Serious “Danger Ahead” For Arsenal after Olympiacos

In this podcast, yours truly and Blackburn George explain how Arsenal’s disappointing loss to Olympiacos in the Europa League and dropping out of Europe could have grave consequences for the football club. In summary serious “Danger Ahead”.

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41 comments on “Serious “Danger Ahead” For Arsenal after Olympiacos

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  4. Report – Arsenal to give trials to attackers George Lewis and Tyger Smalls

    Arsenal are reportedly set to give trials to young attackers George Lewis and Tyger Smalls.

    Lewis, 19, is a winger who currently plays for Fram Larvik. He was born in Rwanda and will spend time training with Arsenal according to Adressa.

    Smalls, meanwhile, is a 17-year-old striker who was previously on Tottenham Hotspur’s books and was most recently with Haverhill Rovers.

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  5. Arsenal have been drawn away to Sheffield Utd in the FA Cup quarter finals

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  6. Sheffield Utd V Arsenal
    Newcastle V Man City
    Spurs or Norwich v Derby or Man Utd
    Leicester V Chelsea

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  7. ha ha ha, spurs lose on penalties to Norwich, spurs had 3 penalties saved

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  8. Dier into crowd afterwards! Sounds like was defending his brother, which to be honest I can understand as natural reaction. All the same, not sure that can or should prevent serious repercussions.

    Not even dealt with Dele yet have they?

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  9. Fractured ankle for Torreira. Ever mentioned I’m not a fan of Mike Dean? Ferguson could get refs taken off their games for a year or more if he took a dislike to them/ weren’t helpful enough, but we are powerless to prevent endless games with a guy who makes our player’s far more unsafe than should be, and shafts us in every way he can on pitch?

    I guess it’s all part of same thing. Had him twice for Sheff Utd this year, and last round, but still feels like could get him again for quarters.

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  10. Torreira, Fractured ankle from a ‘perfectly good challenge’ bastards bastards bastards.

    Always Arsenal players.

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  11. Think this is the most optimistic I’ve felt about AFC for a long while. We’re bringing youngsters through and they’re turning in consistent performances, and we’re at least trying to play good football. Despite the overhaul, I don’t think we’ve once looked outmatched this calendar year, apart from in the first 20 mins away at Chelsea – now that’s refreshing. We look horrible to play through, which was almost never the case under Emery.

    Given our trajectory in November, Arteta’s initial task was probably damage control, but on form – and yeah we’ve got some tough games coming up – a CL place is not out of the question. My expectations are still low, but it’s a nice play to be, considering.

    As for the summer, we pushed the boat last season and botched it. If straitened finances force us to be leaner and smarter I’m all for it.

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  12. Jeez. John Jules out for season now, fractured bone in foot. At least he lasted 7 games before, almost certainly, someone got him. Very debatable whether it’s a good idea loaning to lower leagues. Olayinka done in his very first game. Ballard lasted 3, although, as knee injury, more likely with that one not a contact injury.

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  13. John-Jules set to miss rest of the season but Lincoln could bring in more Arsenal loanees next campaign

    Rate This

    Arsenal loanee Tyreece John-Jules is set to miss the rest of the season after fracturing a bone in his foot.

    John-Jules joined Lincoln City on loan in January and made seven appearances for the League One side, scoring once.

    Despite the striker’s season coming to an early end, Arsenal were pleased with how Lincoln treated John-Jules and there is a possibility that he could return there on loan next season.

    There is also a chance that the Gunners could send other loanees to Lincoln.

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  14. Brushed up on laws of game, and clear there is ample scope to punish players even if they strike ball first cleanly.

    Take your pick, can go for reckless- yellow- if ‘player has acted with complete disregard of the danger to, or consequences for, opponent’

    or ‘using excessive force’- red- if ‘player has far exceeded the necessary use of force and is in danger of injuring his opponent’

    Can it be denied, afterwards, that the player has used excessive force if he didn’t just endanger opponent, but did injure them, badly.

    But we don’t even get a hint of debate, during the game, when it would seem such a basic requirement in that situation to refer to the laws. And afterwards, nothing either.

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  15. just to clear up something that I’ve seen reported by many on twitter, including journos and bloggers, namely
    “Lucas Torreira has fractured his right ankle”

    no Lucas Torreira did not fracture his right ankle, it was a Portsmouth player who fractured Lucas Torreira’s right ankle

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  16. Curiously, had to go to FIFA website for that, as FA site has something far less specific and doesn’t list any of those details.

    The killer anyway is that those guidelines only come into play when the ref first believes there is a foul, but of course it should be second nature before judging whether foul or not to quickly reference those terms- careless, reckless, excessive force.

    Nothing in the laws suggests only thinking of those terms for front on challenges, where ball won first but then collide with leg, often with studs, but they are typically only ones that appear to be scrutinised or debated here, which Lucas was sent off for last season against Spurs.

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  17. Anyone even mentioning the ball should shut it. Tackle was somewhere between “reckless” (yellow) and “excessive force” (red). I’d tend towards the latter. You don’t need to do a Zapruder-style analysis to know he wants to leave something on him.

    As for Dean completely letting it go, I think that’s more of an FA Cup thing – refs giving leeway to lower league teams to even the playing field.

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  18. Ed, yeah, careless Lucas, ey. I struggle to hack injustice of it, and the shiftiness of commentators, pundits, journalists who, for me, are essential in perpetuating it.

    Would it, if commentators referenced laws, change minds of brexity-looking mob loving the fun in Portsmouth stands, or armies of jerks online getting their kicks afterwards? Probably not, at least not first go, but it would make life harder for them. They would struggle mightily to argue honestly and properly against it as worded in laws.

    But we get only utter guff, Jenas instantly leaping to player’s defence, praising tackle, scrutinising our players intently for something to be offended by – ‘I don’t know what Arsenal players can complain about!’, is near verbatim from the night.

    Where are the producers, the editorial guidelines? Nowhere, they are happy with or want the uninformed bullshit, and the ignorance and bile it helps inculcate.

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  19. ‘Shiftiness’ sort of works but I very much meant ‘shittiness’ thanks, autocorrect

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  20. Glad we get to play the Blades again this season. Gives us s chance to avenge the draw at the Emirates. COYG!!!

    Gutted for LT11 but seems it gives MA more games to assess the suitability of Ceballos, Guendouzi, Willock and Ainsley in central midfield. Critical to player decision making in the summer.


  21. Oh, what’s this

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  22. BK
    Do you imagine that this was Dean’s thought process when he let that english superstar McNair playing for little Man Utd, end JW’s top flight career with that one late no debate red card hack (last man too!)

    I think most here will disagree with your efforts to defend the pgMOB Pin Up Boy. I hope you are not offended by me disagreeing with your opinion.

    The data on Dean relegates opinions down to the Conference anyway. No debates are necessary. As people are of course entitled to their beliefs. and to ignore the data if they so choose.

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  23. Broken ankle eh?

    Who could’ve guessed this would happen to the promising young footballer who has been one of the most fouled players in the league since his arrival at the Arsenal.

    How many such hacks can Saka’s body cope with?
    Or Eduardo?
    Or Ramsey?
    Or Diaby?
    Or Arteta?

    Or should we just treat the athletes like mules? Like the FA? Or Mourinho?

    End of the day JW actually had more football at the very top level then Kane night get after he has been used and abused in a slightly different way, but still just as disgusting as what happened to JW kick after kick after kick. Which is why England have had one final (Home only) in seventy years!

    “When you play for the Arsenal you get kicked”
    -Jack Wilshere

    When will others be able to muster the Football required to accept what the Footballers are telling them? Is that really too much to ask?

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  24. That McNair one was appalling. A red card all day. Not called a foul. Not scrutinised properly by sky. Not discussed by pundits. Not played over and over and over. Disgracefully complicit.

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  25. Jeez, just seen article where journalist went one better than implying Torreira fractured his own ankle. You can put that down, if being extremely generous, to language conventions.

    In article in question, journalist starts by saying it was a perfectly fair tackle and then goes on to say ‘but Torreira went over on his ankle’. Its a pure lie, that, separating the injury from the tackle and suggesting it happened as a result of how Lucas’ foot landed on the ground.

    Who would wilfully lie and distort so absurdly in a national paper, about something watched by millions, easily accessible on the internet (though vid may be hard to find by now)? And why do it?

    I know I can never win the battle to prove how we get shafted by pgmol and the media both, and worry at times my obsession could see me lose the plot/proportion, but I see something like that and think, ‘wtf, how can any of our fans doubt it?’

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  26. If I had a chance and could get any with it, would definitely smack that journalist in the nose and say afterwards , ‘oh look, you’ve hurt your nose. Bad luck and all but that’s the way it goes sometimes, No one to blame’

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  27. It would be a dreadful shame if Dean had an accident that broke some bones as well wouldn’t it

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  28. We get another chance to smash the Blades. Can’t wait.
    Hopefully the corona virus will not truncate the season.
    We wait and we wonder….


  29. A Force Majeure

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  30. Arsenal Academy
    Here’s how #AFCU18 lineup this evening in the #FAYouthCup

    XI:Graczyk, Oyegoke, Ogungbo, Azeez, Monlouis, Kirk, Alebiosu, Bendeira, Greenwood, Cottrell, Taylor-Hart

    Substitutes: Patino, Mitchell, Plange, Cirjan, Matthews, Jeffcott, Flores

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  31. Blackburn U18s are battering us.


  32. 7amkickoff
    This is 4, 4 leg-breaking tackles in Arsenal matches refereed by Mike Dean:

    Bolton on Torreira
    McNair on Wilshere
    Essien on Diaby
    Taylor on Eduardo

    Only one card if I’m not mistaken

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  33. Ian Wright’s Grandson is playing for Blackburn U18’s, who have just taken the lead

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  34. Arsenal Academy
    HALF-TIME: @Rovers
    1-0 #AFCU18

    Sam Burns’s 34th minute strike is the difference at the break

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  35. Eeesh that was not a good half for the u18’s. Blackburn have looked way better and stronger.

    It’s a young team, though. Just the three 2nd years I think. I’d guess B’burn have the older side.

    Had a feeling if we got through this there could be a tonking in store from City or Chelsea who are both strong this year, but doesn’t look like much chance it’ll come to that.

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  36. Dean should not be allowed to referee Arsenal matches, or for that matter, any matches.
    Atkinson coming up, he’s in a similar league.
    Massive percentage of our games this season refereed by Dean or Atkinson.

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  37. Arsenal Academy
    FULL-TIME: @Rovers
    4-1 #AFCU18

    Our #FAYouthCup campaign comes to an end at Ewood Park
    Tired face

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  38. Mandy- 33.33… per cent exactly. 11 in 33 of league and cups.

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  39. Found Efan Ekoku alright in past, but he was a dick tonight. Blackburn clearly better side and thoroughly deserved win but no need to go on about it the way he did. Tone he used very grating.

    As said earlier, would be amazed if their group wasn’t much older- 16 to 18 massive at youth level and if most of those Blackburn lads weren’t 18 they build em strong up there.

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  40. 33% dean and Atkinson! Unreal.
    Looking at things like that, and the way Utd and Liverpool are treated by contrast, amazed that some don’t at least question the chance that this league is fixed. How else can such things be explained?

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