It’s A Mess

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Another day, another dirge.

Not much football being played to write about. It was frankly a shocking game. I actually nodded of on about the half hour mark and missed about 10 minutes of nothing. I wish I had slept through the whole game.

It’s a mess, just a mess.

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  1. It was Emeryball at its finest

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  2. It’s bigger than a mess it’s a disaster waiting to happen. It’s going to blow up badly and it will be to late to bounce back to get in the top four. We have no chance at the weekend, we’re going to lose by three or four goals, you make my words. Emery must be moved on, never should have got rid of Wenger, he would have turned thing round given the money Emery has had. Time for change is now


  3. Players thrown under a bus or disposed of by Emery
    Ozil. Xhaka. Mustafi. Ramsey
    Could mention certain defenders and others, but those four will do for now
    After throwing said players under a bus, things are considerably worse, in every way. He can no longer blame the players, so he now has to take the blame, as does that popular man on this site who reportedly gave us emery, who persuaded the Kroenkes or whoever against Ivan’s pick, Arteta, and who ever Sven wanted to succeed Wenger.
    There is now clearly only one man to blame for Baku, fucking up the end of last season, a terrible run of form, throwing away leads in our last 5 ? games, key players not signing, confused players, piss taking youngsters, rumours of discontent in the dressing room, the captaincy debacle, record shots against, and what is surely coming this weekend, yes, one man to blame, step forward Steve Morrow
    Why do things remain the same? It is said by some unkind people that many of Stans sports clubs move forward with the pace of a climate change retreating glacier. But is Stan to blame for Emery, he has certainly backed him in the transfer window. We know Raul will lose face if Emery is sacked, as will others, including I suspect Josh Kroenke.
    Perhaps the board want to let supporters, and perhaps players they cannot get just rid of managers on a whim. Or something else ?
    But how much more evidence do they need , they have screwed up with this appointment, Emery is a footballing, PR and squad harmony disaster, and he is not going to get any better, there is a serious trend occurring, and it doesn’t take a quant analyst to interpret it. If they keep this man until the end of the season, or beyond, supporters, players, sponsors must realise that the Kroenkes and board do not have the ambitions they claim, either that, or they are weak, no wonder Jose wants in at this club, he would walk all over this board.
    But , a word for Emery. He is damn clever. Throw Xhaka under a bus, get rid of Ramsey, insist Torriera is some sort of number 10, put more holes in our MF than there are in Blackburn Lancashire, one of our worse runs of form for years, all with one goal, forcing Edu to sign Emerys favourite Argentinian midfielder. Clever!

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  4. Things are so bad now, I even forgot this game was on today. Sounds like I didn’t miss much!

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  5. Raul has a problem, an expensive one.
    Emery is Rauls man, but so is Pepe, an expensive acquisition with the help of super agent Mendes.
    Looking like emery , who will cost a few million to lose, is not compatible with the £72 million player, and probably never will be. In fact, he seems to be killing Pepe.
    Do the sums, Josh/ Edu/ Stan , even if Raul is too compromised in this situation to be in anyway whatever Raul considers objective

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  6. Mandy, that will be tomorrow’s post, what a wonderful post it is.

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  7. You know when someone tell another off, and how you just sit there going “you go, you tell that fucker off”? Thanks Mandy… that’s a good one.

    For a few months now the signs lit up the night skies that Emery is not fit for purpose, doesn’t train well, doesn’t run a lot and track so far back that nothing absolutely happens going forward.

    For a smart man how did Raul allowed himself to be duped by Emery, who if we honest is not even a good communicator? Fark.

    I feel like George, because honestly, what more is there to say.

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  8. I told everybody here that allowing Wenger to leave will be a step backwards tks to the WOBS and iditot fans who thought Wenger was keeping us back. but nobody listen to me. Now the club is in a big big Mess. Is there a bigger word for this that would be more appropriate.
    Wonder how Emery won 3 Europas at Sevilla looks a big fluke. Was the team at Sevilla so good that they won it thrice? I don’t know as I don’t see Emery has the capacity to do so.
    Well well how to get out of this mess?
    As we are destroyed both on and off the field.
    We are a joke club tks to the idiot fans and blogsphere who kept on barking against Wenger and made us fall at this level.

    The only way I see is to bring Wenger back before Bayern signs him.

    I am sure Wenger will never say no to Arsenal.

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  9. Wenger to Arsenal is a easy quick fix solution. Pls raise your voices.

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  10. As appealing as it may be at the moment, just cannot see them going for Wenger.
    Raul seems heavily invested in Emery, for reasons best known to himself.
    If they did, that would be the ultimate in Stan putting Josh on the naughty step, in public

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  11. I don’t think he would come back. That part of his working life is over. I would rather we went for Mikel Arteta, with Freddy already here and Pires, Per Edu in the background.

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  12. Weng wont come back unless it was so desperate and they were begging. And thats not going to happen as they are too proud. Also it was one heck of an expensive farewell, and that would also make them look daft, and talking of daft if Weng came back and suddenly we started doing well they would have egg all over their mushes.Bad egg guy.
    Plus if Weng didnt make the results it the angries would be having another fly over or two and that would shove the club even further into the ground.
    You can see the ignorance thats at our club by listening to the review of the game at aftv.
    Thing is what can we do?

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  13. Mandy is on the headline stage now.

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