Liverpool……………Yet Again

For the second time in a matter of days Arsenal make the long trip to Anfield to face Liverpool; this time for a spot in the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup. The Gunners lost to the Reds on Monday night in a Premier League clash, 3-1.

Good day one all.

In spite of improvements since Mikel Arteta’s arrival, Monday was a reminder that we still got a long way to go if we are to challenge for the Premier League title; which champions Liverpool are favourites to retain while we are hoping to get back into the top-four. I say this because in the face of defeat it is easy to lose perspective.

The last two seasons Liverpool got 97 and 99 points respectively, while Arsenal finished the last four outside the top-four. The last three seasons we averaged 63 points. It sucks but is the reality of where these teams are at the moment.

Unai Emery arrived as a quick fix to get us back to the Champions League spots, after finishing outside it in Arsène Wenger’s last two seasons, but all he did was rip the soul out of this team. Seasoned professionals were forced out, others froze out, a few others want out and most whom he signed are on their way out. That is the dung Mikel stepped into and the wreckage from which he has to start the rebuild in his first job in the hot seat. Then there are those in charge of the club who are not playing with a full deck, which force him to put on a brave face and just try to get on with it. So without a full season nor a pre-season, seems unfair to be aiming brickbats at him – in my opinion at least.

Be that as it may, Liverpool were where we are and Jurgen Klopp didn’t turn it around overnight, but it took patience, smart recruitment, trust from the fans and so much more.

Today they’re a machine, especially at home where they are practically invincible. They didn’t had it all their way the other night though, despite the 3-1 score, we caught their defense flat-footed a few times and, on another day, may have pinched a point. Alas, we live to fight another day.

Mikel has done well and really seem to enjoy these battles against the ‘big six’ in Cup games… and with Klopp expecting to make sweeping changes, who knows. Still, any trip to Anfield remains one of the toughest in English football and if we are to get the better of them, the Spaniard will be asking a lot more from his players than they showed the other night.

Team news

Mikel Arteta is expected to ring in the changes as well, however, they are not be as fancy as his German counterpart, as we are still limited due to injury concerns.

Cédric Soares and Sokratis (unless on his way out) are available, which can help ease said concerns, and this is an ideal opportunity for them to get some minutes under their belts.

Gabriel Magalhães, a surprise omission Monday, Dani Ceballos and Bukayo Saka are all expected back. Maybe Runar Alex Runarsson and William Saliba will finally make their competitive debuts.


Arsenal have not beaten Liverpool on the road since September 2012 in all competitions but, all things considered, I wouldn’t bet against us. Cup games are refereed more evenly, which opens things a bit.

While the game may not live up that epic 5-5 showdown of last season, I doubt it will be short on entertainment. COYG!

— @LaboGoon

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64 comments on “Liverpool……………Yet Again

  1. well rich we will know in four days what players are out and in and how our squad shapes up, of course some youths or others could still go out on loan after Monday night deadline.
    No mention of any quotes tonight from Arteta on transfers, so just rumors to go on. Thankfully we are into last four days of it, less than 100 hours of it left, and we’ve got a game on Sunday too, which will give a break from the silly stuff.

    Leno showed tonight why Arteta kept faith in him as our No.1, so hopefully it will shut the boo boys up about Martinez every fucking game.

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  2. we play the quarter final game v Man City on one of the 21st, 22nd, 23rd or 24th of December

    we play Everton away on Saturday December 19th, and then play Chelsea at Home on Saturday December 26th

    its Brighton away on the 28th and WBA away on Jan 2nd

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  3. Arteta is building up quite a decent record against Klopp

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  4. foreverheady @ 11:10 pm:

    “Arteta’s Arsenal have done their best to lift the mood with an FA Cup won, a Charity Shield snaffled, two wins out of three in the league and away wins at Leicester and Liverpool in the Carabao Cup.
    If at this time of absolute misery that is not enough then maybe you are more the problem than the team.”

    Hear hear!

    As Mandy says, Mikel is building quite the record against the PL’s best manager.

    Arteta didn’t took over from Arsène Wenger, but from Unai Emery, who together with Raul destroyed what was build before them. So it always was going to starting-from-scratch for him, and I for one am happy for the gains he is making week by week.

    This is only season 1 of the “games of rebuild” and I’m staying tuned!

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  5. foreverheady

    If that was aimed my way…you might well be right!

    Strange old mood I was in. Know you’re meant to filter that out when giving any sort of objective assessment but I’m not best at doing so.

    I’m happy we have Arteta, think it’s going pretty well, and feel some optimism for what’s ahead.

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  6. I anyone is feeling the site is too negative, write a positive comment, or better still, write aa positive blog which I will publish. There have been lot’s of negative comments that have not been approved , and so that person does not have access. The door policy is the same.
    If you want more positivity, make it so.

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  7. Reasons to be cheerful! Challenge accepted George and will do my best to come up with something for the weekend. And there is an old fashioned gag there waiting to be made.

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  8. Charles Watts
    Lucas Torreira said his goodbyes at London Colney today. He is due to travel to Madrid in the next 24 hours to complete his medical and finalise his loan.

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  9. Europa League Group B: Arsenal, SK Rapid Wien, Molde FK and Dundalk FC

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  10. Probably not the best football that Arteta’s teams will ever play but some memorable moments including Leno’s interview and variations from the usual set up to reflect upon.

    Nelson must’ve been keen to play, I guess Niles takes the better pens! Great stuff. Xhaka Captain? Arsene should’ve waited another year with this book as I’d like to see the chapter on his chats with Arteta over this period. As I hope it will be the most important one. I remain an optimist in spite of the owners.

    I’m guessing we’ll see a more familiar eleven against Sheffield. Like some I’d be curious to see Saka or Ozil in that front three but I’m happy to see Saka not overplayed. And I still remain hopeful of a change in the other story, we’ll see how it all plays out on and off the field over the next few months

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  11. now down to less than 72 hours of the transfer window left, have we sold or bought anyone today


  12. Europa League Fixtures

    22 October
    Rapid Vienna Away

    29 October
    Dundalk Home

    05 November
    Molde Home

    26 November
    Molde Away

    03 December
    Rapid Vienna Home

    10 December
    Dundalk Away

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  13. Ed and George. Regarding the Emi debate. I am not a fuckwit. I had been touting Emi for the past five years as potentially the best goalkeeper at Arsenal. This is not in any way to diminish Bernd’s contribution. What I liked about Emi was his command of the aerial battle (which improved exponentially last season), his robust physique and his calmness under pressure when for example playing the ball out from the back. Bernd is a brilliant shot stopper, and generally good with the ball at his feet; but he still makes me nervous when the ball is crossed high into his area. I was really sad to see Emi go, but life moves on and Bernd is one of the best in the league.

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