey, Sambi and Elneny as our midfield options, which would certainly mean we would need to sign at least one quality CM


  24. Is it not more likely that the reason why players like Martinelli and Eddie, as well as Willock, Nelson and AMN do not get games is because what they do does not suit Arteta’s “style”?

    Take Nelson for example, whenever I have seen him, he has taken on the defenders and usually leaves them for dead.

    Pepe on the other hand never does. The only time one sees him dribbling is when he might take the ball inside, but not to beat the defender.

    Martinelli also takes players on, but that is clearly not what Arteta wants.

    AS far as ESR is concerned, had Arteta not been forced to play him in that game against Chel$ki, I believe he would still be on the bench or resting like Ozil.

    Even now I am not convinced that he really wants to use him, which is why he seems to spend so much time on the wing, doing what Arteta wants, that is to cross the ball into the centre where there is no one there to do anything with it.

    Arteta is bending to the media pressure to use him, so he does so without utilising his real abilities because those abilities are not what Arteta wants for his “style” and “process”.


  25. media reporting that Arsenal have bid £18M plus £8M of add ons for Sheffield Utd goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale


  26. I always saw Lacazette as fulfilling a Wiltord type role in the squad after Aubmayang’s arrival.

    But Laca isn’t really close to the levels Sylvian hit for a few seasons. Or even Giroud. We’ve had a good look at Lacazette by now: and to be fair Giroud is or was the better Footballer no debate about it unless you are an arsehole Arsenal blagger acting as a PR orifice for the club and the sick vampires sucking it dry. I suppose we all have to eat but you’d hope they’d have some self respect? And knowledge of the sport!

    Fans are a different thing to the clickbaiting blaggers. The football fans like to sing for the good footballers. For some reason. Who had the best songs this past decade? Cazorla, Giroud…etc. Simple stuff you’d hope.
    The Arsenal online blaggers? The kind of football blagger that slags off a footballer who wins cups everywhere they go? Given that record on Giroud who can be surprised by the bile against Xhaka. These blaggers belong in the bin!


  27. Giroud was that rare striker who was there for the near post low cross but also the mid goal high cross, he brought other players into the game with his back to the goal game, and also scored wonder goals. But he also managed long droughts (like many strikers do) and could make us look slow at times. I was a great fan, but was gulty of more than a few ‘FFS Giroud’ moments. There was also a sense that AW was never entirely happy with him, was always looking to bring in somone to replace him.


  28. I enjoyed the beginning of the podcast (will listen to the rest today). It was good to see Mills in fine form.


  29. I hope Arteta’s “love” for Ramsdale peaks at the quoted 18M+£8M.
    A good take-it-or-leave-it point for the Blades.
    If they do sell, and Ben White signs, (and of course we manage to sell/loan-out all our “transferables”), it should free Edu/MA to focus on the more important business of securing our CM.

    Still think we need a minimum of TWO players.
    A CM/DM and a CM/AM, namely…. Yves Bissouma and Houssem Aouar.

    AFCON seems to de-prioritize Bissouma somewhat but (for me) its nowhere near enough of a reason not to sign a player of his quality. Manuel Locatelli wants Juve and is PL-untested. Koopmeiners of AZ Alkmar looks good and tough on YouTube, is sensibly-priced, but is also EPL-untested. Bissouma it is for me.

    If the media is to be believed, Houssem Aouar @£25M is more of a non-brainer. It does seem like AS Roma have to cough up the £20M for Xhaka first though. MA/We’ve lusted after Aouar long enough. I just hope it happens. Bissouma+Aouar give us THE GLUE, like Fernandinho/Gündogan+D.Silva/DeBruyne for Etihad City.

    Give Lacazette a 2+1 year deal. Keep him whether or not we loan in Tammy Abraham.
    Laca offers the squad too much to be sold.

    I don’t think the RB position is of absolute importance in this window considering the options available as cover till January (Cedric, Chambers, White, Saka, or even OseiTutu). But if we must sign/loan in a player, I quite like Ajax’s Noussair Mazraoui (who though AFCON-tied too is comfy @RB/CM/DM) or Denzel Dumfries (after his Euro2020 hyped fee has died down). Max Aarons & Tariq Lamptey are too expensive/short/mono-positional for me.

    Wouldn’t be too shabby a 25-man squad now, would it….

    Sept 1st, 2021:
    1 Leno – Ramsdale – Okonkwo
    2 Chambers – Cedric – (+/- Mazraoui/Dumfries)
    3 Tierney – Tavares
    4 Holding – White
    5 Mari – Gabriel –
    6 Partey – Elneny – SambiLokonga
    8 Bissouma – Willock
    10 SmithRowe – Aouar
    7 Pépé – Willian
    11 Saka – Martinelli
    9 Aubameyang – Lacazette – Balogun – (+/- Abraham)

    FOREIGN (F): 14 (+1)
    HOME GROWN (HG): 5 (+1)
    U21 (U): 6

    Feb 1st, 2022:
    FOREIGN (F): 15 (+1)
    HOME GROWN (HG): 6 (+1)
    U21 (U): 4


  30. I wonder if Ben White is also a possiblity for the CM role?


  31. I speculate that Arsene wanted to pair up Auba rotating with Giroud in the same squad but he was shot down by others. Giroud was meant to be the Adebayor type in that squad format alongside other goal scorers

    There were goals in that 15/16 team with Welbeck too but it was in CM the squad was short once Cazorla was out. if Xhaka had arrived a season earlier a title would’ve been guaranteed in spite of the pgmob handicap.


  32. Chris Wheatley
    Alex Runarsson will sign for Turkish side Altay Spor on loan next week.

    The Gunners are preparing a third bid for Aaron Ramsdale, and Arthur Okonkwo is being considered as third choice goalkeeper.

    Ben White’s #AFC move also set to be announced.


  33. the team Arteta wants, and might get

    Chambers White Holding Tierney
    Partey Sambi
    Saka Maddison ESR


  34. Hi Positivas. Am so proud of Millsy and so should you. He did such an excellent job representing himself, his family and the PA team on the Uncensored Arsenal livestream. Millsy is so authentic and genuine. He is truly a humble guy despite his family’s long 94-year history of representing and supporting our football club from the days of Royal Arsenal and Dial Square FC. (If only he could find that 1927 League Cup finals ticket.)

    Rememember to Like anbd Subscribe to the livestream so we can become more significant on YouTube and build the influence of people like Millsy and the PA team.

    Am sure George will post the podcast version but here is the YouTube link: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPRtLqnxlLk


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