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Serious “Danger Ahead” For Arsenal after Olympiacos

Serious “Danger Ahead” For Arsenal after Olympiacos

In this podcast, yours truly and Blackburn George explain how Arsenal’s disappointing loss to Olympiacos in the Europa League and dropping out of Europe could have grave consequences for the football club. In summary serious “Danger Ahead”. Remember to  Like and Subscribe to our podcasts wherever you listen and spread the word about our belief in […]

Arsenal Versus Olympiacos: “Lazarus, Come Forth”

I was watching Aaron Ramsey particularly closely on Saturday afternoon. Along with everybody else I have been aware of how much less we are without him in the starting line up and how much more we seem to be when he plays. We all see the goals and the assists and the miles of turf […]

Arsenal Versus Olympiacos: Sweet Surrender

Bloody football. Sometimes I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off without it. Sorry, getting a little ahead of myself. Let me rewind. Steve Coaches was round my drum for a cuppa and a catch up yesterday afternoon. Since getting out of the rat race I don’t see much of him or anyone else for […]