A Fantastic Awful Game

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Well this is a difficult write. The absolute joy of winning ,with ten men, after being twice a goal behind, has to be tempered by how awful we were for almost 70 minutes.

Until AMN was sent off it had been an even game, with both sides being equally poor. We appeared to have the edge in attack, but Villa looked to be more in control of the midfield. Once again we left spaces between our defenders and the midfield and didn’t keep the ball well enough when in possession.

Xhaka was playing some great balls into the final 3rd, but blotted his copy book with a stupid booking , he also looked to be the one midfielder to be dashing back to cover the defence, but being captain, perhaps he should have been better positioned and demanded that Dani and Matteo were also keeping a better shape. I thought both of the young lads were having stinkers,especially Dani who slowed down play as a matter of course. Until Joe and Lucas  came on ,our midfield unit just didn’t work. There is of course an argument that when they did come on, Villa sat back and allowed us time and space in the midfield, that made us look better. Who knows, but look better we did. Especially Guendouzi who transformed into a real driving force in the latter stages.

The players deserve full credit for the result, it was achieved became of their spirit and skill. But it somewhat masks the clear problems we had. Why, one must ask, do they need to perform a miracle to get a win at home against Villa?

Aubameyang is simply wonderful, in that he gave the penalty to Pepe, who looked in dire need of a goal. That is true team spirit. We owe him a lot this season, and it’s only game 6.

So I’m very happy that we won, but once again there are more questions than answers.

Ozil just has to play, not playing his is an act of self harm.

Also, there was some real cheating going on today, trying to get players sent off, Papa, I’m looking at you. I hate that sort of nonsense when it’s done to us, and I hate to see us do it.

Right, goodnight and COYG.

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74 comments on “A Fantastic Awful Game

  1. the team is in

    Chambers Mustafi Holding Tierney
    Torreira Willock
    Nelson Ozil Smith-Rowe
    subs:Macey, Bellerin, Bola, Burton, Ceballos, Saka, Balogun

    John-Jules misses out due to a slight injury


  2. Bob Mac, great comment, still shocking to me not addressing the DMF role 3 transfer periods runn8ng. ALL successful teams have a player or 2 dedicated to this role. I know Torreira did a job on Ronaldo at the WC and it makes me wonder if his situation is similar to Tejeda, locked into the job for a period. I also don’t really get how pros can struggle with pass and move, basic skills….

    So anyways, looking forward to seeing Tierney, Martinelli, would like to see Özil light it up and make Emery realize he needs to be playing.


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  3. A very interesting and exciting team, it’s not going to be easy against Forrest but we’ve got some great talent out there COYG.


  4. UEFA
    Replying to

    Confirmed: The name of the third UEFA club competition will be UEFA Europa Conference League.

    The new competition will start in 2021 and is aimed at giving more clubs in more countries a chance to participate in European football.


  5. The more I see Chambers playing ( 3 interceptions in first 8 minutes) the more I wonder WTF Emery is doing! Chambers may not be Cafu but he is a proper defender and clearly has an eye for the goal!


  6. HT: Arsenal 1-0 Nottingham Forrest

    so far so good, totally on top, Martinelli with a fine header from a chambers volleyed cross has us in front.
    Only blight on the evening has been Smith-Rowe getting a head injury that seen him stretchered off near the end of the half. Saka on.


  7. doing alright so far.


  8. Sounds like a nice goal from Cazorla against Barca


  9. 70minutes ozil off ceballos on


  10. 2-0 Rob Holding with a free header at a corner, he had just taken the captains armband from teh subbed ozil


  11. 75 minutes Bellerin on for Tierney who has had a fine game on his debut


  12. willock makes it 3-0, bellerin had a shot blocked, it was played back to him and he slid it to willock to tap home


  13. bloody hell, great game for Rob and Hector! Tierney did well, Chambers also had played well. Whole game has felt comfortable so far, first time this season.


  14. 4-0 Nelson, after great build up play Chambers plays it in to Nelson to fire home seven yards out


  15. spurs are still only one step from glory, they have lost on penalties to colchester utd, ha ha ha ha


  16. stoke out too, they lost to Crawley on penalties


  17. Northumberland Rovers booted out!

    Big Guns win 5-0, top night out. Played as a team, defence looked strong and everyone played well.


  18. Martinelli makes it 5-0 with a strike from outside the area, brilliant


  19. Looked more like an arsenal team for a change

    Don’t care about the opposition! Just nice seeing some clean team play!


  20. I doubt that was much to do with Emery. More bould and Freddy. How the fuck is chambers not playing in front of Luis or sokratis? The subbing of ozil was just s piss take. Bruce Rioja fuck off

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  21. Decent result! A good week for some,youngsters, Callum Chambers and a few others


  22. FT: Arsenal 5-0 Nottingham Forrest

    Martinellie x2, Holding, Willock and Nelson with the goals. no more than we deserved as we were a class above the Championship team.
    Chambers very good at right back and then at left back, Tierney with a fine debut, Martinelli opened and closed the scoring, both goals of the highest quality, both very different, a header and a long range strike.
    Ozil was good and his replacement Ceballos was too. Bellerin with an assist shortly after making his comeback.

    Willock very involved all night, Saka very dangerous when he came on for the unlucky Smith-rowe who went off with a head injury.

    Spurs and stoke out, both on penalties, a good night got better and better.


  23. Sounds like a great night.

    Hope Smith-Rowe alright. Hear player involved with his injury is same guy, Robinson, who apparently put in a dangerous tackle on Saka late on.

    Their captain apparently. Name rings a bell from way back. Might just have been playing for Pool, as 15/16 year old, when Wilshere’s team kicked their ass in FA youth cup final. Think Daglish gave him 1st team debut when young.

    Anyway, very poor show if he’s putting in dangerous hits on teenagers, especially when game well lost late on. prick


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