Aaron Ramsey-Legend-Midfield Maestro.

Today we have a guest post from Fins, now he forgot to include the cipher so you will have to decode it yourself. 

Ramsey celebrating victory against the big money team, Man. Utd, that he turned down to join The Arsenal, in his last game for The Arsenal against Utd.


I thought I’d sing my praises whilst he is still an Arsenal player.

Because he is leaving in the same manner with which he has represented The Arsenal and the values of the club all these years: like a hero.


Roy of The Rovers ain’t got nuffink on Rambo.


Those ineffable values that no one ever mentions.

You remember,and unlike other places here at PA people appear to have the footballs to be able to say it:


“To have a (first) touch of class.”


Which brings me back to Ramsey. Current player of the season, voted during the 2017/18 season when he played in central midfield.

FA Cup hero and legend, twice over, when playing from central midfield.


Therefore given his history I found the lack of footy chat online (but not in reality) about the best British midfielder not being selected to play in central midfield this season save for during a coach’s predictable season saving manoeuvre (Blackpool doesn’t count!) to be a strange yet acutely intriguing story. Predictable if you’ve been watching the quality on the pitch, which is why i was able to predict the selections we saw for these crucial games in advance during our discussions on the end of season form on Positively Arsenal. But as per the disingenuous comments from the Big Blaggers, a surprising series of selections if you have been avoiding the subject all season long.


This article is not a comment on Arsenal fans but a reflection on the online content generated by the Sports Communications (PR) experts(?).


You read correctly: Best British Midfielder, and has been for a time. I like to discuss the footy, so if you think Aaron Ramsey is not the best British midfielder of his generation then please tell me: who is? (Sterling is a forward).


And why hasn’t the best British midfielder been acknowledged as the best British midfielder?

Because he is Welsh? Or because he plays for The Arsenal. I refer you all to Gareth Bale. Thanks!

You’d have thought the professional storytellers, the Sports Communications gurus would’ve wanted to communicate or regurgitate or however it is they compose such musings on the sport. On the football? On the season as it has unfolded. There have been efforts. Sure. Weak, transparent efforts such as the following:

“I blame Venga for everything including not disciplining Ramsey”.

Such ignoble drivel ignores his consistent form in midfield in recent years save for a spell coinciding with his adjusting to his role for Wales, playing slightly further up the pitch with less defensive responsibility for his national team on a regular basis. He struggled with the continuous adjusting but not for too long as you all remember when you voted him as your player of the season last season playing from central midfield. I’m sure those who did can remember why. For I am not a cunning linguist.

The esteemed Blaggers & selfless podcastateers have avoided discussing what the larger proportion of Arsenal fans have been talking about specifically from mid-season: The starting elevens since the Liverpool Home game onwards. And the pressures on the coach from upstairs. Match day became an exercise in checking the starting eleven an hour before kick off because  watching their club force out one of the top talents in the league when there was no need is not what the Arsenal fans were hoping for when buying their season tickets last Summer.

When Ramsey wasn’t even starting or playing more frequently whilst Miki was out injured then it wasn’t the position or the football that was the problem that was keeping the highly respected football player off the football pitch.

The coach had a misguided preference of where to play Ramsey that he has now corrected. Hopefully for the rest of the season. This is not a critique of the coach, just an observation. He played Mustafi at RB which made me happy, and Mustafi had a decent game there, away at Spurs, until the penalty. Will he start at RB if Unai starts with four at the back for the Home fixtures?  I’m happy it’s not my call to make!

As you can all recall Liverpool under Klopp targeted the unprotected Ramsey early on in their recent visits, which is why his absence in the home match this season and thereafter became the ongoing topic for people that like to discuss the footy. The evaporating credibility of the blaggers may have been avoiding the subject but the opposing managers were paying attention!

There is enough evidence to support the appreciation that the Arsenal fans spent the winter wondering what was happening with the fan favourite, a player who is often the opponent’s key concern, the player they voted as player of the season just last year. Alongside the Ozil story, which alas is more then just a story about the worst year of injuries in Ozil’s career. A story linked to Ramsey’s. But this topic wasn’t  on the 24/7 menu over the Winter. Which is remarkable and therefore I hope no precious souls are offended if I remark upon it.

It appears that the selfless blaggers’ briefings didn’t include the footy. Only now in the last week have the self appointed voices of the fans dared to question Raul Sanllehi after the most recent debacle in the news. For The Arsenal football club fans our concerns have been related to the football and the impact that this management consultant has had on the football pitch over the course of the season.

From these un-credible sources we’ve also been treated to the nonsense that the player who just won the MOTD and Adrian Clarke MOTM award playing in midfield against the in form Utd has had to adapt to playing in midfield this year under the new coach. Which is why he hasn’t been selected in midfield. The position from which he was voted the fans player of the season last year! And from where he scored two FA Cup winning goals in the two greatest FA Cup triumphs of the most successful club in the history of the cup. Disingenuous tripe proffered in order to explain this belated second coming which normal everyday fans like you or me could predict as the season came to a crunch.

So we have seen and heard unambiguously toxic content from the Arsenal Blaggers, at best, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t laugh at the clowns pumping out this shite! Especially after the coach has been observed correcting his previous errors with this player. It’s also fair to say that the Arsenal fans do deserve better than this drivel:

The Arsenal fans deserve better!

It was possible during the discussions on the arsenal’s end of season prospects over the last few months on PA for me to speculate that the coach would return his best players to his starting eleven for the recent key fixtures, and that there’d be less rotation around the Utd game. It was possible to predict as he had to win these games to try and salvage his season and therefore it meant that he would be ignoring any pressures from elsewhere.

Early on against Rennes in the recent game we saw a classic Ramsey move. First he releases Lacazette with a long pass over the top, as the Arsenal win back possession from a panicked clearance quick play and movement from his teammates finds him space to feed an attack which he himself then follows up at the byline with magical feet to find the amazing Aubameyang.

With Ramsey’s legs starting to go after playing all the games over the last two weeks late on against rennes he simply stood still yet still created the move in partnership with Miki, who feeds Kolasinac who crosses for Aubameyang to score the winning goal. And that’s how an all round attacking box to box midfielder plays, like a midfielder. It’s not hard to see what Sven’s plan was with all of his signings combining with the key figure to knit the squads style and identity together.

Giles Grimaldi’s freshly severed head was recently stuck upon Raul’s resplendent trident now hoisted above Highbury House, joining Sven’s rotting yet still smiling face (Leno also earning the plaudits alongside his other signings as described above), next to the still gagged stump that used to be known as Ivan.

Staggeringly those who spent so long attacking the identity of the club previously for years and years and years have been schtum. No billboard adverts etc. Sports Communications eh?

Only this week have they dared to question the people failing to hide in the shadows who are now running the club. After Monchi, dropped his load, his suitcase at the airport, and ran as fast as he could in the other direction.

It is no wonder that Sven’s decomposing face retains that smirk.

The rebuilt team from the last two years is essentially Sven’s team which makes the forcing out of the two key players knitting the former great cup winning squad with the emerging squad an act that football fans won’t appreciate. By their silence the online Arsenal Billy Big Blaggers have given their sanction to further churn to come in the playing squad next season and the drop off in quality that will occur when Rambo goes. It will take some years for a home grown player to ever attain a similar status. If we are lucky. And Sven’s players don’t come wrapped with the same blubber beloved of Jabba Sanllehi. Neymar. Paulinho. Etc.

It’s been a fascinating account left on the record for all to see this past twelve to eighteen months of the divergence between the content from those who make money talking around the football 24/7, and the actual football that we’ve been watching on the football pitch. You all remember how all the blaggers expressed their embarrassing confirmation bias in the summer that Emery was going to be a gegenpressing fiend (which Klopp is not in the PL, as no team can do that in the PL…), even though the football on the pitch during pre-season was showing us something completely different.

I haven’t even mentioned Bellerin’s take down of AFTV Media. I give thanks to the always impressive young man who is far more mature then the previous Barca graduate  and who also expresses and admirably upholds those Arsenal values as turkey’s like the Billy Big Blaggers won’t be voting for Xmas anytime soon. Ozil this season is getting the same treatment from the Blaggers that Bellerin got from AFTV Media. Let’s hope Raul doesn’t have Hector in his sights too!

This PR driven coverage of the football and the footballer Aaron Ramsey reminds me of those people who blamed last season’s poor defensive form on, and I quote, “poor defensive coaching” and not upon having a one legged Koscielny and my favourite back up RB as the starting CBs. I refer the reader to the 18/19 GA column as objective data, no need to hear my precious opinions. You’re welcome!

Fortunately as an Arsenal supporting sports physio informed us during the summer on the Bergkamp Wonderland podcast, Koscielny would come back strong after a break from his chronic injury problems (once he’d gone through his pre-season in December). Probably to return better in form then when playing through all those pain killing injections last season. A great example that not all opinions or content online is rubbish, which therefore also allows us to apply forensic consideration to some of this edited content on events this season, specifically the Ramsey and Ozil stories, the big swerve around Raul’s spike fetish, on how to quantify the content that, for example, omits the career of Mertesacker at the Arsenal whilst telling us that Arsenal haven’t bought any good defenders in the last ten years. If Koscielny hadn’t got injured then both the triple cup winning CB heros would also have won the World Cup during their time at the Arsenal (that is not an opinion!).

Fortunately as the stories surrounding some pundits recently helps to highlight: for a fair few their primary job is in the employ of sporting agencies and super agents. Just like Michael Vaughan former England captain, now a Sports Communication rep and pundit in that order. Hardly a controversial consideration.

If David Pearce can make a reputation as a fine writer with work such as The Damned United, unlike say your Barnay Ronay’s out there, reflecting upon the role of agents and dodgy wonga in the game, unlike say your Barnay Ronay’s out there, then yes it is entirely reasonable to reflect upon the impact the agents and agencies have upon online media just as they have been shown to do on the BBC/Sky/BT couch or upon the back pages of the discredited rags.


-Q: What is the difference between a Takeover and a Handover?

A: Ask Ivan Gazidas!


In spite of the reams of gibberish that surrounds the sport it is still: a sport. With players like Ramsey, and many others.


All of this is to simply say thanks to George and everyone who has been helping him to keep this blog going.


Was it really a “great” cup winning team?

How can we quantify the squad which won three FA Cups in four years whilst finishing 2nd and 3rd? And how can we appreciate the importance of Ozil and Ramsey to this achievement alongside other key players in the squad and their specific importance at this moment as handover figures after the huge squad rebuild in 2017/18?

Here is the list explaining this achievement below. The greatness of the squad just passed is self-explanatory if you refer to the only two squads to have matched this achievement or come close to it.

Mertesacker, Cazorla gone, Koscielny waning. Raul has a lot to live up to which is probably why he’s been paying people so much wonga to focus on last season when the defensive numbers just weren’t there, and to run down the previous cup winning squad. I don’t deny anyone the right to be an expert in Sports Communications. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions. And this is the Record:


2018 Chelsea    Manchester 1–0

2017 Arsenal    Chelsea 2–1

2016 Manchester United   Crystal Palace 2–1 aet

2015 Arsenal Aston Villa 4–0

2014 Arsenal Hull City 3–2 aet

2013 Wigan Athletic Manchester City 1–0

2012 Chelsea Liverpool 2–1

2011 Manchester City Stoke City 1-0

2010 Chelsea Portsmouth 1-0

2009 Chelsea Everton 2-1

2008 Portsmouth Cardiff City 1-0

2007 Chelsea Manchester United 1-0

2006 Liverpool West Ham United 3-3 aet

2005 Arsenal Manchester United 0-0 aet

2004 Manchester United Millwall 3-0

2003 Arsenal Southampton 1-0

2002 Arsenal Chelsea 2-0

2001 Liverpool Arsenal 2-1

2000 Chelsea Aston Villa 1-0

1999 Manchester United Newcastle United 2-0

1998 Arsenal Newcastle United 2-0

1997 Chelsea Middlesbrough 2-0

1996 Manchester United Liverpool 1-0

1995 Everton Manchester United 1-0

1994 Manchester United Chelsea 4-0

1993 – replay Arsenal Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 aet

1992 Liverpool Sunderland 2-0

1991 Tottenham Hotspur Nottingham Forest 2-1 aet

1990 – replay Manchester United Crystal Palace 1-0

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  1. Arsenal Women
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalWFC
    36m36 minutes ago

    2️⃣ goals in 2️⃣ minutes 😎

    Little converts @Katie_McCabe11’s delivery with a first-time finish, before @BMeado9 fires home from close range 💥

    #LFC 0-2 #AWFC (22) | @FAWSL ⚽️

    Arsenal Women
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalWFC
    15m15 minutes ago

    HALF-TIME: @LiverpoolFCW 0-2 @ArsenalWFC

    A perfect first-half performance with goals from Little and @BMeado9 ⚡️

    #WeAreTheArsenal 🔴

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  2. Ramsey is not considered the best british midfielder mainly due to stupid Arsenal blogs that decided to attack Wenger through a player Arsene held in the highest esteem, we also had a section who attacked Ramsey cos he was not Jack Wilshere, and by that I mean he was always more important than Wilshere, and the Jack fans boys just could not accept this.

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  3. ha ha ha, Sane and Gundogan were racially abused by German supporters in the draw with Serbia and yet some would have us believe that Ozil’s claims of a racist problem are untrue.

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  4. Arsenal Women
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalWFC
    2m2 minutes ago

    WHAT A FINISH @BMeado9 😱

    #LFC 0-3 #AWFC (65) | @FAWSL ⚽️


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  5. Arsenal Women are going top of the Womens Super League, by 1pt, with still a game in hand on Man City Women, AFC have four game to play and City have 3, they face other on the final day of the season, so if my math are correct AFC need a max of 3 wins from the 4 games, but only two if we beat or draw with city.

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  6. Arsenal Women
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalWFC
    2m2 minutes ago

    Goal for @LiverpoolFCW. Sweetman-Kirk scores from the spot.

    #LFC 1-4 #AWFC (76) | @FAWSL ⚽️


  7. Arsenal Women
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalWFC
    1m1 minute ago


    #LFC 1-5 #AWFC (84) | @FAWSL ⚽️

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  8. Ramsey sits up there with any of his peers.
    His qualities are obvious to all who choose to see. A club legend, he stayed loyal did great things during some very difficult times for himself with his injuries, and relatively difficult times for the club as the money clubs took over.
    I love his work ethic, his skill, his running, his flicks, his awareness, his cup finals, his bouncebackability , the way he conducts himself on and off the pitch, and the way he showed up Shawcross, touted for England at the time, for exactly what he and Stoke are. I am sure Ramsey’s refusal to forgive such wrecklessness ultimately hindered Shawcross career, and over time, put Stoke and Pulis under the spotlight, even if the media continued to back both. And if Rambo in anyway hindered those two, good on him.
    Above all, will always admire Ramsey for his bravery.
    I have no love for Juve and some of the things they have been up to in their history,but will always be looking out for how Rambo does there.
    Juve will start next season with two ex Arsenal players, who in my opinion, and of course without knowing all the facts, we let go far too easily and cheaply.

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  9. Arsenal Women
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalWFC
    1m1 minute ago

    FULL-TIME: @LiverpoolFCW 1-5 @ArsenalWFC

    Back on top of the @FAWSL table 😉

    #WeAreTheArsenal 🔥

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  10. Despite some still stupidly debating whether Ramsey is a club legend or not, his face got plastered on “the wall” by Arsenal – which ultimately end such foolish chatter.

    Ta Fins.

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  11. Arsenal today being linked with Charlton’s 22 year old midfielder Joe Aribo, he is out of contract in the summer, Arsenal scouts are said to have been impressed by him when they were there watching our loan player Bielik

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  12. The Latest Edition of the Yorkie Show includes songs from Billy Bragg, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Elastica, St Ettienne, Queen, The Charlatans, Mott the Hoople, The Chemical Brothers, Whitesnake, Paul Wellar, Indian Vibes, Maximo Park, Meatloaf, Primal Scream, The Doors, Shop Assistants, Ian Gillian, The Doobie Brothers, Edwyn Collins, Coldplay, Canned Heat and The Who, so something for everyone to Rock Down To

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  13. Lovely, lovely. Big up my bwoy from Finsbury Park. Him and I go back nearly 13 years so I am biased. Trust him to call a spade a spade.

    Is there any Arsenal player in the past 10 years more important to the club than Aaron Ramsey? I still have shivers remembering how barely recovering from injury, coming off the bench and scoring that winning goal that won Arsenal its 1st first trophy since moving to the Emirates. Just imagine; he was there for 3 FA cups in 4 years. Fuck off to those blaggers and fake fans who refuse to recognize this brilliant achievement by Wenger’s Arsenal.

    I saw live on tv Aaron Ramsey chopped down, broken in two by Pulis’ assassin, Shawcross, who was suddenly branded in the media as Mama’s crying baby boy. But due to outspoken fans like Fins, the fanbase was able to overcome the bogus Wilshire-Ramsey divide and and stand firmly in support of Rambo’s strength and determination to comeback stronger and better and for the club to reap the rewards.

    As I have written elsewhere I am completely bemused by the decision of Emery up to recently to marginalize one of our best players and worst of all for Sanhielli and the hierarchy to let him go for a free. The latter decision will be a spectre hanging over Arsenal Football Club for years to come. In the meantime since Ramsey came off the bench in the he game vs Spurs and won it for us it seems Emery had that proverbial bulb go off. As I and others insisted, play your damn best players. Rambo may be gone over the summer but nothing, no blagger, no communications specialist, no dodgy agent can silence the fact that he is one of our best midfielders. Now, contrary to my predictions, Arsenal is now battling for the top-4 trophy. Who would have thunk that 4 weeks ago?

    Thank you Fins.

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  14. Shotta

    You and George were criticised for pointing out since last summer the mess that has unfolded, that was then unfolding around the new coach, which can’t have been helpful for him.
    Many of those being critical of your musings would’ve this week have clicked away on content from some online Blagger or other belatedly procrastinating over a situation and circumstance that appears to have been frozen in treacle and easy to identify ever since Ivan had his tougue cut out, which preceded his eventual beheading. Last July.

    The silence of the lambs.

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  15. Highlighter didn’t work on the list above:

    I wanted to show that these un-credible people online have spent years constantly running down the only squad in the premier league to have matched the achievements of Arsenal 02-03 and Chelsea 09-10 arguably the two most dominant squads the league has seen, ahead of Utd’s treble winners and Abu Dhabi City (yet! To date. This might change by the end of the season….).

    This squad underwent serious, huge, transition in 17/18 but it looks like Sven was doing a good job, which is why his face has that frozen rictus grin.

    I don’t really want to think about what happens next season given the mess that has lasted since July, avoided as a topic by our Sports Communication experts till this last week. It’s not encouraging!

    The fixture list is tough, rotations will be necessary. Recent efforts and a return to sanity with selections don’t give my guarantee of the club achieving any of its aims this season, but I’m appreciating the quality in this current squad whilst we still have it. Who knows what the future holds?

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  16. @LaboGoon has done a guest post for UFV exposing the dinosaurs and troglodytes in a piece titled: “VAR Is Inevitable As Football Evolves”
    Big him up with your Comments and Likes.

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  17. I enjoyed Southgate’s positive midfield selection away from home ahead of his back four.

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  18. Don’t think I’ll ever be convinced about Alli as a No.8. Heh.

    I’d like to see Chamberlain make a full recovery and return to Southgate’s team. Not everything about agents is bad. I can give praise to Chamberlain’s and Sterling’s agent for spotting two outstanding young talents.

    And likewise there’s not much wrong with acknowledging the influence of agents in the sport today. Wolves are a topical subject, other managers in the championship made public comments about the unfair power of their agents, the relevance being they have a good football team and will be one of the tough tests ahead.
    Wolves impressed with their football on their visit to N5. Everton, Leicester, also away. If the Gunners have some luck with injuries and the players can retain their form they’ll get the reward for their efforts in recent weeks.

    Should I hope the leader of the very impressive French attack continues to not start for rivals Chelsea? Or will Higuain adapt super quickly to the league, like Aubamayang?
    Auba does miss the odd chance to be fair to him but he is not far behind Aguero in the league scorers table which is not too shabby playing for a team that’s been less creative then it was last year. For that reason Auba is probably going to be my player of the season, with hopefully a fair few more goals to come!

    If the Arsenal beat tough opponents and both teams meet in the Europa final the football gods will ensure his start, ignoring that possibility Giroud’s absence from the starting eleven for Chelsea is for some reason I can’t articulate a baffling decision on the football pitch that I want to see more of.

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  19. < Slightly less creative then last season if my memory is correct. About par on the basic defensive stats.
    Though a run of Kozza & Papa ahead of Leno in his current form, Kolasinac in good form in recent games which he can hopefully continue and AMN also finding form gives some cause for optimism in an improvement in those defensive stats before the end of the season.

    So given these slight or potentially slight variations, Aubamayang remains odds on down at betfinsbet.com for player of the season.

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  20. if the media fawn over spurs any more than they are we will soon be told by some of them that shirt sales paid for the £1bn stadium

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  21. The swiss were 3 up, Xhaka with one of the goals, they took him off on 79 minutes, and let in 3 goals in last 6 minutes to see the game finish 3-3 with Denmark

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  22. Eduardo 6.13, the media’s attitude to Spurs is bizarre, have always wondered the true reason for it, I strongly suspect they court the media from very high levels at the club for starters. A journalist with a high up source won’t compromise that source lightly, then there is the uk journalist phenomenon of working as a pack.
    Apparently our stadium is now relegated to some prehistoric relic compared to theirs , despite ours costing well less than half the price, and being well on the way to being paid for, and only a planning permission plus a few quid away from a 75k capacity.
    But, conversely, I also believe this media love harms spurs, as it raises expectations to levels they seem to find hard to live to.
    Pisses me off they dont report Spurs cheating though

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  23. I’ve ignored the Spurs love pretty easily of late, mostly by not clicking on anything and imagining this somehow constitutes a small victory.

    Should have stuck with that policy!

    Clicked on one just now and a few lines in…

    ‘To understand how he has transformed Tottenham into a genuine Premier League superpower on a relatively pitiful budget’

    These fucks are shameless. Always thought the most aggravating part about them largely ignoring the role of finances in football, nearly always in our case, is that they do know damn well how important money is, and sometimes actually write about it.

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  24. Intrigued at moment by growing murmurings about mourinho heading to France.

    The Get French Football News account has been linking him a lot with Lyon. (comically, they seem to believe the key to it happening and Lyon making a push for Cl glory is being able to afford Mou’s wages…not that and 100’s of millions more)

    I’m highly intrigued about where he’ll go, hoping, of course, he is desperate enough to go somewhere without a mega budget, and fail dismally.

    I enjoy thought of any of the managers who have had access to mega budgets only having to move down at least a few steps in budget to see how they handle it.

    Guardiola more than any, though it feels extremely unlikely he will ever be in that position now. City won’t weaken any time soon, and he could prob get at least another couple of mega budget moves afterwards if he wishes.

    Mou, though…is he there now? He should be, but can he engineer one more?

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  25. no media bias we are told by so many AFC fans – come on, Spurs a BPL SUPERPOWER

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  26. How many years without a trophy is that for them now?
    By the definition applied to Arsenal a few years back, ie trophies are all. Wigan are more of a superpower.
    Let’s see what paying a billion for a stadium does for a few years

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  27. It’s almost like we’re not allowed to discuss the influence of agents or the favouritism of the team that spent the most money in football for sweet fa reward (agents again then…) outside of these pages…

    …the AFTV media/Billy Big Blagger were also pushing the trope that AFC have been outspending Tottenham. Which is also: nonsense. Unless your friendly with the same agents that are friendly with the useless footy hacks?

    I’d hesitate to publish such a comment but after these people have shown an objective and comical inability to cover the Football on the pitch: it is fair comment.

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  28. Good to get a glimpse of some of the host of exciting young players at club yesterday.

    Going to be so interesting next few years to see what happens to them all. Think the odds favour at least a few leaving for cheap or nothing who then go on to have some success elsewhere sooner or later, and decent chance at least one could leave that way- cheap- and become a big success somewhere (leading to inevitable Gnabry style wailing)

    There’ll also be some who unfortunately don’t make good careers, though that’s hard to imagine in a lot of cases.

    I’ve grown a bit more cautious in judging them given how highly I rated Chuba (glad to see he seems to be doing well in Greece, and may well still go higher), how good Jeff looked initially and, of course, the amazing first displays of Zelalem.

    Anyway, for now, big optimism for youth ranks as a whole, and of course my normal worrying we’ll lose some big talents thanks to agents being gits, bad luck, etc.

    Finally, how the hell do you value young players in this era. I see talk of Sessegnon being a 50 million player, Liverpool asking 12 million for Ryan Kent…

    It feels like so much of it is down to first team exposure, either through own first team or getting a lot of games on loan at decent level- though City bucked that trend by selling a promising kid, Matondo, with no first team experience for 10 mill- as well a time left on contract, rather than reliable assessments of ability.

    Per and co have their hands full trying to manage it all.

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  29. Chuba lost out on getting some minutes as the club took a free punt on an Mbappe level rated young talent (as a targetman not as a speedster) who’d had a career endangering injury who was essentially re-learning how to play football when he came to the Gunners: Sanogo.

    The Billy Big Blaggers I refer to in my article who’ve completely avoided the Football this season and last in their memes and tropes also avoided this understanding when groaning for so long about Sanogo who was essentially a free signing, who came on to help win the 2014 fa cup final.

    Sanogo may never recover from those early injuries, he didn’t, he may never kick a football again, yet here we are five years later and he’s still won more then Kane & Alli combined…

    I remember Chuba being more of an all round striker or forward then a targetman. Not sure he’d have got the minutes he needed to develop even if Sanogo hadn’t arrived, and it’s great to see him prosper with regular football.

    Nketiah is an interesting prospect.
    Hasn’t got the minutes he needs, the Welbeck injury meant he couldn’t go on loan, but for the manager to chuck him on for the last ten minutes against Utd was a big moment. As big as throwing Suarez on instead of Ozil in the cup game, which was an incredibly poor call on every conceivable level that was fortunately not repeated in the league fixture. To the relief of most Arsenal fans though you wouldn’t know it if you relied upon Billy Big Blagger for your footy knowledge.

    Given the intensive fixture list we may well see Eddie play at some point probably as a late sub in any one of these upcoming important fixtures. He did well against Utd.

    The ability of these young talents tonbreak through comes down in a large part to avoiding big injuries.
    Which is just another reason why Ramsey is a hero.Which is why we have had refs and stuff in the sport – some people unfortunately got confused, and got lost: the refs are not on the pitch to protect themselves or Mike’s reputation, they are only there to protect the players. The players that people come to watch play football…

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  30. Congratulations OGS. Comes across as a decent enough guy , but is he the real deal, or gaining benefits from the new manager bounce and breathing life into a stifled bunch of clearly talented players, and if so, how sustainable?
    We shall see. Spurs can breath again, for now.

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  31. Think the sort of situation that will happen increasingly with youngsters now is declining new contracts and effectively saying ‘show me the minutes’. Leaving club in a very tricky situation if that’s happening at must win business end of the season.

    Sneaky feeling that could be where we are with Amaechi at minute. Can the club really not go with strongest possible lineup every game at this stage? Even if cost is reducing chances of a fantastic talent signing on?

    Meanwhile the vital injury luck Fins mentioned could have cost Amaechi 2-4 appearances in the stage of season we were able to give youngsters a chance, thereby changing odds.

    In the same hypothetical, if you were to find/force those minutes somewhere for a player whose contract is expiring…no guarantee whatsoever it will do the trick.

    Just one of those things. The environment has changed. Best a club can do is have good co-ordination between youth staff and 1st team, a 1st team boss with a willingness to play youth and, I suppose, trying to keep a path open- ie not buying more senior players for a position when there are already plenty there- for the brightest talents.

    Following on from this trend of some surprise exits and, i think, more willingness from our young English players than at any other club to move abroad, this summer should point to whether that is the new norm for us.

    I still think results are very mixed from the abroad route- none of Willock, Mcguane, Mavididi have made first team yet, for instance- but Sancho likely looms large to any considering it.

    Still get feeling City, Chelsea a lot more likely to get their young players to sign contracts, which is curious given the better chance with us, but maybe money swings it in a lot of cases.

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  32. I remain to be convinced that a coach whose team benefit from protection, from diving, from being allowed to clog away yet in spite of all he this support from the FA etc has still won sweet FA, is all that. Whilst the “declining” Venga was hauling in the baubles and leaving records for the sweet FA to digest.

    But I do appreciate how the above ticks many boxes on the Utd checklist.

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  33. HALF-TIME: #AFCU23 1-0 @WestHamUtd @TyreeceJJ9’s late strike is the difference at the break 👊

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  34. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    7m7 minutes ago

    #AFCU23 secure all 3️⃣ points in the #PL2 thanks to @TyreeceJJ9’s thumping first-half strike 👏

    #ArsenalAcademy 💥

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  35. Aaron up for player of the month please vote for him here https://www.arsenal.com/news/vote-your-march-player-month

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  36. Over at UFV we ask the question: Does VAR Mean VAR?
    Whether you are pro or anti-Brexit, the parallels with Mike Riley and VAR are unerring.

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  37. Correction. Here is the link: https://uniteforvar.com/?p=1888

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  38. Ian @7:52am: Posted my vote

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  39. u18’s flying at moment. Long winning run, lots of goals, not conceding many.

    4-0 up at half time i think. Big Mark Mcguinness with fourth goal in a month. Could he be joining Ballard as old school cb who has a shot with us? Been too few over years so hopefully he is.

    Think with their points tally title would normally be in bag already, but just so happens Spurs are undefeated. Think we play them on tuesday at home. Win would put us in driving seat.

    So, big question, stick with team who have been doing so well, or draft in big hitters Saka, Amaechi and Tyreece (plus Olayninka can play)?

    Still would require beating Northern section winners if we win league, and only then is place in youth CL secure for next year.

    Very harsh to drop players who have been doing so well, but not sure i could resist doing so to improve chance to get one over on them and go a long way towards title (lose and it’s probably theirs). Maybe compromise is to pack bench with the big hitters.

    Spurs scrotes leading today thanks to pen. Got one in their last game as well, so let’s bloody hope the novice refs don’t love em like their big bro’s do1

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  40. Jeorge Bird@jeorgebird
    2h2 hours ago

    Arsenal U18s v Swansea: T. Smith; Daley-Campbell, McGuinness, Clarke, Swanson; M. Smith, Musah; Greenwood, Cottrell, Coyle; Balogun.

    Subs: Graczyk, Azeez, Matthews, Dennis, Ogungbo.

    Arsenal 1 Swansea 0. Greenwood opens the scoring. Cottrell with the assist.

    Arsenal 2 Swansea 0. Balogun gets his 20th league goal of the season after Matt Smith sets him up.

    Arsenal 3 Swansea 0. Cottrell scores after good work from Coyle

    Arsenal 4 Swansea 0. McGuinness, who has got a few goals for club and country recently, adds to Arsenal’s lead.

    HT. Arsenal 4 Swansea 0. Arsenal well on track for another victory.

    Arsenal 5 Swansea 0. Coyle scores.

    Arsenal 6 Swansea 0. Cottrell gets on the scoresheet

    Arsenal 7 Swansea 0 2nd goal of the game for Cottrell, who has been very impressive this season.

    Arsenal 8 Swansea 0. Coyle gets two quickfire goals to complete his hat-trick.

    Ft. Arsenal 8 Swansea 0. Seven wins in a row for Arsenal – they have scored 30 goals across those fixtures.

    Tottenham won 4-0 v Fulham. That means Arsenal’s lead at the top remains one point with Tottenham having a game in hand. Arsenal face Tottenham on Tuesday in a crucial clash.

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  41. Man City now a maximum of 7 wins from the title

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  42. Anthony Taylor the ref for our game v Newcastle

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  43. Taylor, again, what a joke. Shenanigans incoming.

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  44. Watford score, Ref gotta prevent another

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  45. We see rather a lot of our favourite refs

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  46. Manchester’s Taylor again is it, with Utd a point above. Nice.

    Already done one more game with us than anyone else.

    Gives a pen every 5th game against us. None in his 21 Utd games so far. Four reds for us in 26, from guy not keen on them now at least (Torreira his first of year). None for Utd.

    Results been ok with him this year, but hard not to feel he’ll punish us if given a chance (though I can’t account for that soft pen for us against Spurs recently)

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