Arteta Is Doing Madness, Not In A Good Way

Today @shotta_gooner has to try and restrain me as I go an a maniacal rant about Arteta’s “achievements”. the state of our play and I blame all my worldly woes on our dapper manager.

The end is neigh.

Pedantic George.

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62 comments on “Arteta Is Doing Madness, Not In A Good Way

  1. once again seems to me that Taylor-Hart is a very selfish player


  2. FT: West Ham 1-3 Arsenal

    Hutchinson x2 and Edwards with our goals, a fully deserved win where we really could have scored many more, we hit the woodwork 5 times, sees us through to the FA Youth Cup Quarter Finals

    We have a skillful side that works very hard, which is a good combination, a little bit worried about how often Azeez gives the ball away, and how go it alone Taylor-Hart is. Hutchinson looks a step above and we have some good prospects across the backline too


  3. our youths will play Liverpool in the quarter finals


  4. Everton 2-2 Spurs

    we are now just 5pts behind spurs, with a game in hand, and we are 4pts behind Everton with same number of games played, we played them next Friday, so if we can beat fulham and them next week we would be above them


  5. Ed, I have seen lots of youth players or even first teamers who play in the younger level while coming back from injury who regularly get caught on the ball. It seems at youth level players are closed down quicker.
    As players step up to first team football a, they seem to see things quicker and b, they are afforded more time in certain situations.
    When you think how many times Cellballos gets caught on the ball and still makes a living I think Azeez will do alright.


  6. Should St. Totteringham’s Day happen this season would that represent improvement for Arsenal or regression from that lot?


  7. Both!
    Fingers crossed.

    And the interview with Pogba was hilarious. Thank you Paul!

    Mourinho has been dismissed.

    By the coaches.
    By the players.
    By the sport.

    Sure he has plenty of supporters amongst the agents and media and blaggers (from people who don’t know football).

    Arrogant annoying douchebags who can’t manage big egos even if they have been successful in the distant past will before their end be eventually called out for what they are.


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  8. Ian I think Azeez looks like he will have a big career, but he will not reach his full potential if he does not get that part of his game sorted out.


  9. Milburn, Keegan, Waddle, Gazza, Shearer, Supermac….if Newcastle stay up , perhaps Joe Willock should be added to that list

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  10. Most enjoyable week in a while for me Arsenal wise. Enjoyed the two 1st team games, and the youth one yesterday.

    I feel our best chance of success in current era is to bring through another couple of players near Saka/Smith Rowe level- would be some feat if we can, and at the moment I have some hope it can happen. A few serious contenders and then a clutch under that who look like potentially really good players.

    New name added to that latter group for me. Saw him first time about a fortnight ago and then again yesterday : Jack Henry Francis. I’d made assumptions, given not heard much and not regular for u18’s even for much of year, but was extremely impressed by him yesterday.


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