Fan’s Opinions Are More Important Than Results!

Good morning all.

Today’s blog isn’t really about last night’s game, more about how we, as fans , the media and social media, look at the results. That said, while I’m here typing it would be rude not too.

We got 3 points away against a team that has dispatched us with little problem over the last 15 years. We defended gallantly and in a controlled way that for the most part was effective and well structured. There were glimpses of attacking flair with ESR standing out well and perhaps even being outstanding. Elneny was efficient and effective and made a nonsense of the perception of him being peddled by some in our fanbase.

On the flip side, we were rather lucky to win. Chelsea gifted us a goal and were dominating us most of the night. They had made 7 changes, it was basically their B team and still were creating chances four times as often as us, hitting the woodwork and Leno together with some desperate last ditch blocks, saved us several times.

And that brings me nicely to the point of this blog, which of the previous two paragraphs is your analysis, and why?

We all have the same information, facts and statistics available to us, but how we interpret these things varies wildly from one extreme to another.

If you are Arteta out, you will dismiss the result and hark back to the real and perceived failings of the last 12 months, if you are Arteta in you will dismiss anything that’s gone before and use a result away at Chelsea as justification for you’re belief. Whatever your position you will look for a vacuum chamber of like minded people and go to war with fans on the other side of this divide. Well at least the loud mouth over opinionated people will, like me. The reality is that most people are somewhere in the centre ground and shift slightly and slowly after every game.

The extremists, like me, will take a stance and look for everything that will confirm their bias.

I have also noticed that when you have set up residence in a particular camp, and decide to cross the floor to the opposite camp, these fans are even more vocal than they were. This is likely because they have to justify to themselves their change in attitude.

Me for instance, I was one of the very first and biggest advocates for Arteta, things happened and I did a complete U-turn and now I find myself struggling to give a fair and balance look at day to day goings on, because I want to justify being set against him and I want to prove myself right. These attempts to prove myself right will be countered by people who disagree and want to prove me wrong and themselves right. And so it goes on, it becomes a battle of egos from rank amateurs like me with absolutely no reason to have an over inflated ego. The vast majority of vocal fans/tweeters/bloggers/podcasters, don’t do it to share our opinions, it’s to show you all how smart we think we are. That’s the problem, the desperation to be seen as smart and right, stops any critical thinking that might show us to be stupid and wrong.

You can’t look at the way we have performed and our position in the league, our early exit from domestic cups and the inglorious exit for the Europa League, and conclude Arteta has been excellent. Similarly you can’t ignore the difficulties he has within the squad, at board level, the clear improvement in our defence, his gaining in managerial experience, the improving patterns of play and conclude that there isn’t a possibility that he could become a good manager.

Most fans want to be happy and enjoy supporting the team, today a lot of fans are happy, that’s has to be a good thing and there’s no need for any of us to go around bursting their bubbles.

Today is a good day, let’s enjoy it.

Pedantic George.

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54 comments on “Fan’s Opinions Are More Important Than Results!

  1. It’s odd (or perhaps not) that this description of online partisanship applies excatly to the politcal mudslingers as well.


  2. Good that you recognise that you went from a clever funny well reasoned poster to an utter cock on twitter


  3. Yes Stan, at least one of us recognised what a twat he is.

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  4. This has the problem with ARSENAL since just after the 2006 final when the wobs started to appear and the two camps became so entrenched and the ground became so toxic it became difficult to enjoy the match ( the reason people were supposed to be there in the first place).
    Actually the PL and the media bowl that followed made football political and the football on the pitch became less and less important.
    I long for the days of Arsene’s fast attacking football rather than the chore of watching today with sound down so I don’t have to hear the fuckwit pundits and commentators moan on about stuff they know little about.
    I think ARSENAL are particularly fucked as far as the fans are concerned and I believe it will be a long time before the crowd starts to really support again.

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  5. As far as the difficulties that Arteta has to face. Life is tough all over. You either can or cannot do it. The evidence on Atreta is in.


  6. Good stuff.
    I think I’ve got a bit better at the old wanting to prove myself right, clever, etc, but it’s still there, ready to jump forth at any moment.


  7. On a neutral note, if that’s possible, while pleased with result, obviously unignorable that it was uncomfortable viewing at times.

    That whole business of being penned in, pressed like crazy, struggling to relieve pressure- my question is : how many players, of what kind, do you need to alter the picture?

    Whatever the flaws, limitations etc of current crop, or manager, it’s still startling to me to see ‘life’ be that difficult for us, and it doesn’t tally with my estimations of each player- us or them- for it to be that hard.


  8. Well said.

    I was also in favour of Arteta at the start and have completely reversed my view, like you.

    I watch the downward spiral of the last 2 years and fear that, under Arteta, the only way is down.

    Watching them play, especially last night when we showed that we can park the bus better than most was turgid stuff.

    I think watch grass grow is more interesting.

    One cannot sniff at an away win to Chel$ki, but to suggest that it was a positive indication for the future, is, in my humble view, delusional.

    I am not sure why Auba was so upset at being taken off. He was given so little opportunity to do anything, as has been the case most of the season, I am sure he would like to have saved himself the embarrassment of being seen running around doing nothing.

    The Times this morning gave Partey a score of 8. IF this is how our players who play badly, misplace passes and generally do very little constructive are perceived by the media, then what value does the media have?

    Who would want to bet that next year will be any better?


  9. What shuts the fans up is results at the end of the day. Man can do as he pleases if he is winning games. Mourihnio did well knowing that fact.

    When you are not winning with defensive, negative, dull, paint by numbers football (having spent considerable money) peoples patience run out quicker.

    AW and AF bought a lot of time and good will by winning and entertaining consistently.


  10. Feel like if you had to pick one player to improve chances it would be a Santi type operator in centre mid, but to make a huge difference, swinging balance our way, think you need as many as three or four absolutely first rate technicians. Thing is, I see Saka and Smith Rowe as being on way to that, Partey not far off, Auba a top player (though with particular skillset), Tierney a top player, and all the rest good players, and yet…it was that tough.

    Guess (a) worth keeping in mind we were playing CL finalists last night, and that this style of Tuchel’s was. sadly, enough to limit a Real side with some truly great technical players to only 2-3 chances recently, and one of them created by pure quality of Benzema.

    (b) maybe, hopefully, it’s not as far away as it seems, ie if you can only have enough threat/quality to fashion a couple of good breaks against a team pressing you that hard then they, rightly, get nervous about pushing so much and the game changes.


  11. The Chel$ki team last night will not be the team that will play in the CL final.

    They also have a cup final on Saturday, so any of the players who were in contention for that were hardly likely to risk their participating by playing at full throttle.

    We saw the same thing last year when we beat Liverpool after they had secured the league. How many fans crowed after that game thinking that it meant something when it was quite obvious that many if not all the Liverpool players had switched off?

    There is no point in having “first-rate technicians” when the manager dictates as to every single move they make and requires his tactics to be used come what may.

    Auba did not become the shadow of what he had been because there was a problem with his skills, or because his salary went up. It was simply because of the way Arteta dictated the rest of the team play, he did not fit it.

    That was why Arteta was delighted to get rid of Ozil, whether on his own insistence or on the assistance of the powers that be, or a combination of the 2, because Ozil, with his inspirational play and quick thinking, did not fit in with Arteta’s style.

    That is also why Reiss Nelson now seems to be a figment of our imagination. Arteta did not want him and wanted him to go out on loan and he refused, so where is he now? He can’t even get a game with the reserves.

    That is also why ESR did not feature until the Chel$ki game, when Arteta had no one else and why, despite his success in that game, he started to phase him out over the next few games. Yes, he brought him back a few games ago, but again, that was because he had to, but it seems to me that he is being held back and is not playing with the same freedom as he did in that first game.

    Last night’s game was successful because we won, but is that the sort of football we want to see in the future?

    We have always criticised those teams who played us and parked the bus, so are we now happy that we do it on a regular basis?

    It seems to me that the fans are now polarised between those who feel that he should be given more time, and those, like myself, who believe he has had enough.

    There are no fans, I believe, who genuinely think he has done a good job.

    I doubt if any fans who are like-minded with me will change their minds. It depends on how many go the other way.

    I doubt if the powers that be would retain Arteta if a sizeable majority of the fans have expressed their view that he has had enough time.

    If they have any sense, they have already prepared the groundwork for a suitable replacement.

    The trouble is, having seen how they bungled the end of Wenger’s tenure and were totally unprepared for it, it is doubtful whether they have that sense or even a modicum of foresight.


  12. Partey is not a great technician, he is a stopper and needs a technician next to him. Right now Mo Elneny is way Infront of him. Auba was always great at getting into the right place at the right time but has never been an “onion bag” striker and offers nothing else around the pitch. Even Keiran, who is fantastic going forward, is not yet a top quality defender.
    The problem is players are perceived to be brilliant or ordinary but if you watch games again with less emotion those perceived to be brilliant show their flaws and those who appear ordinary show their importance to the team.


  13. if we win our two remaining games the lowest we can finish is 9th and the highest I think is 5th(would take a lot of results to fall our way)


  14. Does Oxlade-Chamberlain even make the Liverpool squad anymore? OK, he was always injury prone, but Wenger looked after him so much better than Klopp has. I hope he appreciates how much AW nurtured him now. Klopp has just consigned him to the srapheap at 27.

    IS, Partey is prone to moments of almost comical sloppiness, especially recently, but I agree with Rich that he has a high technical level. I think he’s demonstrated that this season, but you do not get that amount of game-time at Atletico without serious footballing quality. Even the water carriers there are technicians. His problem is that he switches off, and it has got progressively worse.

    Agree that Aubameyang is limited. Controversial perhaps but I think he was always the wrong player for us, which I know is counterintuitive given how many goals he scores(d). I think he’s an early example of our now signature big-money gambles on a quick return to the CL. Hopefully we can move on from those in future.

    I genuinely don’t know what happens next with Arteta. I thought he was gone in December. Was heartened by the mini-revival and flashes of combinations in new year, but wary of the reliance on youngsters who shouldn’t be burdened with that kind of workload. Still, happy that young players appear to perform relatively consistently under him. That represents a way forward for him, of sorts.

    There’s a ton of stuff to take on board, from extreme disharmony upstairs to Covid, but those months of mostly dour football have made a deep impression. He seems to be able to coach shape and collective discipline quite well, but we make the dumbest individual mistakes, and moments of real inspiration are fleeting.

    They’re clearly giving him this summer. He doesn’t come across as the most sympathetic character, but I hope for his sake that he’s humble enough to learn a lesson or two. The stabilisers truly come off when (if) the fans come back.


  15. 65,89,77,90,82,72,83,90,90,62,17,42; not in squad; 77,16; not in squad, not in squad; 90, 90; bench; 63,90. Expect most or even all the not in squads were fitness related.

    From your description Jigsol you would never believe those are Emile’s prem minutes since entering Christmas. And that’s for a guy hit hard by injuries since transitioning to senior football, and who clearly cramps up and is touch and go at times but, fingers crossed and thank goodness, has held up well so far and is showing encouraging signs lately of fully adapting to demands.

    Sound like you’ve plenty enough to go on with your convictions, but you should drop the Mikel not liking Emile stuff. Or just stick with should have been introduced earlier.


  16. For a person that says he has an certain stance to AFC and his viewpoint of the club etc this is a generous and balanced peace George. Some dislike paradoxes but they are at the heart of human life and it maybe the only way we can get through any of the tough times, the fears that create blanket statements about any group or group of ideas?

    Your article gets you thinking about alot of things; how we see right and wrong,why we write online and what we are aiming for in a flawed situation in life ( football is truly nuts if you look at it from an absurdists position?) and how effectual and ineffectual are we as humans -who can tell on that one as our actions ripple out endlessly?

    ? Is it right that all culture gets dictated by certain voices and heirarchies, pawed over and torn to shreds ( Im one of these people even if I dont want to be)? One thing the internet gives is a possiblity of realtivity being played out, of course its a catch 22 but some folks like that crap? Pretty green at the start middle and end?

    Maybe, but even so all platforms represent a possiblity rather than right or wrong?

    Bullshit detecting is important that, especially as we humasn easily seem to go up the garden path?

    I started to wonder what actually is fact and what is an unchanging fact? So far I can only get to football results (not so much stats, but just results). Of course they say little else than the basic result and not anything else. Most other facts in life are in flux and mutability-and relative? What is unchanging in our world? People talk of science as some kind of objective clear cut understanding but really but our scientific empirical and theoretcial understanding through science is all in flux too…its subjective and will always avoid what we call truth. Logic, reason and rationality can all be manipulated and willed to do great evil in the name of good?

    On a side note Im shocked that more wasnt made fo the break throughs announced in Quantum supremacy, fk me, that wil be the greatest changes in human life we’ve seen since the invention of fire? How will that effect sport, life, and our ethical lives?

    Even the idea of Positively Arsenal as a fact that has changed, in fact it seems to represent to me many other things, personally I like those things. I like Arteta as a bloke but only the most rosy rote rosen rose of glasses can make you feel “hes gonna do it!” next season? But somewhere i a quiet place lies the hope the belief–its not logical or rational but it doesnt mean its worthless either? Maybe the rosy-glasses will be right and the process is unfolding and hey presto! Ironcally we would all be impressed and happy?
    I dont believe so, but belief isnt based on evidence or experience. Belief is conjecture.But who can see into the future, or any given outcome from where we stand?Its maybe the last real adventure anyone has as a human, each day ging into the unknown.And hope is the vehicle of possiblity?

    I would have a bit more faith if the team actually could play with more as one rather than talent not melded into a strong unit. It doesnt work for me, but what can I do? Nix! Some would say stay silent and remain stoic, but thats also a bit alienated for me, people need each other and their viewpoints, even if we disagree, its how we understand ourselves?And to chew the fat, to try and add a tiny bit more to the small mosaic of understanding that comes from our lives seems to be an important thing?


  17. its been announced that David Luiz is leaving Arsenal this summer,


  18. so who else will join David Luiz as ex Arsenal players this summer, well Ryan, Ceballos and odegaard are all here on loan, I think we will sign Ryan, with Ceballos going back to Spain, we might get Odegaard on loan for another season, we might not.
    I expect Bellerin to leave, Kolasinac, Torreira and Guendouzi too. Would expect Maitland-Niles, Nketiah and Nelson all to leave, not sure what will happen with Willock, it might depends on squad numbers.
    Runarsson almost certain to leave if we can get anyone to take him, probably out on loan with us paying his wages.
    Will not be surprised if Xhaka is sold, and we might see Leno leave, and one of Aubameyang or Lacazette.

    would expect Saliba will come back to us, not sure if Mavropanos will too, can’t see it if Holding and Chambers both stay as I expect they will.
    I would expect Eleneny, Pepe, Martinelli, Cedric etc will all stay with us

    Reports suggest Chambers and ESR are about to sign new contracts, as might young keeper Okonkwo

    I think we will sign a new no.1 if Leno leaves, maybe that Ajax guy we have been linked to. Max Aarons most likely right back arrival, maybe Bertrand on a free will be the signing to back up Tierney. Our assistant manager likes Sander Berge of Sheffield Utd so we might see him signed, and if a bigger or richer clubs don’t beat us to him Bissouma of Brighton might be added in place of Xhaka. Someone like Edouard of Celtic or if Brentford don’t get promoted Ivan Toney might be added up front.

    That would be six signings, maybe seven if Odegaard comes back, with four or five of them as starters, and then we might also see Saliba given a real chance to break into the side. I suppose that should be described as an overhaul the team and squad, but I would predict that it would be seen as very underwhelming by many in the fan base, even if I think that its more than we could hope for even if we were in the top 4, never mind scrambling to finish top half.


  19. Gabriel and Martinelli named in the Brazil u23 squad for the Olympics.


  20. hasn’t it all gone very quiet on the Ek takeover bid


  21. Ed, if we’re signing a new keeper there’s a geezer at Villa who’s pretty good.


  22. we aint paying that sort of money ian, the £7 for the drug banned Ajax keeper sounds more like what we will do.

    I see Joe Willock has scored again for Newcastle, this time v Man City


  23. I think that says everything about the organisation at ARSENAL that we sold the wrong keeper and now can’t afford to buy him back even after players sales.


  24. Would hate Xhaka to go but part of me intrigued by thought of where he would end up.

    If he’s as good as I believe him to be, then there ought to be very good clubs after him, yet I feel plenty of doubt as to whether biggest clubs, CL contenders for instance, would move for him, and was Hertha Berlin who were most strongly linked to him (though I see his brother denied that was close)

    In these parts, can believe false perceptions about him could influence clubs, but shouldn’t be case abroad. Can imagine host of German clubs, inc Dortmund, after him though prob not Bayern, but wouldn’t rule them out completely. Also seems possible Conte at Inter could hold him in high regard, and he does like ex prem players.


  25. I think if I were Xhaka I wouldn’t be wanting to hang around this club for too much longer, despite the real loyalty I believe he has shown. Coming up to 29 he’s got loads to offer, and it must be tempting to head not only for a better side but also to play in front of fans who actually appreciate him. It is a shame that the fates conspired to stop a midfield pairing of him and Partey, playing behind Saka, Odegaard and Smith Rowe. Its all ifs and buts and maybes but I felt that given a chance to blend together those players could have become quite a force. Not sure who I’d have selected as striker though.

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  26. I see with Willocks goal yesterday, his 5th game in row to score in, many Gooners demanding he stay at Arsenal next season and get a run of games, but I ask where does he actually fit into an Arteta team, what position, whose starting spot does he get


  27. Great moment for Leicester.

    Glad to see Chelsea lose again.

    Maybe the WOBs should tell the players that the FA Cup is not really a trophy and it’s only the PL or CL that count. Shitheads dismissed Wenger winning 3 FA Cups in 4 years toward the end to back up their claims that Arsenal was going backwards.


  28. Great stuff! Don’t forget that coming 4th is now also a trophy.
    The connection between owner and manager there for all to see.

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  29. Tim,
    Our most successful midfield partnership is still Mo and Granite, big Thomas hasn’t come close to replicating their success consistently it’s all myth a perception about how good he was in Spain or can be in the future.
    Joe, at his age, would be a squad player first of all especially considering his versatility abit like how Scholes was used when first getting into the manure side.
    As the last two comments have so eloquently pointed out Arsene knew.
    He knew we could go unbeaten they said no, he was right.
    He proved that top four was important they said it wasn’t, he was right.
    He showed everyone winning the F.A was brilliant they said it wasn’t (after saying he never took it seriously) he was right.
    He said the club must be classy and act with the history of the club at heart, they said he didn’t, they were wrong.
    He stressed and acted on the importance of youth and a fantastic scouting network to supply that youth, they said we only needed to buy big players, they were wrong.
    He football should be an art, they said we were mediocre, he was right they were wrong.
    History has shown that Arsene knew and the bloggers, pundits , AFTV, AST and all the negative fans knew less than John Snow.
    It would be nice if s few could be gracious in defeat but unfortunately many thousands are in denial.

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  30. So Arteta needs new players and to get rid of a whole boatload of the ones he has.

    Well, the players already mentioned as ‘his’ potential new players hardly engender much cause for enthusiasm.

    Sorry to repeat myself, but we are not going to be getting any top-level players, because we do not have the money to pay for them and they won’t want to come to us anyway.

    So, we will get some more old, almost retiring players, whose team do not want them anymore and some more high priced but second rate players, whose team will be delighted to get rid of because they are not good enough and they would rather have the money.

    Now, Wenger showed time and time again that he can turn anonymous and second-rate players into stars.

    Arteta, on the other hand, has shown that he can turn good and even very good players into anonymous and third-rate players.

    So far, he has had 18 months and has not improved one player, but has got rid of or ruined plenty of others.

    We will have a team full of new faces next season, with a manager shown to be incapable of coaching.

    I suspect it will be very interesting and enjoyable for scum supporters, but rather uncomfortable for us.

    I would rather trust Delboy than the process.


  31. Iansapace 2014 @ 925

    Great post.


  32. Great post Ian, I can pinch loads of that for twitter and look smart!

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  33. From what I have seen, performance drops considerably without Xhaka, I am sure we would be in a European final had he not got injured, and was placed in his rightful position! Partey was isolated that whole game
    Good luck to edu and Arteta if they have to replace our standout player os the year , I hope if it is true GX wants out, they have done all they can to change his mind, but I wonder….

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  34. Sad to see Chelsea lose two cup finals in succession one of them against The Arsenal but I can’t let the emotion get to me until The UAE Manchester Oilers finish the job in in the petrochemical European cup final derby heh.

    Everyone one knows of the two notable CMs of this type/style in the league Xhaka is more consistently impressive and effective then Jorginho.
    Everyone except many of those referred to by Ian who’ve spent years attacking the imperfect yet effective player. Instead of showing hubris as Shotta records they’ve chosen to cash in on dumb stupidity.

    Let’s hope Xhaka stays a little longer!


  35. It is sad for Chelsea, but you have to admire their sheer pluck and spirit in constantly overcoming adversity in the RA era. Quite possible our team may have in their own way played a part in Chelsea’s demise yesterday after the mid week game, Tuchel certainly didn’t sound to happy after playing us.
    But Chelsea can still triumph this season, and strike a blow for the little guy, for Corinthian spirit, although it must be said, I don’t think they will win that one

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  36. I suspect that the truth is that if Xhaka is prepared to do what he is told then he will stay, but if not, he will join Ozil and the others playing for another team with us, most, likely paying a good part of his wages,

    That the powers that be continue to indulge Arteta is a mystery to me, but perhaps we will find out when Josh writes his memoirs.

    Another mystery is why so many fans talk about Partey as if he was the players that mythology said he was when in our waking hours, we have seen that he is nothing of the sort.

    Now we understand why the top teams were not interested in him.

    I fear we can expect to sign more mirages.


  37. ian the thing is with Willock he played in 44 games for us last season, 29 of our EPL games, then this season he barely got a look, he turns 22 in August, he needs to be a regular by now.
    Also my question still stands, where does he fit into the tactics or system Arteta uses. Joe is a goal scoring midfielder, have we seen anything in his 18 months in charge to suggest Arteta wants such a player, or will give any of our midfielder the freedom to make the runs Willock’s game is built around.


  38. mandy, fins and jj, it is my belief that Xhaka will be off this summer, not cos Arteta does not rate him or want him, but cos its another one of those decisions based on currying favor with the bloggers and big twitter accounts, he is a target for these morons, and when you look at the long list of targeted players jettisoned by AFC in recent years I see no reason why Xhaka and Bellerin will be any different.


  39. I see Ek claims he has had a £18bn bid for Arsenal turned down by KSE, but it seem Ek is trying to play dirty, by trying to stir up fans with promises of Fan on the board, and a fans golden share. Ek in his statement shows the sort of shit stirrer he is. He is clearly trying to stir us up more fan protests and hate towards KSE. Now ask yourself is this the sort of owner that those who want the “Arsenal Values” adhered to really want coming in. Everything I’ve seen from Ek so far in this takeover bid makes me think he is very good at the PR game, very good at telling fans what they want to hear. So far he is all fur coat and no knickers. As I said from the first mention of Ek, let him put up or shut up, even the dogs in the street knew a £18bn bid was never going to be entertained by KSE, so Ek knew it too.
    Jeez imagine an Arsenal board with Ek, Henry and Tim Payton on it, I’d be hard pressed to pick the biggest egotistical knobhead on it. if Arteta thinks he has problems with media leaks now he will have seen nothing compared to how it would be with that lot of cunts

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  40. had to laugh yesterday when I seen Keown talking about how Arsenal had lost its Values under Kroenke, this is the same Keown who played in Arsenal teams that had drunkards and a druggie playing in, but I assume he is not talking about those Arsenal Values

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  41. anyone is better than Wenger

    despite how that is working out the same guys are

    anyone is better than Kroenke


  42. latest media talk

    Willian going to leave AFC this summer, USA likely destination, AFC might even get a fee for him

    Kolasinac will be paid off to leave

    KSE going to go on a massive spending spree to get fans back on side, (they really do know what it takes get most fans on side)


  43. also reports that a deal to sign Ryan Bertrand is very close to being agreed. Also that we are trying to sign Hibs young scottish left back Doig with us possibly loaning him back to them for a year.


  44. seems some AFC fans are getting their hopes up that we will sign Jack Grealish


  45. Arsenal will be wearing next season’s yellow kit on Wednesday v Crystal Palace


  46. with today’s results Arsenal can not finish below 10th in the table, and no higher than 6th


  47. Womens Champions League Final result

    Chelsea Women 0-4 Barcelona Women


  48. Roy Hodgson is stepping down as Crystal Palace manager at the end of the season so tomorrow’s game is his last home game as manager of CP


  49. Arsenal being linked with a move for Fulham’s right sided CB Tosin Adarabioyo


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