Arsene vs Unai – The Great Distraction




Every day on twitter, blogs, the media, podcasts and just about every forum, we see some comparison or other between Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery. Every time another game is played we see some table comparing the first X number of games that Emery has been in charge, compared to the same number of the last games Arsene managed. The number of points, chances created, chances conceded, passing accuracy, areas of play, and on and on it goes. It really is the most pointless of arguments. Not simply because the teams were competing against have changed and the teams they were competing with has changed almost beyond recognition or even that one has a squad eager to impress while latterly the other had a squad waiting for the final curtain, but because it’s actually is an argument that is so subjective that it can never be resolved. Particularly when those arguing are so invested in being right, that they have no interest in hearing the other point of view.

Can Unai give a press conference as witty and entertaining as Arsene? No of course not.

Could Unai address a baying mob at the annual general meeting and have them eating out of his hand, when minutes earlier they were baying for his blood? No he couldn’t

Ten or twenty years from now will former players still laud him, will he be asked to speak all over the world, be given award after award , be offered job to develop FIFA itself ? I very much doubt that.

Will Unai transform the club and elevate it to once unthought of heights? No, not a chance.

Is it fair to expect any of these things from Mr. Emery? No it is not. Why? Because it’s unfair to expect anyone to fill those shoes ,,as only a handful of managers in the history of the game could have.

So let us not ask if Unai is as good as Arsene was. Rather let’s ask is he as good as we expected he would be?

Let’s ask why after 18 months we are playing unattractive football in a system that no one seems to understand, and that changes from week to week and even from half to half.

Let’s ask why our best and most creative player is not being picked, humiliated and excluded ,from a team screaming out for creativity?

Let’s ask why watching us play is a chore now , we can play 8 games of the season and not play well in one, let alone dominate any?

Perhaps ask why we go from insisting on playing out from the back, to lumping it up to a center forward that’s skill set is far from hold up play.

Ask why sometimes all eleven players can have decent games, and yet the team plays poorly.

Ask why our midfield is so dysfunctional despite every player being a good one.

Let’s judge him on what we see, not against a man that is now a fond memory, and a genius that he overall could never live up to.

Wenger has left the building, gone , and the comparisons are a distraction, we must judge Emery on what he is showing us, and has shown us.


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110 comments on “Arsene vs Unai – The Great Distraction

  1. Var hasn’t overturned a ref decision yet this season in the BPL, only offside decisions have been changed, its clear to see that Mike Riley has instructed his crew to back up the on field Ref, not over rule them, or come to the right decision. Its a disgrace, but why should we be surprised, the Dive panel was treated the same way, a complete waste of a golden chance to improve the game in England due to fuckwits like Mike Riley.

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  2. Just seen those decisions again, especially the pen, in the context of others, including City, do Spurs sponsor VAR or something?

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  3. Also if Rose dive was shown as clear why no yellow card?

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  4. For years now we’ve seen Poch’s diving cloggers get pens in every single NLD

    Let’s not be kidding ourselves.

    The funny thing is this diving clogging shitehorse “style” that was always going to be found out one way or another under VARs is held up as the shining beacon of what Emery aspires towards.

    If I was being honest I’d admit that I’ve enjoyed watching Tottenham fan TV over Emery’s team on the PL this season so far…the video clips are shorter and less painful then watching a top level PL team to play poorer football then in your average u-11’s kickabout.


  5. < in my experience most coaches I've seen or known who work at the u-11's level know what a "midfield" is in Football…

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  6. Monday’s trip to Sheffield United sees the start of 7 games in 19 days for Arsena


  7. Arsenal currently 5th in the BPL and only a win will get us back in top 4 tomorrow.

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  8. Arsenal’s run of games before the next international break

    Sheffield Utd – Monday 21st Oct, Away – BPL

    Victoria – Thursday 24th Oct, Home – UEL

    Crystal Palace – Sunday 27th Oct, Home – BPL

    Liverpool – Wednesday 30th Oct, Away – CC

    Wolves – Saturday 2nd Nov, Home – BPL

    Victoria – Wednesday 6th Nov, Away – UEL

    Leicester City – 9th Nov, Away – BPL

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  9. Fins, there’s some familiarity between how Spurs went about their business last season and ours currently.

    Poch’s side won game with the aid of some questionable penalties and having to throw the kitchen sink at opponents in the last 10 minutes. They got through the late stages of CL winning games of the ‘away goal’ and is still without an away win since the first weekend in January.

    It was always going to be unsuitable once their luck ran our despite pundits and journos bigging them up.

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