Who Is Next Under The Bus?

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Players thrown under a bus or disposed of by Emery
Ozil. Xhaka. Mustafi. Ramsey
I could mention certain defenders and others, but those four will do for now.
After throwing said players under a bus, things are considerably worse, in every way. He can no longer blame the players, so he now has to take the blame, as does that man Raul, who reportedly gave us Emery, who persuaded the Kroenkes or whoever against Ivan’s pick, Arteta, and who ever Sven wanted to succeed Wenger.
There is now clearly only one man to blame for Baku, f*cking up the end of last season, a terrible run of form, throwing away leads in our last 5 ? games, key players not signing, confused players, piss taking youngsters, rumours of discontent in the dressing room, the captaincy debacle, record shots against, and what is surely coming this weekend, yes, one man to blame, step forward Steve Morrow
Why do things remain the same? It is said by some unkind people that many of Stan’s sports clubs move forward with the pace of a climate change retreating glacier. But is Stan to blame for Emery, he has certainly backed him in the transfer window. We know Raul will lose face if Emery is sacked, as will others, including I suspect Josh Kroenke.
Perhaps the board want to let supporters, and perhaps players, as they cannot get just rid of managers on a whim ?
But how much more evidence do they need , they have screwed up with this appointment, Emery is a footballing, PR and squad harmony disaster, and he is not going to get any better, there is a serious trend occurring, and it doesn’t take a quant analyst to interpret it. If they keep this man until the end of the season, or beyond, supporters, players, sponsors must realise that the Kroenkes and board do not have the ambitions they claim, either that, or they are weak, no wonder Jose wants in at this club, he would walk all over this board.
But , a word for Emery. He is damn clever. Throw Xhaka under a bus, get rid of Ramsey, insist Torreira is some sort of number 10, put more holes in our MF than there are in Blackburn Lancashire, one of our worse runs of form for years, all with one goal, forcing Edu to sign Emerys favourite Argentinian midfielder. Clever!

And now Raul has a problem, an expensive one.
Emery is Rauls man, but so is Pepe, an expensive acquisition with the help of super agent Mendes.
Looking like emery , who will cost a few million to lose, is not compatible with the £72 million player, and probably never will be. In fact, he seems to be killing Pepe.
Do the sums, Josh/ Edu/ Stan , even if Raul is too compromised in this situation to be in anyway whatever considered objective.


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  1. Brilliant piece Mandy, hope you write some more pieces too. Shame that we are collectively all stuck in the swamp of lost footballing souls on a sinking boat.
    Been a long time since we were that poor.
    I felt we should be glad that they couldnt find their shooting boots as that could have been even worse for us.
    Odd how when we draw its like a loss.
    Thanks again! Cheers.

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  2. Thanks! Just venting!
    Gave the guy a chance but not impressed, but also suspect there are wider problems than Emery, there is even the possibility he is being undermined from within, but absolutely no excuse for the performances and treatment of players we are seeing.
    Edu, and the owners themselves need to get a grip on this club, just seems it is fully or even partially in the wrong hands at the moment

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  3. I was blown away when I saw who wrote this. Welcome to the dark side.

    On Emery’s cleverness by creating drama around him, might I suggest Napoli hire him. The whole team on strike over an owner mandated training camp, Ancelotti undermined and seemingly ready to resign, and the owner threatening to sue the whole squad. Emery would love the drama when Ancelotti is running away from it.

    Also, I’d like to point out that I’ve been saying it for a while, and have felt it for a little while longer, that Emery uses the language barrier to his advantage. I don’t think English is really an issue for him. But he uses his lack of fluency to get away without having to answer questions, or speaking a lot of words, going around in circles without saying anything meaningful. He’s a charlatan, and it’s no surprise top level professionals who see him everyday, see right through him. If we weren’t a club that had previously created a good culture, they’d have chewed up and spit Emery out 12 months ago.

    Failure to sack him now is itself a sackable offense for a well run club. West Ham and Newcastle fired their coach for playing stylistically ill suited, but considerably better, football than Emery produces. But will the board pull the trigger?

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  4. I think there’s a fair chance a shocker vs Leicester will spell the end.

    I don’t know if any of you want congratulations or like from me for getting there quicker than I did, but yeah, it’s looking pretty decisive that he wasn’t a good choice.

    In my defence, I’m not sure I was ever saying I thought he was. I just wanted that bit more time, and felt also I may as well hold off a little as there seemed no prospect of them making change in Summer say. Now, all things considered, he just looks cooked to me. It’s bad to watch, the results are bad and there’s not a hint of him finding a formula that suits or driving some big upturn in individual form.

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  5. From a Vitoria fan

    “Arsenal are obviously the strongest team in one of the stronger groups in this Europa League, but they are playing well below their abilities. Their style of play isn’t clearly defined. The flow in their open play is non-existent. It’s no surprising that three of the four goals scored against Vitória were from set pieces. I think Unai Emery will leave the club sooner (international break) or later (end of the season), whether it comes from the lack of progress in the team’s performance, the fans complaints or both.

    Speaking about fans, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of supporting chants from Arsenal fans during the match. For a club that big, it’s pretty understandable they are disappointed with the team late performances (I would too if I was a gooner), but I was expecting a bit more cheer from them. I remember the games with Bolton (2005/06) and with Portsmouth (2008/09). Their fans contributed to a great atmosphere alongside with ours (Bolton was the best atmosphere I ever witnessed at D. Afonso Henriques in a UEFA Cup/Europa League match with 24.000 in the stands, 4.000 from England).”

    1. point about the team performances shows that the issues with the team and unai are clear and visible to everyone. It is not just Arsenal fans having a moan, the decision makers must also see the same.

    2. When he speaks about the fans – always thought our away support was better than home

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  6. But anyway, folks, it looks like you were spot on, especially on the centre mid issue, which has never looked as clear cut to me as yesterday. It’s barely there, even when they perform decently as individuals. It makes it very hard to build, and causes equal or greater problems in defence.

    I don’t feel the same level of personal dislike to him as many here, and almost feel a bit of sympathy at times (I don’t like people struggling unless they are certified grade A bastards) but in truer sense I feel very little. No bond has formed whatsoever.

    So it’s almost entirely an on-pitch judgement from me. Don’t know what to say apart from the over- and mis- used in football, ‘it isn’t good enough’

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  7. Back in the day a ‘backs against the wall’ Arsenal would shock the world and get a result like GG @ anfield, Parma Cup winners Cup, cup double or AW 1st double, Unbeaten season, various FA cups final victories.
    So maybe it is with the memories of these 2 great managers that my plucky underdog spirit comes to the fore.
    So i am going for a back against the wall performance where the team ignores unai goes out there and plays for pride of the shirt and club and pulls out a winning performance against Leicester. Its the same optimistic outlook i have at the start of every season that we are going to win the league. (its the hope that kills…….).

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  8. Excellent Mandy here’s to the first of many.
    After a manager who would always take the bullet for his players and the board for that matter this current one seems to have a bit of a yellow streak running up his back.
    Especially when you still hear Arsene talk about the Club always having a touch of class, well we seem to be a long way from that on every level at the moment.

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  9. Shard, I like to give people time in a job like that, but have gradually been getting more disillusioned, especially since the end of last season, the league form, Baku was a disaster- Emery should have been sacked, or at least told in no uncertain terms to up his game, but instead, some of the board wanted to offer him a new deal, astounding! But, in the absence of alternative I was willing to see what he did with some very good and exciting new and existing players after the summer, well, we know now, dont we.
    But what really turned me was the treatment of certain players, Xhaka really was the final straw. I find Xhaka an impressive player, and from what I have read of him and his background, an impressive person. Emery completely hung him out to dry in an act of self preservation and cowardice.
    It is suggested Emery is only the coach, but if he is following orders to disrespect decent players who happen to be human beings, he should be ashamed, and that pathetic mental health insinuation was an insult to those who suffer that darkness, Xhaka was angry, not ill. Can you imagine if Ivan Gazidis , or anyone else had told Wenger to throw a player under a bus, I expect Wenger would have bounced them out of the door , down the corridor and out of the building, his temper was apparently legendary.
    We are told the board are backing Emery, at least until the end of the season, but his defensive attitude, spoken and body language in interviews, and method of setting up the team suggest to me at least, he is afraid of something, that perhaps we dont know about. Perhaps history or an unpleasant experience or two from previous jobs repeating themselves. Maybe he knows there is more than Arsenal are letting on about Jose , or something
    I have friends in Spain , who know the game there, and rate Emery, with the proviso that he gets exactly the players, and conditions he wants. Well, this is Arsenal FC, not Emery FC, he should have adapted to what we had, and have given him, but it seems he was not sufficiently versatile. I jest about Banega, but suspect there is some truth there.
    Also think acted in stupid ways- Ramsey, Ozil, Xhaka to impress those above him. Pathetic if true.
    Rosicky and others want Wenger back in the dugout, I may be wrong, but really cannot see that happening, for a number of reasons, but I can also see the time coming when Stan begs him to come back in some exec capacity to save this club. If they get the next hire wrong, that day might not be so far off

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  10. Thanks Ian


  11. Another great one at 4.40pm Mandy.

    A lot of our players seem to have little confidence at the moment, Rob, Saka, Pepé to name but a few. To see a 72million pound player look like a 2 pound fifty is pretty horrible to watch.
    Question is did it function better in the past, when we had single captain who wasnt substituted and who had liberty to get everyone in line, as the club back that hierarchical system? If Tony Adams gave you a roasting you knew it and complied. I recall Per saying it was a nightmare to be captain as you had to tread on eggshells and deal with everyone in a different manner to appease their egos.

    Do you think we are behaving like an ungrateful spoilt privileged club that cant take the EL seriously, including the final itself? We think we are going to walk this competition and going back into the top flight, but after last night we can see we arent ready at all.
    Many other sides would have been grateful. Last night was so embarrassing and now we’ve got to go to Leicester who seem to have adopted the position that Stoke took, what I means is they have made us into their rivals. We are not their rivals. They are some pants club that should be back in the championship.
    With the players we have and bloody midfield being set up to do what a bloody midfield is meant to do: defend the defenders and help the attackers by supplying them with potential opportunities we should be the ones ready to go to their dump and give them a beating.
    However we will be set up to fear them, the midfielders will be out of position, and we will rely on Auba yet again to get us out of the poop. What if he cant be arsed?
    Who was bothered last night?
    What if Aubas already dreaming of Bayern, or Real or Barca?
    Why are we being set up to fear Leicester? We are the ones who should in fact be in second or third, but no, we’ve quaked and shaked when we should have shimmied and destroyed. And it was all possible. Leicester are laughing at us and goading us. Thats embarrassing. But thats the situ. Unless a mind comes along to instil a sense of possibility into our players, until then its the long slide to mid table.
    It is possible with this squad to really fly high, but it needs a mind and a will. Not depression, fear and anxiety which seems to be floating around in their heads
    I do feel sorry for Emery the bloke, but hes not doing the job right, this is the equivalent of flying a jet fighter or a massive passenger airline, it needs belief, skill and knowledge and a calm mind.If a pilot was all jittery and kacking it they were going to crash and not knowing the flight procedures and not setting the plane up right, would you get on board? I wouldnt. If he feels these arent the right players then maybe he should bugger off as most people would.
    I want us to win again Leicester but I also want this horrible time to be over with, which would mean us getting pasted ( which is a probability) and Unai getting the boot, it really is horrible, it sort of encroaches on your life way too much-this is not like the old days at all(to me) when you were always prepared for Crêpe.

    The Kronks, the Montana office and Emery dont know who we are, they never did and I dont think they ever will, some players do, but some I doubt. Whose there to make them feel proud? Sometimes it feels like the ghost of Arsenal?

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  12. I suggest renaming the blog “Grimly Arsenal” until further notice. It seems like an accurate reflection of where most of us are, not unreasonably.

    Like Mandy, I’ve been willing to cut Emery a lot of slack. He’s a professional and is obviously more qualified to coach a football team than I am. It therefore seemed presumptuous of me to identify faults and depressing for me to air my disappointments.

    That slack is gone. Partly because the football is not enjoyable, but mostly because his communications and management style have started offending me. I’m not going to take to Twitter or to comments here and lambaste the man; that’s not my style and not worth the effort. But my interest in and opinion of the club is slipping each day he’s in charge. If that matters to anyone in a position to do something about it.

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  13. 900ftgooner, I think you have summed up how I feel in your post there.

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  14. Something strange is going on, beyond the understanding of those like us who can only watch and wonder. It reminds me of that Graham Greene The Destructors, where a once proud house, sole remnant of the Blitz, is destroyed from within by a gang of young boys, indifferently careless of the anguish they create.

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  15. Hi Mandy.

    Strangely enough my journey to this conclusion about Emery was similar. Personally I was not enthused by the choice of coach. I was fully on board with Arteta leading us into a new era. But I was determined to give Emery a chance. I ignored the criticisms from Spain and from PSG. Discounting the latter as a special case due to the nature of the club. I even ignored our own meerkat George here who was prepared to call out the horrible football for what it was. It’s still early days, he’s coming to grips with the team and the league, the half time subs and strange tactics will subside as he learns more about his players etc.

    It was the treatment of Ramsey that allowed me to accept that things are not as we would expect them to be at Arsenal. Even though it has more to do with Raul than Unai, the shock of how we would treat our longest serving player and betray our values in doing so was an eye opener. Suddenly all the red flags were visible and made sense. Ozil was being mistreated too. Emery meanwhile decided to throw Ramsey, Miki and Wenger under the bus BEFORE the EL final last season, after he’d thrown away an almost certain qualification for the CL. At that point, I lost all respect for him. He was making excuses and was prepared to drag others through the mud just to protect himself. I basically knew then that we wouldn’t win the final. The performances were poor, the man management was horrible, and even the youth were not played until the club forced his hand by promoting Freddie and selling/loaning out some senior players. Everything he said was a lie. He should have been sacked right after Baku.

    I don’t blame people for wanting him to do well. But everything that was said about him by people who had watched his teams before, was unfolding. Read a twitter thread by David Cartlidge. It’s uncanny how correct he was in his predictions.

    And so Emery’s race is run. If only Raul and Josh could stop playing politics or financial misers about this.

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  16. Yes , read that David Cartlidge article Shard, the man is either psychic, or Emery is incredibly predictable.
    Why didnt the club analyse this, and other info?
    What I will say about Emery, he has a mighty fine agent.
    Emery must be pretty demotivated by now, the writing on the wall is about as easy to ignore as a Banksy suddenly appearing on the side of your house. He knows, at best, he is gone in May, he wont rescue this season
    How does he motivate his players, or even himself in this situation?
    I am sure some players are ok with him, perhaps not many, and he has just driven out the skipper who reportedly backed him. The players that want him out know what to do, just follow his instructions to the word, and his unsustainability increases by the game
    They may be waiting for a specific manager in the summer, maybe even Arteta himself, but could be an expensive wait.
    Maybe they should have just given him Banega/Nzonzi, he would have been so happy, and it may have all worked out!


  17. shard one thing to remember with the Freddie promotion, it was said to be Bould’s idea, he wanted out of first team duties, this was overlooked by many who were just delighted to see Freddie move up and also those who wanted rid of Bould. But when you think about it, why did Bould want out after a year of working with Emery. He didn’t want out of the club, just out of the first team circle.

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  18. Unai Emery was asked about a range of subject at his press conference at London Colney on Friday.

    Our head coach discussed the match at Leicester, Granit Xhaka, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and more.

    This is what he said:

    on team news…
    Good afternoon. Yes [Dani Ceballos] has a small injury and is going to be out for tomorrow.

    on the rest of the squad…
    The rest of the squad, I think they are ready for tomorrow. We are going to train this afternoon and I am thinking, I am speaking with the doctor, they are ready.

    on how tough Leicester will be…
    They are doing very well. They have started the season with a lot of confidence and also they are improving with each result. Now they have a six-point difference with us and tomorrow is a very big challenge, a very good opportunity also for them and for us. I am looking forward to seeing how we can respond tomorrow.

    on whether Granit Xhaka will come into the squad…
    Not yet.

    on what the reason is…
    I spoke with him. I spoke with him on Tuesday about how he’s feeling now and how he is in his mind. He’s working well, he’s training well, but he said to me that he’s not feeling good enough at the moment to play. We are going to wait.

    on whether Mesut Ozil could start…
    He’s training well and I think he’s now being consistent in the training, he’s also helping and he’s also positive. I am thinking about him for tomorrow, for the possibility to play.

    on why he chose to appoint Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as the new captain…
    He’s the captain. Above all, I can remember how we did the process because last year the captains were Laurent Koscielny, Petr Cech, Aaron Ramsey and Nacho Monreal. They left the team – at the last moment as well, Koscielny. In that moment I decided, and also I used the characteristics to find a captain. After I started with Granit Xhaka because he has the quality to take the captain’s responsibility. Then after the issue, I decided it was better for him not to. Next in line is Aubameyang. The second after him is Bellerin, third is Lacazette and the fourth is Mesut Ozil. The first is Aubameyang because he has experience and he has the respect in the dressing room. He was the top scorer last year in the Premier League and also I know he needs time to take that responsibility 100 per cent. But we are going to support him. Every player, we are going to support the four captains, and we are going to support him as our first captain because he has also made one extra step to achieve that responsibility.

    on if it gives Auba more pressure…
    But for example, yesterday Sokratis said everybody can take responsibility as a captain. We want to be a strong family here and I know for the supporters it is very important who is the first face, in front, with the captain’s responsibility. I decided to give it to Auba and everybody also agreed with that decision and now I am telling you he needs time to take that responsibility with confidence, but we give him that confidence, I give him that confidence. He has the quality and the values to do perfectly with that responsibility.

    on lacking confidence in defence…
    We need to improve and also we are in one process. They are having a lot of things, first we are speaking about the captain’s circumstances, then also some circumstances with some players – with Sead Kolasinac and with Mesut Ozil – then also circumstances that didn’t help us with Granit Xhaka. For example, we’re losing one player at the moment, Granit Xhaka, who is important for us and the way we play, but I have confidence in the players and in our work. I know we are in one process and we are speaking with the club about the responsibility of the club, and they are supporting us, and the players are supporting me. We know we are taking one responsibility with the young players, but the young players need one process to achieve that responsibility and their performance in the team, but we are helping them. For example, it’s very good news for me about how we are improving Bukayo Saka, but he needs to play, play and play to take more confidence and experience to achieve his future we think he has. Then with other players it’s the same. Pepe is coming, but with Pepe it’s also an adaptation that he’s doing little-by-little better, but also he needs more because it’s not easy for him and it’s not easy for a new player like Ceballos to achieve the best performance. We are in that process and also I know we need to play better and achieve better results. We lost some points at home, but we didn’t lose at home. We lost some important points. We can feel really, really strong at home with good performances and good results. Also we are going to extend that away and we are going to get that performance and strong confidence. Tomorrow is a very big opportunity. After two matches at home that we drew, tomorrow is a very good opportunity. Yesterday the players worked and trained very well with a good spirit and they give me confidence.

    on if he has spoken to the board about his future…
    No, no. No. We are speaking about our process and continuing working. They didn’t show me some doubt.

    on conceding 35 shots on goal in recent home games…
    I think at home we are faring well but not with the performance as we will do for the next matches. Those two results, twO draws, weren’t the best results also. Last year, those two teams also gave us a lot of problems at home and we took only one point against those two teams. But I was speaking with the players this week about how is our next step to improve. And it’s clear, there are two ways: play better with the ball, play with more confidence with our style, and take more responsibility on the pitch. My responsibility is the first but also I give them because they are on the pitch to take that responsibility to play better. And then is for our defensive structure to be strong and get better defensively is our first challenge tomorrow. Last year, we were looking for that improvement during the season and we achieved it in a lot of moments – and I know now we can do better and we will do better.

    on if this game is a must-win…
    Must-win? Yes. We need to win and it’s very important for us tomorrow. But our mentality is every time to play first, using our best structure and organisation to be strong and also our individual players to use their quality to win. But in our mind, for each match it is only to win.

    on Brendan Rodgers backing him publicly…
    Brendan Rodgers is a very good manager and he is doing very good work, as he did here in England with Swansea, with Liverpool and also Glasgow Celtic. He arrived here last year and his team was improving progressively and this year I think it’s no surprise for me. It’s a very good team with a very good coach and they are a very organised team. We are taking, as a good moment, sometimes as a bad result, but the most important is to keep the balance. I think as a coach I learned that, in my mind to be with that balance when we win, when we lose. For me it’s not to play tomorrow under pressure, it’s to play under a very big opportunity to change that. We are drawing the last matches, we can see those matches negatively because we didn’t win or positively because we didn’t lose. We are in the balance, but we when you are a team like Arsenal we need to win more than draw or lose.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  19. Can we read between the lines about Granit’s position there, more bus pushing?

    Also a snakey comment Re Ozil

    Sick of the bloke.

    Not looking forward to the Leicester game at all

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  20. “I am looking forward to seeing how we can respond tomorrow” = back foot thinking. Not taking the game to them, us waiting to respond. Fear.

    “The captains were Laurent Koscielny, Petr Cech, Aaron Ramsey and Nacho Monreal. They left the team – at the last moment as well”= longtime servants of this club all wanted to stay except Cech who retired and we needed all of them. No upgrade at all, so why did they leave or were they pushed?

    “on Brendan Rodgers backing him publicly…”= Mr Rogers friendly neighborhood man knows youre floundering thats why hes backing you. As deep down he knows these players could whip his, so the longer you are there its better for him.

    The whole concept and activity of being a captain doesnt mean anything anymore at Arsenal.Five captains, why not have 22? The Xhaka “situation”, what situ? Common place thing in football for players to tell the crowd to fork off, history shows this. He said his apology, and it was fair enough, the situation isnt clean, what the bloke supposed to do, send the crowd chocolates and roses and get a bit of Ben Webster with strings on in the background? Offer himself as a sacrifice to the Le Grove cult? Get messed up with the Graham Greene guilt( wink to Heady) and call it the End of the affair?
    So all square and packed away. But no! It lingers on making it worse. The club could have got this by the scriff of the neck, apologised for him, and told the fans to stop winding him up. But perhaps the theory is if we leave it alone long enough it will go away. Nice idea, but we live in the age of fan-phone-in-celebrity-peoples-fan-island-get-me famous-and get players-out-of -here- just tell 666 666 666. All calls cost 20 quid a zeptosecond. You will be held in a que and can listen to Vivaldi at the same time.
    Xhaka will be gone too. But who doesnt hope Emerys off first?
    Too much fan interaction under the skin of AFC means no clear vision and grip on the direction of the club? Im not one for authority but in this case how else can it work?
    But we have a mixture of the two: the Mary Celeste with fans trying to get on board.
    Well they caremorethanicareaccrodingtotheirideaofwhatisandisntright.



  21. Steve Hills
    I honestly don’t think I can take any more of Emery saying “we continue our process” “continue in our way” before and after every game.
    What process?! The process of boring everyone to death? The process of alienating players?
    Our way is not your way Mr Emery believe me

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  22. Well…Arsenal at present is an embarrassment. This current set up needs to be taken out to pasture and shot. It feels like pure disrespect, lies and deception.

    I cannot even get through reading one of emery’s pressers. It’s just a bunch of incoherent babble. He is treating people like idiots, as if he is the only smart one in the room and we cannot see the rubbish that’s happening on the pitch. Maaaaaaan please!

    Not even winning Saturday can cure how I feel right now. This current regime has sucked the class that made us so proud out of the club. I met a guy in a mall in FL wearing an Arsenal jersey. In response to the latter rougher times under Arsene the man said “class is permanent”. I thought that was so cool, but would anyone say that now?


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  23. so Arsene Wenger has revealed that he has indeed been asked by Bayern Munich if he is interested in the managers job, he has told them he will talk to them in the next week.


  24. Saturday’s papers all running with the story that Emery says Xhaka may have played his last game for Arsenal


  25. Mesut Özil
    don’t let anyone or anything ruin your mood.
    || With my brothers @MustafiOfficial


    #COYG #training #M1Ö @Arsenal


  26. So reports say it was Xhaka who said he wasn’t ready to play at Leicester.
    Doesn’t really sound like Xhaka, but if it was , perhaps Xhaka has turned the tables and knows that if it goes wrong, it will be emery under a bus rather than our ex skipper.
    It is said Xhaka will depart in Jan. if that happens, let’s hope, like Ozil, Xhaka outlasts Emery
    The sad thing, I suspect there is a decent coach somewhere in emery, but he has tried to be too clever by half, and the more under pressure, the more complicated he seems to make it. Think it was Shankly, or someone similar who said football is a simple game complicated by fools.


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