Miserable Arsenal.

Good day one and all.

Tonight at 7pm Arsenal take on Chrystal Palace in a meaningless huge game. We desperately need a win to climb from 10th to the dizzy heights of 8th. Another win and fans can look at the points gained from some random point in the season and claim that’s a clear indication of progress of the process. I kid you not.

Arteta has done is PR interview, sorry I mean press conference, and told us……………………. well actually, I’m so fed up with him that I can’t bring myself to watch or read his waffle anymore. I’m sorry, but the sight of him makes me so mad I could punt a puppy across a motorway. However, from twitter I’ve gleaned that Xhaka and Luiz are likely to miss out. It will be a shame if we don’t see either of them in and Arsenal shirt again, Luiz is deffinately for the off and I think Xhaka will be too, given a glimmer of a chance.

Old uncle Roy has announced he’s stepping back from PL management, so that’s about the most interesting thing about this game.

But look, don’t be put off my my outpourings of misery, Mikel tells us that the owner are hugely ambitious, so that’s ok then. We are going to be grand next season.

Seriously, enjoy the game and stay safe.

Pedantic George.

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  1. My mate enjoyed being back in the ground, even though he said it was eerie hearing no noise at all when Arsenal scored. He did appreciate the ironically spirited renditions of “you’re not singing anymore” and “Arsenal FC, your supporters are shit”.


  2. sees there was a fans forum today attended by Vinai, and Josh Kroenke, where Josh undertook to attend at least one fans forum each year, and that there would be a new advisory board set up, where Under the new proposals the AFC advisory board would include AST and AISA members, a fans forum/fan member and an ex-Arsenal legend (either male or female). this advisory board would not get a place on the AFC board, but would get to consult with the Board.

    as you would expect, this is not enough for the self entitled among the AFC fan base

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  3. foreverheady just a quick word on our squad and its non homegrown players

    we currently have 21 non homegrown players, the 17 in our 25 man EPL squad, and another 4 out on loan.
    David luiz is leaving, Ceballos, Odegaard and Ryan are all here on loan.
    Kolasinac, Torreira, Mavropanos and Guendouzi are out on loan.

    so for us to sign any more non homegrown players for next season, over the age of 21, we will have to sell the same number of non homegrown.

    Its reported that AFC are in talks to make the signing of Matt Ryan permanent, and that we want to keep Odegaard, be it permanent or another season on loan, and Arteta has suggested that Mavropanos might be given preseason to stake a claim to a place in our squad.
    It does not seem that Kolasinac, Torreira or Guendouzi have much of a chance of being involved here next season.

    we have been heavily linked with several non homegrown players as transfer targets this summer, most notably Brighton’s midfielder Bissoume, Norwich playmaker Buendía and Celtic striker Edouard, those along with a couple of English players and some U21’s . So there will have to be some sale of non homegrown players this summer if Arteta’s big rebuild is to take place


  4. do you think this tweet of mine will cause a bit of an emotional response from the bellends

    ah the self entitled fans will call it pratronising as they are so far up their own arses they think they have some right to being on the AFC board just cos they chose to support AFC. Who the fuck would want the likes of Tim rent a quote Payton on the AFC board.

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  5. Vinai Venkatesham and Josh Kroenke make offer to improve relations with Arsenal fans

    The Gunners owner and chief executive both addressed supporter groups at a fans’ forum on Friday afternoon

    ByChris WheatleyArsenal correspondent
    Kaya KaynakArsenal writer

    18:30, 21 MAY 2021

    Josh Kroenke and Vinai Venkatesham both answered questions at the fans’ forum

    Arsenal have put forward the idea of a new supporters advisory board to promote “meaningful consultation” with fans, football.london understands.

    The proposal comes as supporters are set to gather again to protest against the club’s owners Stan and Josh Kroenke when they return to the Emirates Stadium for the game against Brighton on Sunday.

    Relations between KSE and Gunners fans are perhaps at an all-time low after the American’s decision to sign the club up to the European Super League without any prior consultation.

    And now in an attempt to seek to improve things, a new set-up was suggested at the Arsenal Fans’ Forum which took place on Friday afternoon and was attended by Josh Kroenke and the club’s chief executive, Vinai Venkatesham.

    The proposal is for a new advisory board to be set up in an attempt to create better dialogue between the Arsenal board and fans.

    The advisory board would be made up of a member from the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust (AST), the Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association, a member from one of the club’s world supporter groups, a former male player and a former female player, football.london understands.

    The role of this group would be purely advisory, however, and all final decisions regarding the club will still be taken autonomously by the Gunners’ board which consists of Stan and Josh Kroenke, the club’s non-executive director Tim Lewis, and Lord Harris of Peckham


  6. Ironically it will probably be just as eerie when there is no noise when we score at home either.


  7. It is a real shame Nuno is not looking at moving straight back into football but maybe if we are struggling ten games in next season he may be persuaded to come to ARSENAL.
    I would love to see it.


  8. Doesn’t Nuno come with Mendes attachments though?
    A Spud supporting relative is worried he could end up with them, and seems pretty terrified of baggage and hangers on Nuno comes with


  9. Fans involved in running Arsenal, in most cases that would be a pretty terrible idea, would almost certainly have meant bankruptcy, none of the recent trophies, Yann Mvila enjoying a long career at the club and Owen Coyle being appointed manager at some stage


  10. well Mandy it would be an AST pick and an AISA pick, so knowing the sort of idiots that they have in AST it would likely be Tim rent a quote Payton,

    the fact that the supporters groups have expressed their amazement that they have not been awarded a place on the actual Arsenal Board, tells you all you need to know about these self entitled cunts. And the fact that Ek has told them he will have them on the board if he completes a take over, tells us all we need to know about him too.

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  11. Yep, very hard to take Ek seriously, just seems a self publicist/ opportunist, read his shares dropping in value as well, so perhaps good timing.
    I am sure sensible objective fans could help advise on some things, but running the club, no way. Don’t see drivers put on the board of Mercedes just because they own one, or Joe public shoppers put on the board of M and S.
    On another note , congratulations Torriera, he may not have played much, but he’s a champion.


  12. seems Partey gets a La Liga title winners medal too


  13. reports tonight that Steve Bould has been dumped by Arsenal.


  14. Spotify shares have been going down for a while and he has bought some minor successful startups and a couple of investments so his “worth” probably would have been less than quoted and obviously less to secure funding against.
    Maybe that’s why the bid was under the clubs valuation.


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