3 Points And Literally Nothing Else.


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I want to write a positive blog!

I want to describe some beautiful football!

I want to be enthusiastic about Arsenal!

I want to enjoy our football!

Sadly, I’m unable to do any of these things.

That was 95 minutes of tripe. We won the game courtesy of a well executed headed goal from David Luiz and also courtesy of them defending the corner  badly.

Two shots on target ,at home, against Bournemouth?  That can’t be acceptable, no matter how healthy our league position is.

We have played 8 PL games and not played well in any of them. In fact I would go as far as to say we have played poorly in them all. That we are where we are in the league, is testament to how good our players are despite how they are being forced to play.

We can be very happy at the 3 points gained, content with our league position, but I defy anyone to say we should be happy with the excruciatingly poor football being churned out week after week.

People will say “judge it in May”, well I did, I judged the crap we were served up last May, and if anything it’s gotten worse. If you dare look beyond the points total, what looks back is a football team that lacks the ability to play entertaining attacking football. There are those that don’t want to look beyond, those that would rather not see, to them I say “You‘re a better man than I amGunga Din.”



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  1. After today’s game I just can’t shake the feeling that we are at the exact same place we were in Emery’s first season, this is so like the 22 game unbeaten run, our finishing is hiding the poor performances, the handbrake play, we are not creating a lot of chances, we look open at the back when any sort of pressure is put on, and the football is by and large boring as fuck. Ozil is being left out as he and Ramsey were last season, we are 46 BPL games into our head mini bus’s era and we have not been 3-0 up in any of those games yet.
    we lost 10 and drew 7 last season, so far this we have lost one and drew 3, for me the reason for so many draws are down to Emery’s negative tactics, we are inviting teams to get a foothold in games, we are conceding midfield, this leads to opponents attacking more, having more shots, and does lead to dropped points. I said it last season, and I think nothing has changed, but its the Draws that kill us, we have drew or lost so many games against what we would consider smaller clubs, is the reason why we are not in the CL this season, and if we fail to make top 4 this time around it will be the reason again. And the reason for the draws and loses to lesser sides is how God damn negative our play is. Today we totally dominated the first 45, got the lead, but never looked like getting a second goal, we actually never created a single clear cut chance, and but for a few outstanding last ditch clearances from Chambers and one from Guendouzi we very well might now be talking about dropping points today. Emery is afraid to go for it in the BPL. The odd thing is that he seems far less negative in the EL, or maybe its that the opponents are much further below us than any of these BPL teams, or is it that Emery just thinks they are.

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  2. would also add that another similarity to last season’s 22 game run is that we seem to have abandoned one of Emery’s key tactics, namely playing out from the back at all costs, it only took one fucked up draw and we now see Leno or a CB hoof the ball long at the first sight of any pressure. So we’ve a head mini bus who doesn’t have the faith of his own convictions, he is willing to abandon one of his key tactics at the first sign of problems.

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  3. we’ve 3pts less than same stage last season, a goal difference 7 less too.

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  4. A vintage score, if not performance, but actually, quite a good weekend for us, at least in terms of the implosion of two direct rivals, who I suspect may soon have managerial changes
    I suspect Emerys fate will ultimately lie on a difficult Xmas period, and always games against the usual suspects ,Southampton, Everton, Wolves, Leicester , Palace etc
    Hopefully Hector, Tierney Lacca can help raise performance levels in these games and others.
    As for Ozil , unless there is something we don’t know about, can only conclude the team have been told in no uncertain terms to get used to life without him, I am sure some of them may not be happy about that either
    Pepe , you only get pens for things like that if you play for Liverpool

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  5. It’s such an ordeal watching Arsenal play! No energy; no creativity.
    Can’t stand the least pressure. Burnmouth came out in the second half to play, and we disappeared completely.
    Just tired of watching this, honestly.


  6. Shows you need to see these things yourself, but not a sure pen for me today.

    Seen em given, seen weaker ones given, but nothing like as strong a claim as plenty we’ve been denied in past.

    More a of a pen than Mane’s but that aint saying much.


  7. Any BT subscribers up for more football, Saliba’s St Ettiene on BT starting 19.45. Think he starts and that it’s big game vs Lyon.

    Bit of cheer for future perhaps for those of you most down with current goings on.


  8. I have said it. Emery is shit. I really don’t enjoy watching arsenal matches anymore don’t really know how our board got us a coach seriously this guy has no style. Just keeps dancing on the touch line crap full of shit. I wish Wenger had this team back sometime. But what I do know is that our board need to start looking for a new coach for next season


  9. Ed, that stat puts it into perspective especially when you think we lost the first two games. I always think clubs within three points of each other the goal difference gives you more of an idea. If that’s the case both chelski and Leicester would be above us.
    I have heard ppl say well were only a point behind city but anyone who believes were going to finish above them needs their head looked at, the gulf in class is that great.
    I suppose we just have to hope the performances get better and we can enjoy some of our wins to the max.

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  10. Oh and Pepe should not be starting. He is undoubtedly a good player but seeing him struggle through the first seventy minutes of games won’t improve his confidence. Bring him on fresh to run against tired legs for the final twenty will help him much more.
    After seeing the creativeness today and not having Mezut in the squad means we are just wasting a player so might as well sell him in January as crazy as that seems what’s the point just keeping him to say we have a world class player in the squad.

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  11. Right now, I think it is our midfield play that needs work. Strange, as that used to be our strength but we seem to get run over in a lot of matches. i am still optimistic, though. It doesn’t take an entire makeover of the lineup for the team to start to click. Often, it is just the return of one player who has good positional skill, or one player improving for the team to be able to transition to offence better. We have been dire in patches this year, no doubt, but there is a glimpse of the sun behind those clouds. Lacazette, Bellerin, Tierney, Holding…all it takes is one of them to show more quality than what’s currently on offer and we may stop this merry go round of negativity and really thrash a side.

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  12. 3 points, great, yada, yada, but so, so dull…

    It’s interesting that Ozil has been dumped so ceremoniously after the players voted for him as one of the captains? Seems like someone is so insecure that he’s trying to make a point about who rules the roost.

    Nothing I can do about it, so just have to hope that the team continue to rack up the points, ‘despite’ the obvious handbrake!

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  13. At least 2 positives, big 3 points and nothing was around to allow me to poke my eyes out…

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  14. Pretty sure there is alot of waiting going on,Manure are waiting on the right time to fire Ole, Poch will wait for manure to offer him a deal, Levy is waiting for manure and poch to strike a deal so he doesn’t have have to pay poch for sacking him and will get some dosh of manure and maureen is waiting for levy to plead with him to come to the rescue.
    The problem is that might make two of our opposition better and if we dont improve we could be in trouble ourselves.

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  15. ian on Pepe should not be starting, oddly enough I thought he should not have been taken off today, for me that will have hit his confidence.

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  16. How true. Get rid of this awful farce of a coach.
    Emery is sh&#%::*

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  17. Hitting his confidence is when everything he touches going wrong. The team is more important and it was obvious from the first minute of the second half Bournemouth had adjusted and we were losing midfield. He offers nothing going backwards either so he then becomes a liability (that is what Mezut is accused of). Chambers performance is even more impressive when you consider this.

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  18. just seen where the man utd boss has said it will be extremely difficult for man u to get in the top 6 this season,


  19. Good lord, that grumpy fellow at the top has more cracks in the forehead than the crack in the road for my blog. Think George’s graphic is better than mine as I have a single crack while there are currently several fractures at the Arsenal. The numbers I researched make painful reading.

    PS: A podcast is long overdue but I screwed up my laptop on which I do our recordings and it is in the shop.

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  20. First look at Saliba. Not perfect but promising. Taking into account age and only just back, not bad at all.

    Most encouraging thing for me is that he looked very diligent, and seemed to be constantly looking to adjust and get into right position (must admit, don’t have eyes glued to centre backs normally whenever in view so don’t know how common that is)

    Not as fast as some have claimed on twitter but hopefully some of that fitness related.


  21. Press conference: read the full transcript
    Chris Harris 06 Oct 2019

    Unai Emery was a satisfied man on Sunday after guiding us into third place in the Premier League ahead of the international break.

    Our head coach was asked about David Luiz’s first goal for us, Matteo Guendouzi’s game-saving challenge and the selection dilemma he faces when all his defenders are fit.

    Read on for a transcript from Unai’s press conference:

    on the game…
    The first four matches we’ve played here, we beat Burnley, with Tottenham we drew 2-2 after being 2-0 down, with Aston Villa we won 3-2 with one less player, and today we wanted to take one step ahead, controlling the match better, knowing it was going to be difficult. In the first half, we controlled it with very good organisation, defensively very strong, we didn’t concede chances to them. We scored one goal and had possibilities to score the second goal. We were speaking about wanting to improve and we could improve. The second half was a very good opportunity to keep our confidence, getting better with the ball, the combinations, the control, and also stopping their actions with the ball. We did that in the first half but, In the second half, maybe because the first chances arrived very early, we lost a bit of that confidence. We have a lot of young players and we need also to take experience, take minutes and to know that difficulty inside the pitch. It’s like that against every team in the Premier League because I think It’s the most important and most difficult domestic competition. We are very happy with that result and proud of our work in the first half, and we are very critical of ourselves and myself to improve the second-half [performance].

    on if being third in the table is a fair reflection…
    That was our objective today. We knew if we won, we’d go third. For our confidence and our way, it was important, but not feeling the pressure of that. Maybe in the second half, we were winning 1-0, maybe in some moments we felt that pressure. But for me it’s one step more, above all for the young players and for us. It’s our objective and we didn’t fear that moment, when the opposition was pushing us. Really, I think the second half, we can analyse, we can improve, and we will do – but in 90 minutes I think we deserved to win.

    on if the players were too relaxed in the second half…
    When we were with the ball, first it’s about being calm, with good positioning on the pitch to keep the ball. When they were pressing in the second half, be careful to break break the press with one long ball, take the second ball and then keep the ball to control the match, trying to score the second goal. When we weren’t with the ball, we needed to be strong and organised, because they were pushing and attacking very quickly against us. They were getting into the box, so at that moment, we had to concentrate and focus to stop them like in the first half. With the ball, I think we are going to improve, being more calm with the possibility to impose ourselves [as we did in the first half].

    on if Arsenal could have been punished…
    At the moment we have a good balance in the table and we are going to think about each match. Bournemouth are a very good team, they have 11 points and won against Aston Villa and Southampton. They have good, international players – very big quality. We will play teams with more quality, some yes, some [with] less quality, but we are also playing with young players, giving them chances, minutes, experiences. I think every match for them is important.

    on David Luiz scoring his first Arsenal goal…
    The most important thing is to have a lot of corners offensively. In this match, we had a lot of corners in the first half, but in the second half we had less. When we are taking that corner, we can score. We did that today and It’s important for us to have confidence with different players scoring.

    on David Luiz being popular in the dressing room…
    Yes, because he’s very positive. Every time he’s speaking about positive things and helping young players. He came late into the squad but really, his commitment is very high with us, and his behaviour is too. Everybody is happy with that.

    on if he’d like his team to win 1-0, just like Arsenal used to do in the 90s…
    I know that! But our objective is to win, but also how we want to win is very important.

    on if the defenders should be praised today…
    Yes. I remember the last match we played, every match we played here in the Premier League. We played two matches in the Europa League and the Cup and won 4-0 and 5-0. Also, we can remember and improve that speed. The level in the Premier League is more than the cup with Nottingham Forest or Standard Liege, but also, we want to play with style, creating chances, being competitive and being consistent in the 90 minutes. We want to use that way. Our objective was first to win, and after to take that way. In the first half, we did that. In the second half, they were pushing in some moments with their game plan and we struggled. We were defensively solid and strong. In the first half, it was a good example of the way [we want to play]. I am very critical of myself and ourselves but also I think we can be positive. We are now third in the table, we have many young players, they are getting better, and we have many positive things. Sometimes we forget Matteo – he is a very young player and he is progressing, but he is 19 or 20 years old. With Lucas Torreira also.

    on Guendouzi’s late block…
    For example, in the second half, I wanted more control with the ball but to connect with Matteo and Ceballos. We needed the centre back and Xhaka to break the first line and connect with them. Maybe we used the long ball more than I wanted, rather than using our quality and capacity to control the match and help us. But Matteo is improving a lot and I think after last year, tactically he’s improving a lot in defensive moments, and also with the ball. We need him.

    on how he’ll get Bellerin, Tierney and Holding into the defence…
    It’s one process with them. Kieran and Rob are closer to playing. I think Rob Holding can play 90 minutes with a good performance. Now we are also working with David Luiz and Sokratis, but really, I am very happy. He is going to have a chance to play a lot of matches. Kieran Tierney is closer to us, he played on Thursday and today he was on the bench if we needed him. Hector Bellerin needs a little more time, more matches and more training. This international break is going to be important for him. I think he will be closer to starting for us in the next matches in the Premier League.

    on how he will spend the international break…
    I am going to rest also. Usually I go to Spain for some days. We are going to work and my mind now is on Sheffield!

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  22. Main concern, got done by the excellent Aouar 3-4 times and each time had a grab at him, including couple in box, also hung out a leg at least once in box. Thing is, can be called clever when it works, and for many top defenders it is a big part of their game to have those quick early grabs and then let go, but for us… well for us, if you do it and get called, which you very likely will, then our fans will denounce you as an imbecile etc. There was enough in there for Sane/Mane to get 2-3 pens and even a red for a grab last man outside box.

    He’s playing alongside very savvy veteran centre back who has never been able to rely on height or speed but is good player nonetheless, so hopefully will learn plenty this year.


  23. Wenger hated the handbrake. Emery hates the accelerator. If he didn’t have to do anything else, he’d sit in his garage watching Adrian Clarke’s tactical breakdowns and imagining how he could do better. He even said he’s got no time to watch and analyse players.

    It’s beyond Ozil. Mesut has achieved greatness and will not settle for less, and that’s why he’s being made an example of. But what of all our other players? With the possible exception of Aubameyang, no player is given freedom to express themselves. He’s constantly telling them not to be more than they are. That is not good for the club in any way. I suspect there’s a reason Freddie has taken Saka under his wing. He doesn’t want an exceptional attacking talent ruined by the disgusting cowardice of Emery. It might be happening to Pepe. Emery wanted Zaha anyway. A more athletic but less technical player.

    Results could be bad, if the football was good, and I’d support him. The football could be bad if the approach was good, and I’d support him. The approach could be bad if his values were good, and I’d still support him. But he’s got zero class as well. What’s worse is the fact that he then pays lip service to all of it. Respect, attacking football, playing youngsters. He’s got all the words. Nothing to back it up. Insecure person hiding behind his position, and getting by by pulling his betters down. Can’t wait for him to leave.

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  24. shotta @ 11:22pm

    Manutd and Spurs are plastering over a lot of Arsenal cracks at the moment.

    I remember the first half of last season all top-six, except Manutd under Jose of course, were at the top of games. Any draws were bad results because once you get knocked out of top-four by even a point, it seems a steep climb because of everyone else being so good.

    This season, with the exception of Liverpool, everyone else is rubbish and that mask many of our flaws. A bit like the season when Leicester won the title and were runners-up. The natives demanded better and even pundits refused to acknowledged we came second end of the season.

    How the narratives has changed.

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  25. If we see things, I am sure Edu and the clubs movers and shakers are seeing them too, they are the ones that sanctioned 72 million on a player emery doesn’t seem to be using correctly, for starters.
    We won, others lost, and we sit relatively pretty, but we could easily have dropped points yesterday, if that game were away to the usual suspects, we might well have lost on that performance. That will not be lost on the powers that be.
    I suspect emery will be given more time, to bed in the genuine first choice players coming back. But if there is even a hint of the finish to the season we saw last year, and that hint will come during the Xmas run in, I suspect they might consider a new manager bounce, in addition to what will hopefully be a reasonable number of points emery may have racked up by then. That will be risky, especially with his, bar a game or two, Europa pedigree, but suspect the desire for ECL next season will trump all with Edu and co.

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  26. The performances have been shite all season.

    Emery talks the biggest load of bollocks I have ever heard.

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  27. Emery probably isn’t going to last beyond this season, even if we get top four, but what’s fascinating is how despite the shambolic performances the actual results are OK-ish. I’d say he was getting lucky if he pulled this off in 10-game run. But it’s been more than a year now without any team cohesion, but with a higher points tally than 17-18 (admittedly modest).

    There must be some part of aspect of his preparation that both robs players of their joy and theur ability to combine but instils something in a couple of individuals (like Chambers y’day) to be decisive in big moments. It makes for something that defies models.

    I don’t think he’s what he claimed to be, but he’s far from incompetent like Solskjaer. I’d prefer he worked somewhere else, but it’s impressive that we can be so outwardly bad but still doing all right.


  28. I agree with Shard save I’d add Raul and Josh to the goodbye card if I could!

    Pepe club record signing? Really??? After one good season at Lille?

    He’s a good player but if anyone reading this thinks he was worth as much as Raul was prepared to pay I have a bridge to sell you. A beautiful bridge with only one previous owner. Would look fantastic in a desert setting too. Any takers? I mean apart from desperate PR consultants willing to chat any old shite in order to take the piss out of the Arsenal fan base and earn a cheap buck (Ozil and Ramsey can’t play together LOL!)

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  29. “but it’s impressive that we can be so outwardly bad but still doing all right.”

    BK did you see the Europa cup final?
    People think the average Arsenal fans didn’t care or as per the quote above even notic a humiliation in a final against their biggest rivals from the last 15 years? Think again!


  30. He’s installed sweet FA in Chambers dude. Get outta here! I’m going to file that comment alongside the “Wenger holding back Iwobi” comments.

    Chambers has been the best defender at the club before and now after his loan to Fulham!

    Caveat there being Koscielny was playing with one leg, Luiz is only now just got match fit, Holding taken out by Rashford just as he was putting in his own claim…but still!

    If Unai knew what he was doing with Chambers he’d have kept him at the club and as a consequence finished 4th above the Spurs last season. He didn’t, because he doesn’t. Simples.

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  31. FP, I think you’re reading too much into the comment.

    My post was trying to work out what he’s doing right. It can’t be luck at this point.

    Despite the mess the team is grinding through thanks to big interventions by players. I want to know what’s behind that. I’d be interested to hear some frank perspectives from players after he’s gone.

    And yeah, I’d like to see what a good coach could do with Iwobi. I don’t think Emery is a good coach.


  32. Birdy, the answer is in the blog, the player are better than the team. The players are so good that they can get results despite Emery.

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  33. BK the answer is staring at you from the stat sheet.

    Aubamayang is the fastest scoring striker in the history of Arsenal football club. He just went through a run of scoring seven goals from seven shots (Tottenham know how that feels!).

    There’s no mystery here mate. No need to speculate when you have such strong data.

    Auba is probably the best striker I have seen. Given he system he is playing in and the fuck ups by Emery diminishing the quality on the pitch behind this is not an opinion but a balanced and reasonable interpretation of the data.

    Mate Emery is a total fraud. Full. Stop. Took him 14 months to work out Chambers is a better back up RB then Niles. Will Niles’ agreed recover? Do you want this clown managing Saka?
    he’s been called out as a fraud at other previous clubs by his ex players no less and we still gave him the benefit of the doubt. For long enough.

    I’ve seen enough don’t know about you how much longer you need to wait till you can call his style what it is:

    Shit without a stick.

    I’d take Roy or Big Sam over Emery’s tripe. I’d bite your hand off!!!!!

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  34. < Will Niles' career recover?

    Is ainsley a better prospect in CM then Guendouzi, even after Guendouzi has played the role for over a year now?


  35. Didn’t Emery answer the question himself on why Chambers is doing better than he expected?

    “He’s not listening to me.”

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  36. I don’t think so, PG. We’d be plummeting under a truly incompetent coach. He’s not my cup of tea – how could he be? – and I don’t want him, but if it were every man for himself we’d be looking at something like a Chelsea 15-16 situation.

    It would be a complete disintegration, and I don’t see that. What we’ve got is arguably more soul crushing – some sort of model-defying mediocrity.

    Is it possible that you and FP are exaggerating the quality of our players just a little to make this point? I don’t think it needs to be so absolute.


  37. LG, that was in response to the volleyed cross or whatever a couple of weeks back. Asking Chambers to be conservative at right back isn’t a terrible idea per se.

    Actually the PSG players defied him too.

    I think what he does well might not even be what he intends to do, if that makes sense. Anyway, I’ve got to get to work.

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  38. Being third on the PL table is not an exaggeration, Arsenal got the third best squad in the league behind Mancity and Liverpool.

    What the league table also suggest is that we are not performing much better than Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, Leicester and the young Chelsea team under a rookie coach.

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  39. As Ian highlights above, as we’ve been saying for years in our musings and chats with Zimpaul and others,

    For a long long time Football fans have been able to use Points in the table along with Goal Difference to gauge a team.

    The contrast between LCFC and AFC given the disparity in resources so early in the season is very telling. Read it and weep. If you can be Arsenalled.

    There is no mystery here. No debate.

    Emery IS a poor coach.

    Have you seen the list of players in that Valencia squad he arses it up with? This is the first time he arsed it up in his career. Nor the second (Moscow) or the third (Paris).

    Because: he’s an arse!

    Defend him you like. He no longer has any defence.

    Which is why the wider Arsenal fan base has rejected him quicker then the Hammers fans with Allardyce or the Liverpool fans with Hodgson (they were a little harsh on Woy IMO).

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  40. Lol BK

    Auba’s stats speak for themselves.

    I was not the one overhyping Iwobi on these pages last season mate.

    So last season Emery was bringing the best out of underperforming players like Iwobi and this season they’re not good enough after £200M spent?

    Ok Mate! I appreciate you’re trying to be nice to the guy even though he doesn’t deserve your upstanding grace, but contradicting yourself and plotting out oxymorons isn’t going to Emery or us any favours.


  41. Emery’s response on Chambers the other week was in relation to him moving to LB for the closing spell of that match.

    Nothing to do with his early volleyed cross.

    When Emery asked him to play deep and “defend”, as he did with the whole team yesterday at HT.

    As he does almost every HT.
    Please refer to Watford Away etc.

    The data.


  42. I’ve stopped work to say this, FP: Don’t be rude. It’s not appreciated.

    I wanted to square what I’m seeing on the pitch with the position in the table, this season and last, given all I thought I knew about how football works.

    Do I have to keep saying he’s bad and should go? But at this point I’m more interested in how this team keeps shambling along, and I don’t think it’s just the players. That’s it. Someone responds to his powerpoints or looks forward to studying his flash drives. Or, perhaps, one or more of our coaching staff is keeping these individuals sharp. From what little I know, a rudderless team doesn’t drag itself along like this. What are the dynamics?


  43. I honestly can’t remember what I said about Iwobi. I like him and tend to hype him a lot, and think he’s got a high ceiling. I thought AW hadn’t got the best out of him.

    Actually the guy from Zonal Marking has praised him recently too, which made me feel vindicated (lol)! Maybe, looking back Iwobi will turn out just to be an inconsistent player, but I see someone who had great tactical sense at just 19, to go with touch etc. I’m invested in him – that’s it.


  44. Its an interesting point that you raise there, BK. Yes, I know all about propaganda, but the players look happy enough in the training shots – and they certainly look happy enough when they score and when they win. And they keep putting in the work defensively, so its not as if the spirit among the players is abject, which it kind of would be if they were really at odds with the manager.
    So, as you say, something is happening – but heaven only knows what that something is, because it certatnly looks as if it isn’t. I shall need to see what nice Mr Clarke has to say about it all.

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  45. Thank fuck, I’m not crazy, FH!

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  46. You raise a valid points Birdkamp, Emerys team does seem to be able to go on runs, and dig out results, perhaps despite him. How, is a good question. He has good players, but so do others, who we now sit above, and finished very close to last season.
    And, you don’t win three European trophies with Sevilla if you are a complete numpty. Nor do the one of richest teams on earth seek you out.
    Emery clearly has his faults, and it looks like he isn’t suited to perhaps this club, or the league,I personally doubt if he will survive beyond this season, although If he does get us in the CL, he just might, and beyond. But I dont think you can completely obliterate the guys achievements from the record, whatever you think of him.
    The players look completely confused at times, but have lost once this season, to the European champions away. They can look bereft of confidence, but went on a 22 game unbeaten run. We could just as easily be 2nd if we had won games as expected, on the flip side, we could be a few places below with 2-3 more minor misfortunes.
    Perhaps there is more than meets the eye to Emery and his methods, if there isn’t, I am sure events will take care of themselves.

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  47. FH, so when all this over and we’re playing good football again, I’ll be interested to know what it is these 20-something multimillionaires have been responding to. Why no mutiny? Would love to hear that because of someone like Ljungberg. OK, that really is it.


  48. Don’t be rude. It’s not appreciated.

    Likewise BK

    I address my comments here without leaving snide insinuations on other forums.

    Apologies are always welcome.


  49. “Why no mutiny”?

    Do you need to see players completely down tools like Hazard and co two seasons ago?

    Is that how you’d describe what happened with Koscielny and Monreal? Their comments this week from Kozza?

    He downed tools and walked out and justvsaid he had no regrets.

    How anyone can even attempt to argue that the squad is not being mismanaged is beyond me, you don’t need a bucket full of tears from the players to appreaciate that.

    Monreal started as our starting LB and waltzed off before Kolasinac was even fully fit.
    He buggered off cos he’d had enough no need for any mutiny. And in his first minutes for Sociadad he essentially ended Ateltico’s title hopes! That’s not being mutinous it’s being smart.

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  50. It should clarified following the insinuations above.

    No one has said Emery can’t coach.

    FFS such weak binary constructs demand a bit of rudeness let us be fair as this is a football blog and we all appreciate that we don’t need to have childish binaries in our discussions. So enough of that gibberish thank you.

    Reading the comments these past weeks what people are saying is:
    there are probably 10 to 15 better coaches in this league.

    I hope this summary helps.


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