A Stroll On The Carpet





Well now then, what an enjoyable watch that was.

It’s a pleasant change to see us dominant in every area of the pitch.

A much changed team was streets ahead of the 2nd tier opposition, who were, to be fair, poor on the night.

I felt Torreira was off with his passing, but scurried well. Other than that there can be no complaints.

Ozil orchestrated the game and it was a joy to watch. I don’t think he lost the ball even once in the first 45.

Chambers did well yet again, Mustafi and Holding both had no problems  and Tierney made a mightily impressive start to his Arsenal career.

In fact, they were all impressive. I loved every minute of it,and Hector came on and immediately contributed with an assist.

More of this please.

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61 comments on “A Stroll On The Carpet

  1. Should feel confident about tomorrow but don’t. Desperate Utd will push it as far as they can with aggression and foul play, and there’s no reason to trust officials will do any better than last time, where we lost Rob for 9 months and Guendouzi could so easily have joined him.

    Anyone catch Neville in the City game yesterday get worked up about Schneiderlin not booked for a cynical lunge/whack on De Bruyne? Reminded me a lot of his infamous hack on Reyes, which he lied about in his book and said was normal tackle or something.

    That’s just how that lot roll on and off pitch. Dishonourable dirty swines. I’ll be gutted if we don’t get result tomorrow but my real fears are of injustice and injuries to our players.

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  2. Have they wheeled Oliver out to make sure?


  3. Little echo here of Wenger’s media et al treatment in past. Know who I trust to be telling the truth.

    Article shaped the other way ,though, with that age old technique of journalists suddenly losing their voice and giving no direct opinion on what the truth of the matter is/seems to be, but nonetheless showing where their sympathies lie, with the good old British lads.



  4. No, it’s Friend. Used to have unusually high level of trust in him compared to the worst of them but a few worrying signs last year he is toeing the line more.

    Looked sheepish and uncomfortable when he issued a yellow to Sissoko for thrusting head into opponent with more force than normally get in football. Was sure red by football standards and his view was perfect.

    Deano on VAR, so really would be no surprise if we get the honour of being first team VAR really steps in with or overturns ref decision on.


  5. Lord knows selection but if it comes down to Nelson or Saka left wing would rather start with Nelson. Give Reiss chance to try capitalise on good performance last time, while Saka’s confidence will be high regardless and, crucially, think he has more impact ability off bench than Nelson at present.

    More likely option is neither starting though I expect. Will prob opt for more experience.


  6. Arsenal Women 4-0 Brighton Ladies
    Van De Donk

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  7. Things going real well with women’s team at moment. Would say they had really good shot in Europe as well, if not for Lyon being extremely strong- galactico’s but good team with it- far as I know.


  8. They have a really strong defence too, I think theyve only let one goal in so far? Stroking the ball around really nicely the other night. With so many players moving on, or whatever, it looked unsure of what might happen next, however theyve improved loads. Shame more people dont go to the games. But the way the skills are improving they will soon…

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  9. several media outlets today ran an Arsenal story, which normally means they got fed the story by the club, but it often must means they have copied each other too. The story is that Emery is so keen to get Ozil out of the club that Arsenal are willing to loan him out in January for the remaining 30 months of his contract. But not for any incoming fee, not even free, but that Arsenal would actually pay a large chunk of his wages for the duration of the loan. Something in the region of £100k a week, something like £12.5M over the 30 months. Some of the reports are that it would only be a six month loan to begin with in the hope that Ozil plays well enough to encourage clubs to buy him, but Emery so wants him out that they are willing to go the full length of his contract paying for him to be out on loan.
    If this is true, and I’m not saying it is, then we really have to get Emery out of the club, and not only that, but also any exec who would sanction such a loan deal. I bet Freddie Ljunberg would if in charge find a way to get the best out of Ozil. its been clear from early last season that Emery does not want Ozil in the team, does not want the team set up to get the best out of him, despite naming Ozil one of his captains both last season and this. For me Emery’s inability to use Ozil’s talents is the clearest sign that the Arsenal job is too big for him.


  10. With you on al the points Ed, assuming it is true.

    Better to loan Emery out?


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