No Shame In Arsenal Losing To Liverpool But What Are The Lessons

Podcast: Arsenal losing to Liverpool is nothing to be ashamed of. They hardly ever lose at Anfield and to be honest they outplayed the gooners. But what are the lessons to be drawn by Arsenal?

Blackburn George, the Arseblagger, is his usual outspoken self; the club must is pissing down our back and pretending it is rain. Stay tuned for more.

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28 comments on “No Shame In Arsenal Losing To Liverpool But What Are The Lessons

  1. If this was the biggest test we didn’t do badly, to have two one on ones with the keeper when 2-1 down, the ref doing his usual two different rules for ARSENAL and Liverpool and the third goal rolling the goalscorers arm with VAR miraculously missing it meant we could of actually snatched something.
    Having said that they are a special side and move the ball about accurately, quickly and clinically.
    With their comprehensive press playing out from the back is difficult and defenders must have movement in front of them unfortunately some of our players are lazy in this regard. Lacca, Auba and Pepe are not likely to bust a gut to help defenders needing to release the ball and you could see the back 3 screaming for options at times.
    I thought we did play really well second half and in most games we would of come away with a win from lesser opposition.

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  2. Mane should have been off, that would have altered the game totally.

    We defended poorly for all their goals, and Lacazette once again failed to show any semblance of being lethal as to miss a one on one is not great but to miss two is almost unforgivable

    We have serious problems, we have a whole host of players Arteta is very reluctant to use, with Ozil, Torreira and Guendouzi looking like they will never play for us again, despite the major problems we have in midfield and in creating. Nelson looks well down the pecking order, our record signing is but a sub. Arteta admitted that Holding was on his way out but he has changed his mind on him, not sure if that is a good thing, and it seems that in turn means Mustafi is surplus to requirements, as it seems is Sokratis and Chambers.
    We have a £27M new CB in Gabriel that despite his good displays in his early games so far was deemed below playing a left back at CB at Anfield, and another £30M CB in Saliba who can’t even get in the squad, yet our defense is not hectic.

    Its an open secret that we have bid for Aouar and he is now seen as the savior of our midfield, not sure what that means for the current savior, who by the way can’t hold down a starting spot, Ceballos.

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  3. Only West Brom (22) have attempted fewer shots than Arsenal (24) so far this season in the Premier League

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  4. Shotta’s twitter account and blog has turned into an anti-Arteta one, i really this one is not going down that same route.


  5. What’s up peeps!

    Lacazette needed to score, that was a really poor effort and he knew it. Auba needs to really work on the other facts of his game; his passing and crossing are atrocious at times.

    Well, I am not enjoying the football so far this season. We lack fluidity and creativity and a lot has been boring. We are hardly bothering the goalie nowadays!

    I have no idea if what is going on is all Arteta but I do know that something seems amiss. What could it be that Ozil cant get a sniff, especially when we look so awful in the mid, and what in the world did Torriera do? Is Willian really better than Pepe? Is it the style of play/system that is causing the players to look so lackluster? Or maybe it is just too early to have any these thoughts? will need to be patient regardless.

    God Bless!

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  6. Still can’t work out how we treat Santi poorly. Couldn’t have treated him any better. If we’d have kept him with Emery I can’t see him having the same career post injury.


  7. Perez and Park especially were treated terribly by AW? Both had good careers derailed by being bought by a manager who didn’t want them. So who bought them?


  8. Each episode of this pod recently starts off with good level headed discussion then descends into the same rant about the same subjects. Wasn’t long ago at all George was defending the Kroenkes.


  9. Stan Kroenke owning Arsenal is the equivalent of me taking out a loan to buy a Lamborghini Aventador and taking it to Kwik-Fit for a service once every 5 years


  10. we are into the last 150 hours of the transfer window and a quick look at the player list on Arsenal.com shows we have 19 non home grown senior players, and we know from Lyon that we are trying to sign another one in Aouar and if we sign him that means we either have to get 3 non homegrown out of the club or de-list them for EPL squad as we are only allowed 17 non homegrown in the 25 man squad. some reports suggest we want either Partey or Jorginho too, so that would be another one of our non homegrown to have to move out.
    I see, disgracefully at that, some Arsenal bloggers are hoping that we de-list Ozil, I’m not sure what this Turkish, German, Muslim has done to have people who claim to be Gooners, want to see him treated in such a way, but that seems to be the way of the modern fan.

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  11. Fabrizio Romano
    The agent of Lucas Torreira is now in Madrid to meet with Atlético. Negotiations on between Atléti and Arsenal to complete the agreement. #AFC are still asking for a permanent deal – Atléti are gonna make a new bid. Talks on.
    White circle
    Red circle
    #Arsenal #Atleti @MatteMoretto


  12. Sportsbild reporting that Kolasinac is close to joining Bayer Leverkusen got €10M


  13. Ed I think ‘the idiots fans are against the Muslim contingent at Arsenal.
    Isn’t it surprising. they are after Kola Elneny Mustafi Ozil Xhaka. I believe all 5 are Muslims.


  14. eds, I’m not sure what Ozil has done to the fans, I enjoy the heck out of watching him play. I love subtlety when it comes to football and he makes great play look so simple . These are some of the same supporters who thought Guendouzi was already an Arsenal great. Maybe its the hair? bouncy hair makes it seem like you are putting in a shift, I guess.

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  15. I do believe that the guy who runs around a lot putting in a bad tackle now and again is over rated by many as this sort of player gives them the notion that they too could have been a pro player, they see much of themselves in them.

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  16. I am afraid the rot that is plaguing Arsenal is so deep-rooted that even by getting rid of Raul, things remain the same.

    Unfortunately, Arteta is getting more and more like Emery.

    They both talk rubbish, except that the latter’s rubbish was mainly due to the fact that he could not speak or, possibly understand English, whilst Arteta speaks impeccable English and yet talks rubbish with many of his answers not making too much sense and certainly not related to the question.

    They both look for high press counterattacking football, which, the way we play it, is ineffective and bring to watch.

    If West Ham can make us look awful, then the hiding we received yesterday makes us look even worse.

    I saw the last half an hour and how anyone can say that we played well, must have been watching a different game.

    Liverpool were playing with us and, had they really wanted to, could have scored almost at will.

    They sliced through the defence with ease and could have scored more.

    Yes, the ref should have done this and that, but frankly, the total lack of creativity, attacking will and defensive frailty were not the ref’s fault.

    10 shots on target in 3 games, say it all.


  17. You are correct. There is no shame in losing to Liverpool, but there is by playing the sort of football we are dishing out game after game.

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  18. Jigsol, I think I said the real shame was making no attempt to play good football.

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  19. Well that’s the problem with The Arsenal, Jigsol, they always try to walk it in.

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  20. Some of these comments wouldn’t look out of place on legrove’s blog


  21. We need to remember this is three games to Mikel’s first full season. We are playing well in flashes and we have just played the best team in the world who absolutely spank teams and come away with a few bruises but still in tact.
    Mikel does not tell the truth but thats called diplomacy and quite frankly the majority of managers are the same nowadays including Jugen who last night would take any critism of his team however slight.
    Off the field I am certainly not happy with the club but when the fanbase treatment of the most successful manager in the history of the club and one of the most classy and honest men in football (not just my opinion but the position taken by the worlds best managers) is that bad i find it ironic and hypicritical fans moaning about such things.
    Right now it is fine to have the odd moan but it is a time for patience to see if Mikel and Edu can take us back somewhere near to where Arsene lifted the club to during his reign.
    Kronke is a product of of the corrupt PL and remember the man who introduced him to ARSENAL was the fans all time angel David Dein. Again for all the bile directed at him fans would be happy to accept russian gangsters or royal murderers as long as they spend money, that is a very poor stance to take and a very difficult one to defend.

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  22. The main lesson for me at least, Liverpool are a bloody good team, who played well by even their standards last night- confirmed by Klopp, and with considerable help from the ref.
    Our team are not at that level, nor should they be expected to be so early in Artetas career. Liverpool certainly weren’t after Klopp first few months.
    If Arteta had tried to match them playing ball, they could have been on the end of a demoralising massacre way too familiar up there in recent years. Instead they went for a sucker punchers chance against a heavyweight champ. It didn’t work, and could have been worse but I can also see what he was trying at this stage in what he refers to as their journey.
    I am sure Arteta would have learned His own lessons, but I am also sure any lessons will take a while to come to fruition.
    What we do or don’t do this season will not be defined by this game or performance

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  23. I am not trying to put anyone down, just bit puzzled by the recent going movements. I do think Arteta is the man for the job all the same. I only hope there are no politics going on behind the scenes that will hinder him from doing his best.

    Yes, it will take patience AND some creative players who can fit into what Arteta wants to do.

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  24. Mandy, I think the issue may be that we look nothing like what we know to be Arsenal and not that we have to try to match Liverpool toe to toe. Possibly we just don’t have the personnel to play that style or maybe that is not the style Arteta wants to play. But as has been said it is early out so it is only fair to give it time. Hey, I know nothing, just having a chat.

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  25. See where you are coming from Pauln71. Guess many on here would say Ozil could help bring back that creativity, ( Dani has his moments but along way to go to match Ozil) I miss Ozils play, but it seems for better or for worse, and for whatever reason, the club is moving away from him.
    In fairness , Arteta was playing Ozil up until lockdown, that to me only deepens the mystery, there are many possible explanations for that and then his freezing out, has he done something to royally piss off Arteta over lockdown, have the club decided to cash in or rid themselves of him, upsetting Chinese, wage reductions, taking a knee or any other reason, take your pick!
    But yes, without Ozil, this team cannot really play anything close to Wengerball, but that at its peak had luminaries such as Rosicky Cazorla Ramsey wilshere to work with Ozil in recent years, this squad is very different, though with some serious talent and potential it must be said . And Arteta might want to play pepBall or Artetaball rather than Wengerball, which is his right.
    News reports say Arteta wants to make further stamps in this squad in the next week or so, we shall see
    I believe Arteta will do well, but now is very very early days, though silverware already which is a rather good start. Can think of one north London club who would love what Arteta has already hauled in

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  26. Back in the days of One Nil to the Arsenal the club’s success was built on tight defence and largely unimaginative play – but every so often record signings were made and we were considered a monied club.

    I think I am right in saying that many attribute Wenger’s early successes to the famous back four, and players like Overmars whose speed on the break enabled lightening fast counter atttacks. I think Wengerball with its triangular reverse balls took time to develop: I think it was in response to a need to break down packed defences on the narrower than most Highbury pitch. As other clubs became more monied Wenger’s teams perfected this and it kept them in touch, but in his latter years (and in the face of chicanery from Riley’s mob) it was no longer enough. Many would argue that he remained too idealistic, and could have spent more time making us harder to play against, especially away from home.

    This needs more thought and fleshing out, but I think what I am getting at is that the Arsenal has always been a work in progress, and to say that the clubs values have been suddenly trashed kind of takes a relatively recent view of it all. I would wager that any youngsters (11 – 20) supporting the club right now will likely see Arteta’s years as the golden ones.

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  27. I agree with everything Shotta’s mate said on this podcast.


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